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The Digital Dilemma: Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials

The Digital Dilemma: Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials

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Published by: scri on Jun 18, 2012
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Science and Technology Council

Ray Feeney, Co-chair
Bill Taylor, Co-chair
Andy Maltz, Director

Digital Motion Picture Archival
Project Committee

Phil Feiner, Chair
Milt Shefter, Report Project Lead
Steven Anastasi*
Craig Barron
Elizabeth Cohen*
Grover Crisp
Clay Davis*
Carl Fleischhauer
Rob Hummel*
Brad Hunt*
Tim Kittleson
Phil Lelyveld
Edrolfo Leones
Gregory Lukow
Gary Morse
Michael O’Brien
Michael Pogorzelski
Eddie Richmond
Garrett Smith*
Madi Solomon
Charles Swartz* (in memoriam)

Laurin Herr, Consultant & Lead Interviewer
Von Johnson, Case Studies Consultant

*Report Project Committee Member

The Council would also like to
thank all of the individuals,
studios and other organizations
that participated in the creation
of this report:

David Arctur
Mary Baker
Art Beckman
Peter Boer
Ken Boettcher
Richard Buchanan
Laura Campbell
Dave Cavena
Robert Cecil
Chris Cookson
Brian Davis
Jeff Davis
John Faundeen
Michael Friend
Edward Grogan
Jim Hannafin
Wade Hannibal
Margaret Hedstrom
Robert Herman
Scott Kelly
Glenn Kennel
Mark Kimball
Bob Lambert
Jim Lindner
Stephen Long
Howard Lukk
Tad Marburg
Brian McKay
Richard Moore
Liz Murphy
Bob O’Neil
Mark Ostlund
Peter Otto
Rick Picton
Jerry Pierce
Brian Saunders
Greg Servos

Tim Smith
Greg Thagard
Ken Thibodeau
Rick Utley
Rudy Valdez
Chris Wood
Bob Yacenda

Amazon.com, Inc.
Ascent Media Group
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Eastman Kodak
Hess Corporation
HP Labs
Imation Corporation
InPhase Technologies
Laser Pacific Media Corporation
Library of Congress
Microsoft Corporation
National Archives and Records
National Security Agency
NBC/Universal Studios
Office of the Director of
National Intelligence
Open Geospatial Consortium
Ovation Data Services, Inc.
Paramount Pictures
Pro-tek Media
Preservation Services
San Diego Supercomputing
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
20th Century Fox Film
United States Geological Survey,
Center for Earth Resource
Observation and Science
University of Michigan
The Walt Disney Company
Warner Bros.

This report would not have been possible without the support of the members of the Science and
Technology Council’s Digital Motion Picture Archival Project Committee, the consultants who
performed the research and interviews, and the many experts from the motion picture industry and
other sectors who generously provided information and insight on the Digital Dilemma.

This report, in its various draft forms, was reviewed by several of the individuals listed below to assist the
Council with delivering a final version that meets Academy standards for overall quality and accuracy.
The reviewers’ comments and identities will remain confidential to protect the peer review process.
The reviewers have not seen the final version of this report, nor do they necessarily support the report’s
conclusions and recommendations. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is wholly
responsible for the contents of the final report.


The mission of the Science and Technology Council of the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is:

• To advance the science of motion pictures and foster cooperation for technological progress
in support of the art

• To sponsor publications and foster educational activities that facilitate understanding of
historical and new developments both within the industry and for the wider public audience

• To preserve the history of the science and technology of motion pictures

• To provide a forum and common meeting ground for the exchange of information
and to promote cooperation among divergent technological interests, with the objective
of increasing the quality of the theatrical motion picture experience

For more information on the Science and Technology Council, visit http://www.oscars.org/council.


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