Two tipsy and loud people get off the elevator: John, 30, and Ruth, early 30's. JOHN (singing) He'd march them up and down the hill and halfway up again. RUTH Shh. Shh. JOHN (singing) And when they were up, they're up... RUTH Shut up. He hums the next verse as Ruth fiddles with the lock. JOHN (singing) And when they were only halfway up-She unlocks the door. 2 INT. HOTEL ROOM JOHN (singing) They were neither up nor down. She crosses to the closet. stockings. Vinyl dress. He stops singing. Undoes her trenchcoat. Fishnet They enter into... 2 1

Takes a sip of his brown-bag beer. RUTH No one can hear you now. JOHN You--look at you. Come

Keep going. Come here. here.

She lights a cigarette and exhales. JOHN (CONT'D) You're terrific, you know that?


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 2 CONTINUED: She ashes in the ashtray.

2. 2

JOHN (CONT'D) Take your coat off. Make yourself at home. He kicks off his shoes and lays back on the bed. JOHN (CONT'D) Come here. RUTH You want a cigarette? JOHN Sure. She tosses him the pack. Walks to the bathroom. He sits up. Lights a cigarette. Starts to say something funny. Chuckles. 3 INT. HOTEL BATHROOM Ruth splashes water on her face. Stares in the mirror. John starts singing. It's the beginning of his song ("The Noble Duke of York"). She opens the medicine cabinet. Splashes more water on her face. Dries it. Shuts the medicine cabinet. 4 INT. HOTEL ROOM John lies on the bed. Ruth emerges. 4 3



3. 4

RUTH What's the rush? She picks up her still-burning cigarette. Takes a deep drag. Stubs it out. JOHN Nice place you got here. RUTH That was something, wasn't it? guy at the bar? He sits up slightly. RUTH (CONT'D) Could you believe that guy? JOHN You look beautiful. RUTH I couldn't believe that guy. JOHN What do you want from me? She glares at him. RUTH I don't want anything from you. JOHN I would've said something. RUTH Yeah. JOHN I would've protected you. RUTH Yeah. JOHN I would have. That


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (2) She stands. JOHN (CONT'D) Come here. She crosses her arms.

4. 4

JOHN (CONT'D) All right, if that's the way you want it. He gets up and grabs her. They tussle. He throws her on the bed. He kisses her sloppily. RUTH Stop it. JOHN Come on. RUTH Cut it out. He gets rougher. JOHN Don't you like it this way? RUTH Tom... JOHN I thought you liked it this way. She gives up. He lets go. JOHN (CONT'D) To hell with you. RUTH Let's have a drink. She crosses to the mini bar. RUTH (CONT'D) It's on you, isn't it? (CONTINUED) Whattya say? Lies limp on the bed. She stops laughing. She laughs a little.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (3) He spreads out his hands. She rummages through the mini bar. RUTH (CONT'D) It's all crap. She gets out some Scotch. Uncorks the bottle. Drains it. Throws it away. Rummages some more. She turns and tosses him a bottle. RUTH (CONT'D) Cocktail? JOHN Please, make yourself at home. She grabs three more bottles. Shuts the door halfheartedly. Slugs back another bottle. JOHN (CONT'D) Nice place you got here. He laughs. RUTH You like it? JOHN Yeah, I like it. RUTH I like it. JOHN That's great. He laughs. JOHN (CONT'D) I love what you've done with it. homey. It stays open.

5. 4



DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (4) She slaps him. RUTH Shut your mouth. She kisses him. Starts unbuttoning his shirt. RUTH (CONT'D) Help me. He squirms. RUTH (CONT'D) Hurry up. She sits on top of him, pinning his arms. JOHN Wait--

6. 4

RUTH --I thought you liked it like this. JOHN Sure. RUTH Come on, Tom. I thought you liked it like this. He struggles. She's on him.

RUTH (CONT'D) You like it, don't you? He struggles some more. JOHN I'll hurt you. She slaps him. JOHN (CONT'D) Don't make me hurt you. RUTH Go ahead. He flips her off of him. She lands on the floor. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (5) He rushes to her side. JOHN Are you OK? She punches him. RUTH Oh, you're a tough guy now. JOHN Goddamit. He grabs his beer. Drinks.

7. 4

JOHN (CONT'D) I shoulda punched that guy, is that what you want? RUTH I don't care. JOHN I should have thrown my chair at him, is that what you want? RUTH I don't care. They're your rules. JOHN Don't bring that up. RUTH Give me that. He gives her his beer. She pours a little on his head. JOHN Mmm. Nice. She pours the rest on his head. He stands there. She kisses him roughly. They get into it. They sit on the bed. He stops. Looks at her. (CONTINUED) Joylessly.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (6) RUTH Come on, Tom. JOHN In a minute. RUTH What's the matter?

8. 4

Changed your mind?

JOHN I didn't change my mind. She slaps him again. RUTH Don't waste my time. She slaps him again. He doesn't move.

RUTH (CONT'D) That's the way you like it, isn't it? JOHN Hey, now-RUTH --That's the way you like it. Hey, now. JOHN Come on, Nina. Come on.

RUTH Let's just do it and go. JOHN Hey, now--hey. He smiles. She looks off. Hey. She gets up. RUTH You want another drink? He lays back. She lights another cigarette. RUTH (CONT'D) Is this part of the deal? (CONTINUED) JOHN (CONT'D) Give me a smile.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (7) He shrugs. JOHN You tell me. RUTH You're in charge. JOHN Will you stop that? RUTH You're the boss. JOHN Give me a drink. She rummages. RUTH Here. She throws him a beer. JOHN I want a drink. RUTH Get it yourself. She opens the curtains. Looks out. He takes a sip of beer. JOHN Why don't I take you home? She looks out the curtains. JOHN (CONT'D) I'll take you home. Come on. She bites her lip. JOHN (CONT'D) Get your coat. Let's go... Nina. Let's go... Pause.

9. 4

Come on,


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (8) JOHN (CONT'D) I'll take you home. RUTH I don't want to go home. JOHN I'll get your coat. RUTH I don't want to go. JOHN You want to stay here? here? She shrugs.

10. 4

You like it

JOHN (CONT'D) You want to do it? Play house in some goddam hotel? RUTH Why not? JOHN Because I have a house already. RUTH Yep. JOHN Jealous? RUTH She's a lucky girl. JOHN She thinks I'm at work. RUTH I'll bet she does. JOHN She trusts me. RUTH I know. JOHN You don't know anything about it. He sits back on the bed. He drinks more of his beer. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (9) RUTH Is this what you wanted? JOHN What do you think? RUTH I don't know. JOHN You think I wanted this? RUTH I try not to think about that.

11. 4

JOHN Nobody put a gun to your head to come here. RUTH You tell your wife that? JOHN I didn't make you come here. RUTH You're a real gentleman. JOHN You're here because you want to be here. She stares at him. RUTH I'm here because you asked me. sick fucker. JOHN Don't give me that. RUTH What? JOHN To hell with you. Silence. JOHN (CONT'D) Maybe my wife doesn't give a shit. Maybe she works all the time. You


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 4 CONTINUED: (10) RUTH She's got a family to support. Fuck you. JOHN I work.

12. 4

RUTH It's a school night. JOHN I work my ass off. RUTH So you said. JOHN Some people work strange hours... (she glares at him) ...like my wife. She's at work all goddam day and night. RUTH I don't give a shit what you think about your wife. JOHN Look. I just want a little companionship. That's all. A little sugar. Something nice. And if she's not around to give it, I got to get it somewhere. Right? RUTH (bitterly) You came to the right place. He hits the pillow. Goddam you. night. Poor Johnny. JOHN What did you call me? RUTH You heard me. JOHN That's great. That's just great. (CONTINUED) JOHN You ruined the whole goddam RUTH


13. 4

RUTH I already ruined the whole goddam night, didn't I? JOHN I didn't make you---Shut up. in here. RUTH It's fucking suffocating

She looks around at the window. Tries the window. It's just glass. RUTH (CONT'D) Well... JOHN What? RUTH I guess we're stuck. They look at each other. They start to laugh. Uncontrollably. CUT TO: 5 INT. BEACH HOUSE, CAPE MAY, NEW JERSEY -- FLASHBACK 5

A man lies on a couch, passed out. We travel up his body. The man holds a small blue velvet jewelry box in his hands. We see his face. A rag comes down. Wipes his face. He starts to mumble. The other person puts out a finger. John.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 5 CONTINUED: Puts it up to his lips.

14. 5

CUT TO: 6 INT. HOTEL ROOM -- MORNING Shakes John. RUTH (O.S.) John. Ruth is dressed. Her hair is different. pokes out of her coat pocket. RUTH (CONT'D) John. She shakes him. His eyes open a crack. RUTH (CONT'D) Tom. Hair from a wig 6

A hand comes down.

Fuck... His eyes open.

