Some Possible Tools for Discernment in Inculturation

Sunday, June 17, 12

The Thinking Chinese-Filipino Catholic An informed and discerning conscience
Discernment Process > “The Right Answers” Confirmation from the Church?
Sunday, June 17, 12

The Practice Itself The Rationale or Intention behind the Practice
Sunday, June 17, 12

A proposed framework for Discernment
* Is it possible to reconcile/integrate the practice into our faith? * Can these symbols be “stolen” & baptize with Christian meaning? * Who should be taken into consideration? *What messages--even unintended-might be sent to them? * What is the more charitable response?



What are the implications on my faith and my image of God?


Is the belief/practice against any Church teaching?
Sunday, June 17, 12


Some Beliefs/Practices
Doctrinal/ Moral Ancestor Veneration
Veneration of Deities


Pastoral Promotes Tradition

Missionary Communion of Saints

Not Against Idolatry? Not Against Not Against


Respect for Prayer to God Taoists/ & His Saints Buddhists instead
Whimsical God who can be bribed or manipulated

Fengshui (Dates/ Design) Other Wake Practices &

Less worries Promotes Tradition

House Blessing instead Symbols & gestures of affection

Sunday, June 17, 12