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Minutes 11.06.12

Minutes 11.06.12

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Published by: ppinski on Jun 17, 2012
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Minutes from the Meeting of Digbeth Residents Association (DRA) and Neighbourhood Watch on Monday 11th June 2012

at 6pm in the Nomad room, ground floor ZELLIG, Custard Factory. 1. Roll Call and Apologies Present: Richard Trengrouse, John Gordon, Gabriela Butler, Sandra Hall, Rosie Pocklington, Pamela Pinski Apologies: Val Woodward, Zbigniew Gas, Joe Holyoak, West Midlands Police, Lisa Zdravkovic, Michael Dadra, Russell Poulton 2. Approval of Minutes The minutes from the May meeting were accepted as an accurate record of events. Matters Arising 3a. Actions for Sandra Hall i. Keep Austin Weird information Sandra has collated this information and will email it to Pam for circulation/action.  Action Sandra Hall ii. Budget/Plan for spending This will be put together by Gabriela Butler in the coming weeks (further information in AOB). iii. ‘Meanwhile’ use of Connaught Square site as a public park Richard will email Russell Poulton to question this.  Action Richard Trengrouse 3b. Discussion of Committee Roles After discussion it was decided to leave the committee titles as they are. Committee members can choose to delegate their official responsibilities to other members, but it is useful to have the roles as they are currently defined. 3c. Beorma Quarter planning application response Joe Holyoak sent apologies to the meeting, but no update on this item.  Item lapsed 3d. Edible Eastside plot for DRA It was decided that this idea would be revisited once DRA had strengthened its membership. An email would be sent to Jayne Bradley to explain the situation.  Action PP 3e. Advertisement of DRA Chair position Rosie Pocklington stated that she is happy to remain as Chair of DRA until another suitable candidate comes forward. 3f. Connaught Square hoardings Thank you to everyone who helped with this issue, including (but not limited to) Digbeth resident Lisa Zdravkovic. The issue was raised at the Nechells Tasking Group (NTG)

meeting by John Gordon, and the Police together with Birmingham City Council have now organised the replacement of the fallen hoardings around the site. 4. Reports from office bearers DRA were congratulated on a successful Jubbly Party (information online) despite the weather. At the NTG meeting we were asked if we had a preferred way of tackling parking problems in Digbeth, such as charging car owners to park and using the funds to increase street cleaning etc. A proposal will be put together at a later date. Action John Gordon Pam will publicise the council’s schedule of works for Digbeth (available online here). 5. Police Report and Neighbourhood Watch News Although the Police were unable to attend, a report was presented at the meeting. West Midlands Police now share daily crime statistics with DRA, which are being collated and published online in a weekly update every Friday on mydigbeth.co.uk. Any Other Business 6a. Bay Leaf offering DRA 50% off dining this evening A small party of DRA members dined at the Bay Leaf after the meeting. 6b. Co-option of new DRA Treasurer Digbeth Resident, Gabriela Butler, asked to join the DRA committee as Treasurer, as was co-opted into the position by a vote at this meeting. We welcome Gabi to the team! DRA would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra Hall for all her help, guidance and support as leaving DRA Treasurer. 6c. DRA on LinkedIn Gabrielle Butler has created a DRA group on LinkedIn. All residents and local businesses are invited to join the group. 6d. Line the Streets – Olympic Torch Relay DRA will be lining Digbeth High Street on Sunday 1 st July, as the Olympic torch passes through our area around 06:00; more information is available on the Facebook event page. 6e. Digbeth Bike Ride and Walk Val Woodward is organising a bike ride from the Spotted Dog to the Black Eagle in Hockley on Tuesday 26th June, along with a walk on Thursday 28th June. More information online. 6f. Lunch at Chinese Community Centre DRA members attended a Jubilee lunch held at the Chinese Community Centre Birmingham (CCCB) on Friday 9th June. DRA hopes to continue to work with CCCB in future. 7. Date and Time of Next Meetings The next committee meeting will be held on Monday 9th July 2012 at 6pm in the NOMAD room, ground floor ZELLIG, Custard Factory. The next open meeting will be held on Monday 13th August 2012 at 6pm in the NOMAD room, ground floor ZELLIG, Custard Factory.

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