JOHN What? RUTH I have to go. JOHN Bye. He goes back to sleep. She sighs and gets up. She opens the door. Steps into the hall. Pulls out a wedding ring. Puts it on. 7 INT. JOHN AND RUTH'S APARTMENT -- EVENING A struggle to open the door. Ruth walks in. briefcases. Conservative business attire. Laden with two 7

She shuts the door.

Dumps her stuff on the ground. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: Kicks off her shoes. Groans. Hangs up her coat. Walks into the living room.

15. 7

Bends down and massages her feet.

John is in an easy chair, reading the Financial Times and having a drink. The TV is on. Wall Street. She walks in front of the TV. JOHN Hey. RUTH Hey. She kisses him. RUTH (CONT'D) Hey. She kisses him again. bends back. Sloppy. The paper gets folded. He

JOHN You better get ready. She flips on the radio. Lite jazz.

She turns it up and walks into the bedroom. Flops on the bed. He mutes the television and returns to the paper. JOHN (CONT'D) How did it go? RUTH (O.S.) Read your paper. I don't mind. Sounds from the bedroom. JOHN I have to work later on tonight. No answer. JOHN (CONT'D) How was the meeting?


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (2) RUTH (O.S.) Did you get them a present? JOHN I can't hear you. She comes back out. Bra and panties.

16. 7

Squirts herself with perfume. She hovers near him.

Sets it down on an end table.

Grabs a piece of the newspaper.

Stands there, scanning. He smacks her on the butt. JOHN (CONT'D) You look great. RUTH That's nice. She walks over to the kitchen and pours herself some juice. She stands there reading the paper. He watches her. She keeps reading the paper. JOHN Come here. She turns the page. He gets up and walks over to her. RUTH I got them some glasses. JOHN Thanks. He kisses her again. She shoves him away. RUTH I have to get ready. She kisses him on the forehead and walks back to the bedroom. JOHN Tell me how it was. (CONTINUED) Kisses her.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (3) No answer. JOHN (CONT'D) How was the meeting? RUTH (O.S.) We can talk about it later. He walks to the front part of the hall. Rummages in a shopping bag. Is this it? JOHN Pottery Barn?

17. 7

Get ready. Looks at her bags.

RUTH (O.S.) Martini glasses. She comes out wearing a blouse, lipstick in hand. lipstick on. RUTH (CONT'D) So how was it? JOHN How was what? RUTH You had to go to work last night. JOHN Didn't you get my voicemail? RUTH I was really busy today. JOHN It was fine. RUTH Get a lot done? JOHN Yeah. RUTH You must be tired. JOHN I'm all right. RUTH Sit down. Puts the


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (4) JOHN No, I'm all right. RUTH No, you're tired. you a drink. JOHN I asked you-RUTH --What do you want? you. Sit down.

18. 7

I'll get

I'll get it for

JOHN I don't want anything. RUTH Finish your paper. second. She goes into the bathroom. Fiddles with her makeup. He enters. Stands behind her. JOHN Put that away. RUTH I'm almost done, don't worry. JOHN You look great. RUTH You want me to change? JOHN No, I mean it. RUTH What do you want me to wear? JOHN I meant it. He hugs her and kisses her from behind. Still swaying to the music. He hums along with it. She struggles to get away from him. Sways to the music. I'll be ready in a


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (5) RUTH Lipstick.

19. 7

He grabs the lipstick and puts it to the side. They start dancing. JOHN I have a surprise for you. I made us a reservation at a certain place in Cape May. She steps on his foot. They stumble. Ow. RUTH Can we-Keep dancing. JOHN (CONT'D)

Spins her.

JOHN --You hear me? It's that time of year. Cape May. She looks at him and smiles. Bumps into his foot again. He steps back. JOHN (CONT'D) Fuck. RUTH Go sit down. JOHN That hurt. RUTH Finish your paper. He heads out and sits down. Gets up. Fixes himself a drink. JOHN So I have to go back in to work. I'll change.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (6) RUTH (O.S.) I heard you. JOHN It's a big project.

20. 7

RUTH (O.S.) I thought you finished with that last night. JOHN Phase one. He looks at her juice glass. Thinks about saying something. Bites his tongue. Rinses her juice glass and puts the newspaper back on the stack. Watches the ticker roll past. JOHN (CONT'D) Do you mind? RUTH (O.S.) I don't want to go. JOHN We have to go. RUTH (O.S.) No. Later. JOHN Can I get you a drink? RUTH (O.S.) Did you hear me? I don't want to go later. JOHN I'm not asking you to go. RUTH (O.S.) I know what you're asking. She stands in the doorway. RUTH (CONT'D) How is this? (CONTINUED)


21. 7

JOHN I thought what you were wearing before was fine. RUTH I just want to be attractive to you, John. JOHN You know you're attractive to me. RUTH Yeah. She goes back into the bedroom. RUTH (O.S.) (CONT'D) So he loved it. JOHN That's great. What else did he say? RUTH (O.S.) That's it. JOHN All of it? She comes back out. Different earrings. Mostly put together.

RUTH That's what he said. JOHN You worked hard on it. RUTH I'm ready. JOHN Let's go. RUTH John? JOHN What?

He loved it.

RUTH I don't want to go later. JOHN I have to go to work.



DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (8) RUTH No you don't. She looks at him. JOHN You look great.

22. 7

RUTH I want to go home after. I want us to come home after. I don't want to go with you later. JOHN Have a drink. You had a hard day. RUTH Did you hear me? JOHN I think you need a drink. RUTH No. JOHN So come home after. RUTH Why can't we come home after? and Ruth. JOHN Because we can't. She turns back to the bedroom. He finishes his drink. JOHN (CONT'D) Look. If you want me to come home, I'll come home. RUTH (O.S.) I don't care. JOHN Let's come home. RUTH (O.S.) Do whatever you want. John


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 7 CONTINUED: (9) OK. JOHN We will. We'll come home.

23. 7

RUTH (O.S.) Why don't we just see how you feel later? JOHN We're tired. RUTH (O.S.) I'm not tired. JOHN I am. RUTH (O.S.) Then we'll come home. JOHN Good. She comes back out. Ready. They stand there. 8 INT. ELSIE'S APARTMENT -- EVENING Charles and Elsie in the kitchen, making out. late 20's, Elsie, mid-20's. Charles pulls away. CHARLES Hey. ELSIE Hey. Elsie pulls him back in. They kiss. ELSIE (CONT'D) That's nice. He kisses her forehead. CHARLES How 'bout some dinner? (CONTINUED) Charles is 8 A new scarf. RUTH

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 8 CONTINUED: ELSIE Is little Charlie trying to buy me off? CHARLES No. ELSIE You are so. He kisses her. CHARLES Is it working? Elsie sighs. ELSIE A little. Come on. All right. my hands. She leaves. He leans against the counter. Tired. Boxes everywhere. No lamps, no place to sit. ELSIE (O.S.) (CONT'D) It's not coming off. CHARLES Use that stuff. ELSIE (O.S.) It hurts my hands. He holds his back. It's sore.

24. 8

CHARLES Our reservation's at eight. ELSIE Let me get this shit off

ELSIE (O.S.) (CONT'D) It's not coming off, Charlie. His cell phone rings.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 8 CONTINUED: (2) CHARLES Use that stuff. He picks up. CHARLES (CONT'D) (into phone) Hello? ELSIE (O.S.) It hurts my hands. Charles puts his hand over the phone. CHARLES Scrub harder! (into phone) I can't talk now. The water stops running. CHARLES (CONT'D) No, I don't... Look, I'll be home tomorr-Elsie opens the bathroom door. CHARLES (CONT'D) Hi Elsie! (to phone) Hang on a second. He holds the phone away. CHARLES (CONT'D) Hey. She looks at him. He tries to kiss her. Unsuccessfully. ELSIE That shit is all over my hands. He tries to kiss her hands. She jerks them back.

25. 8



26. 8

CHARLES (with the phone near his head) It's your roommate. She misses you already. He hands Elsie the phone. ELSIE Yes, Sharon... No. me the phone. Charles shrugs. ELSIE (CONT'D) OK... (sighs) Yes, I told you. I didn't have a check... All right. I'll go through the bill, mark my calls, and leave you a blank check, OK? She hands him the phone. Watches. CHARLES OK, thanks for calling... Thank you more. He hangs up. ELSIE I can't get this shit off my hands. He bends to inspect her hands. She mashes them in his face. ELSIE (CONT'D) Ha ha. She heads to the kitchen. Opens the fridge. No, thank... Charles just handed

CHARLES Got a cigarette? ELSIE They're at your house. (she looks) I'm starving.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 8 CONTINUED: (4) CHARLES Let's go eat.

27. 8

ELSIE There's nothing to eat in this house. CHARLES Good. Then aren't you glad I made reservations? Yeah... ELSIE I should unpack.

