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is the street Toronto loves and loves to talk about. A developer has recently led an applica;on for a building very dierent from anything else on the Ossington strip. 109OZ would be an 82 foot tall condo. As wide as nine regular buildings, its AAA retail space would be built only to house one chain store. Right at the heart of the strip, just south of Golden Turtle. And we bet there would be more to come. Making for a very dierent Ossington. A key part of the citys process for what can be built is Community Consulta;on. That is a mee;ng open to everyone not just people in the area, not just people with one opinion or other. City ocials including Councillor Mike Layton and the Planning Department are there to learn public opinion. Everyone can speak, and Planning must use these statements in making its judgement. We love Ossington. We bet you do too. And we want to see you at the Community Consulta;on about 109OZ. This is not about just one building. And its too important not to talk about.

Community Consultation Meeting about 109OZ Monday June 25, 79PM Trinity Park Recreation Centre, 155 Crawford (up from Queen, in the Park)

This is an official city meeting. Mike Layton will be there. Planning officials will be there. The developer will be there. Be there.