Warriors Don't Cry

Sarah Seth Warriors Don’t Cry 1.

In the first chapter of the book, Grandma India has a positive influence on Melba by influencing her belief of non-violence, respecting others, and always having hoped. 2. The author was trying to show all the chaos and the raw emotions of hate and rage that the white people showed against the Little Rock Nine. The main cause of the tension was that African Americans and white people were segregated at the time in the south. 3. The sources that Beals uses in chapter 3 are historical documents and the interpretation or voice of other Little Rock Nine. 4. In chapter 4, when Melba first tries to attend Central High School, she and the others were prevented by the Arkansas National Guard. 5. Some obstacles keeping Melba and the other African American students from Central High School and elsewhere were the Arkansas National Guard and the fear of the violent threats made by the segregationist. 6. Thurgood Marshall assisted the Little Rock Nine in being successful in their case. 7. Melba feels frightened by the threats made by the white students at Central High. 8. Some hopeful things that happened at Central High were a few white students tried to be friendly and help the Little Rock Nine. 9. For example, the soldier’s racism, threats, and the attempt of her being assaulted. 10. Melba was attacked when the students sprayed pepper spray into her eyes. Luckily, Danny poured cold water to help Melba. 11. No Melba does not think that the newspapers are accurate. At Thanksgiving dinner Melba said, “Integrated turkey” which she later regret saying. 12. Melba was verbally and physically abused. As a result, Minnijean was suspended at Central High School. 13. Melba spent Christmas at home with her family but she kept on pondering about Minnijeans’ suspension. 14. When Minnijean was expelled, it caused Melba to lose hope. Melba goes to her grandmother for advice and comfort. Then a white student named Link helps her. 15. Melba takes her grandmother’s idea to heart and she is successful. 16. The new information that Melba learns about Link is that his family has an African American nanny named Nana Healey. 17. Melba realizes that Link was trying to help her but because they were of the opposite race, trouble was bound to happen if anyone found out. 18. The triumph that occurred on May 2 was that Ernest Green became the first African American to graduate from Central High School.

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