Masons Bravely Speak Out

Few Masons ever seem to "awaken" enough to realize that, upon joining, they
made a "pact" with the Devil -- is this the purpose of the witchcraft (raft! rituals"
Freemasons tend to closely guard their #ermetic, $a%%alistic and
&haraonic'&harasaic occult knowledge at the higher levels (a%ove ((
degree or
")lluminati"! with the threat of death, which Masons insist is merely sym%olic* +ven
without the rituals, one should %e a%le to intuit that if one swears an oath over the
,i%le (-uran! while under "threat of death", then one unwittingly %ecomes a "hild of
.atan" (Dajjal!* /n reading 0l%ert &ike1s %ook, Morals and Dogma, one may see that
there is an intention to deceive Masons at the lower levels* 2#3# is not a 4od of
Death, unless one is a "useful idiot"*
#ere we have hypocrisy, that citizens are e5pected to %e good, well %ehaved
and honest, whereas the &haraohs have made a pact with the Devil, and thus in order
to protect their "oath", lies and deceit %ecome a way of life* ,less those Masons (a
few, here, and other lecturers! who have had the courage and honesty to write -- and
could the rest %e condemned already, whether they realize it or not"
,less those who are willing to risk their lives in order to give us truth6
"My friend, you are the only person %rave enough to tell the truth a%out the
Masonic 7ali%an &atel connection* My father was a government official 8 9*4*:*+*
(9nited 4rand :odge +ngland! Mason who lived in fear of the Masonic death
"2ou apparently aren1t (ranked! high enough in the Masons to know* 7hey,
according to 0l%ert &ike, keep a deep secret (hidden from! all the 1little mem%ers1* )
know, ) was a leading person in a masonic lodge* ;esus hrist has taken me out* :ook
for the signs, and you may awaken too*"
".tudy (0l%ert! &ike (( degree, (search6! 1$ill 7he <ation1 %y empowering (=
degree 1Mecca 7emples1* ) am +)> (+uropean )mperial >oyal! 94:+ ((( degree,
moron* 0pollion, ,aphomet, <yphilim (<ephilim! god 10pollo1 rules the .cottish >ite
and is the son of the 94:+ angel-god, alias 1#a-.atan1* 7he %a%y angel atop the 94:+
is 0pollo'ion, the other is Dianna, Maj ?=* Mr @indsor is my cousin, he co-raised me
in the /rder of >oyal .elect Masters and your comments reflect your ordered
ignorance, ordered death and proves you a deceit victim*"
"0nd they had a king over them, which is the angel of the %ottomless pit, whose
name in the #e%rew tongue is 0%addon, %ut in the 4reek tongue hath his name
0pollyon*" A>+3+:07)/< B6??C
":ook to the Masons for the guilty party if anything happens to me* ) %elieve
that they have murdered (many times! in the past and that they will murder in the
future*" -- 1,ehold 0 &ale #orse1 %y ,ill ooper (>)&!*
"/ne (( degree Mason that got out of Masonry started to e5pose Masonry, in
my native country* #e made a pu%lic appearance on 73 (hristian channel! and said
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that they indeed mislead everyone in the lower degrees, and at a%out (D degree, you
start to know who you are worshipping*"
"ool, thanks for the update, and ) hope others in the +9 get (this vital
information! -- 94:+ is empowering (radical jihad-militant! )slam and 1narcotics
terrorism1 so they will %uild the 94:+ and +)> rown into their own snare*
+vacuation was ordered %efore =D?E in 0merica* 7he +9 people should hit the
#ighlands F* and %e well fortified if they risk staying* )1m moving to a remote place in
.outh 0merica until the leaders have filled the F+M0 coffin Guota -- did you check for
F+M0 coffins in the +9" 7hey can %e found near large cities in smaller towns*" (0lso
search6 1<o-one dares call it genocide1 %y .tanley Monteith!*
"7he 3atican control @orldwide Freemasonry via the 4rand :odge of +kklesia
controlling the 9nited 4rand :odge of +ngland (94:+!* 7he @indsors are a front
disguise for the 3enetian %lack 4uelph1s of the #ouse of @elf tied with the #ouse of
+ste* 7he .cottish >ite of Freemasonry was created %y the $nights of the 3irgin )#.