She puts her hands on her hips. Looks at the boxes. Sighs. Holds out her hands. ELSIE (CONT'D) Look at my hands. CHARLES They look fine. ELSIE They have that shit on them. CHARLES They're absolutely fine. ELSIE I want to take a shower. CHARLES We've got reservations at eight. ELSIE I don't want to go out. CHARLES I want to make it up to you. She smiles tartly. ELSIE I know. Looks in a grocery bag. Empty. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 8 CONTINUED: (5) CHARLES Let's go. ELSIE I'm not going out like this. CHARLES You look fine. She opens the freezer. He ducks. She slams it shut.

28. 8

CHARLES (CONT'D) Can we please go do something nice? Will you let me do something nice for you? Please? ELSIE I don't want to go to dinner, Charles. Do you understand? That's not nice. I don't feel like going to dinner. I'm tired. The apartment buzzer rings. He looks at his watch. CHARLES Who is that? ELSIE I don't know. Charles moves to the door. ELSIE (CONT'D) Aren't you going to buzz them up? No. CHARLES We'll meet them downstairs. Shave and a haircut.

ELSIE I'm not going anywhere. CHARLES I'll get your coat. ELSIE I don't want to go.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 8 CONTINUED: (6) CHARLES You're hungry. Come on. nice. Please? Please? ELSIE That's not the problem. Yes. CHARLES I know. It'll be

29. 8

ELSIE Then what is wrong, Charles? CHARLES I-ELSIE --Say it. CHARLES Can we please just go to dinner? Please? 9 INT. APARTMENT LOBBY -- SAME TIME John presses the buzzer. RUTH Something's wrong. JOHN The buzzer's broken. RUTH I thought it was at his place. JOHN It's here. He presses again. JOHN (CONT'D) Her fucking buzzer's broken. RUTH Where's the invitation? JOHN I don't need the invitation. Oh, God. RUTH I--Fuck, John. It's not-9


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 9 CONTINUED: JOHN --Would you relax? The elevator opens.

30. 9

Charles and Elsie step out.

John and Ruth stiffen. Then smile. Charles and Elsie open the door. Ad lib hellos. JOHN (CONT'D) Your buzzer's not working. CHARLES (thinly) What are you guys doing here? ELSIE Hey! Hugs all around. RUTH We're so sorry to catch you like this. No. CHARLES We're just on our way to dinner. Her shopping bag swings out.

Ruth hugs Charles.

RUTH We didn't think we'd catch you. CHARLES Well, that's lucky. RUTH We should've called first. ELSIE Yeah, next time check with my secretary. Come to dinner. Charles stands near the door. RUTH Oh, we-CHARLES The reservation is for-(CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 9 CONTINUED: (2) ELSIE --We'll go somewhere else. JOHN Wait, wait. Hello? How's the new place? First things first. ELSIE It's all right. RUTH You must be exhausted. CHARLES She has a lot of stuff. ELSIE So do you, Charles. JOHN A one bedroom, huh? All alone?

31. 9

ELSIE Yeah. There's plenty of room for all my stuff. Just like Charles has in his apartment. CHARLES I have a lot of stuff. of stuff. He kisses her. RUTH Well, that's convenient. CHARLES Can we walk you guys out? ELSIE (looking at the bag) Is that-RUTH --Shopping. JOHN Glasses. CHARLES We were on our way out, so-I have a lot


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 9 CONTINUED: (3) ELSIE --You want to come on up? place? See the

32. 9

CHARLES We have dinner reservations. ELSIE It'll only take a second. RUTH We'd love to, but---Oh my God! Great. ELSIE How was your meeting?

RUTH They loved it. ELSIE

All of it? RUTH That's what he said. JOHN The wonderkid does it again. RUTH Yeah. ELSIE That's so great. God, we never see you anymore. JOHN You never see her? I never see her. It's a miracle we're even here. RUTH John's in charge of our social calendar. ELSIE So let's celebrate. CHARLES They have to go. JOHN Ruth has to go to work. walking her there. I'm just


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 9 CONTINUED: (4) ELSIE Then you come with us. JOHN Uh... sure. RUTH It's too much trouble.

33. 9

ELSIE No it's not. We don't have anything special planned. CHARLES I bought those tickets-ELSIE --What tickets? CHARLES Didn't I tell you? ELSIE I can't use them. CHARLES I thought-ELSIE --I have to finish unpacking. of you can go. JOHN I have to take her to work. time. RUTH Yeah. ELSIE OK. Begin goodbye hugs. CHARLES Great seeing you. Yeah. JOHN See you soon. The two

Some other

CHARLES Thanks for stopping by.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 9 CONTINUED: (5) They all walk out.

34. 9

Ruth and John wait for Charles and Elsie to commit to a direction and walk the other way. Ruth walks slightly ahead of John. She rounds the first corner. John follows her. She is standing there, waiting. CUT TO: 10 INT. BEACH HOUSE, CAPE MAY -- FLASHBACK Ruth sits next to John. He is still passed out. 10

She squeezes out the damp washcloth into a trashcan, then hangs it over the rim. She gets up. Puts the trashcan closer to John. Tilts his head toward it slightly. Goes to the door. Opens it. Looks back. Goes out. Shuts the door. Darkness. CUT TO: 11 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT -- NIGHT A key turns in the lock. Flings off her jacket. Goes to the bathroom. Turns on the shower. Charles walks in, carrying a doggie bag. (CONTINUED) The door opens. Elsie storms in. 11

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: He picks up her jacket and follows her. CHARLES I'm sorry. She starts taking off her clothes. Elsie? He holds her. ELSIE Get away from me. He turns off the shower. CHARLES Will you wait a minute? She turns on the shower. ELSIE No. CHARLES Wait. No. ELSIE I have to take a shower. CHARLES (CONT'D) I'm sorry.

35. 11

CHARLES I'll go buy the tickets now. ELSIE I'm tired. CHARLES Then forget the tickets. ELSIE Too late. He turns off the shower. She turns it back on. CHARLES Can we talk about this? ELSIE No.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (2) Come on. CHARLES We had a nice meal-It's getting

36. 11

ELSIE --Hang up my jacket. wet. CHARLES No.

ELSIE Nothing I say matters to you. CHARLES I want to finish---Yes. She looks around. Shit. ELSIE (CONT'D) My stuff's not here. ELSIE Of course you do.

CHARLES Use my stuff. ELSIE No. It's your stuff. is your house. CHARLES Then let's go. ELSIE I don't want to see a movie. No. CHARLES To your house. Remember? This

She turns off the shower. No. ELSIE You stay here.

He turns on the shower. Get in. No. CHARLES I'll go get you some stuff. ELSIE


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (3) She starts buttoning up her shirt. ELSIE (CONT'D) I'll go to my house. CHARLES Let's go see the movie. some tickets. ELSIE You can go. She pushes her way past him. CHARLES Come on, Elsie. She goes to the door. He grabs her arm.

37. 11

I'll call for

ELSIE Don't touch me. She stands there. ELSIE (CONT'D) Let go of me. CHARLES Wait a second. ELSIE What? (Beat) Give me my jacket. She puts on her jacket. ELSIE (CONT'D) It's wet. Her shoulders sag. ELSIE (CONT'D) (pouting) It's wet! He hugs her. Pats her back. CHARLES All right, all right...


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (4) Kisses the top of her head. CHARLES (CONT'D) Why don't you take a shower? ELSIE (babyish) I don't want to. CHARLES What do you want to do? ELSIE (babyish) I don't know.

38. 11

CHARLES Come on. Get in the shower and I'll go get you some things. ELSIE (babyish) No. CHARLES I'll get your things. ELSIE (babyish) I don't want to. Come on.


CHARLES Then let's go see a movie. ELSIE (babyish) No. CHARLES Do you want me to take you home? ELSIE (non-babyish) Fuck you. She pushes past him. Starts grabbing things off the shelf. CHARLES I'm sorry. What do you want me to say? I'm sorry.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (5) She keeps grabbing. CHARLES (CONT'D) Tell me what you want. She stops. Looks at him. Nothing. Goes back to grabbing things. He comes over. Makes an exaggerated sad face. She makes a sadder face. He smiles. She smiles. Ice.

39. 11

ELSIE Don't you think that was weird? John and Ruth just stopped by? CHARLES I don't know. ELSIE They were acting weird. CHARLES They're weird. ELSIE So you lied. CHARLES I thought you were tired. ELSIE I'm not tired. CHARLES They had to go to work. ELSIE Why don't you like them? friend.


She's your


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (6) CHARLES I do like them. They had to go to work. ELSIE You ass. She gathers more things. God. ELSIE (CONT'D) You are such an ass.

