MB0050 Q6 B 2. MB0051 Q.6 Write a note on the following: a. b. MU0010 Q.6 Mr. Aravind works at K&D Company.

Recently two fellow team members wer e shifted to another team and their work was handed over to him. This affected his performance and also left him dissatisfied. Finally, he forwar ded his resignation letter to the HR Department. The HR Manager decided to conduct an exit interview with Mr. Aravind. What questions do you think that the HR manager would want to ask Mr.Aravind? MU0011 Q.5 Q.6 State the characteristics of organizational culture. Suppose a steel industry wants to form a Quality Circle. What would be the criteria that you would set to form it? What are the benefits that you see in forming a quality circle? Copy Right Act Pledge Standard Deviation

MU0012 Q.1 What are the benefits that an organization enjoys by implementing emplo yee participation? Q.6 Suppose you are the HR Manager of a software company that is facing sev ere financial loss due to recession. What action would you take to keep your employees positive and motivate d? MU0013 Q2. Q6. What are the trends in HR audit seen in Indian scenario? Elaborate on the need for Human Resource Audit.

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