L-8us|ness Su|te k12

¥em| Cn|gbode

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
2 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
1ab|e of Contents

1 - Introduct|on ...........................................................................................................3
2 - Logg|ng |n to Crac|e App||cat|ons ............................................................................S
3 - Creat|ng Iavour|tes and Sett|ng Þreferences...........................................................6
4 - Choos|ng a kespons|b|||ty .......................................................................................8
S - Nav|gator.............................................................................................................. 10
6 - Work|ng w|th|n a Iorm......................................................................................... 12
7 - Search|ng for Informat|on..................................................................................... 19
8 - Access|ng Cn||ne ne|p........................................................................................... 22
9 - Lrror Messages ..................................................................................................... 24
10 - kunn|ng keports and Þrograms............................................................................. 2S
11 - Logg|ng Cut of Crac|e App||cat|ons ....................................................................... 27
12 - More Informat|on................................................................................................. 28

?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 3
1 - Introduct|on
1hls e-book looks aL Lhe baslc feaLures of accesslng and navlgaLlng wlLhln Cracle
AppllcaLlons 8elease 12 uslng Lhe ºSWAn" user lnLerface. ?ou learn Lo enLer, reLrleve, and
search lnformaLlon ln Lhe form of a query, creaLe and seL lavorlLes and Þreferences, access
onllne Pelp, and run and monlLor 8eporLs and Þrograms.

Look-and-Iee| of the "SWAN" User Interface

Cverv|ew: 1he new ºSWAn" user lnLerface (ul) greaLly lmproves Lhe look-and-feel of Cracle
L-8uslness SulLe, slgnlflcanLly enhanclng usablllLy and producLlvlLy. 1he ºSWAn" ul brlngs
LogeLher some of Lhe besL ul concepLs from Cracle L-8uslness SulLe, ÞeopleSofL, and !u
Ldwards appllcaLlons.

Ieatures: 1he ºSWAn" user lnLerface ls a subclass of 8rowser Look and leel (8LAl) and
replaces Lhe former look-and-feel. Cracle L-8uslness SulLe wlll use only Lhe ºSWAn" look-
and-feel for 812. 1hls new look-and-feel applles Lo Lhe whole Cracle L-8uslness SulLe as

Crac|e App||cat|on Iramework (CAI) App||cat|ons
As Lhe relevanL changes are made ln Lhe underlylng Lechnology layer, mosL producLs wlll noL
requlre any dlrecL changes Lo be made. 1he changes made aL Lhe Lechnology layer for Cracle
AppllcaLlon lramework (CAl) producLs can be summarlzed as follows:
1he overall color usage has been changed Lo a more conLemporary and compelllng color
scheme, whlch reduces eye sLraln and provldes a more pleasanL look-and-feel.
A new logln screen complemenLs Lhe updaLes Lo Lhe overall look-and-feel.
1he base fonL has been changed Lo 1ahoma 9 pL. Lo make beLLer use of avallable screen
All buLLons and Labs now have a gradlenL background, Lo lncrease Lhelr vlslblllLy on Lhe
screen as cllckable elemenLs.
1he buLLon LexL and overall shape have been modlfled Lo reduce Lhe amounL of space
requlred for Lhelr dlsplay.
8uLLons are now sLandard P1ML buLLons lnsLead of lmages, whlch requlred a dlsplay
server Lo be seL up.
8ackground colors of page elemenLs have been modlfled for beLLer vlsual separaLlon of
screen elemenLs.
1he enLlre lcon sulLe has been upgraded Lo a more sophlsLlcaLed sLyle LhaL lnLegraLes
vlsually wlLh Lhe overall lnLerface deslgn.
1he page fooLer background has been changed Lo make lL more readlly dlsLlngulshable
from oLher page elemenLs.
1he navlgaLor has been resLyled Lo be conslsLenL wlLh Lhe oLher ul changes.
Þage Labs have been moved Lo Lhe lefL of Lhe screen for beLLer scannlng and a clearer
relaLlonshlp wlLh assoclaLed subLabs.
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
4 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://

Iorms App||cat|ons
1he lorms color scheme has been changed Lo be conslsLenL wlLh Lhe CAl producLs. lleld
values have been changed Lo normal welghL, provldlng furLher conslsLency beLween
producLs, and reduclng Lhe vlsual complexlLy of appllcaLlon screens.

As noLed prevlously for CAl producLs, Lhese changes have been made ln Lhe Lechnology
layer, no changes need Lo be made Lo lndlvldual producLs, Lo Lhe poslLlon or layouL of any
fleld wlLhln lorms.

