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Guevarra, Lorelei M.


TTh 7:00-8:30 Mr. Dan Christopher Culala

Reflection about our CLE subject The second semester started; new subjects, new teachers and of course, new experiences. I was so glad that our instructor is humble, patient, understanding and is very kind. He became our friend, laughing and crying with us and is always there for us. He is our teacher. He taught us to understand the lessons, and also taught us to understand life and live it bravely to the fullest. I was greatly moved when he opened to us. I learned to be strong despite the many challenges I encounter, especially when it comes to family, because of him. I again realized that everything thats happening has its reason. Also, I realized that success isnt measured of how wealthy a person is, financially, but how happy he is in what he is doing. I didnt just learn about the lecture he gave us but rather, he also taught us about life. As a Catholic, I have the knowledge about Christianity. Since grade school, I was taking up CLE subjects. But as I go to higher levels, it becomes deeper. In our CLE subject this second semester, I learned about the Gospels, History of Salvation, Life of Jesus, Mission of Jesus, etc. but in deeper meanings. The Four Gospels portray the different missions of Christ. The History of our Salvation showed me the history of my life. The Mission of Jesus taught me that He is sent by His Father because He loves us very much that He decided to sacrifice His own Son for the forgiveness of our sins. I sometimes thought that nobody loves me but then I realized again that He is there and never left me. I realized that I will not suffer much more because He did save me. I appreciate that our teacher doesnt stick on the lectures taken from the book or other sources. He let us to learn the values through movies, video presentations, etc. I was moved when he showed us the video clip about the present condition of our country. I realized that I must not ask for more because I am already fortunate. Many people are not able to eat thrice a day but I am able to eat whenever and whatever I want. Many children dont go to school but here I am doing this reflection. Many people struggle too much to live but here I am having all my necessities, still complaining. I must be grateful of what I have. As what William Osler said, We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it.