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Focus Group Handout (Programs)

Focus Group Handout (Programs)

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Published by: Jeff Alworth on Jun 17, 2012
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Saturday, June 23, 2012
for KCC's Strategic Plan QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION AT THE MEETING Please bring these pages to the meeting (preferably filled in). If you can't attend, place your input in the folder provided on the glass case or email to Dora DeCoursey at dorabill@comcast.net. 1. What do you feel you need to help your practice grow now and in the coming years?

2. The mission and vision include a number of aspirations related to programs and activities. Are these aspirations being fulfilled for you personally?

3. Lama Michael recently said, "if long retreats hadn't happened, we wouldn't be here at all." What kind of connection do you see between long retreats and the benefits you receive at KCC?

4. During the SWOT in January, the sangha raised a number of ideas for programs where the sangha would interact and support each other more, such as: • • • • • Supporting each other through life challenges, including end of life Sitting groups, support groups, study groups, etc. led by sangha members Commemorating life transitions Giving back to the larger community Additional programs for children, young adults and families

How important are these for you, and how would you see yourself being part of this?


Draft Programs Goals being considered for the Strategic Plan From the input during the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) in January, we identified some program goals for potential inclusion in the Plan. In the Focus group discussion we will explore some of these in more depth and generate ideas for how they could be implemented • • • • • • Provide a long range path of lay practice and retreat Expand teaching resources as needed to accommodate a growing sangha Develop and communicate succession plans Strengthen connection to the lineage Support teachers - financially and in other ways Increase opportunities that foster sangha interaction and provide mutual support for different life stages

Ideas to consider from the teachers on the KCC Program Council Over the years KCC has worked to create a concise yet complete dharma path that covers the basic elements of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist practice. While the main focus has been to meet the ongoing needs of our community of lay practitioners we are also committed to provide the opportunity for people to practice intensely within long retreats. In depth practice of this kind will make it possible for future generations of teachers to emerge. At the same time we have tried to be careful not to try to expand the breadth of our programming beyond what we can manage. KCC will begin a one year retreat in less than a year, and a three year retreat is expected to begin shortly after the one year retreat. These retreats will have significant impacts on the community and our programs over the next six years or so. The availability of teachers will be affected, and the community will change as members of the community enter and return from retreat. These changes present both challenges and opportunities which must betaken into account as we consider future programming and activities. If KCC were to get a larger urban center, that would also require changes in programs and approaches to teaching.

The Kagyu Changchub Chuling Mission Statement Kagyu Changchub Chuling is a Vajrayana Buddhist center founded by the Venerable Kalu Rinpoche where the authentic teachings of the Karma and Shangpa Kagyu lineages are taught, practiced and supported. The function of KCC as an institution is to support practitioners in their process of spiritual awakening. The emphasis in the training is on the cultivation of insight and compassion in both formal practice and in daily life. A Statement of Vision for Kagyu Changchub Chuling Kagyu Changchub Chuling will provide teachings, programs and facilities to make the Dharma accessible to individuals at all stages of life and all levels of practice and will cultivate a fertile ground for the emergence of teachers of the Dharma.

To meet the diverse needs of the Sangha, the Resident Lama and assistant teachers will provide a full spectrum of opportunities for study, practice and personal guidance. There will be programs appropriate for different age groups, levels of understanding and a range of intensity of practice. To ensure the transmission of the heart of the Dharma, KCC will continue to work with the masters of the lineage to bring the teachings to life in our culture. To maintain an atmosphere conducive to practice, KCC will sustain an environment of dedication, integrity, warmth and good humor where all members of the Sangha feel connected and mutually supported. To bring the Dharma into the fabric of our lives KCC will commemorate major life transitions and will honor the Dharma with celebrations and ritual. To accommodate growth, KCC will acquire a new urban center which permits regular gathering of the entire Sangha. To support more intensive training and practice, KCC will acquire retreat facilities in a rural setting which can accommodate concurrent individual and group retreats of various lengths.

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* A mission briefly states the purpose of an organization, and the vision describes how the organization hopes to fulfill its mission.

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