?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 3
2 - Logging in to Oracle Applications

Start|ng Crac|e App||cat|ons
1he flrsL sLep ln sLarLlng Cracle AppllcaLlons ls Lo enLer Lhe approprlaLe u8L for your slLe ln
an Cracle AppllcaLlons cerLlfled browser. AfLer sLarLlng Cracle AppllcaLlons, Lhe flrsL wlndow
you see ls Lhe logln wlndow. ?ou need an Cracle AppllcaLlons username and password Lo log
ln Lo Cracle AppllcaLlons. lL ls dlfferenL from Lhe username and password you use Lo log ln Lo
your compuLer. lf you are noL sure of your Cracle AppllcaLlons username and password,
consulL your sysLem admlnlsLraLor. Cracle AppllcaLlons securlLy ls based on your Cracle
AppllcaLlons username. ?our username connecLs you Lo your responslblllLles, whlch conLrol
your access Lo appllcaLlons, funcLlons, reporLs, and daLa.

Nav|gat|ng from Þersona| nome Þage to App||cat|ons
AfLer you log ln Lo Cracle AppllcaLlons, your L-8uslness SulLe Pome page ls dlsplayed. lrom
here you can:

Access L-8uslness SulLe AppllcaLlons (professlonal or self-servlce)
vlew and respond Lo noLlflcaLlons
SeL personal user preferences
navlgaLe Lo oLher frequenLly used funcLlons or Web pages
Note: 1he exacL appearance of your wlndows may vary dependlng on whlch lnLerface
you are uslng and how lL ls cusLomlzed aL your slLe.
1wo 1ypes of Interfaces
Cracle L-8uslness SulLe appllcaLlons are elLher lorms-based or P1ML-based.
lorms-based appllcaLlons are opLlmlzed for processlng a large volume of LransacLlons.
P1ML-based appllcaLlons, someLlmes referred Lo as ºSelf-Servlce AppllcaLlons," are
opLlmlzed for ease of flrsL-Llme use.
lor example, Lo enLer a baLch of [ournals, L-8uslness SulLe provldes a lorms-based
appllcaLlon. 1o submlL an expense reporL, L-8uslness SulLe provldes an P1ML-based

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
6 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
3 - Creat|ng Iavour|tes and Sett|ng Þreferences

1he L-8uslness SulLe Pomepage ls your enLry polnL Lo Cracle L-8uslness SulLe.

lrom Lhls page, you can:
CreaLe lavorlLes
SeL Þreferences
use WorkllsLs
Access L-8uslness SulLe funcLlons from Lhe navlgaLor

Create Iavor|tes
CusLomlze your lavorlLes by addlng llnks Lo frequenLly-used funcLlons and Web slLes. 1o
add or remove llnks, selecL LdlL lavorlLes.

Set Þreferences
SelecL Þreferences Lo seL personal opLlons. CpLlons lnclude language, LerrlLory, Llme zone,
noLlflcaLlon sLyle, accesslblllLy seLLlng, and formaLs for daLes and numbers. ?ou can also
reseL your password from Lhe Þreferences page. CpLlonally, speclfy a SLarL page for all
fuLure sesslons from avallable pages (organlzed by responslblllLy). SeL addlLlonal
preferences uslng user proflle opLlons.

Use Work||sts
1he WorkllsL dlsplays your noLlflcaLlons.

SelecL Lhe Sub[ecL Lo respond Lo or selecL lull LlsL Lo see all your noLlflcaLlons.
Note: 1he use WorkllsL opLlon may noL avallable by defaulL on Lhe Þersonal Pome Þage.

Access L-8us|ness Su|te Iunct|ons
use Lhe navlgaLor Lo access Cracle L-8uslness SulLe funcLlons grouped by responslblllLy.
Note: A responslblllLy ls a level of auLhorlLy ln Cracle L-8uslness SulLe. lL enables your
access Lo Lhose funcLlons and daLa approprlaLe for your enLerprlse role. ?ou can have
one or more responslblllLles.
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 7
1o access a funct|on:
SelecL a responslblllLy Lo vlew lLs menu of funcLlons
SelecL Lhe funcLlon Lo launch lL

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
8 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
4 - Choos|ng a kespons|b|||ty
Lach user has aL leasL one responslblllLy and several users can share Lhe same responslblllLy.
?our sysLem admlnlsLraLor can asslgn you any of Lhe sLandard responslblllLles or creaLe
cusLom responslblllLles as per Lhe buslness requlremenLs.

Lach responslblllLy would be assoclaLed wlLh a slngle AppllcaLlon, such as P8MS, Ceneral
Ledger, and so on. ?ou can access elLher Þrofesslonal AppllcaLlons or Self-Servlce
AppllcaLlons, buL noL boLh, based on Lhe responslblllLy you are assoclaLed wlLh. Cllck Lhe
underllned llnk ln Lhe AppllcaLlon secLlon Lo selecL your responslblllLy and Lhen cllck Lhe
underllned llnk Lo open a speclflc funcLlon.
Note: 1he exacL appearance of your wlndow may vary dependlng on whlch lnLerface
you are uslng and how lL ls cusLomlzed aL your slLe.
kespons|b|||ty ke|at|onsh|ps: Many to Cne
AfLer you have used Lhe logln form Lo begln Lhe logln process, you musL Lell Lhe sysLem whaL
Lype of access you wlll be uslng. A responslblllLy ls a seL of daLa, menus, and forms LhaL
deflnes your parLlcular level of auLhorlLy whlle uslng Lhe sysLem. lor example, you would
wanL Lhe AccounLs Þayable deparLmenL of your company Lo access Lhe lnvolce forms of Lhe
sysLem, buL you would noL wanL Lhem Lo be able Lo access any payroll lnformaLlon. AnoLher
example ls LhaL Lhe conLroller of a deparLmenL would wanL Lo have access Lo all Lhe daLa
LhaL hls or her employees can use, so Lhe conLroller would wanL access Lo boLh accounLs
payable and payroll lnformaLlon.

