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PPT On Animal Husbandry

Submitted by :- Jaishree Mourya Class:- 9th Section:- F Submitted to:- Mrs. Pratibha Nair

What is Animal Husbandry?

The branch of agriculture that deals with the feeding, caring and breeding of domestic animals is called animal husbandry. Husbanding means to use a resource carefully and without waste. Thus, animal farming or animal husbandry requires planning for domestic animals shelter, breeding, health, disease control and proper economic utilization.

Animals used in Animal husbandry

Cow Scientific name:- Bos taurus Breeds:- Gir, Sahiwal, Red sindhi, Deoni. Economic use:-cow works as a source of milk, hide, horns and meat for economic use.

B. Buffalo. Scientific name:Bubalus arnee Breeds:- 1. Murrah 2. Mehsana 3. Surti Economic use:Buffaloes are used in agriculture and they are also used in dairy farming.

C. Sheep Scientific name:-Ovis Aries Breeds:- 1. Adal. 2. Baluchi. 3. Cameroon sheep. Etc. Economic use:- They are used to get wool and mutton.

D. Camel Scientific name:-Camelus Breeds:- Bikaneri in Bikaner India, Sindh in Pakistan, Marwari in Jodhpur India. Etc. Economic use:- Camel can serve the best useful addition to the food supply chain in terms of milk, meat and other products.

E. Yak. Scientific name:Breeds:Economic use:-there Milk in its raw state is used principally as a component of "milk tea", which is drunk liberally. Butter, made in traditional fashion, is the main product from the milk in most places and has many uses apart from its use as food. Skimmed milk is used in a variety of ways, including a form of cottage cheese ("milk residue"). A Swisstype manufactured cheese is made especially in Nepal.

What is plant husbandry?

Plant husbandry is the planting, growing and cultivation of fruit, vegetables, plants and shrubs.

Plants in plant husbandry

Cotton plant Scientific name:Gossypium Economic use:- Cotton fiber is used for textiles, other commercial are also obtained from cotton plant such as :raw materials for soap manufacturing, cellulose that is used in some cosmetics and in paper making.

Jute plant Scientific name:- Corchorus Economic use:- 1. they are commonly used in making ropes, bags, sacs, canvases etc. 2.The stalks after removal of jute fibers are used as fuel. 3.Oil is extracted from the seeds and is used in manufacture of soaps, paints etc.

Rubber plant Scientific name:- Ficus Elastica Economic use:- Natural latex is one of important raw material available for making various kinds of products in heavy industries such as motor and vehicle industry, kitchenware and house ware.

Coconut plant Scientific name:- Cocos nucifera. Economic use:- There are a number of products traditionally provided by the coconut palm, like roofing material (from leaves), ropes and strings (coir from husk), beverages (coconut juice, toddy from inflorescences), food (coconut, palm heart), fuel (from husks, nuts and dried leaves), and wood (from the stem). The main produce, however, is oil pressed out of copra, the dried kernel of the nut.

Palm tree Scientific name:Arecaceae Economic use:-Many common products and foods are derived from palms, and palms are also widely used in landscaping for their exotic appearance, making them one of the most economically important plants