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ME CSE Database Tech June 2010 Qs Paper

ME CSE Database Tech June 2010 Qs Paper

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Published by: surendiran on Jun 18, 2012
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M.E. DEGREE EXAMINATION, JUNE 2010 Second Semester Computer Science and Engineering CS9221 — DATABASE TECHNOLOGY (Common to M.E.

Computer and Communication) ( Regulation 2009) Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 Marks Answer ALL Questions PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 Marks) 1. What is Fragmentation? 2. What is Concurrency Control? 3. What is Persistence? 4. What is Transaction Processing? 5. What is Client/Server Model? 6. What is the difference between data warehousing and data mining? 7. Why do we need Normalization? 8. What is Integrity? 9. Give two features of Multimedia Databases. 10. What are Deductive Databases? PART B — (5 × 16 = 80 Marks) 11. (a) Explain the architecture of Distributed Databases. Or (b) Write notes on the following : (i) Query processing. (8) (ii) Transaction processing. (8) 12. (a) Discuss the Modelling and design approaches for Object Oriented Databases. Or (b) Explain the Multi-Version Locks and Recovery in Query Languages. 13. (a) Discuss in detail Data Warehousing and Data Mining. Or (b) Discuss the features of Web Databases and Mobile Databases. 14. (a) With an example, explain E-R Model in detail. Or (b) Explain the features of Temporal and Spatial-Databases in detail. 15. (a) Explain the features of Parallel Databases and Text Databases in detail. Or (b) Discuss the Rules, Knowledge Bases and Image Databases.

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