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Christianity and Social Work Readings on the Integration of Christian Faith and Social Work Practice Editor Beryl Hugen ‘Noni Ameson Assan of Chetan in Sel Wet CONTENTS Preface i Acknowledgements = ‘The Changing Context for Practice ‘Church Social Work 7 Dear Garant — Social Work’ Legny: The Methodist Setlement Movement 27 “Sah Krier ‘Community Practice: Lessons for Social Work from 1 Racialy-Mixed Central Cy Church #7 ance Se ‘Social Work in Action: Integrating People ‘with Mental Retardation nto Local Chtehes ‘and Commantes of Faith 55 Rick Chie Diversity An Examination ofthe Church and Social Work 71 Ta oson Worldviews and Plumblines Model for Socal Work Practice 91 Benger “The Relationship Berween Beliefs and Values in Social Work Practice Worldviews Make Difleence 107 Did Saad ‘ate Retween Sin and Love n Soil Work tstory 127 Katrine ato eet ori Assan Ato ‘The Poor Wil Never Cease Oat of the Land of There Will Be No Poot “Among You--A Christan Perspective on Poverty [45 Belting ‘When Social Wok and Christy Conf 165 “lee Re Spiritual Aspects in the Helping Process Bay Hook Doing the Right Thing: A Christan Perspective om Ethical Decision aking for Cstians in Socal Work Practice 207 Denia Sherrod — ospice: An Opportunity Fr Truly Wholstie Social Work 225 ‘Pine Baler Spiritually Sensitive Assessment Tol for Soil Work Practice 239 \ Tiny A Bova ‘The Field of Child Welle: Slr the Lite Children 257 Gary Anson Humility and Competence ccuneren 7 ‘Adoption and Me: A Narative Approach 271 May Wades Bk Zwaaa tothe Cotibtos 385