Laura Rhynard 3/8/10 th 4 Period English

Banning Books: Freedom vs. Protection
Banning books is something that is done for numerous reasons, including religious topics. For example, in Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult, a young girl claims to see God, who in her eyes is a woman. America is a country where all have the right to their own beliefs and religions. Different people will interpret literature uniquely according to what they think. Therefore, other people—especially ones we do not know—do not have the right to say that we cannot read something based on its religious content. Each person has the right to practice whatever religion he or she wants. In Keeping Faith—as in many similar books—it discusses spirituality but does not force it upon readers. Prohibiting the use of certain books according to religious content gives the idea that the views mentioned in the book are disrespected, therefore conflicting with the freedom of our country. Books with religious content make readers think and helps them see things from a different perspective, whether they agree with it or not. Not only does removing books in this manner conflict with the freedom of religion, it is unnecessary because of the diversity of interpretations. Within a population, there are many differing opinions about things such as sacred topics. One person might deem a novel unbearably inaccurate while another finds it surprisingly correct. People, other than the person or organization banning a book, will interpret the book differently, making banning books unfair since it implies negativity associated with a piece of literature. In the book Keeping Faith, one man describes how Faith White sees God as her seeing Jesus in his robes and mistaking him for a woman; another says she is seeing God in the image of her mother,

for they both offer protection. In essence, banning books becomes ineffectual when there are various ideas. With the right to their own religion and ideas, no one can tell a person they cannot read a book. When given a book, one individual will respond to it differently than another. These prove confliction with human rights and destroy the purpose of banning books. Please encourage loved ones to read books with religious topics so they can look at things from a different perspective.

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