foot soldiers (7emplars! of the 3atican controlled %y the Horoastrian &apal <o%ility
such as the #ouse of 0ldo%randini, who1re far more powerful than the @indsors*
#itler was a .M/M pawn ($nights of Malta!*"
"heck out my video of I)0, F,) &rotected &edophile <etwork, 7a5 Dollar
FundedI* )t is a @/>:D@)D+ operation, and it not only continues to this day, %ut
those high up do not get ,9.7+D for a very solid reason* 7hey are in on it, take part
in it, cover up for those involved in it*" (0lso search6 1)0 Finders1!*
"2ou1re e5actly right, these fJJks rape and kill children F* covering up all their
fJJking evil for one another F* the order is controlled %y 2ahweh1s son 1#a-satan1
under his alias 1god1 *** ) watched one night the 94:+ (9nited 4rand :odge! allow a
small girl to %e drained %y <ephilims, molested and murdered via the Masonic
1light1 *** ) was asked if ) would agree with the <ephilim draining, raping and killing
her *** ) went to 1no1 *** = weeks later ) was tetrodoto5ined (poisoned! %y 94:+ ***
Masonic ,aath a5is (,aathism! powers'<ephilim demons to try to erase the degree
mastery memoriesKK"
"7he )lluminati take people from the Masons -- using the Masons as a 1nurturing
factory1, if you like* 0ny Mason here mouthing off saying, I)t1s not anything like the
conspiracy theoriesI, is a muppet* 7hat1s like a random >oyal Marine claiming to
know everything a%out the .0., just %ecause most .0. come from the >oyal Marines*
;ust 1cos there are things you don1t know a%out within your clu%, it doesn1t mean
those things don1t e5ist*"
"7he 7hird @orld @ar must %e fomented %y taking advantage of the differences
caused %y the agenteur of the )lluminati %etween the political Hionists and the leaders
of )slamic @orld* 7he war must %e conducted in such a way that )slam and political
Hionism mutually destroy each other* @e shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists,
and we shall provoke a formida%le social cataclysm which in all its horror will show
clearly to the nations the effect of a%solute atheism, origin of savagery and of the
most %loody turmoil, and the multitude, disillusioned with hristianity, will receive
the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of :ucifer,
%rought finally out in the pu%lic view*" -- 0l%ert &ike ((( degree Mason!*
":ucifer, the :ight-%earerK .trange and mysyerious name to give to the .pirit of
DarknessK :ucifer, the .on of the MorningK )s it he who %ears the :ight, and with its
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splendours intolera%le %linds fee%le, sensual or selfish souls" Dou%t it notK" -- 1Morals
and Dogma1 %y 0l%ert &ike*
"@hen the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the %lock is the proper
application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his raft*
7he seething energies of :ucifer are in his hands ***" -- 17he :ost $eys of Freemasonry1
%y Manly #all*
"0:)4<M+<7* @e project a line of lighted energy toward the spiritual
#eirarchy of the planet, the planetary heart, the great 0shram of .anat (.atan!