40. 11

He lights a cigarette. ELSIE (CONT'D) You're an ass. You're a fucking asshole. CHARLES So I'll go get the fucking tickets. ELSIE Go ahead. CHARLES Why don't we eat the rest of that dessert? ELSIE You eat it. He stands there. ELSIE (CONT'D) You know you're busted. That's why you're not saying anything. CHARLES What did I do? ELSIE You're a liar. CHARLES I made a mistake. ELSIE Yeah... So since when does Sharon have your cell number? CHARLES I don't know. You must've given it to her. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (7) ELSIE (staring) I didn't give it to her. CHARLES I don't know. ELSIE You fuckface. CHARLES OK, I gave it to her. Oh, I know. ELSIE I know you did.

41. 11

CHARLES All right. I'm sorry I gave Sharon my cell phone number. OK? ELSIE I don't fucking care. No, get away from me. Go call Sharon. CHARLES I don't want to call Sharon. ELSIE You want me to call her? CHARLES She's your roommate. ELSIE Not anymore. Call her. CHARLES I don't care.

ELSIE You'd like that. I'm sorry. something. CHARLES Come on. Let's go see

ELSIE Why don't you ask Sharon? wanted to fuck her. She goes to the bathroom. Turns off the shower.

You've always


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (8) ELSIE (CONT'D) Your bathroom is disgusting. CHARLES I know. ELSIE You're a pig. He pulls up his nose. ELSIE (CONT'D) This is such a pain in the ass. CHARLES I know. She punches him. He rubs it.

42. 11

ELSIE I don't want to go to my apartment. CHARLES Then stay. When? Yes. ELSIE I don't want to stay here tonight. CHARLES Then tell me what you want. She scoffs. ELSIE I'm not gonna give you that. CHARLES We can go unpack the rest of your stuff. ELSIE You're such an asshole. CHARLES (points to himself) Asshole. (CONTINUED) ELSIE Tonight? CHARLES

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (9) You forgot. it.

43. 11

ELSIE I can't fucking believe

CHARLES I haven't forgotten anything. ELSIE Haven't forgotten what, asshole? He stands there. ELSIE (CONT'D) I'm not gonna tell you. CHARLES You don't have to tell me. ELSIE So this is the way you do it, huh? CHARLES I don't know what you're talking about. ELSIE You won't even tell me. way you do it. That's the

CHARLES I'm not going to fight with you. ELSIE Of course you're not. CHARLES I made a mistake. ELSIE You coward. She grabs the cigarette and takes a drag. Come on. ELSIE (CONT'D) Just tell me.

CHARLES I have nothing to tell you. ELSIE Why did you lie, Charles? CHARLES It was a mistake. (CONTINUED)


44. 11

ELSIE Did you think you had bought tickets? CHARLES I-ELSIE --That's right. Hands him the cigarette. ELSIE (CONT'D) I deserve better, asshole. CHARLES You deserve everything. ELSIE Then give it to me. CHARLES What do you want? ELSIE You know what I want. CHARLES Yes. ELSIE You know. CHARLES I know. ELSIE Asshole. CHARLES Elsie, you know-ELSIE --I don't want to hear your bullshit reasons. CHARLES Fine. ELSIE Is that it? CHARLES Is what it? (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (11) ELSIE Is that all? CHARLES You don't want to hear my bullshit reasons. No. ELSIE I want to hear them. CHARLES It's too-ELSIE --Shut up. CHARLES Jesus Christ. ELSIE It's too late, you asshole! to want--I can't ask you. CHARLES I want to tell you. ELSIE Don't you care what I think? Yes. CHARLES You said you didn't-ELSIE I don't care.

45. 11

You have

--I don't. don't.

Because you

CHARLES Then let's go get your stuff. ELSIE No fucking way. CHARLES No. I'm going to go get your stuff, and I'm going to move it here, and I'm going to unpack it, and I'm going to throw away everything that's mine. She stands there. ELSIE Go ahead.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (12) CHARLES Give me your keys. She flings them at him. ELSIE I'll wait here. CHARLES Good. ELSIE Pick me up some shampoo. CHARLES I'm going to get your shampoo. No. OK. ELSIE Two bottles. CHARLES Give me money then. ELSIE No. He grabs his keys off the table. CHARLES Anything else? Yeah. ELSIE Some movie tickets. CHARLES No problem. ELSIE Don't forget. CHARLES I won't. She throws something at him. ELSIE What day is it, asshole? ELSIE Some new shampoo. CHARLES

46. 11


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (13) CHARLES Friday. ELSIE The date. CHARLES The tenth. ELSIE Give me my keys. CHARLES No. He walks to the door. She grabs him. ELSIE No. He shakes her off. She throws herself at the door. ELSIE (CONT'D) (pouting) No. CHARLES It's late. ELSIE (pouting) No. CHARLES I'm getting your shit. ELSIE What day is it? CHARLES Friday!

47. 11

ELSIE You forgot my fucking birthday, Charles! CHARLES No I did not! I did not.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (14) ELSIE When is it then? CHARLES In three days. ELSIE Charlie! CHARLES What? ELSIE Charlie! CHARLES What do you want? She stiffens. ELSIE Nothing. CHARLES You're such a child. ELSIE Then break up with me. CHARLES Fuck you. ELSIE No. CHARLES Is that all? ELSIE I don't know. She starts crying. ELSIE (CONT'D) You're trying to break up with me. Elsie. CHARLES I'm not--

48. 11

ELSIE --Then why can't I live here?


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (15) CHARLES Because-ELSIE --I want to live here, Charlie. He holds her. CHARLES We can live here. ELSIE No we can't. CHARLES I'm going to get your stuff now.

49. 11

ELSIE But you don't want me to live here. CHARLES Yes I do. ELSIE You made me get my own apartment. CHARLES That's not-ELSIE --Yes it is, Charlie. CHARLES No-ELSIE --Tell me the truth. CHARLES Why don't we just go to sleep? tired. ELSIE But I have to take a shower. God damnit! She pushes back. CHARLES What do you want? You're

Stops crying.

ELSIE I want to go home.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (16) CHARLES Stop. She pushes past him. CHARLES (CONT'D) Stop. He grabs her. ELSIE Let go of me before I scream. CHARLES I'm not going to let go of you. ELSIE I'm going to scream. CHARLES No you're not.

50. 11

ELSIE Don't tell me what to do, Charles---Shut up. No, I won't. CHARLES Shut up for a second. ELSIE You think--

CHARLES --Shut up for a second. ELSIE No. I'm-CHARLES --Shut up. ELSIE I'm going to kick you in the balls. He lets go of her. He stands in the doorway. ELSIE (CONT'D) Let me out, please. No. CHARLES I've let you do all the talking.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (17) OK. ELSIE Go ahead. CHARLES Elsie. ELSIE I'm listening. CHARLES Elsie. ELSIE Go ahead. All right.

51. 11

CHARLES I'm sorry about the tickets.

ELSIE I don't care about the tickets. CHARLES I'm sorry I lied to them about the tickets. She shrugs. CHARLES (CONT'D) OK? ELSIE Can I go now? CHARLES Yes. ELSIE Good. She opens the door. ELSIE (CONT'D) Goodnight. CHARLES Elsie? ELSIE What? CHARLES You know what Sharon wanted?


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (18) ELSIE I don't care. CHARLES Yes you do.

52. 11

ELSIE I don't care what you talk about with your stupid friends. CHARLES Just listen to me. ELSIE Go ahead. CHARLES Fuck you then. Take your shit and go. ELSIE I will. CHARLES Bye. ELSIE I can't believe you won't even say it. I can't believe it. CHARLES I'm not trying to break up with you. ELSIE I wasn't talking about that. But that's interesting that that's what you think. OK. CHARLES Then I'm lying. ELSIE I know. CHARLES You know what Sharon called about? Please. ELSIE Tell me.

CHARLES Why should I tell you when you already know?


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (19) ELSIE Because I want to hear you say it. Charles shoves Elsie into a corner. Points at her with his finger.

53. 11

CHARLES Then listen very, very carefully. Sharon called because she is coming to your surprise fucking birthday party tomorrow which I have spent the last two fucking weeks organizing. John and Ruth are also coming to your surprise fucking birthday party tomorrow, but they fucked up and came tonight, so I had to think of something and that's why I lied about the goddam, motherfucking tickets. Now happy fucking birthday, get the hell out of my apartment, and go back to your shitty little studio with all the fucking boxes I spent six fucking hours moving today. He steps back. Walks away. Leans against the kitchen counter. Elsie cries silently. Sniffs loudly. Charles unclenches his fists. Walks near her. Leans against the wall. They stand. FADE OUT: Beat. ALL Surprise!


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 11 CONTINUED: (20) FADE IN: 12 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT -- THE NEXT NIGHT Elsie "collapses." Fakes towards the door. Smiles. Hands over chest. Charles steps in. She hits him. They kiss. She moves towards the crowd. Ruth hugs her, holding the glasses. RUTH We're so sorry about-John grabs Elsie. Dips her. Elsie shrieks. They laugh. JOHN Happy birthday. Ruth hands her the bag. RUTH The glasses. Elsie laughs. CHARLES Of course. She opens the bag. Sharon hovers nearby. Four martini glasses. She holds one up.

