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tom healy

growing uP on a farm in mount Vision, new york, tom healy took education deVeloPment Personally as this harVard and columBia uniVersity graduate leads the fulBright foreign scholarshiP Program.
competitive as well as prestigious scholarship, explains Healy further. The author of What the Right Hand Knows teaches at New York University, and is currently a visiting professor at the New School. Healy is also an outstanding contributor to the New York art scene, rebuilding the downtown arts community after 9/11. For this, he was awarded the 2006 New York City Arts Award by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Other significant contributions of his include opening an art gallery in the Chelsea district in 1994, a consultant to museums, film festivals, and cultural institutions around the world, including the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Institute of Contemporary Art in London. He also played a prominent role in AIDS prevention and microfinance as a member of the President Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS during Bill Clintons administration. We must expand efforts to share knowledge, to teach our children, to solve the challenges of poverty and pollution, to find common purpose in the diversities of our faiths and traditions, to work for peace, Healy asserts. HE
By raka pamungkas PhotograPh courtesy of tom healy

ppointed by President Barack Obama in 2011, Tom Healy is the chairman of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. HighEnd talked to him on the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Indonesia at the US Ambassadors Residence. One thing that stays fundamentally the same is the Fulbright programs commitment to bringing Indonesians and Americans together, to share both our histories and our new ideas, he says. Fulbright program is sponsored by the United States Government annually for students, professionals, scientists, etc with international education and cultural exchange. This program creates very strong community for whom to speak in public with powerful impact. It is

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