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PRESS RELEASE Brasil acted decisively to delete constructive proposals guaranteeing long-term viability of the status quo.
(Rio, 18 June 2012) Thanks to the leadership of Brasil, the United Nations have moved one step closer to guaranteeing the status quo and ensuring the sustainability of the discussions today. As the host of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Discussions, Brazil played a crucial role in ensuring that previous proposals threatening the long-term sustainability of the discussions were deleted from the draft Rio declaration. “While some proposals discussed until now threatened to constitute a breakthrough and offer concrete solutions, our government has been decisive in ensuring that those are replace with a language respecting the sustainability of our discussions”, announced Dalmi Sourreff, president of the Brasil. On Saturday, Brasil decided to remove the proposal to create a UN ombudsperson for future generations, a forward-looking institution which could have protected the interests of the generations to come. Instead, the new document proposes to invite the highest official of the United Nations to work on a new report. “We congratulate Brasil for their decisive intervention in the negotiations. We are confident that the proposal to invite the Secretary General to prepare a umpteenth report highlighting what we already all know will do little to address the challenges at hand and therefore contribute to reinforce the open-ended nature of our discussions.” reacted Zha Sakung, deputy secretary general of the United Conference on Sustainable Discussions. Chris Lolande, coordinator of the UNCSD, added that “this new initiative might even contribute to greening the United Nations as we have managed to include wording suggesting that the report could possibly be printed on recycled paper, if appropriate”. About the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Discussions The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Discussions organized in Rio, June 2012, aims at ensuring the long-term viability of UN conferences. Many countries have expressed their interest to host the following decanal conferences For further information please contact Kip Statuz-Ko, Public Information Officer, UNCSD at:, +55 (22) 8943-6748 See also: <> Follow UNCSD on Twitter: @UN_RioPlus20