54. 11



DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 12 CONTINUED: ELSIE They're beautiful. JOHN Let's have a drink. Absolutely. Absolutely. She hands him the bag. Sharon hugs Elsie. SHARON Happy birthday, Elsie. ELSIE It's not my birthday yet. SHARON Well, you know. ELSIE Thanks, Sharon. She moves towards Raj. ELSIE (CONT'D) Raj! She hugs Raj. RAJ Happy birthday.

55. 12

ELSIE Charles, get me a drink. CHARLES

ELSIE (looking around) I can't believe you. I can't believe you. She hits John. ELSIE (CONT'D) You--I can't believe you. JOHN We're good.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 12 CONTINUED: (2) ELSIE You're such a fucker. you. JOHN Look, just because--

56. 12 I could kill

ELSIE --He came by my apartment yesterday. Why the hell did you come by my apartment yesterday? JOHN I'll never tell. God. ELSIE You jerk. I had no idea.

She reaches for him. John grabs her. Tickles her. She screams. Charles returns with the drinks. John grabs one. Ashley hugs Elsie. Ashley! She hits him. He tries not to spill. CHARLES Watch the drinks. ELSIE Give me that. She takes a drink. He kisses her on the head. Raj snaps a picture. ELSIE (CONT'D) Let's get one with the roommates. (CONTINUED) ELSIE (CONT'D) I can't believe it. Charles!

DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 12 CONTINUED: (3) Reshuffling.

57. 12

Ashley and Sharon come up, put their arms around Elsie. ELSIE (CONT'D) Ruth? RUTH No, no-Elsie takes her arm off Sharon. Come on. new. Waves Ruth in. Old and

ELSIE All the roommates.

Ruth hands her drink to John. Stands between Elsie and Sharon. Raj snaps another picture. Cheers. JOHN A toast. CHARLES Hey, now-JOHN --All right, all right. John hands Ruth her drink. Charles holds up his drink. To Elsie. Glasses go to the center. CHARLES Hey-JOHN --All right, all right. waiting for? CHARLES To Elsie. People clink. Raj clinks with his fist. (CONTINUED) What are you Waits.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 3/7/04 12 CONTINUED: (4) Charles and Ruth clink. Charles drains his glass. Cue music and...

58. 12

BEGIN MONTAGE: 13 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Elsie drinks from one of the glasses. A big drink. She is smiling, talking to Raj. People are shouting to be heard. Raj stands near her, drinking out of a plastic cup. Listening. 14 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Sharon. 15 Dancing with Charles. Drinks swinging around. 15 Ruth sitting next to him. Not 14 13

INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike. Wasted on the couch. talking. Drift over to... John. Talking to Ashley. Leaning over her.

Ruth listens. Sets down her drink. Gets up. 16 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Ruth dancing with Charles and Sharon. They grind Charles. Charles drinks. More grinding. He wheels one around, then the other. John and Ashley join. All of them dancing. 17 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Raj gets another drink. Poured by Elsie. 17 Laughing. Smiling. 16


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 17 CONTINUED: She smiles. Hugs him. Kisses him on the cheek. 18 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike grabs Ruth's drink. Drains it. Heads to the bathroom. 19 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Elsie joins the dancing. Raj puts his drink down. Joins. Stumbles.

59. 17



People bumping into each other. New couplings. Raj and Ashley dance without looking at each other. Eyes half-closed. Always moving. 20 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike exits the bathroom. Fixes himself another drink. Drinks it. Another one. Puts his glass in the sink. Hits the buzzer. Heads back for the couch. 21 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Kath and Marty arrive. Hug Elsie on the dancefloor. Raj keeps dancing. Disrupting the dancing. 21 20 Shy when they make eye contact.

With Sharon. (CONTINUED)


60. 21

Kath and Marty look around for something to drink. Find a beer. No glasses. 22 Crack it open. Marty drinks from the bottle. 22

INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Charles kisses Elsie. They hug. Spin around on the dancefloor. Kiss again. Happy.


INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Raj and Ashley. Sort of dancing. Swaying to it. By the bathroom. Not talking. Humming with the music.


Raj looks at his feet. Looks up. She's there. He smiles. She smiles. Nothing. She pounds her drink. Sets it down. Goes back to the dancefloor. He looks after her. Stays. John walks up to the bathroom door. Knocks. No answer.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 23 CONTINUED: Points to the bathroom door. Raj waves him in. 24 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike reaches for a magazine. Spills some on the floor. Reaches to get them. One on his lap falls to the ground. Flops rest of magazines on the end table. Picks up his magazine, upside-down. Reads. 25 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT John and Charles. Charles leaning back on the sink. John smokes a cigarette. They don't talk. Ashley walks up. Grabs John. He dumps his glass. They leave. Charles turns on the tap. Rinses the glass. 26 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike on the couch. 27

61. 23




Eating ice cream from the carton. 27

INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Elsie laughing with Kath and Marty. Kath shows off her engagement ring. Elsie admires it. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 27 CONTINUED: Marty hands Kath the beer.

62. 27

She wipes the mouth of the bottle with her hand. Drinks. 28 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Charles grabs Raj. Mutual noogies. Raj smiles. Play punches Charles. Charles fakes one, two, then lands a soft one to Raj's belly. Raj fake kicks. Charles smiles. Nothing. They both fake at the same time. Smile. 29 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike. Dumps the ice cream in the kitchen. 29 Hugs him. 28

Sharon and Ruth are there. He stops. They stop talking. He stands there. 30 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Charles and Elsie, making out. ELSIE Stop. They kiss again. She breaks it off. Looks around. 30


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 30 CONTINUED: ELSIE (CONT'D) Stop. CHARLES One more. One more kiss. It's gentle.

63. 30

END MONTAGE: 31 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Charles and John. JOHN It's good to take some time, you know? Maintain your space, man. You've gotta wait 'til you're ready, and then just see how it goes. CHARLES Yeah. JOHN Don't you think? CHARLES That's what you said. JOHN But what do you think? CHARLES Sure. JOHN No. Wrong. CHARLES Wait, what? No. JOHN It's bullshit, Charles. 31

CHARLES It's not bullshit. That's what-JOHN --It is bullshit, man, because you're not the only one here. You--


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 31 CONTINUED: CHARLES --Fuck you. JOHN No, listen. CHARLES Fuck you.

64. 31

JOHN Listen to me. What do you think you're going to learn, huh? You think she's not going to make up her mind? You think you can stall her? CHARLES It's none of your business. JOHN Hey, man. He touches him on the shoulder. Hey. JOHN (CONT'D) It's all right. I know. CHARLES So what? JOHN No, Charles, listen. how it is. I know. I know

Charles smiles sarcastically and nods his head. JOHN (CONT'D) You're full of shit, Charles. Up walks Sharon. Excuse me. They laugh. CHARLES No. SHARON Oh, fuck it, Charles. sense of humor? She opens the fridge. (CONTINUED) Where's your SHARON You fellas from the Navy?

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 31 CONTINUED: (2) SHARON (CONT'D) Drink anyone? CHARLES No. SHARON Butter? She tosses it out. Charles tosses it back. CHARLES Thanks. JOHN Charles, man. I'm telling you. do it. SHARON He looks serious, buddy. up on it. So, Sharon. portfolio.

65. 31


I'd take him

CHARLES Let's talk about your

JOHN You think I'm just fucking around? CHARLES I think I'm just fucking around. JOHN Not with that you're not. CHARLES Knock it off, John. have fun. Yeah. We're here to

SHARON Lighten up, John. CHARLES

Cut it out. Seriously. They laugh. SHARON Enough with that.



66. 31

CHARLES You know, Sharon, it's OK to ask John anything, now that he's on his own. There's no more confidentiality agreement to worry about. JOHN I don't want to talk business. SHARON So what's your secret? Persistence. CHARLES Even in a down market.

JOHN Valuing your assets. CHARLES Really? JOHN Fuck off, man. CHARLES Give it a rest. JOHN No. You want to listen to me for a second? It's called getting your priorities straight. SHARON Putting people first. JOHN Yeah, that's right. CHARLES I know all about that. SHARON So, for a couple of sailors, you two sure are boring. JOHN Enough with this. SHARON Enough already. CHARLES I'm gonna piss myself. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 31 CONTINUED: (4) Charles leaves. SHARON Pig. JOHN Bitch! They laugh. 32 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Ruth and Kath and Marty. Oh. Yeah. MARTY You know Satirious Wilder? RUTH He works for me. KATH Oh. Right. MARTY He's a friend of mine. RUTH Good guy. MARTY Yeah. RUTH You? KATH Oh, we're not from here. Yeah. MARTY We just came up. RUTH From where? MARTY Detroit. MARTY You're with Leeson-Barings? RUTH

67. 31



DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 32 CONTINUED: RUTH Wow. KATH We were just in town.

