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Daddies Board Shop Facebook Ad Case Study

Daddies Board Shop Facebook Ad Case Study

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Published by: Social Fresh Conference on Jun 18, 2012
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Advertising Case Study

Daddies Board Shop
Company Background
Started in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, Daddies Board Shop has grown its neighborhood skateboard shop into a leader in the longboard and snowboard industry. The company was listed at No. 1,206 on Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America in 2010. The rapid growth has come in part from the increasing popularity of longboards, a type of skateboard resembling a surfboard on wheels.

Facebook Executive Summary


Objective: To drive traffic to a skateboard shop’s e-commerce site as well as increase the number of people connected to its Facebook Page Solution: A series of Facebook Ads using targeting to reach the most likely customers based on their location, age and relevant Likes and Interests Key Lessons: • Advertising on Facebook allows local businesses to easily expand into new markets, even internationally • Taking advantage of the free publishing features available thorough a Facebook Page can enhance marketing efforts

Campaign Objective
The company began running Facebook Ads in April 2009 as a way to drive traffic to its website where it sells a variety of snowboards, skateboards and accessories. The company also wanted to increase the number of people who connected to its Facebook Page (http://www.facebook. com/DaddiesBoardShop), the free public profile on Facebook that enables companies to share their business and products with Facebook users on an ongoing basis. “Facebook enables us to have this great conversation with our customers without requiring a ton of creative time,” says Sarah Loveland, Daddies Board Shop’s marketing coordinator. “Facebook is part of their daily life so it is very seamless,” she says, “but at the same time allows us to get in front of them in a way that nothing else could.”

“I feel like the money that I spend on Facebook is just so much better than the shotgun effect of other advertising venues.. It’s targeted toward that specific person that has already expressed interest in my products, even if they haven’t ever seen or heard of me.”
Sarah Loveland
Marketing Coordinator, Daddies Board Shop

Advertising Case Study

Campaign Approach
Daddies Board Shop has run more than 30 different Marketplace Ads on users’ profile pages, varying the ad text and images to appeal to a variety of different markets and demographics. The company has taken advantage of the precise targeting available on Facebook, including the option that allows advertisers to direct their ads to users based on things they list in the Likes and Interests sections of their profiles. Some of the words Sarah has targeted include “snowboarding,” “surfing” and “wakeboarding.” “I can target things so specifically,” she says. “I’m not showing my ad to a bunch of people that it’s not relevant to. That’s what I really like about doing Facebook Ads versus some of the other types of advertising.” As far as age targeting, Sarah has targeted the 16to 45-year-old demographic. Sarah has also used Facebook’s geographic targeting to direct her ads to potential customers in large East Coast cities, for example, using ad text that highlights the free shipping available and the fact that there is no sales tax in Oregon. Among the more interesting uses of Facebook geo-targeting, Sarah has run ads in Norwegian targeting Norway’s youth who are on Facebook and are longboard fans. “We’re really big in Norway,” she says laughing. Daddies Board Shop’s ads link directly to the company’s e-commerce site www.daddiesboardshop. com. “I usually like to bring people back to my home page because that is where you buy stuff from me, so I do not always link to my Facebook Page.” she says. • • • says Sarah. (Daddies Board Shop’s Facebook Ads spend is $10 a day) Daddies has been able to expand into new markets including Norway, where the company’s ads have “one of our highest click-through rates,” says Sarah Facebook has enabled Daddies Board Shop to largely replace its email marketing as Sarah now relies on the publishing feature of the Facebook Page to keep customers informed on industry news, new product updates and special offers As of late October, 2010, more than 4,300 people had connected to the Daddies Board Shop Facebook Page, giving the company an easy way to message its customers and engage with them over products and services “I feel like the money that I spend on Facebook is just so much better than the shotgun effect of other advertising venues. ” says Sarah. “It’s targeted toward that specific person that has already expressed interest in my products, even if they haven’t ever seen or heard of me.”

• Nearly 5 percent of the Daddies Board Shop’s revenue is now coming from Facebook. “I don’t feel like it’s taking away from other sources of traffic,” says Sarah. “I feel like it’s new traffic.” • Facebook accounts for about $45,000 annually in new revenue and the transactions arising from Facebook customers average $195. “That’s high,”

The Future
Sarah says she plans to continue to run more ads on Facebook, with an eye toward changing the ad content and creative more often. She also plans to invest more time to develop a more detailed publishing strategy for her Facebook Page. “I think now we’ve reached the size where we need to have more strategic messages,” she says. “Facebook takes your marketing plan to a whole other level.”

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