TRANSACIONAL ANALYSIS ON LINE This course is for professionals and students of the areas of Health, Communication, Business and

Education. It functions as a course of personal development, excellent instrument of diagnosis, coaching and development of abilities. CONTENT Analysis of the Personality: Who am I? How I function? Transactions: I can change a desgastante communication? Which my options? Existencial position: How am I feeling about myself? I seem confident? Time and Recognition: Hoe could I use the time my favor? I am recognized for this? Psychological games: Why some people charge me in such a way? Can Y transform a relation? Script of life: Some things do not move, seem that always they finish it exactly skill Goals of Life: How to be more creative and objective? How to manage my life? PROFESSOR NOELIZA LIMA, psychologist, teacher, TSTM ITAA , Master in Psychology - CAPES/PUC-(Campinas), Specialist in Development of Groups. Colaborator Professor - Universidad Flores. WHEN Beginning in March of 2008. Each participant, however, can enter in the group and make the course in his own rhythm, using the group as support for chat of doubts, cases, supervision, etc. RATES The registration corresponds the reserve of the vacant: R$ 50,00 (US$ 20,00). Monthly tax: Students and scholarship holders - 140,00 (US$ 70,00) Professionals - $ 240,00 (US$ 120,00) Information and registrations: LINKS English

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