Prometheus poster analysis

By Hannah Burgess, Katie Charman and Lauren Hill.

How is the narrative image of Prometheus created?
Typography The font is the same as in the film ‘Alien’ which was also directed by Ridley Scott which reinforces that it is from the sci-fi genre.

Mise-en-scene The character in a jumpsuit costume looks as if she is searching for something. It looks like she’s shining a torch which reinforces the slogan and further heightens that it will be action-packed with adventure. Her size in proportion to the model signifies there may be a challenge ahead.

Lighting The lighting and blue tone is an occurring theme that is often associated with alien/sci-fi films. The black background contrasts blue lighting, like the yellow colour used in ‘Alien’. Scott uses the same theme with ‘Prometheus’ to ensure a familiar identity with the audience. Graphics The CGI model of a face shows that the film has a big budget and we can connote that this is a sci-fi film due to the expectation that there will be SFX and CGI; used a lot in action/scifi movies.

How does it raise your expectations for the film?
The technical codes used in the poster e.g. the long shot, the lighting and the anonymity of the character are signifiers which tell us that the film is a sci-fi and add a sense of mystery.
It does conform to some extent to other sci-fi posters, however, there is a sense of enchantment as the blue colour has connotations of calmness and peace. This could have been used to differentiate the film from others on the market and make it appeal to a wide spectrum of people.; as well as keeping with the theme of other Ridley Scott films.

This can also have been used to deliberately mislead the audience as we known that it will in fact be action packed.
Contrasts with other sci-fi films

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