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Published by: Cynthia Gonzalez Vanegas on Jun 18, 2012
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1. Write the time in words in the crossword puzzle.

2 1

DOWN: 2 6:54 4 9:55 ACROSS:

6 4

1 6:00 3 12:10 5 4:20 6 2:30



a) b) c) d) e) f) g)

2. Write the time in numbers. Half past eleven Five to one Seven o'clock Twenty past three Twenty five to ten Ten past six Quarter to eight

3. Read the text Ben writes about his afternoons. Three times a week I stay at school in the afternoon because I have football training (on Mondays and Thursdays) and on Fridays I have Music Club. I have lunch at the school canteen and then I go to our library and I do my homework. After my extracurricular activities I go home. It takes me about ten minutes to get home by bus. Before dinner I usually have a shower and watch my favourite TV series. I always have dinner with my family. Then I play on the computer, listen to music or read. I never go to bed late. Put the sentences together 1. Ben stays at school in the afternoon 2. On Fridays he has 3. I have lunch 4. I have football training 5. He does his homework 6. he goes home 4. Choose the right answer Music Club. on Mondays and Thursdays. before his extracurricular activities. after his extracurricular activities. three times a week. at the school canteen.

1. How often has Ben got football training? 2. Does he always have lunch at the school canteen? 3. Where does he do his homework? 4. How does he go home? 5. When does he usually have a shower? 6. What does he do after dinner?

5. Solve the crosswords

6 1 2 5 3
1. I shower. after having a quick


7 4


2. They together.


3. My brother dinner.


4. I

home in the afternoon.

5. My father doesn't

home before eight o'clock.

6. My brother

after lunch.

7. Paul's grandfather

very early.

8. John likes to

before dinner.

9. My mother

a shower early in the morning.

6. Draw a spidergram and write a 80 word-text about the person you admire most

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