kespons|b|||ty ke|at|onsh|ps
1he followlng ls a llsL of Lhe Lypes of responslblllLles and Lhelr parLlcular properLles LhaL can
be deflned ln Cracle AppllcaLlons by your sysLem admlnlsLraLor:
A speclflc appllcaLlon (or appllcaLlons), such as Cracle Ceneral Ledger
A Ledger, such as vlslon CperaLlons, used for flnanclal reporLlng whlch ls made up of
Lhe CharL of AccounLs, Currency, Calendar, and AccounLlng ConvenLlon
An organlzaLlon, such as vlslon Servlces or vlslon ulsLrlbuLlon
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 9
A resLrlcLed llsL of wlndows Lo whlch you can navlgaLe. lor example, a responslblllLy
may allow cerLaln Cracle llnanclals users Lo enLer lnvolces, buL noL Lo enLer names of
suppllers (vendors) or cusLomers.
A resLrlcLed llsL of funcLlons you can perform. lor example, Lwo responslblllLles may
have access Lo Lhe same wlndow, buL Lhe wlndow of one responslblllLy may have
addlLlonal funcLlonal buLLons.
8eporLs ln a speclflc appllcaLlon. ?our sysLem admlnlsLraLor can asslgn groups of
reporLs Lo one or more responslblllLles, so Lhe responslblllLy you selecL deLermlnes Lhe
reporLs LhaL you can submlL.
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
10 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
S - Nav|gator

1he navlgaLor wlndow dlsplays Lhe name of Lhe responslblllLy you selecL ln Lhe LlLle bar.
use Lhls wlndow Lo navlgaLe Lo a form, so you can perform a speclflc buslness flow. ?ou
can navlgaLe Lo Lhe forms LhaL are dlsplayed ln a navlgaLlon llsL on Lhe lefL of Lhe navlgaLor
wlndow. ?ou can cllck Lhe Labs Lo access Lhe dlfferenL reglons.

Nav|gator keg|on 1abs
1he luncLlons Lab dlsplays all of Lhe appllcaLlons funcLlons LhaL you can access for Lhe
responslblllLy LhaL you selecLed. lf you have a documenL, such as a parLlcular purchase
order, lnvolce, or sales order LhaL you wanL Lo access laLer, you can creaLe a llnk Lo Lhe
documenL uslng Lhe navlgaLor's uocumenL feaLure.

1he navlgaLor's uocumenL feaLure allows you Lo creaLe as many llnks as you wanL and
save Lhem ln Lhe uocumenLs reglon of Lhe navlgaLor wlndow. When you use a llnk Lo open
a documenL, Cracle AppllcaLlons opens Lhe documenL ln Lhe approprlaLe form wlndow.
?ou can access Lhe uocumenL reglon uslng Lhe Lab conLrol.

1he Þrocesses reglon of Lhe navlgaLor (Lhe ºÞrocess navlgaLor") auLomaLes buslness flows
across Cracle AppllcaLlons forms. lL allows you Lo model and execuLe complex buslness
processes Lhrough an easy-Lo-use, graphlcal user lnLerface. 1he buslness processes
enabled Lhrough Lhe Þrocess navlgaLor can cross producL boundarles and lnclude
compleLe buslness cycles.

1he Þrocess navlgaLor guldes you sLep-by-sLep Lhrough each requlred funcLlon ln a
buslness process. ln addlLlon Lo provldlng a vlsual map of a buslness process, Lhe Þrocess
navlgaLor can launch Lhe approprlaLe Cracle AppllcaLlons forms or sLandard reporLs aL
each sLep.

Menu 8ar
1ool 8ar
8eglon 1abs
Lxpand & Collapse
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 11
Lxpand|ng or Co||aps|ng the Nav|gat|on L|st
Lach user can access Lhe Cracle AppllcaLlons forms ln several ways so LhaL Lhey can use
Lhe sysLem qulckly, accordlng Lo Lhelr own compuLer sLyle. use Lhe varlous buLLons on Lhe
navlgaLor Lo manlpulaLe llsL lLems.

Lxpand|ng or Co||aps|ng Severa| Items
Lach user can access Lhe Cracle AppllcaLlons forms ln several ways so LhaL Lhey can use
Lhe sysLem qulckly, accordlng Lo Lhelr own compuLer sLyle. use Lhe varlous buLLons on Lhe
navlgaLor Lo manlpulaLe llsL lLems.

