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Issue Investigation Task 1 Format You are allowed to expand the boxes to fit your respond to each instruction.
1.0 RESEARCH SKILLS 1.1 Write the focus question related to the issue outlined in Source 1 and the key ideas (as in Task Sheet).

1.2 Identify three key search word or phrases you used to search the 2 other sources on your own.

1.3 Document Source 1 and 2 other sources that you have obtained (reference the sources in suitable format).

1.4 Highlight relevant information in all three sources.

Please respond to this instruction on Source 1 and the 2 other sources you have obtained. [I1, I2]


SOURCE ANALYSIS Choose any one of the 3 sources for this part.

Source Title:

Relevance: evaluate the information in the source for its suitability (to the key ideas), accuracy and accessibility.


AUSMAT Programme
Bias: evaluate the information for any prejudice or influence over the reader.

Credibility: Evaluate the information to decide whether it is close to fact or opinion (can the information be trusted?). [AE1] 3.0 COMMUNICATION Choose any one of the 3 sources for this part.

Source Title: 

Explain the relevant chemical data and concepts that connected to social and environmental issues using appropriate chemistry terms and conventions. Present information in appropriate format.

[AE1, A2, KU1, KU2]


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