$umara6" -- 1Meditation6 :etting )n 7he :ight1 %y the :ucis 7rust, formerly :ucifer
&u%lishing of the 7heosophists (0lso search6 1:ucis 7rust and 9nited <ations1!*
"A+H+$)+: =LC"
"7hou hast %een in +den the garden of 4odM"
"7hou art the anointed cheru% that coverethM"
"7hine heart was lifted up %ecause of thy %eauty, thou hast corrupted thy
wisdom %y reason of thy %rightness6"
",ecause thou hast set thine heart as the heart of 4odM"
"and ) will %ring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that
%ehold thee*"
.earch6 ".atan, the &rince and $ing of 7yrus6"
.earch6 ".atan, D).49).+D as an 0ngel of :ight6"
"2ou see why the +0.7 of the :odge F* is the place of :ight*" -- 1Morals and
Dogma1 %y 0l%ert &ike*
"7hen said he unto me, 1#ast thou seen this, / son of man" turn thee yet again,
and thou shalt see greater a%ominations than these*1 0nd he %rought me into the
inner court of the :ord1s house, and, %ehold, at the door of the temple of the :ord,
%etween the porch and the altar, were a%out five and twenty men, with their %acks
toward the temple of the :ord, and their faces toward the +0.7M and they worshipped
the .9< toward the +0.7*" A+H+$)+: LC
"0 woman raised in the )lluminati cult descri%es a sadistic, .atanic cult led %y
the richest and most powerful people in the world* )t is largely homose5ual and
paedophile, practises animal sacrifice and ritual murderM it works 1hand in glove1 with
the )0 and Freemasonry, is 0ryan supremacist (<azis! and welcomes ;ewish
apostates (Hionists!* )t controls traffic in drugs, guns, pornography and prostitution,
funds war and 1terrorism1 **** and is covertly preparing a military take-over*" (3)D+/6
1?B((6 Hionists sign a deal with #itler - 7he 7ransfer 0greement1!*
"7he only way you can %ecome a cele%rity is if the )lluminati allow you to* )f
you1re a singer and you refuse to sing songs which contain .atanic lyrics with
%ackward messages, then you can guarantee that your credi%ility will %e destroyedM
and if you decide to speak out the truth, you will %e killed*" -- with respect to
1)slam<ews0gency1 (M; converted to )slam!*
"#e was a ((
degree Mason* 7hat1s how you get ahead in government*" -- .tan
Monteith (3)D+/.6 1.tanley Monteith +5poses )lluminati Masons1!*
"7hey intend to turn the @orld into their conception of a :uciferian, totalitarian,
socialist state* 7hey will eliminate all hristians, ;ews and 0theists*"
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"7he initiates are told that they are now superior %eings, part of an elite who
control +arth1s human population with war, terror and famine*"
"0s hristians, we recognize that this is to %ecome the government of the
antichrist*" -- .tan Monteith*
")t was impossi%le to unfold to the people the conspiracy of the 7emplars
against the 7hrones and the 7iara* )t was impossi%le to e5pose to them the doctrines
of the hiefs of the /rder* 7his would have %een to initiate the multitude into the
secrets of the Masters, and to have uplifted the veil of )sis (1..1!*" -- 1Morals and
Dogma1 %y 0l%ert &ike*
"0s .atanists, we were told that the )lluminati were very powerful .atanic
spiritual %eings, which is not entirely false %ecause the )lluminati are possessed %y
these (demonic! %eings*" -- 1+scape From #igh :evel .atanism1 %y Dollins*
"For we wrestle not against flesh and %lood, %ut against principalities, against
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness
in high places*" A+&#+.)0<. NC
"@ho of you is not familiar with :eMarchand 1occult %o5es1, :ament
onfiguration (17he ,o5 of .orrows1!" 1#ellraiser1 was %ased on the %o5* >udy 4iuliani
and &rince harles have %o5es in their possession* During an e5cavation (near +lmer
#olmes ,o%st :i%rary, OD @ashington .Guare, <2!, ND %o5es were found where