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
12 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
6 - Work|ng w|th|n a Iorm
use Lhe navlgaLor wlndow Lo navlgaLe Lo a form LhaL allows you Lo perform a speclflc
buslness acLlvlLy. 1he navlgaLor wlndow ls always presenL durlng your sesslon of Cracle
AppllcaLlons and dlsplays Lhe name of your currenL responslblllLy ln lLs LlLle bar.

Iorm 1erm|no|ogy
Cracle AppllcaLlons 8elease 12 works speclflcally ln a Web-enabled envlronmenL. lL ls
lmporLanL Lo undersLand Lhe Lermlnology of Lhe componenLs wlLhln an Cracle AppllcaLlons

?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 13
Common Lerms used ln Cracle AppllcaLlons forms are llsLed below:
Menu 8ar: use pull-down menus from Lhls menu bar Lo navlgaLe or perform acLlons
wlLhln a form.
W|ndow: lL ls an area where Lhe user lnLeracLs wlLh an appllcaLlon. (Many wlndows
can be open aL one Llme and you can access Lhese ºoverlapplng" wlndows Lo perform
daLa enLry or daLa search acLlvlLles.)
W|ndow t|t|e: lL ls Lhe LexL ln Lhe LlLle bar LhaL lndlcaLes Lhe name of Lhe wlndow and
usually glves conLexL lnformaLlon perLlnenL Lo Lhe lnformaLlon ln LhaL wlndow.
MDI w|ndow: lL ls a masLer conLalner wlndow LhaL houses all wlndows, Loolbars, and
appllcaLlon wlndows.
1oo| t|p: lL ls an lconlc bubble help LhaL you can use Lo deLermlne Lhe funcLlon of a
buLLon on Lhe Loolbar.
kecord or row: lL ls a seL of one or more relaLed daLa lLems from a Lable or vlew LhaL
are grouped for processlng.
Check box: lL ls a box ln whlch you can Loggle beLween an ºon/off" or ºyes/no" sLaLe
for a parLlcular value.
LCV |con: lL ls an lcon LhaL you can cllck Lo dlsplay a llsL of values (LCv) for Lhe currenL
Þop-up ||st: A pop-up llsL leLs you selecL a slngle value from a shorL llsL.
Scro|||ng reg|on: lL ls a reglon conLalnlng a scroll bar, ln whlch Lo vlew oLher flelds.
8|ock: lL ls an area of lnformaLlon relaLlve Lo a speclflc buslness funcLlon or enLlLy.
keg|on: lL ls a loglcal grouplng of flelds seL aparL from oLher flelds by an ouLllne.
keg|on tab: lL ls a collecLlon of reglons LhaL occupy Lhe same space ln a wlndow, where
only one reglon can be dlsplayed aL a Llme.
I|e|d: lL ls an area ln a wlndow LhaL dlsplays daLa or enables you Lo enLer daLa.
8utton: lL ls a graphlc elemenL LhaL lnlLlaLes a predeflned acLlon when you cllck lL.

I|e|d Co|ors
Lach block conLalns flelds you use Lo enLer, vlew, updaLe, or deleLe lnformaLlon. A fleld
prompL descrlbes each fleld by Lelllng you whaL klnd of lnformaLlon appears ln Lhe fleld or
whaL klnd of lnformaLlon you should enLer ln Lhe fleld.

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
14 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://

llelds are color coded Lo lndlcaLe Lhelr Lype as follows:
• Wh|te f|e|ds: Allow daLa enLry
• Wh|te f|e|ds w|th b|ack text: lndlcaLe drllldown capablllLy
• ¥e||ow f|e|ds: 8equlre daLa enLry
• Wh|te f|e|ds w|th green text: Are dlsplay-only
• 8|ue f|e|ds: lndlcaLe flelds Lo use ln ºCuery-LnLer" mode

1he Lerm ºfleld" generally refers Lo a LexL fleld, an area ln a wlndow LhaL elLher dlsplays daLa
or allows you Lo enLer daLa. Powever, a fleld can also lnclude a buLLon, a check box, an
opLlon group, or a pop-up llsL.

Creat|ng and Sav|ng a New kecord

1o Create a kecord - Choose new from Lhe llle menu or use Lhe new Loolbar lcon. AfLer
enLerlng daLa for your new record, selecL Save or Save and Þroceed from Lhe llle menu Lo
save Lhe record Lo Lhe daLabase. Chooslng Save and Þroceed auLomaLlcally advances you Lo
Lhe nexL record.

Ld|t|ng and De|et|ng a kecord

1o Ld|t a kecord - Choose 8ecord from Lhe LdlL menu. 1hls acLlon allows any change Lo be
made Lo Lhe selecLed record from your edlLable screen.
Note: llelds proLecLed agalnsL any updaLed cannoL be edlLed.
1o De|ete a kecord - Choose ueleLe from Lhe LdlL menu. 1hls acLlon erases Lhe currenL
record from your screen and reLurns your cursor Lo Lhe flrsL fleld of Lhe nexL record.