68. 32

MARTY Elsie told us she was having a party. RUTH Elsie? KATH Yeah. MARTY We're friends of hers. KATH From college. RUTH So you know my husband John? KATH No. MARTY Not really. KATH He was older than we were. MARTY I've heard of him. RUTH Haven't you---Oh yeah. MARTY Elsie introduced us.

KATH A few minutes ago. RUTH He's my husband. MARTY Oh, right. Of course. KATH Ruth of Ruth and John.




INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Raj and Ashley. BOTH (singing) There was an old lady who swallowed a-RAJ (singing) --spider. He stops. ASHLEY Right. RAJ (singing) There was-BOTH (singing) --There was an old lady who swallowed a-Marty comes up. RAJ (singing) --spider... (speaking) Come on. MARTY --Excuse me. Marty opens the fridge. RAJ (singing) That wiggled and-Ashley looks at Marty. Raj is on the other side of the door.


RAJ (CONT'D) (singing) --giggled and tickled... Raj reaches out to tickle Ashley, but the door blocks him. Marty stands up. Shuts the door. Stands there.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 33 CONTINUED: ASHLEY Hi. MARTY Have you seen the bottle opener? ASHLEY Bottle opener? No. RAJ We're almost done. (singing) That wigg-- No. There was... (speaking) Ah, forget it. You're no fun. Come on. MARTY Are you John? Raj laughs. RAJ I... He laughs again. Sorry. MARTY I thought you were John.

70. 33

RAJ No, it's just ironic. John!

Come on, John.

ASHLEY (as John) Right. Pleased to meet you. glad to meet you. Sorry, John. Sure has. myself.


MARTY It's been a while.

ASHLEY I didn't recognize you

MARTY You look great. ASHLEY Thanks. RAJ He's lost a lot of weight. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 33 CONTINUED: (2) ASHLEY Did you think I was fat? RAJ I meant you had great hair. Yes. MARTY Absolutely.

71. 33

ASHLEY Have you met Raj? He's my bitch. RAJ Escort. How many times do I have to tell you? It's escort. Oh. MARTY I thought you were married. ASHLEY I mean--hey, I'm not that

No--Yes. married.

MARTY (displays his ring) I know how that is. RAJ John, tell him about the time---Oh, yes. --old lady. Yes. MARTY And that-ASHLEY I can't tell that story MARTY I remember. RAJ With the--

--Spider. again.

RAJ You can tell us. MARTY We love it. ASHLEY It's too sad.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 33 CONTINUED: (3) RAJ The old woman? Yes. ASHLEY It's too sad.

72. 33

RAJ What's wrong with that? wrong with being sad. ASHLEY It's a party. RAJ Oh, right. MARTY She's got you there, guy. ASHLEY Raj. MARTY Raj. RAJ But it's a sad party. MARTY Very sad. Raj starts fake crying.

There's nothing

RAJ Very sad. You don't know how sad it is. Do you, John? ASHLEY I know, baby. I know. RAJ You shouldn't bring this up now. ASHLEY I didn't mean to. RAJ Yes you did. Ashley fires a finger gun. ASHLEY Got me. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 33 CONTINUED: (4) They laugh. MARTY So... RAJ (singing) There was-MARTY --Bottle opener? ASHLEY I don't know. MARTY All right. Marty puts the beer in his pocket and leaves. RAJ Good to see you again my friend. 34 EXT. ROOF John, Elsie, Ruth, and Sharon. ELSIE I can't believe that. JOHN I figured-ELSIE --That's great. JOHN Not bad for an old man. Wow. Yeah. ELSIE It's perfect. You guys! JOHN Back to the scene of the crime. ELSIE Cape May. RUTH

73. 33



DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: RUTH (To Sharon) It's where we got engaged. I remember. ELSIE I was there.

74. 34

JOHN You were too drunk to remember. ELSIE I was too drunk to remember? too drunk to remember. Oh, right. JOHN I forgot. You were

RUTH That's sweet. JOHN Hey, I remember how much you made me sweat for it. RUTH You'll never forget that. JOHN That was the point, wasn't it? ELSIE Let me see the ring. She admires the engagement ring (and the wedding band). ELSIE (CONT'D) It's still beautiful. JOHN Not as beautiful as she is. Ruth smiles wanly. ELSIE So how-JOHN --I surprised her. ELSIE That's great.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (2) JOHN Well, why not? ELSIE Keeps her on her toes. JOHN Exactly. RUTH It's just for the weekend. ELSIE Still. JOHN Ruth has to get back for work. RUTH (shrugs) He surprised me. JOHN I have to drag her out these days. Right. Yeah. ELSIE It's good for her. ELSIE But still. RUTH

75. 34

JOHN There's something about that sea air. I know. ELSIE I was there.

JOHN You were there? Yes. Right. ELSIE Wasteoid. JOHN Something about that sea air.

ELSIE Things happen.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (3) JOHN That's the idea. ELSIE Things happened. JOHN They sure did. Ruth looks at John. JOHN (CONT'D) So I've been told. He hugs her. Kisses her. JOHN (CONT'D) Keeps me on my toes. RUTH Surprise. Charles arrives. Walks up to the group.

76. 34

JOHN You guys should go down there sometime. ELSIE Yeah. CHARLES I was just telling her that. ELSIE Shut up. CHARLES See? That's what happens. I try to tell her, and see what happens. ELSIE Shut up, Charles. CHARLES This where the party is? ELSIE They're going to Cape May.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (4) CHARLES Yeah? ELSIE For their anniversary. CHARLES I thought-ELSIE --No, not that one. don't you remember? JOHN He's blocking it out. CHARLES I remember. RUTH You were there. JOHN Not drunk. CHARLES Not most of the time. RUTH Right. CHARLES I deny everything. ELSIE Fucker. CHARLES That's not what I meant. ELSIE Sure. RUTH We know what you meant. ELSIE They're going to Cape May. CHARLES I heard. I remember. when you said it. I was there This one.

77. 34



DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (5) ELSIE They're staying in the same place. CHARLES That's great. RUTH Yeah. JOHN Something about that sea air. CHARLES I remember. He hugs Elsie. Kisses her. CHARLES (CONT'D) I remember. Elsie smiles. ELSIE Me, too. JOHN You guys should come down. this time of year.

78. 34

It's great

CHARLES You guys will have a great time. JOHN No, seriously. You should come down. Ruth looks at John. CHARLES It's your anniversary. JOHN I wasn't-CHARLES --And I have work. JOHN No, I wasn't saying-CHARLES --I have work that weekend. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (6) JOHN I wasn't saying this next weekend. I know. bosses. CHARLES It's just, some of us have JOHN All right. ELSIE Charles-CHARLES --No, I'm not-JOHN --I know.

79. 34

CHARLES It's just not everyone's in that position. We can't all be independent investors. JOHN OK. ELSIE Stop it, Charles. JOHN You should just come down sometime. We will. CHARLES But I can't.

JOHN That's where it all happened. CHARLES Yep. JOHN And us all being there is part of it. I mean, you guys-CHARLES --That's right. Elsie kisses him. CHARLES (CONT'D) I remember. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (7) JOHN It was a great time. CHARLES I'm glad I went. JOHN We all are.

80. 34

CHARLES My only question is, if I'm not there, who's going to help Ruth when you blow chunks? She can't do it all by herself. JOHN Thank you. ELSIE Stop it, Charles. CHARLES He's a heavy guy. RUTH He sure is. CHARLES And he's added a few pounds since then. He pokes him. CHARLES (CONT'D) That's a lot of dead weight for Ruth to lift all by herself. JOHN I remember. CHARLES You don't remember shit, boss. JOHN No, I remember you telling me the story. ELSIE He was very nervous. JOHN So I've been told. ELSIE I think it's sweet. Many times.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (8) JOHN She can just leave me on the floor. RUTH He likes it there. CHARLES So I've been told. JOHN Enough.

81. 34

CHARLES Just remember to clean out his mouth so he doesn't choke on his own vomit. Nobody laughs. CHARLES (CONT'D) Hey, lighten up. It's a party. JOHN It is. CHARLES It all worked out in the end. JOHN I'm happy. Me, too. CHARLES Everybody's happy.

Kath and Marty arrive. MARTY So this is where the party is. They walk up to the group. Greetings. ELSIE You've all met, right? JOHN Oh, sure. MARTY Yeah. It's great. KATH Thank you, Elsie. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (9) ELSIE Sure. JOHN I'm gonna go get another drink. Careful. CHARLES Those stairs are tricky.

