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Dean Tech Work Election Agreement

Dean Tech Work Election Agreement

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2012-2013 Missions of Holyoke Public Schools and Dean Technical High School The mission of the Holyoke Public Schools is to provide educational opportunities for all students to reach their potential in a safe, secure, healthy, learning environment while valuing diversity and promoting responsive citizenship. We are committed to providing an education that helps all students achieve their fullest potential in an environment that is conducive to effective teaching and learning. William J. Dean Technical High School Vision The vision of William J. Dean Technical High School is to provide our students with relevant and rigorous academic and technical skills and competencies, which will help our students to be successful and competitive members of the 21st century workforce. Upon successful graduation from Dean Technical High School, our students will be prepared for employment, military service or to continue their post-secondary education. Dean Tech Mission: Dean Technical High School seeks to become a school in which:  Students are at the center of the work of adults;  A stimulating and engaging learning environment, with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum, maximizes individual student potential and ensures students of all skill and achievement levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life;  Curriculum, instruction and the school schedule meet the academic and social-emotional needs of its students;  Seamless integration of the vocational and academic programming provide students with a high quality education;  Academic and vocational staff are highly competent in pedagogy, content, and effectively serving Dean’s high school students; and  Its high quality academic and technical education serves as an exemplar for technical education in the state.


Preamble Dean Technical School is a Level IV school within the Holyoke Public Schools managed by an Educational Management Organization (EMO) who, by contract with the Holyoke Public Schools, has been granted full autonomy and flexibility under the Federal Restart model to run Dean Technical High School. The Collaborative for Educational Services, located in Northampton MA, is the named EMO. This status gives the EMO the right to set the “school day” and “school year” for both faculty and students and to make other alterations in the traditional teaching and learning conditions. As a Level IV School, Dean’s primary decision-making body will be the EMO who will approve the annual work election agreement (WEA), budget, policies, and vision for the school. A Dean Grievance Board will be handling many of the functions previously assumed by the HTA. Teachers at Dean will undertake a number of special responsibilities, such as service on school committees and participation in regular Learning Teams. Teachers at Dean will subscribe to a school improvement model determined by the EMO, and will participate in the development of a collaborative, professional learning community. As part of the Dean collaborative, professional learning community, all teachers, in addition to their teaching responsibilities, will: o Participate in the Advisor-Advisee Program to mentor students in a well-structured program that meets for the equivalent of two full periods per month preferably in either the first or the last period. o Schedule and participate in three family involvement events. Open House and Family Event Night is a requirement for all teachers. Within each PLC, teachers will be required to plan and participate in either an academic or vocationally focused event (e.g. exhibitions, student-led conferences, family nights, etc.); o Plan and participate in a department-specific Advisory Committee; o Participate in the Peer Observation process as part of the collaborative, professional culture; o Work on a variety of teams to support the mission of the school (e.g. PLCs, department, interdisciplinary curriculum, etc.), and o Create and submit lesson plans using a Standards-Based or Vocational Competency-Based Lesson Plan template common to all Dean teachers .

a. The School Day: For 2012-2013, the school day for students is from 8:14 AM until 3:08 PM, Monday – Friday. Teachers will be expected to adhere to this schedule for the year: 2

 Monday is reserved for Faculty Meetings, Department Meetings, or
Learning Teams. ● Tuesday is reserved for school service committees and professional development  Teacher Office Hours can be Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday

 Wednesday or Thursday is reserved for optional student clubs and
activities. The school day for teachers will be as follows: Monday 8:00 to 4:20, with 3:20 to 4:20 for Faculty Meetings (1st Monday), or Departmental Meetings (3rd Monday), or Learning Teams (2nd and 4th Mondays). 8:00 to 4:20, with 3:20 to 4:20 for learning teams, school service committees and professional development.


Wednesday-Friday: 8:00 to 4:20, with 3:20 to 4:20 for Teacher Office Hours or optional student clubs and activities. *The Principal reserves the right to adapt Tuesday’s schedule based on the requirements of the school.

b. The School Year: The school year for students will consist of 180 days of instruction. Teachers will work 185 days according to the following schedule: o The first day of school for students will be the same day as the first day of school at other high schools in the Holyoke Public School District. o All teachers will work four Professional Development Days prior to the first day of school. o As part of Dean Tech’s collaborative, professional community, and in order to increase parental involvement, all teachers will be expected to participate in three 2-hour evening events during the school year. c. Salary, Benefits, Seniority, and Membership in Bargaining Unit:


Teachers will continue to be members of the Holyoke Teachers Association bargaining unit and will continue to be covered by the applicable collective bargaining agreement. However, if the collective bargaining agreement conflicts with a term or provision of this Work Election Agreement, the Work Election Agreement shall control. d. Compensation for Additional Hours: In compliance with the contractual agreement between HTA and Holyoke Public Schools regarding Level 4 schools, Dean Tech teachers will receive compensation for additional hours of work above and beyond all required hours in the HTA contract, with the compensation as determined by the Level 4 agreement. The additional compensation will be paid in each pay period and the compensation will be identified on the pay stub by a specific code. e. Excessing Procedures: Voluntary Excessing: You may unilaterally excess yourself from Dean Tech at the end of the work year. When voluntarily terminating your service at Dean Tech, you must inform the principal verbally by the end of March and in writing by April 15. Involuntary Excessing: The Principal may unilaterally excess staff at the end of the year by using the following procedure: Through the evaluation process provide staff who are in danger of being noncompliant with the Dean Vision and Mission Statements with two (2) documented written warnings. After the first written warning, a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) (specific suggestions for improvement) is agreed to by the administrator and the teacher. Teacher Evaluations will continue to be followed as set forth by the HTA contract with the following addendum: “This teacher is currently or is not currently in compliance with the Dean Tech Mission and Vision Statement. Please list specific example(s) citing the reasons the teacher is non-compliant.” After such a finding the administrator provides the faculty member a Progress Plan which establishes benchmarks for progress and allows time for improvement. With this Progress Plan, the same administrator must complete a mandatory second evaluation by March 1st. Its purpose is to see if the teacher has successfully completed the Progress Plan and is in compliance with the Dean Mission and Vision Statement.


The Principal may exercise his/her option to excess this faculty member in the event that he/she fails to meet the benchmarks of the Progress Plan. In the event of such excessing, permanent teachers will be placed on the systemwide excess list, subject to the terms and procedures in the HTA Contract. f. Dismissal: You will be subject to dismissal from HPS in accordance with existing laws and regulations. Additionally, the contract for provisional teachers applies only to the specified year.

g. Responsibilities: Your job-specific responsibilities are detailed in the attached job description. As part of Dean Tech’s collaborative, professional community, all teachers, in addition to said teaching responsibilities, will: o Be a mentor to students in the Advisor-Advisee or Graduation Coach Programs. o Schedule and participate in three family involvement events. Plan and participate in a CTE cluster-specific Advisory Committee at least three times per year; o Work collaboratively with content-specific department chairs, who are appointed by the Principal; o Participate in the Peer Observation process as part of the collaborative, professional culture; and o Work on a variety of teams to support the mission of the school (e.g. Learning Teams, department, interdisciplinary curriculum, etc.). h. Substitute Coverage: Teachers will be compensated for substitute coverage. In the spirit of a collaborative professional community, all teachers may be asked to cover classes for their colleagues. i. Dispute Resolution: If a faculty member believes that the EMO has violated an express provision of the Work Election Agreement s/he may utilize the dispute resolution process which will operate as follows: 1. The teacher should meet with the Principal to address concerns about the school’s work rules and attempt to reach a solution. It is required to document the results of such meetings. In doing so, the teacher is entitled to have a Dean Tech HTA Representative at the meeting for


support and advice. All meetings regarding disputes should be kept confidential by the principal. 2. If a meeting with the Principal does not result in a satisfactory resolution the teacher may choose to present the concern or complaint to the Executive Director of the EMO or a designee. 3. If the meeting with the EMO does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the teacher may choose to go to mediation. The teacher and administrator will work with the EMO to identify a mediator who is acceptable to both parties. The mediator will not be a decision maker; rather, the goal will be to reach a satisfactory resolution that is mutual to both parties. 4. If the teacher is still not satisfied, he/she may file a grievance with the HTA. If not resolved at step 3, the HTA must bring the grievance to arbitration. j. Performance Evaluation: Dean Tech will continue to observe the evaluation process which is currently in place. However, Teacher Evaluations will include the following addendum: “This teacher is/is not in compliance with the Mission and Vision Statement set forth by Dean Tech. If the teacher is not in compliance, please list specific example(s) citing how the teacher is non-compliant.” Dean Tech will use its Level 4 autonomy to add required supports to the evaluation process and professional development of all teachers including peer observations, instructional coaching, and quarterly curriculum review conferences.



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