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Alphabetti Spaghetti

To ALL Steve and Carolyns Youth Cell and their friends: Come along to an evening of fun filled food. Find a dish from a country around the world that starts with the first letter of your first name ... EG: C for Carolyn = China - sweet & sour pork S for Steve = Spain - paella ! Research your dish and make it to bring with you It should be an amazing journey! 13th July 2012, 7.30-10pm Steves house: 45 Marchmont Road, SM6 9NT

As well as your dish, please bring your friends and Parental Consent forms All queries to Steve (07960 853091) or Carolyn (07761 974872)

I give permission for .. to come to the Alphabetti Spaghetti evening on Friday 13th July 2012.

I will collect my son/daughter at 10pm (please tick) I have arranged for my son/daughter to be collected by .

Signed.Parent/Guardian In case of emergency, my contact details are:.. .. Please give details of any medical/dietary conditions that we may need to be aware of..