82. 34

JOHN Fuck off, Charles. ELSIE I'll go with you. SHARON Wait up. Elsie stares at Sharon. Sharon and John head for the exit. Elsie hangs between the exit and the others. She leaves. MARTY I guess we'll just have to follow the party back downstairs. CHARLES Block the exit. MARTY You coming? CHARLES No. They'll come back up after you leave. MARTY Oh. CHARLES I'm kidding. MARTY (laughs) I know. They leave. Ruth and Charles. (CONTINUED) I'm cold.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (10) Alone. She turns to Charles. CHARLES Cape May, huh? (chuckles softly) Wow. She turns back. Stares at the skyline. CHARLES (CONT'D) Hey, I-He puts his hand on her shoulder. She wheels around. RUTH What? CHARLES OK. She turns back again. CHARLES (CONT'D) I remember. RUTH Yeah. CHARLES I do. RUTH It doesn't matter. CHARLES Of course it-RUTH --It doesn't, Charles. matter? Silence. RUTH (CONT'D) It's cold up here. I'm going to go downstairs. CHARLES What for?

83. 34

What does it


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (11) RUTH Join the party. CHARLES Wait. RUTH What? Beat. CHARLES You want to talk about it? RUTH What is there to talk about? CHARLES There's a lot-RUTH --There's nothing to talk about. CHARLES OK. RUTH There's nothing more to talk about. CHARLES All right. She stands there. CHARLES (CONT'D) What do you want me to say? RUTH I don't want you to say anything. CHARLES I wish we-RUTH --No. Why? RUTH Because it's bullshit. Stop. CHARLES

84. 34


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (12) CHARLES It's not bullshit. RUTH Then what do you want to say? Nothing. RUTH (CONT'D) Yeah. She turns to go. CHARLES Wait. RUTH Let's not spoil it. Spoil what? She laughs. RUTH You... Silence. CHARLES What? RUTH Nothing. CHARLES I wish-RUTH --Stop. CHARLES What do you want me to say? RUTH Nothing. CHARLES You don't know what I'm going to-RUTH --No, I know exactly-CHARLES This?

85. 34



86. 34

CHARLES --If you did, we wouldn't be here now. RUTH Stop it. CHARLES No. RUTH Fuck you, Charles. Right. Stop it.

CHARLES Let's not spoil anything.

RUTH That's right. CHARLES No it's not. RUTH No. Don't. That way, we both won't know what happened. CHARLES We both know what happened. RUTH No, we---Yes. CHARLES I do. What would you

RUTH And what was that? call it?

CHARLES Oh, you're--You're proving a point you don't really want to make. RUTH Goddamn you, I don't want to talk about it. CHARLES Why not? RUTH It didn't not happen, Charles. didn't make it happen. We


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (14) CHARLES What did you expect? though-RUTH --Right. Go ahead. to hear it. CHARLES I want to say it. It's not as

87. 34

But I don't want

RUTH But that's not about me, Charles, is it? It's not about me. Because I have my version and you have yours and they're the same, except in mine, you're the one who blew it. CHARLES Yes, but-RUTH --Don't you get it? It's not an accident. God, Charles. It's not an accident it worked out this way. CHARLES I made a mistake. RUTH I don't want to talk about it. CHARLES Yes you do. RUTH I can control myself. CHARLES You're a coward. RUTH You had your chance not to be a coward, Charles. And we both know when that was. CHARLES You got married. RUTH I had to, right?


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 34 CONTINUED: (15) CHARLES He asked you. You said yes. RUTH And what did you say, Charles? did you say? CHARLES What did you say? RUTH That's right. CHARLES And now I'm saying it. RUTH Yes. CHARLES Yes. No, Charles. To what? RUTH Exactly. That's--oh, fuck you for staying here! CHARLES I-RUTH Yes. CHARLES I'm saying yes.

88. 34


RUTH --No! That's it, Charles. That's it. If only she had taken a chance? Well, that's your answer. I would have said yes and you would have stayed with Elsie. CHARLES I'm only here because of what you-RUTH --No, no, you infant-CHARLES --You were the one who--



89. 34

RUTH --No, Charles. That's what I'm saying. You were the one. I was the one to you, and you were the one to me. And you don't see how it works. CHARLES Yes. RUTH No. CHARLES I'm saying yes. RUTH No you're not. CHARLES I'm saying yes. Come on. RUTH No you're not. You're saying that because you know what the answer is. It's no. But it's no from you. CHARLES I'm not saying no. RUTH Yes you are, Charles. Ruth leaves. Yes you are. Turns. CUT TO: 35 INT. BEACH HOUSE, CAPE MAY -- FLASHBACK Ruth shuts the door to John's bedroom. She turns. Charles is there. He asks her if John is all right. She nods. They stand for a moment. Move together. Kiss. (CONTINUED) 35

She lingers in the doorway.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 35 CONTINUED: Break off. Look at each other. Uncertain.

90. 35

CUT TO: 36 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT The cake. Sharon brings out a lit birthday cake. ALL (singing) "...To you". Elsie claps. She hugs Sharon. She makes a wish and blows out the candles. Some stay lit. ELSIE Too many fucking candles on this cake. John blows the remaining ones out. SHARON I'll miss you, roomie. I know. ELSIE It's been so hard on you. 36

SHARON I just wanted to say-ELSIE --I know, I know. The phone bill. I'll take care of it first thing tomorrow. People laugh. Charles pulls out a knife. Cuts the cake.




INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Charles and Elsie. Hey girl. ELSIE Hey kid. CHARLES You come here often? ELSIE (sharply) What did you say? CHARLES You smell nice. ELSIE I come here sometimes. CHARLES You look familiar. ELSIE So do you. CHARLES Is that perfume you're wearing? ELSIE Why yes. He leans in. Sniffs. In a hallway. CHARLES


CHARLES I recognized it. ELSIE That's why I wear it. CHARLES It's nice. ELSIE I'm nice. CHARLES I know.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 37 CONTINUED: ELSIE Are you? CHARLES Given the right circumstances. She grabs his hand. ELSIE Come here. CHARLES I'm not sure if I follow you.

92. 37

ELSIE I think I want to take you home with me. CHARLES I don't know where you get the idea that I-ELSIE --Girls talk, you know. Lies. CHARLES All lies.

ELSIE Do I have to ask you again? CHARLES I have guests to please. ELSIE I know you do. That's why I want you to come here. CHARLES Please my guests. ELSIE That's right. Please them. CHARLES Please. They laugh. ELSIE Come here. They look around. Head for...




INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT The bedroom. ELSIE Come here. CHARLES I'm here. They kiss. CHARLES (CONT'D) Happy birthday. They kiss some more. ELSIE Hey kid. CHARLES Hey birthday girl. They kiss some more. CHARLES (CONT'D) Happy birthday. She pulls him on to the bed. More kissing. He pulls back. CHARLES (CONT'D) I-She kisses him again. CHARLES (CONT'D) Is my baby happy? ELSIE Yes. They kiss. Sweetly. I'm happy. She kisses him. ELSIE (CONT'D) Thank you. Fierce.



DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 38 CONTINUED: ELSIE (CONT'D) Thank you. He hugs her. ELSIE (CONT'D) Charlie. He kisses her forehead. ELSIE (CONT'D) Look at me. He does. Smiles. Too shy. CHARLES Hey-She holds her finger to his lips. ELSIE Look at me. Beat. He tries to kiss her. ELSIE (CONT'D) Shh. I-ELSIE --Shh. He quiets. ELSIE (CONT'D) I just want to look at you. He averts his eyes. ELSIE (CONT'D) Look at me. He turns. Looks at her. Shh. CHARLES

94. 38


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 38 CONTINUED: (2) She studies his face. Deeply. And then she learns. 39 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT The living room. Sharon and John. Ashley not laughing. JOHN Wait, he-Sharon buzzes her lips. More laughs. John says something. They laugh harder.

95. 38

39 Laughing hysterically.

Laughing too hard to be understood.

ASHLEY Anyone want a drink? JOHN (about the laughter) Yes!

Yes! More laughter.

JOHN (CONT'D) Pig! SHARON Bitch! Peals of laughter. Ashley leaves. Oh God. Charles emerges. CHARLES Excuse me. JOHN Hey. Whoah. CHARLES John, I-(CONTINUED) JOHN God.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: SHARON --Lighten up, there, buddy. Hey! JOHN It's a party.

96. 39

SHARON It's a party. Hell yes! CHARLES It's a party!

JOHN Well all right. CHARLES Get me a drink. No. JOHN Take mine. CHARLES Absolutely. He takes the drink. Drains it.

JOHN You thought about what I said? CHARLES I can't even remember it. Sharon and Charles laugh. I meant it. Yes. JOHN Don't do that to her.


I meant it. CHARLES Yes, sir. Cut it out. SHARON It's a party.

JOHN It's a party!


