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Career, study purposes or pleasure Language exposure Good models for English Writing Opportunities to study language Interesting topics to exciting discussion

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Reading is not a passive skill. Prediction is a major factor in reading Match the task to the topic Good teacher exploit reading texts to the full.

Before reading a text, you should skim it to get a general impression of what you will be reading and to introduce yourself to the important vocabulary




Read the main title of the text and all the headings as well as how they relate to each other. Examine pictures, charts and other illustrations to get information about the text’s contents Find the names of the people mentioned in the text and try to determine who are by:

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Looking for clues in the text Looking in the footnotes at the end of the text/page/chapter Looking at all italicized words and phrases Looking at the review questions and the bibliography to get more information about the text

e. Quickly reading the first and last paragraph of the text and the first sentence of each paragraph to get an overall idea about the contents of the text f. Writing a few sentences explaining what you think the text is all about

SQ3R Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review

Glance over the text preface, table of content, glossary (if it is a book), each chapter/text by reading the title, headings, and subheadings, looking over photographs, diagrams, charts etc.  Skim the preview or summary sections (if it is a book) or he first sentence of each paragraph.

Take each title, heading and subheading and turn each one into a question  Answer these questions as you read the text and they will serve as guides in your reading

Read the text, keeping in mind the questions you have made

Answer the questions either orally or in writing (try not to look at the text)  Read and recite steps are done after you have read a paragraph, a whole unit under one heading or a chapter

Reread the headings, subheadings and the questions you have made, then say the answer to yourself  This step is done at the end of the reading text/unit/chapter

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