SCREAM 4: Rachel Diggins Side By thorney33

RACHEL DIGGINS SIDE INT. RACHEL’S BEDROOM - NIGHT RACHEL DIGGINS, 17, a pale brunette with black clothes, piercings on her face, and a tattoo of a dragon running up her arm, lies on her bed playing on her computer. Despite her tough appearance, she is actually quite short and skinny. She has a Facebook invite to an event called ______________. RACHEL Sorry, _________. You wouldn’t catch me dead there tonight. Rachel declines the invitation. Suddenly, her phone begins to ring, a heavy metal song as her ringtone. She answers it without hesitation. RACHEL (CONT’D) (abruptly) What do you want? GHOSTFACE Now, now...that’s no way to answer the phone, Rachel. Rachel walks to the window and looks out, but sees only darkness. RACHEL Why are you calling me? Shouldn’t you be at _______________? GHOSTFACE Shouldn’t you? RACHEL Yeah, right. Like I’d be stupid enough to go there tonight with a psycho like you on the loose. GHOSTFACE You ever wonder why kids go to parties in horror movies, Rachel? RACHEL Because they are full on retarded...and horny. GHOSTFACE Because they are smart enough to know that being alone is very dangerous indeed. (CONTINUED)



RACHEL Lucky I’m not alone, then. My parents are downstairs. Ghostface chuckles madly into the phone. GHOSTFACE Were downstairs. Rachel walks to her door and swings it open slightly. The house it quiet...too quiet. RACHEL (calling out) Mom...Dad? GHOSTFACE No reply? Why don’t you come down and check on them? RACHEL Fuck you. Rachel slams the door and locks herself in. RACHEL (CONT’D) (angry) You think I’d live in this fucking town and not have a contingency plan? I’ve seen The Strangers, dickhead! Lock yourself in a fucking room with a weapon, call the cops, and watch the killer fry when help comes. GHOSTFACE Cowards don’t survive horror films, Rachel! RACHEL I’m not a coward! And this isn’t a fucking movie! END SIDE.

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