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Joining the Dots- Vision for Vic Kids

Joining the Dots- Vision for Vic Kids

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Published by: afl36 on Jun 16, 2012
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That the Victorian Government review all
parenting services in Victoria and seek a
stronger partnership with the Australian
Government in delivering parenting services
to ensure children and families have access
to support that meets their needs.

Victoria’s parenting services have not developed
in a systematic manner. There is no clear rationale
for the mix of services provided and increasing
potential for duplication between the efforts of
the Victorian and Australian Governments.
Between birth and school entry, contact is lost
with some children and families, leading to
vulnerable families missing out on the support
they need to ensure a child’s positive development
and learning during these important years.

The Committee believes a review of parenting
services is needed to articulate statewide
outcomes and targets for parenting services
and contribute these to the development of
the Master Plan for Victorian Children
(Recommendation 5). The review should clearly
define the place of each parenting service across
the early years of childhood, with the aim of
delivering a continuum of support to parents.
The review should identify priorities for:
•providing direct support to parents and
ensuring effective investment in parenting
•the greater integration of parenting services
with schools and other services for children;
•resourcing and training of early years
professionals and teachers to support parents;
•removing areas of duplication between
the MCHS and parenting services.

The Victorian Government should also build
a stronger partnership with the Australian
Government to reduce duplication and explore
collaborative funding for parenting services.

The Committee is aware that the Government is
undertaking a major reform of the child protection
system and that improved family support is central
to these reforms. The Committee believes the role
of existing parenting services should be considered
as part of this process.


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