Checklist of things one need to bring to the hostel :) 60 things one should get to the hostel... 1.

Alarm clock (needed 2 get u up after night long party / study / doing nothing ) 2. Bedsheet / Bedcover 3. Reading lamp (Not actually necessary!) 4. Hangers (for clothes fcurz) 5. Blankets 6. Pillow / Pillowcover 7. Rug(s) (For Winter !) 8. Scissors 9. Handfan (arre bhiya bahut garmi padti hai...useful when u go out) 10. Pens and pencils 11. Pencil sharpener 12. Highlighters 13. Ruler 14. Calculator 15. Daily planner and/or calendar 16. Dictionary, thesaurus, writer's guide (or Google might jus b sufficient) 17. Glue and Paper clips 18. Stapler and staples 19. Reading Glasses (if u hv 1) 20. Torch and rain suit (or umbrella, whichever suits u) 21. Towels (most important thing one needs after a bath) 22. Clothing to last until the first trip home 23. Pajamas 24. Shorts 25. Jeans, T Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Jackets

26. A couple of formals too.. ( i suggest 4-5 pairs) 27. Belts 28. Laundry bag or basket (needed as u wont b washin / goin 2 dhobi daily)

29. Laundry detergent (for those who prefer doing their own laundry - NIRMA pref erably :P) 30. Shoes (formal and sports) and Shoe polish 31. Socks 32. Slippers 33. Sneakers 34. Aspirin or other pain reliever (lecture ke baad a must) 35. First-aid kit (like band-aid, ointments, etc) 36. Contact lenses and solutions (if u use tht is) 37. Deodorant (most imp thing if u dont bath daily, generally d case with most o f hostelites) 38. Perfume or cologne (same reason as above.. most needed for morning session w en u jus get out of bed n run 4 classes) 39. Hair care products 40. Shampoo and conditioner 41. Hairbrush and comb 42. Hygiene items 43. Nail clippers 44. Razors and Shaving cream 45. Thread and Needle (handle with care) 46. Toothbrush and toothpaste 47. Can and bottle opener (well.. no points for guessin wht these wil b used for ) 48. Backpack (for trip out of town..) 49. CDs and DVDs 50. External Hard disk with good collection of shows n movies 51. Sports equipments (if any) 52. Laptop...!!!!!!!!! :P 53. Deck of cards (best indoor game) 54. LAN wire and Extension cords (this is much needed thing) 55. Mosquito Repellants 56. Patience (things sumtimes dont jus seem 2 move no matter how hard u try)

57. Open mind 58. Sense of humor 59. A zeal for learning 60. Money for books, food, entertainment, clothing, bla bla...(Yeaahh.. thts d m ost important part ;))