Socio-historical Context

Japan in the 1990s
• Heisei Fukyo, Lost Decade • From “economic miracle” to recession • Stock and land prices fell, asset bubble collapsed • Banks at the edge of insolvency, corruption

Japan in the 1990s
• What caused the recession?
– Doken Koka: “Construction State”
• Also known as the “Iron Triangle” of Japan • Politicians (LDP), bureaucracy, big businesses • Opaque, unaccountable, corrupt

– Failure to change Doken Koka

Japan in the 1990s
• Effects:
Mass layoff of workers Payroll and salary deduction Suicide rate increased Corruption

Japan in the 1990s
• Effects
– Recruitment of new university graduates was curtailed – Rise of part-time employment – Rise in juvenile delinquency
• 17 year old boys hijacking a bus and murdering his mom

Japan in the 1990s
• Shifts
– Consumption-oriented life to a life of uncertainty – Conformity and uniformity to a divided society – Breakdown of morals and values

Japan in the 1990s
• What was lost?
– A sense of security – Credibility of nation’s leadership – Hubris about the future

The Social reality vis-à-vis the Text
• Iron Triangle and Kurushima’s “Triangle”
– A system that must be reformed

• Kurushima and Inonaka’s rebellion
– Reflective of the overarching feeling of discontent and lostness

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