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Mayur Koli

Swami krupa building, Balaji Naka, Alibaug, Dist-Raigad (Maharashtra). Mobile no: 08149994899 E-mail:
_______________________________________________________ CAREER OBJECTIVE To pursue a challenging career in an organization where, I can achieve the goals of the organization by exploring my capabilities. EXPERIENCE 7months: Working as an Associate Trainee R&D in SI Group India Ltd. since 25 th April 2011.

Working knowledge of: Fixed bed reactors, laboratory batch resole and novolac resin reactions, monitoring progress of reactions and managing significant process controls for resin chemistry, Gas Chromatographs (Agilent make), autotitrator instrument, Brookfield viscometer, melting and softening point apparatus.

6 months: Worked as a Technician Production in Sudarshan Chemicals Ltd. from September 2010 to February 2011. Managing contract workers and assigning them various jobs related to plant scale production.


Graduation (B.Sc. Chemistry) from JSM College, Alibaug (University of Mumbai)


Efficient in making all kinds of glassware setups for laboratory reactions. I have a sound knowledge in computers, good practical knowledge in chemistry and handling of hazardous chemicals. Safety training attended.


Positive attitude, self-confidence, ability to work in a team and learn quickly in a competitive environment.

PERSONAL DETAILS: NAME Fathers name Date of birth Gender Marital status Nationality Language known Hobbies : Mayur Koli : Ramchandra D Koli : 14th August 1988 : Male : Single : Indian : Marathi, English, Hindi : Reading news paper, traveling, making friends.

REFERENCES: Can be made available on request.

DECLARATION: I hereby declare that information provided by me is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Date: Sign: (Mayur Koli)