1o Save ¥our De|et|on from the Database
Choose Save or Save and Þroceed from Lhe llle menu.
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 13
Note: All records cannoL be deleLed ln Lhls manner. 1hose records whlch cannoL be
deleLed need Lo be end daLed and such end-daLed records cannoL be used furLher.
Us|ng a L|st of Va|ues (LCV)
A fleld LhaL has a predeflned llsL of valld values dlsplays an LCv lcon. SelecL Lhls lcon Lo vlew
Lhe valld fleld values. lf a llsL conLalns more Lhan 100 values, you are prompLed Lo enLer a
llnd sLrlng Lo llmlL Lhe llsL.

Note: LlsLs LhaL requlre a llnd sLrlng do noL use Lhe auLoreduce feaLure.
1o Se|ect a Va|ue from a L|st
SelecL a value or reduce Lhe llsL uslng one of Lhe followlng meLhods:

WlLhouL placlng your cursor over Lhe llnd fleld, enLer Lhe lnlLlal characLers of a value Lo
auLoreduceLhe llsL Lo Lhose lLems maLchlng Lhe characLers enLered. Þress [8ackspace] Lo
reexpand Lhe llsL.

lf your enLry reduces Lhe llsL Lo a slngle value, Lhe llsL wlndow closes and lnserLs Lhe value
lnLo Lhe fleld. ln Lhe llsL wlndow, enLer any group of characLers ln Lhe llnd fleld and selecL
Lhe llnd buLLon.
Note: use Lhe wlldcard characLer (°) Lo represenL any number of characLers and Lhe
underscore (_) Lo represenL a slngle characLer. uo noL enLer a wlldcard characLer by
lLself. 1hls wlll maLch all records.
LCV: Shortcuts
1o selecL a value from a llsL for a fleld, cllck Lhe LCv lcon ln Lhe fleld Lo dlsplay a llsL. SelecL
Lhe value dlrecLly from Lhe llsL by uslng some of Lhe meLhods descrlbed below:
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
16 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
WlLhouL cllcklng ln Lhe llnd fleld, Lype Lhe flrsL characLer(s) of a value Lo reduce Lhe llsL
Lo only Lhose values LhaL maLch Lhe characLers you enLer. 1hls ls also known as
Search for a value by cllcklng ln Lhe llnd fleld, Lhen enLer your search crlLerla ln Lhe llnd
fleld, and cllck Lhe llnd buLLon.
SelecL a value dlrecLly from Lhe llsL by uslng Lhe mouse Lo scroll Lhrough Lhe llsL and Lhen
double-cllck Lhe value Lo choose lL, or cllck Lhe value once and Lhen cllck Ck Lo selecL lL.
AfLer you selecL a value, Lhe llsL wlndow closes and lnserLs Lhe value lnLo Lhe currenL
fleld. 1o close a llsL wlndow wlLhouL chooslng a value, selecL Cancel.

1o Use Þower L|st
Þower LlsL enables you Lo enLer a search sLrlng or parLlal value ln an LCv fleld wlLhouL
openlng Lhe llsL wlndow. LnLer Lhe lnlLlal characLers of a value ln Lhe fleld and press [1ab].
Þower LlsL compleLes Lhe enLry for you. ?our enLry can lnclude wlldcard characLers. lf
more Lhan one value maLches Lhe characLers you speclfy, a llsL wlndow appears conLalnlng
Lhose values.

Us|ng Ca|endar

values ln a daLe fleld can be enLered dlrecLly or you can use a calendar Lo enLer a valld
value ln a daLe fleld lf Lhe fleld dlsplays Lhe LlsL lcon. lf your daLe fleld supporLs Llme, you
can also use Lhe Calendar wlndow Lo selecL a valld Llme wlLh Lhe daLe.

1. Þlace your cursor ln a daLe fleld.
2. Cllck Lhe llsL of values assoclaLed wlLh a daLe fleld Lo dlsplay Lhe Calendar wlndow.
1he daLe value LhaL appears below Lhe calendar ls called Lhe selecLed daLe, whlch ls
elLher Lhe value already ln Lhe fleld, Lhe defaulL value of Lhe fleld, or Lhe currenL
sysLem daLe.
3. Cllck a daLe.
Note: ulsabled buLLons LhaL show dlmmed LexL represenL lnvalld days, whlch cannoL be
selecLed. Slmllarly, lf a daLe fleld ls dlsplay-only, you can dlsplay Lhe Calendar wlndow
for Lhe fleld, buL you cannoL change Lhe daLe shown on Lhe calendar.
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 17
4. Cllck Ck Lo accepL Lhe selecLed daLe and close Lhe wlndow.
S. Cllck Cancel, lf you wanL Lo close Lhe wlndow wlLhouL selecLlng a daLe.

