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ABSTRACT Azwar Anas (2012), "the influence of physical training on the basic skills of dribbling in soccer game on Milky

Way's City Club of Mataram in 2012." Thesis, Department of the Faculty of Physical Education and Health, Institute of Teacher Training and Education Mataram, Supervisor I: Drs. Shamsuddin AR, Supervisor II: Hariyadi. S.Pd. Key words: Physical, Skill, Ball Drive Objectives to be achieved in this study was to determine the effect of physical exercise Are there any of the basic skills in dribbling a football game at the City Club of Mataram Milky Way 2012. Purposes: (1) Purpose for which the theoretical, the information obtained is useful for research scientists in the field of sports to be able to develop concepts in order to improve performance in sports, especially in the sport of football. (2) the practical usefulness of research results is expected to be one of the theoretical considerations for the players in the dribble, in a football game and could contribute to berharaga for the community, particularly the sport of soccer players in an effort to help develop soccer athletes . The population in this study is "Players who are members of the football club PS Milky Way Mataram In 2012, amounting to 22 JV players. To obtain the data in this study, then used test method acts as the principal method, while the method of documentation used as auxiliary methods, while methods of data analysis using the t-test. Based on the analysis, the value of "t" count obtained in the analysis of 7:50 has exceeded the size limit of 2080 or in other words the value t count bigger than value t tables (7493> 2080) at 5% significance level. Thus the hypothesis zero (Ho) is rejected and the alternative hypothesis (Ha) accepted. So in this study can be concluded "there is the influence of physical training on the basic skills of dribbling in a game of club football in the Milky Way city of Mataram in 2012.