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| The Winner Takes It All Words & Music by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus. Int * LD =f aren FAH tu PA lh Db es 4f a erst = = a ve ae aS gy Fa SS : = SS aye : eee: — se me, now it's his - 10 - Vveplayed all my sense, building me a fence, building me a same when she calls your name Some-where deep in sand you'vecome to shake my. hand, 1a po-lo Gb DbIF Hitt EE = * 7 cards and that’s what you'vedone 09, no:thing more to home, thinking I'd "be strong there, but Twas a side you must know! miss you, bout what can 1 size if it makes you feel bad see ing me so 42 Abmjeb . th no moreace % play. The win-ner takes it ‘Thegodsmay throw a fool, play-ing by the rules sy, fulesmustbe obeyed The jud -ges will de tense, no sef-con -fi- denee. The win-ner takes it the Io - ser standing. small be-side the vic -to their mindsas cold as ice, and some-one way down the likes of me a - bide, spec -ta-tors of the that’s her des-ti ny, was in your lo = sessome-one dear. al + waysstay-ing. low. 43