C|ear|ng Data
?ou can clear daLa from Lhe screen aL almosL any Llme. 1yplcally, you wlll use Lhls feaLure
when you sLarL Lo enLer daLa ln a fleld and Lhen change your mlnd. Cracle AppllcaLlons wlll
Lhlnk you are ln Lhe mlddle of processlng a record and wlll noL allow you Lo proceed wlLh Lhe
nexL Lask unLll you clear Lhe fleld.

1he daLa you clear ls slmply erased from Lhe screen and noL deleLed from Lhe daLabase.
Note: lf Lhe daLa ls new and has never been saved Lo Lhe daLabase, lL wlll be losL
permanenLly when you clear lL from Lhe screen.
(M) LdlL > Clear and Lhen selecL Lhe approprlaLe opLlon, Lo clear a fleld, record, block, or

?ou can also clear some or all daLa from a fleld by hlghllghLlng Lhe daLa and selecLlng
(M) LdlL > CuL.

Copy|ng Data from a kecord
1o save Llme durlng daLa enLry, you can dupllcaLe daLa from a prevlous record lf much of Lhe
daLa needs Lo be repeaLed agaln ln Lhe new record. ?ou can use CuL, Copy, and ÞasLe from
Lhe LdlL menu or you can use Lhe followlng Lechnlques:

Copy|ng a I|e|d Va|ue from the Þrev|ous kecord
1. LnLer a new record or query an exlsLlng record ln your form.
2. (M) llle > new or cllck Lhe new lcon Lo lnserL a new record afLer Lhe exlsLlng record.
3. Þlace your cursor ln Lhe fleld whose value you wanL Lo dupllcaLe.
4. (M) LdlL > uupllcaLe lleld Above, Lo copy Lhe fleld value from Lhe prevlous record
lnLo Lhe currenL record.

Copy|ng A|| I|e|d Va|ues from the Þrev|ous kecord
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
18 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
1. lollow sLeps 1 and 2 menLloned above.
2. (M) LdlL > uupllcaLe 8ecord Above, Lo copy all fleld values from Lhe prevlous record
lnLo Lhe currenL record.
uependlng on Lhe record sLorage ln Lhe daLabase and relevanL daLabase Lables,
noL all flelds may be copled when uslng Lhls feaLure.
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 19
7 - Search|ng for Informat|on
ln Cracle AppllcaLlons, you can qulckly reLrleve and revlew all avallable lnformaLlon ln your
daLabase wlLhouL havlng Lo remember Lhe lnformaLlon dlsplayed ln Lhe wlndows, or wlLhouL
havlng Lo prlnL lengLhy reporLs Lo see Lhe daLa. lnsLead, you can slmply run a search Lo
obLaln Lhe lnformaLlon you wanL, and Lhen revlew Lhe daLa onllne ln Lhe same wlndow you
used Lo enLer Lhe daLa.

8y uslng Lhe query funcLlon ln Cracle AppllcaLlons, you can saLlsfy Lhe followlng lnformaLlon
Lhe search needs:
Caln lnsLanL, onllne access Lo all your appllcaLlon lnformaLlon. ?ou can flnd lnformaLlon
qulckly and easlly, wlLhouL havlng Lo use complex query language.
Search for a speclflc record or for a group of records based on Lhe crlLerla you enLer. ?ou
can reLrleve Lhls lnformaLlon dlrecLly, wlLhouL havlng Lo revlew all Lhe lnformaLlon ln
your appllcaLlon daLabase.
Search for lnformaLlon uslng crlLerla of dlfferenL Lypes or lengLhs, lncludlng a slngle
leLLer, a slngle word, or a group of characLers, or anyLhlng else you wanL Lo enLer.
llnd ouL how much lnformaLlon ls avallable LhaL maLches your search crlLerla before a
search for a slngle plece of lnformaLlon ylelds 10,000 responses.

Çuery Versus I|nd

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
20 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
Çuery Mode
ln Cuery mode, you can use Lhe menu bar Lo access a query, or you can use keyboard
shorLcuLs [l11] Lo enLer a query and press and hold [CLrl] + [l11] Lo execuLe a query.
?ou use Lhe exlsLlng wlndow Lo prepare your search crlLerla for Lhe query. ?ou can enLer
speclflc lnformaLlon ln any fleld Lo narrow your search.
When uslng wlldcards Lo prepare your search crlLerla, you can use all query operaLors Lo
narrow your search.
ln query mode, you can check Lo see how many records maLch your crlLerla even before
reLrlevlng Lhe daLa LhaL maLches your query.

I|nd Mode
ln llnd mode, you use Lhe menu bar Lo access Lhe llnd wlndow, or you cllck Lhe lcon on
Lhe Loolbar.
?ou use a new wlndow, Lhe llnd wlndow, Lo prepare your search crlLerla.
1he llsL of values ls avallable ln many flelds ln llnd mode.
1he Cuery CounL feaLure ls noL avallable ln llnd mode.

Us|ng I|nd Mode
1o search for records ln your currenL block or wlndow, use Lhe llnd wlndow. 1he llnd
wlndow conLalns flelds for enLerlng search crlLerla. 1hese flelds are speclflc Lo Lhe currenL
block and ofLen valldaLe Lhe search crlLerla you enLer agalnsL a llsL of valld values.