4 of 7 2014-Feb-26 Masons-Bravely-Speak-Out(r3)o!t
:eMarchand once livedM P of these %o5es ended up missing 8 so did P construction
workers (0ntonio 4erasi onstruction!* )n the manufacture of his %o5es, :eMarchand
used the human fat from %odies of people that he killed -- BN were counted dead* #e
deserted his &aris home to escape arrest* ,enjamin Franklin was his %uddy, %oth
%eing Masons who took part in the rituals of the #ell Fire lu%*" -- <2 7imes,
=DD(-fe%-DE* ")n ?BBL, during an e5cavation under Franklin1s former home at (N
raven .treet, near 7rafalgar .Guare, :ondon, the remains of ten %odies (si5 of them
children! were discovered*" -- 7he .unday 7imes, ?BBL-fe%-??* ")n =DDO, the
19nknown ,o51 was received %y the 1&yramid 4allery1 from an anonymous donor,
wrapped in the 0ra%ic newspaper 10l-@asat1, with a %rief note that said simply6 I7ake
it, ) have lost too much already* ,ut do not %e tempted* .ad are only those who
understand*I" (0lso search6 1occult secrets of the hellraiser movie puzzle %o51!*
Masonic aspects of B'??6 "7he Mecca 7emple is 94:+1s (=nd degree and an
)slamic 7rojan horse* 7he 7rojan horse led to the B'?? tragedy* 7he intentional
destruction of <ew 2ork was engineered %y the 94:+ Mecca 7emple *** 7he 94:+
has the sole intention of %ringing (radical jihad-militant! )slam into the 9nited .tates
and +uropean 9nion in order to destroy and devour* 0ll who oppose +)> (+uropean
)mperial >oyal! rule will %e the victims of this 7rojan horse *** perfect circle
Freemasons1 ensnaring tactics and slaughter of the sheep*"
"0ncient 0nglian records, that the #e%rew and 0ramaic scri%es wrote, prove
that 1Heus1 was a <yphilim god from the line of &haraohs'&harisees* 7he <yphilim
%reeding records indicate that the name of the NNNth <yphilim king was 1Heus1 and
later %ecame 1;esus1* 1;esus1 is the son of 1god1 (.atan!M not the son of 12ahweh1
" of 7 2014-Feb-26 Masons-Bravely-Speak-Out(r3)o!t
(2#3#!* 1-ueen #era1 is the wife of 1Heus1 and has the alias 1#eaven1* 1#a-satan1 has
the alias 1god1, while 1#eylel1 has the alias 1#oly1 and 1:ucifer1* 0ll of the re%elling
angels constructed trinity names for the /rder* 1hē-zeus'4-zeus';esus1 is the ritually
%red <yphilim spiritual vampire %red %y NNNth Freemasons as revealed to me* My
0ngelic +soteric /rder families watched these vampires %reed and were fearful to
reveal this truth to the world* 7he truth reveals that <yphilim children, who %ecame
demons, transformed after killing and draining humans of their living water* 7o %e
safe from the spiritual vampires, a servant must master the words of 2ahuwshua
(hrist!* 2ahuwshua1s truth is revealed in the ,ook of Disclosure*" (D/9M+<76
12ahuwshua is not ;esus -- ,ook of Disclosure1!*
",ut the natural man receiveth not the things of the .pirit of 4od6 for they are
foolishness unto him6 neither can he know them, %ecause they are spiritually
discerned* ,ut he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no
man* For who hath known the mind of the :ord, that he may instruct him" ,ut we
have the mind of hrist*" A? />)<7#)0<. =C
"#ere is a description of worthless and wicked people6 7hey are constant liars,
signalling their true intentions to their friends %y making .)4<. with their eyes and
feet and fingersM their perverted hearts plot evilM they stir up trou%le constantly* ,ut
they will %e destroyed suddenly, %roken %eyond all hope of healing*" A&>/3+>,. Q
"@hen others dictate how you should live your life and they seek nothing %ut to
profit from your misery, that should make you realize that the government is not your
friend %ut your enemy* +nd 19.01 now and end 19<1* Did you know that the 9< prints
the 1.atanic ,i%le1 8 they push 10theist #umanism1 on the people of the earth" 7hey
define a human as a monster (1monster1 is the official legal term for a 9. citizen,
