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Money and Girls

Money and Girls

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Published by Cameron Davis

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Published by: Cameron Davis on Jun 15, 2012
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Money & Girls


Way down yonder where the sharks sleep is gold. Find it and be rich forever. Amen. I'm talking value here. Gold that pirates threw out because they became overburdened by its abundance. Bastards melted the extra in the Alzheimer of the ocean. Never to be found. Never to be remembered. Tons of it. Millions and millions means enough for your family. Enough for your family means enough for the next generation. And the next. And the next. Consider your next move. Consider finances. Consider long term freedom and places you will never get to see. Put your imagination aside and think at what age you will get rich? Exactly. Never. Fortunately or unfortunately, those pirates didn't know that we would have something called technology. This would set us free. And we know gold is there. Way down where the watermelon grow. The problem is trying to get it. Sharks tend to be the oceans top predator. Sharks can kill a man. Easy; smell blood from miles. Mosquitoes breed on water; they eat blood. In the ocean, consider yourself a mansquitoe. Shark bait. Alluding the sharks around the gold is the obstacle. Pirates are obsolete, an extinct species we know nothing about. Ain't gotta worry about them getting in your way. Or your money. A wise man once told me this. Man to man. “The top motivator for us is money and girls.” And he was right. And I agree. Imagine life without those. Money and females. The world would be a lonely place. Colder than it is, I'd commit suicide. Straight like that. Blang thang thang yo

girlfriend. Base God. My conquest lies with finding my own gold my own way. Its my way or the highway. God planted gold deep down in us all. And its our job to find it whether that's talent, business, or premeditated in the mind. Find the gold. Maximize your reward by auctioning it off to the highest bidder. Sold. I feel like I can write circles around your favorite author. When I write I create gold. Gold can be black. Don't stop a prince in route to his kingdom. I want readers to see my writing as godly. King me.

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