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: (2) CHARLES Party! They laugh. JOHN Tell him the joke. SHARON I hate that joke. JOHN The one about-SHARON --I hate that joke. CHARLES That joke sucks. It sucks. a... Pinhead. SHARON That's right. JOHN I'm a pinhead. SHARON You look like a pinhead. He jabs his head into Charles. JOHN Poke. Stop. CHARLES I'm sensitive. I hate it.

97. 39

SHARON Anyone who likes it is a... JOHN

SHARON Let Mommy kiss it and make it all better. JOHN Don't. SHARON Lighten up, John. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: (3) CHARLES It's a party. JOHN Don't kiss him. SHARON What's it to you? JOHN It's nothing to me. SHARON All right then.

98. 39

She kisses her hand and rubs it on Charles's side. CHARLES Much better. JOHN Yes, much. CHARLES Tell us the joke. SHARON I hate that joke. CHARLES Not that joke. The other one. SHARON What other one? There's only one. CHARLES Make one up. JOHN I have a joke. SHARON Then tell us. JOHN OK. He purses his lips. Pause. He laughs. They join.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: (4) CHARLES I love that joke. SHARON Heard it before. JOHN You're so jaded. Hey!

99. 39

Fun hating pig bitch!

CHARLES It's a party.

SHARON Get me a drink, John. JOHN Get one yourself. SHARON Get me a drink. JOHN All right. (to Charles) But think about what I said. John leaves. SHARON You want to hear a joke? CHARLES Whatever. SHARON I don't have to tell you if you don't want to hear it. Fine. CHARLES Don't. SHARON All right. They stand there. They laugh. SHARON (CONT'D) God, it's great talking to you. Yeah. CHARLES It is. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: (5) SHARON We just connect in so many ways. CHARLES You should call me some time. SHARON I think I will. CHARLES Thanks for calling. SHARON No, thank you. CHARLES No, thank you. You did. SHARON Yesterday.

100. 39

CHARLES Oh, right. In Elsie's apartment. Where you called me. Hey. SHARON If you'd listen to John... CHARLES I'm listening to him now.

Oh, I do. Yes.

SHARON Me, too.

CHARLES Unforgettable. SHARON Unfortunately. She takes a drag off her smoke. All right. along---Where? SHARON Fuck it. SHARON (CONT'D) So this guy is driving CHARLES


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: (6) CHARLES I'm kidding. SHARON It's a party. CHARLES Goddam right! It's a goddam party! SHARON Party! CHARLES OK.

101. 39

SHARON OK. So this guy is driving along the street--Oh, to hell with you. It's actually a road. A winding road. CHARLES So it's a road. SHARON Fuck it. CHARLES No. SHARON Fuck it. CHARLES No, come on. SHARON So he's driving along a winding road, and he passes this woman in her car, and she yells, "Pig!" And the guy unrolls his window and says, "Bitch!" And around the next corner he runs over a pig. They laugh. CHARLES I don't get it. More laughter. It dies.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 39 CONTINUED: (7) SHARON Pig. Bitch! John returns with the drink. JOHN Here it is. BOTH Pig! 40 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Mike and Ruth. Piercing stare from Mike. MIKE Hey. RUTH Hi. He keeps staring. Takes a sip of beer. RUTH (CONT'D) What? MIKE I didn't say anything. She stares back at him. RUTH Is there something you have to say? He shrugs. RUTH (CONT'D) Oh. She smiles. RUTH (CONT'D) It doesn't need to be said. Nothing. Right. Pig! CHARLES

102. 39



DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 40 CONTINUED: RUTH (CONT'D) Right? She chuckles. RUTH (CONT'D) When you really feel it, man, it's like, talking takes you out of it. He takes a sip of his beer. I'm married. MIKE I know. She laughs. RUTH You are so cool. She laughs. He keeps looking at her. RUTH (CONT'D) No. I mean it. You are so cool. are the coolest. She laughs again. He keeps looking at her. Staring.

103. 40



MIKE That shit's not going to work with me. RUTH What shit? He says nothing. RUTH (CONT'D) You think this shit is going to work with me? MIKE It's not shit. Trust me. He stares. (CONTINUED) RUTH It's shit.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 40 CONTINUED: (2) RUTH (CONT'D) Quit staring at me. MIKE All right. He keeps staring. RUTH What is this? What is this called? MIKE It's not called anything. RUTH You have no idea what you're doing. MIKE Yeah? RUTH Yeah. MIKE All right. She tries to laugh. Can't.

104. 40

RUTH You fucking poser. She laughs. RUTH (CONT'D) You fucking poser. How great. You-Oh, to think--I've known myself my entire life but I haven't really known myself. Until you came along. Right? He shrugs. RUTH (CONT'D) Go ahead, asshole. Nothing. Kath and Marty walk up. MIKE Hi. Marty nods.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 40 CONTINUED: (3) MARTY We're taking off. Yeah. Right. KATH It was nice to meet you. MARTY Yeah. RUTH Nice to meet you. MARTY (looking at Mike) Bye. Mike waves. RUTH I'll walk you out. They leave. 41 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Ruth and John. They stand there with their drinks. JOHN So. RUTH I didn't think I'd see you here. JOHN Stop. RUTH Tom. JOHN John. Right. RUTH John. KATH We've got a flight tomorrow. RUTH

105. 40



DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 41 CONTINUED: She stares at him. Turns around. Walks out the door. He follows. Intensely.

106. 41

Leaves the door open on his way out.

She quickens her step. Jogging a little. Opens the door to the stairwell. He pushes his way through. She's standing there. He strides over to her. They make out furiously. She slides one leg up. Leans against the windowsill. He kisses her neck. RUTH (CONT'D) Yes. Undoes her blouse. A black bra. Racy.

Kisses her breasts. RUTH (CONT'D) I wore that for you, John. He keeps going. RUTH (CONT'D) You like it, honey? JOHN Yes. RUTH You like it, John? He stops.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 41 CONTINUED: (2) JOHN The name's Tom. He laughs. She slaps him. RUTH You asshole. JOHN (laughing) I have to go to work now. She takes a few steps down the stairs. JOHN (CONT'D) I have to go to work now. She runs back up. 42 Attacks him savagely.

107. 41

He keeps laughing. 42

INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT Charles and Ashley. Grabs her. She smiles. Twirls. Laughs. Dancing.

Shimmying up close. He dips her. Nearly drops her. They get back up. Stare at each other. Start dancing again. Overly funny. Eyes half closed. Raj walks up. Stands there. RAJ We're taking off. Ashley stops. (CONTINUED) A little too long.

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 42 CONTINUED: Charles keeps dancing. Hey. He laughs. Stops dancing. CHARLES (CONT'D) (overly serious) It's a party. Resumes dancing. Raj and Ashley stand there. ELSIE Turn it down. It's late. CHARLES Aw, come on. ELSIE It's late. RAJ Yeah. Charles stops. CHARLES Well. Elsie walks to the stereo. Turns down the music. Sharon yawns. RAJ Thanks. CHARLES Thanks for coming. RAJ Happy birthday. Yeah. Two days early. CHARLES It's a party!

108. 42

ASHLEY Happy birthday, Elsie.

Charles puts his arm around Elsie. (CONTINUED)

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 42 CONTINUED: (2) Kisses her on the head. CHARLES She's my girl. They walk to the door. Big hug from Raj. Hugs all around. Charles claps Raj on the shoulder. CHARLES (CONT'D) Thanks a lot. RAJ Thank you. CHARLES (to Sharon) And thanks for calling. SHARON No, thank you. They head out the door. The door shuts. Charles turns the lock. He turns around. The two of them. Alone. It clicks.

109. 42

CHARLES Happy birthday. Elsie heads for the bedroom. Charles looks around. Gathers some glasses. Carries them to the kitchen. Pours out the drinks. Gets some bottles. Pours them out. A mess.


DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 42 CONTINUED: (3) Throws them away. Walks to the stereo. Turns it off.

110. 42

Straightens up the magazines on the coffee table. Flops on the couch. Looks around for a cigarette. Lights one. Inhales. Elsie comes out. Leans against the counter. Stares off into space. Charles looks at her. Takes another drag. Clears his throat. Brings the cigarette back to his mouth. Clears his throat again. Another drag. CUT TO: 43 INT. BEACH HOUSE, CAPE MAY -- FLASHBACK Charles opens the door slowly, carefully. Sneaks in. Elsie is sleeping on the bed. He sits down beside her. Starts taking off his shoes. Pats her on the arm. She wakes up. Reaches for him groggily. (CONTINUED) 43

DAVID BALL, HONEY 2/22/07 43 CONTINUED: He hugs her.

111. 43

Kisses the side of her face, still hugging her. Stares at the wall over her shoulder. CUT TO: 44 INT. CHARLES'S APARTMENT -- PRESENT Charles exhales. Makes a move to stub the cigarette out. Takes another quick drag. Stubs it out. Leans back on the couch. Silence. FADE OUT: 44