,allentine1s :aw Dictionary, ?B(D! with no soul or spirit, and eGual to an animal
(14oyim1 or 1cattle1! in description that they can do anything with (destroy as they
"@e are god1s chosen people F most ;ews do not like to admit it, %ut our god is
:ucifer -- so ) wasn1t lying -- and we are his chosen people* :ucifer is very much
alive*" -- #arold @allace >osenthal* (D/9M+<76 1Healot Files - >osenthal )nterview
on the Hionist onspiracy1!*
"0nother cele%rity had her life cut short soon after she revealed )lluminati
secrets (on her %log site! including6 I7he ,loodlines of the 1D+3):1*I"
") had a 9. Marine friend in )<7+: (intelligence!, +>7)F2 this information to
%e true and correct, #omeland .ecurity is witholding the report from citizens -- they
are planning to kill via the drug para-marketing* ) am %egging you to pass this 1intel1
onto others and drive them to the site (destroyedK! so we may all %e united together
as one %ody, keeping one another informed on the movements, politicians, ordered
codes, evac dates etc* F* there are active mem%ers in the /rder (Masonic! who are
imploding it internally -- politicians etc* -- who have pushed for this site1s development
to warn others and to hopefully get the mass evac, mass mailing system up and
running soon, to keep my promise to fight this shit tooth and nail, even unto the grave
if it reGuires* Dr JJJJJ has a lot of info on germs (those germs that are! %eing used %y
the /rder that is causing new diseases, he is a good source of intel -- he owns genesis
center JJJJJ* (@+ M9.7! +M&/@+> 7#+ 3/7+>. 7/ >+;+7 .+>+7 ./)+72
M+M,+>. 0. :+0D+>.*"
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".pecific people have %een put on this specific planet for a specific purpose -- to
destroy 4od1s reationK"
"7hey will find out the true meaning of the 1/uro%oros16 7#+ D+3): +07. #).
",eloved, %elieve not every spirit, %ut try the spirits whether they are of 4od6
%ecause many false prophets are gone out into the world* #ere%y know ye the .pirit
of 4od6 +very spirit that confesseth that 2ahuwshua (hrist! is come in the flesh is of
4od6 0nd every spirit that confesseth not that 2ahuwshua is come in the flesh is not of
4od6 and is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should comeM and
even now already is it in the world*" A? ;/#< EC
"7here was once a lovely old man (hristian .piritualist! who gave us a lecture
a%out 1evil witches1* 0%out this, few of us seemed to have any idea, and even now,
some may prefer to say a%out him6 1#e is crazyK1 "
-- (== degree, .kull 8 ,ones
(1,rotherhood of Death1!M
-- ((( degree, 9nited 4rand :odge of +ngland (94:+!
(1,aathism is a <azi-)slamic @ar Machine ,rotherhood1!M
-- NNN degree, >othschild Hionists"
(17he e5termination of hristians is a necessary sacrifice*1 -- 7almud!*
"7hese have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the ,east*
7hese shall make war with the :am%, and the :am% shall overcome them6 for #e is
:ord of lords, and $ing of kings6 and they that are with #im are called, and chosen,
and faithful*" A>+3+:07)/< ?OC
Zealot Files - Made for the Benefit of God's Creation
A story about the are !re"iousness of Spiritual Sensibility fro# the Modern $ebre%s &'hu#ry( of )ales
7he 1real1 illuminati (as opposed to the 1fakes1! has %een revealed6
"@hile ye have light, %elieve in the light, that ye may %e the children of light*" A.7
;/#< ?=C
"For they loved the praise of men more that the praise of 4od*" A.7 ;/#< ?=C
",ut the omforter, which is the #oly 4host (literal translation6 1.acred .pirit1!, whom
the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and %ring all things to
your remem%rance, whatsoever ) have said unto you*" A.7 ;/#< ?EC
,lessings indeedK
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