Cenerally, a llnd wlndow ls dlsplayed for Lhose blocks LhaL have many records or for Lhose
blocks LhaL can be besL searched uslng crlLerla ln more Lhan one fleld.

now to Use I|nd Mode
(M) vlew > llnd or cllck Lhe llnd lcon on Lhe Loolbar.
LnLer your search crlLerla ln Lhe approprlaLe flelds of Lhe llnd wlndow.
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 21
lf a fleld does noL provlde a llsL of values for you Lo choose from, you can enLer wlldcard
characLers (° and -) ln Lhe search phrase. ?ou cannoL, however, use query operaLors
(such as >, <, and so on) ln a llnd wlndow.
Cllck Lhe llnd buLLon Lo flnd any maLchlng records.
Cllck Lhe Clear buLLon Lo clear Lhe currenL search crlLerla from Lhe llnd wlndow, so you
can enLer new search crlLerla.
Cllck Lhe new buLLon Lo enLer a new record ln your currenL block lf your search flnds no
maLchlng records. noL all wlndows supporL Lhe llnd.

Us|ng Çuery Mode
now to Use Çuery Mode
1. (M) vlew > Cuery 8y Lxample > LnLer.
2. LnLer Lhe search crlLerla ln any of Lhe flelds (lndlcaLed by blue) LhaL can be querled,
uslng wlldcard characLers and query operaLors as necessary. ?ou can also selecL
vlew > Cuery 8y Lxample > Show LasL CrlLerla Lo dlsplay Lhe search crlLerla used ln
your lasL search, lf you performed one.
3. (M) vlew > Cuery 8y Lxample > 8un Lo perform Lhe search.
4. (M) vlew > Cuery 8y Lxample > Cancel Lo cancel from LnLer Cuery mode.

now to Cbta|n a Çuery Count
1. Þerform sLeps 1 and 2 above.
2. (M) vlew > Cuery 8y Lxample > CounL MaLchlng 8ecords Lo dlsplay Lhe number of
records a Cuery 8y Lxample search would reLrleve.

Us|ng Çuery Cperators and W||dcard Characters
?ou can use any of Lhe query operaLors llsLed ln Lhe Lable below.

Cperator Mean|ng Lxamp|e
= Lqual Lo ='Cracle' = 373
!= noL Lqual Lo !='Cracle' != 373
> CreaLer Lhan > 100
< Less Lhan <100
>= CreaLer Lhan or Lqual Lo >=100
<= Less Lhan or Lqual Lo <=100
#8L1WLLn 8eLween Lwo values #8L1WLLn 0 and 10

?ou can also use Lhe percenLage (°) wlldcard characLer Lo represenL any characLer or group
of characLers. lor example, use ºSys°" Lo represenL SysLem, SysLemaLlc, and so on.

?ou can also use Lhe underscore (_) characLer Lo represenL any slngle characLer. lor
example, ºuser_" can represenL user1 or user?.
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
22 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
8 - Access|ng Cn||ne ne|p

Us|ng W|ndow ne|p
1o geL help:
SelecL Wlndow Pelp from Lhe Pelp menu, cllck Lhe Pelp buLLon on Lhe Loolbar, or press
[CLrl] + [P] Lo dlsplay help for Lhe currenL wlndow
navlgaLe Lo Lhe ConLenLs Lab Lo dlsplay onllne Pelp for any of Lhe Cracle AppllcaLlons
Note: ?ou can also choose Otocle Appllcotloos llbtoty from Lhe Pelp menu.
Cllck a producL name Lo dlsplay Lhe llsL of Lop-level Loplcs ln LhaL producL's onllne
documenLaLlon. Cllck a Loplc of lnLeresL.
navlgaLe Lo Lhe Search Lab Lo flnd speclflc Cracle AppllcaLlons lnformaLlon. LnLer your
search crlLerla ln Lhe LexL fleld and Lhen cllck Lhe Co buLLon. lor more search opLlons, cllck
Lhe Advanced Search llnk.

Search|ng for ne|p
?ou can perform a search Lo flnd Lhe Cracle AppllcaLlons help lnformaLlon you wanL:
• Choose Wlndow Pelp from Lhe Pelp menu or cllck Lhe Pelp buLLon on Lhe Loolbar.
• navlgaLe Lo Lhe Search Lab, enLer your search crlLerla ln Lhe LexL fleld, Lhen cllck Lhe
Co buLLon Lo perform a slmple search. lor more search opLlons, cllck Lhe Advanced
Search llnk.
A llsL of LlLles, ranked by relevance and llnked Lo Lhe documenLs, ls reLurned from your
search. Cllck whlchever LlLle seems Lo besL answer your needs Lo dlsplay Lhe compleLe
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 23
1|p: lf Lhe selecLed documenL does noL fully answer your quesLlons, cllck Lhe browser's
8ack buLLon Lo reLurn Lo Lhe llsL of LlLles and Lry anoLher one.
About Crac|e App||cat|ons
?ou can obLaln deLalls abouL Lhe verslon of Cracle AppllcaLlons you are uslng, your logln
lnformaLlon, and deLalls regardlng Lhe currenL form you are uslng wlLh Lhe AbouL Cracle
AppllcaLlons wlndow. 1hls lnformaLlon ls useful lf you have an error message and need
asslsLance from your sysLem admlnlsLraLor or Cracle supporL represenLaLlve when you
reporL a problem.

