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Diggs Miserable Business Contest Presentation by Jeremiah Reams

Diggs Miserable Business Contest Presentation by Jeremiah Reams

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Published by nicholas.m.carlson

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Published by: nicholas.m.carlson on Jan 06, 2009
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Keys to profitability

No company survives downturns without multiply

Who What Where How

Digg has the potential to reach out to a completely diverse demographic. While the DIGG community mainly revolves now around younger male Geeks. DIGG will need to cater and spread its influence to a much broader audience in the coming years. One way to do this is to have specific pages “IE Branding” around demographics and niches. While DIGG currently has categories, breaking these into separate sites with there own categories would allow the more mainstream user to take advantage of the DIGG news

• Mom and Dad • Seniors • Industry specific IE Chefs,Industrial news,Automotive etc • Cultural news IE Church,religious news

In order to cater and expand to and monetize these groups DIGG would need to do the following .

1. Create niche specific sites revolving around that particular topic 2. Launch globally think DIGG – China 3. Have the site accessible in most of the spoken languages worldwide. This will also add to the ability for DIGG to generate revenue globally across hundreds of different markets . 4. Have DIGG accessible across all platforms “Apps Mobile/Desktop” to allow

DIGG everywhere. With the decline of local and national news print media. DIGG could be poised to be the leader in local, national , and international news media. The key concept will be as stated earlier to make DIGG available all the time in many markets and on every platform. Example : DIGG - Moms My wife and I have a baby and a toddler. She would love to be able to go to a news site that caters to Baby/Kids specific news. Example : DIGG - Japan I have a friend in Japan that would love to read about all

• • • •

Every Every Every Every

Country Platform Language Demographic

With the existing infrastructure that DIGG has it should not be hard to start branching out into other markets globally .

Leverage existing technology IE Google Translate for translation. Use the existing site infrastructure of DIGG. Change the header and categories to match the specific demographic DIGG would be catering to. Hire local/region specific sales staff who know and live in the area that DIGG would be branching out to . Form partnerships/alliances with local/region news organizations “let them know how DIGG can help them reach a broader audience Create mobile apps for people so submit the news as it happens in there local area or market. “iphone,Blackberry,and Android” as well as smaller cell/mobile devices “Ad Supported” Create desktop apps that allow news to be pushed to there desktop “Ad Supported”

To Summarize
• DIGG saw 30 million uniques last month while catering only to a largely 18-30 year old male english speaking crowd. • Multiples of 10 can be achieved beyond this by leveraging the other 800 million online internet users globally. • Hence revenue could be expected to be the same as it was this year but in every niche. Think $6.4 million in revenue for every demographic they can branch out too. Expected first years revenues to triple beyond current single demographic market

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