SHANXI, CHINA CITY BUILT IN THE MOUNTAINS OF SHAN This is amazing and we have to wonder how, why and

when did they do this. From where & how do they get water...power....sewer.....? How did they build all this?? And why..way.."up there"!!
My best guess is that this is a Buddhist Monestary – They are noted for building in the most extreme, inacessible, but scenicly speaking, some of the most beautiful places there is. Bobby G.
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空 谷 幽 长

峭 岩 陡 壁

全 长 三 百 余 米 四 百 多 级 台 阶 通 往 正 果 寺

漫 步 崖 间

Shanxi China 2009.8.18~19 Fly_silence

HYF 09-12-21简编

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