now to D|sp|ay Vers|on Informat|on for Crac|e App||cat|ons
(M) Pelp > AbouL Cracle AppllcaLlons.
Cllck Ck Lo close Lhls wlndow when done.
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
24 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
9 - Lrror Messages
Cenerally, messages and errors are preceded by a message or error code:

• Codes LhaL are preflxed by l8M arlse from Cracle lorms, Lhe underlylng producL LhaL
provldes Cracle AppllcaLlons wlLh lLs graphlcal user lnLerface.
• Codes LhaL conLaln Lhe preflx C8A arlse from Lhe Cracle daLabase.
• Codes LhaL are preflxed by AÞÞ arlse from Cracle AppllcaLlons.
1hese codes help your sysLem admlnlsLraLor or Cracle supporL represenLaLlve dlagnose
Lhe errors LhaL you may encounLer.
kecord n|story
?ou can always dlsplay lnformaLlon abouL a record LhaL has been prevlously saved:
• Who creaLed Lhe record
• uaLe of creaLlon
• uaLabase Lable or vlew where Lhe record resldes
• Who lasL changed Lhe record uslng Cracle AppllcaLlons
• uaLe of Lhe lasL change
• user's logln
now to Learn About the Current kecord
(M) Pelp > 8ecord PlsLory. A dlalog box appears LhaL shows you lnformaLlon abouL Lhe
currenL record. Cllck Ck Lo close Lhe wlndow.
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 23
10 - kunn|ng keports and Þrograms
Us|ng Concurrent Þrocess|ng
?ou can run a nonlnLeracLlve, daLa-dependenL funcLlon such as a reporL or program,
slmulLaneously wlLh onllne operaLlons. WlLh concurrenL processlng, you can compleLe
nonlnLeracLlve Lasks wlLhouL lnLerferlng wlLh Lhe lnLeracLlve work LhaL you perform aL your

An example of concurrenL processlng occurs when you use Lhe ÞosL !ournals wlndow ln your
Cracle Ceneral Ledger appllcaLlon. AfLer you speclfy Lhe [ournal baLches Lo posL and cllck
ÞosL, your Cracle Ceneral Ledger appllcaLlon uses concurrenL processlng Lo posL Lhe [ournal
baLch enLrles wlLhouL furLher lnvolvemenL from you. Meanwhlle, your Lermlnal ls sLlll
avallable for you Lo conLlnue dolng oLher work ln Cracle AppllcaLlons.

Cracle AppllcaLlons runs all of lLs reporLs and programs as concurrenL processes wheLher
you submlL Lhem uslng Lhe SubmlL 8equesLs wlndow, or uslng a producL-speclflc submlsslon
wlndow. ?our sysLem admlnlsLraLor can cusLomlze concurrenL processlng Lo opLlmlze Lhe
performance of Cracle AppllcaLlons.

kunn|ng keports and Þrograms
ConcurrenL processlng helps you saLlsfy Lhe followlng buslness needs:
ConLlnue worklng aL your compuLer whlle runnlng daLa-dependenL reporLs and
lully use Lhe capaclLy of your hardware by execuLlng many appllcaLlon Lasks aL once.

SLandard 8equesL Submlsslon leLs you saLlsfy a relaLed seL of buslness needs.
lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
26 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://

?ou can:
use a sLandard lnLerface Lo run your programs and reporLs
ConLrol access Lo dlfferenL reporLs and programs
vlew reporL ouLpuL onllne
AuLomaLlcally run programs, reporLs, or requesL seLs aL speclflc Llme lnLervals
vlew a log flle LhaL summarlzes Lhe compleLlon lnformaLlon abouL all Lhe reporLs and
programs ln a requesL seL
?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp:// - 27
11 - Logg|ng Cut of Crac|e App||cat|ons

lrom Lhe flle menu selecL LxlL Cracle AppllcaLlons. lL ls lmporLanL Lo exlL Lhe sysLem ln Lhls
manner Lo ensure LhaL your username ls cleared from sysLem access.

?ou can also close Lhe mulLlple-documenL lnLerface (Mul) wlndow or use Lhe [l4] funcLlon
key. Log ouL of Þersonal Pome Þage compleLely by cllcklng Lhe LogouL llnk.

lnLroduclng Cracle L-8uslness SulLe 812.1
28 - ?eml Cnlgbode - hLLp://
12 - More Informat|on

?ou can recelve more lnformaLlon on Lralnlng Cracle ebuslness SulLe from
?eml Cnlgbode - 2009

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