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1. Types and essential of Valid Contracts. Explain essential of offer, acceptance, consideration and discharge of contract. 2. All contracts are agreement but all agreements are not contracts Discuss 3. Explain essential of Free Consent according to Contract Act 1872 with all its term. 4. Differentiate between Guarantee & Indemnity. Explain the liability of surety against other parties in contract of guarantee. 5. Explain the Rights of an unpaid seller against goods/buyer. Differentiate between Sale & agreement to sell, as per the essential of sale of Goods Act 1930. 6. Differentiate between condition & warranties. What is the price mechanisms used in contract Act of Sale or agreement to sell? 7. Explain the feature / rights / duties/ liabilities of a common carrier Act 1865 + explain the kinds and clauses of charter party. Differentiate between Charter Party & Bill of Landing. 8. Explain the essential of Negotiable Instrument Act 1883 + Define the types, parties, noting, protesting, crossing, endorsement, dishonor of cheque / Bill of Exchange / promissory Note. 9. Define Pledge and Bailment. And give difference between them? , Write down the rights and duties of the Bailor and Bailee. Or give essential elements of bailment? 10. What are the power and functions of National industrial relations commission? 11. What are the requirements for registration of Trade union? 12. What is meant by workmens compensation? Give duties of employer in this regard? 13. Write short notes I. The collective bargaining agent II. Partial disablement and Total disablement III. Unfair labour practices IV. Trade Union and Freedom of association V. Social agreement and Legal agreement VI. Minor position in a Contract VII. The rights and duties of partners. 14. Define Discharge of contract and discuss varies forms of discharging a Contract. 15. What are the remedies available to an aggrieved party against the guilty party in case of contract?

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