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Independent Lens 2 Spirits Facebook Ad Case Study

Independent Lens 2 Spirits Facebook Ad Case Study

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Published by: Social Fresh Conference on Jun 19, 2012
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Independent Lens Two Spirits Case Study


Who Does Independent Lens Represent?

What is the Documentary Film 2 Spirits?

“Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female and many Native American cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders.” ~ twospirits.org

What is Independent Lens’ Goal?
Acquire as many fans as possible via Facebook over 4 days

Increase discussion between fans regarding the topic of the week (Two Spirits, gay rights, activism, etc.)
Promote the documentary film 2 Spirits (discussion about the film before, during, and after its premier)

Two Spirits Ad Campaign

Total Spent: $101.33 Total Connections: 160 Impressions: 282,664 Clicks: 214 CTR: 0.076% CPM: $0.36 CPC: $0.47 Cost per Fan: ~$0.63

Two Spirits Ad Campaign
High Impressions High Clicks & Connections High CTR Low CPM Low CPC

Which Ads Generated Fans?




Which Ads Generated Fans?




Which Ads Generated Fans?



Well-Performing Ads…Why?
Clearly, the ads that performed the best (resulting in generating more clicks, high connection numbers, high CTR, low CPC, and low cost per fan) were the ads in which the knowledge, education, and activism of Independent Lens’ potential fan-base was reflected in the interest targeting:

Impressions: 136,815 Clicks: 117 CTR: 0.086% CPC: $0.43 Connections: 84

Impressions: 96,523 Clicks: 75 CTR: 0.078% CPC: $0.51 Connections: 60

Why Did These Ads Generate More Fans?
Individuals were moved to take action based on the ads in which the knowledge, education, and activism of Independent Lens’ potential fan-base was reflected in the interest targeting. These people were emotionally charged by the subject of the film, their personal views toward anti-LGBT violence, and the intelligence of the topic/PBS to make their voice heard. This ad targets females who have
been highly educated with an interest in human rights and gay rights who identify themselves as being interested in women. This is effective because Independent Lens’ responders were a majority female and the ad copy suggests a call to action that they can identify with and join.

Similarly, this ad targets females who are highly educated, interested in other women, and enjoy public news and radio shows. This is effective as it targets the type of women who support and like their voice to be heard in hottopic issues such as anti-LGBT violence and bullying.

Poorly Performing Ads…Why?
Clearly, the ads that performed the worst (resulting in generating very few clicks, low connection numbers, low CTR, high CPC, and a high cost per fan) were the ads which lacked interesting targeting and failed to reflect a connection between Independent Lens and their potential audience when selecting appropriate interest targeting.

Impressions: 10,298 Clicks: 6 CTR: 0.058 % CPC: $0.62 Connections: 5

Impressions: 4,509 Clicks: 1 CTR: 0.022% CPC: $0.60 Connections: 0

Why Did These Ads Generate Fewer Fans?
Individuals (males) were not moved to click the ads which lacked interesting targeting and failed to reflect a connection between Independent Lens and their potential audience when selecting appropriate interest targeting. The ads lacked an emotional or intellectual connection to the audience, therefore, clicks were lacking.

Both of these ads target an informed, educated group of men, however, they are younger (they specify that the male is in college not graduated from college) and they only target men. This targeting proves that the male population is not called to action the same way women are when it comes to speaking about gay rights and human rights even if they themselves are gay.


Ad Impressions
150,000 Impressions 100,000 50,000

0.10% 0.08% 0.06% 0.04% 0.02% 0.00%




0 1 Ads 2

1 Ads


$0.80 $0.60 CPC $0.40 $0.20 $0.00 1 Ads 2 100

Ad Connections



80 60 40 20 0 1 Ads 2


Two Spirits Campaign
During the campaign (from 6/10-614), the Independent Lens Facebook page received 959 new likes. Approximately, 214 of the Likes and 160 connections were a direct result of the ads that ran.

Independent Lens User Insights
During the campaign, Daily Active, Weekly Active, and Monthly Active Users remained constant (except for a slight dip in Daily Active Users on June 12th). Of the Daily Active users, the majority were “post viewers” on Independent Lens’ page wall.

Independent Lens User Insights
Of the 959 “Likes” received from 6/10-6/14, approximately 627 of those came from an “Unknown Source.” These attribution “Likes” came from friends of people who had clicked the ads and then “liked” Independent Lens after seeing it on their friends’ page; from people who “shared” the link to Independent Lens, searched for Independent Lens, etc.

Independent Lens User Insights
Of the 959 “Likes”, 60% came from Females. The majority of the Female “Likes” were from women ages 25-44. The distribution of “Likes” between men and women looked the same, however, there were fewer male “Likes” overall. This discrepancy between male and female “Likes” could be attributed to the ad campaign. The ads were made for “2 Spirits,” a documentary centered on gender and LGBT issues; a topic that women may feel more emotionally inclined to respond to, especially between the ages of 25 and 44 (an age range that is typically more mature, aware of what they want/need, and more vocal about those wants/needs due to increased confidence, self-awareness, and world knowledge following their teenage years).

Independent Lens User Insights
The majority of “clickers” were in the United States from larger, more cosmopolitan cities. Responders also spoke a number of languages. Given the subject of the film, this information supports the notion that Independent Lens’ fan base and potential fan base, is a highly educated, “global” citizen, aware of and vocal about many of the social and human rights issues affecting their lives.

Independent Lens User Insights
The majority of users viewed videos on the Independent Lens Facebook page, followed by photo views and audio listens. Independent Lens’ videos (6/106/12) and photos (6/12-6/14), therefore, prove to be the most engaging part of their page. This also supports the idea that the majority of ad responders and fans of Independent Lens are stimulated by live or photographed images and emotionally driven to “take action” (whether in the form of “Liking” an ad or becoming a fan) in order to support a cause they feel passionate about, such as the gender and human rights issues in 2 Spirits.

Independent Lens Interaction Insights
From 6/10-6/14, the majority of interactions with Independent Lens’ page came in the form of “Likes” rather than comments. Although one of the goals of the campaign was to increase discussion on the topic of the movie, “Likes” possess the same power as “word-of-mouth” marketing and, therefore, could have increased the face-to-face discussion between friends of people who had already “Liked” an ad or become of fan of the page. This is also where a majority of the unattributed fans could have originated from as discussions moved off the social media website and continued over dinner, at work, etc.

Independent Lens Interaction Insights
Each day, the number of “Likes” exceeded comments on the daily story. The “Two Spirits Comment” on June 13th resulted in the greatest percentage of feedback from users as it challenged fans (an already educated, vocal, and spirited crowd) to engage the topic of the LGBT-themed documentary. This comment and its feedback reveals that the group of responders (mostly female as discussed previously) are more comfortable discussing this topic, are more open about their own sexuality, and are more affected by gender issues than the male population.

Independent Lens ITVS Summer Case Study Overview

Independent Lens successfully ran an ad campaign that resulted in “Likes”, new fans, and greater discussion on their page about the documentary film Two Spirits. The ads that performed the best (and achieved the goal) were those that had high impressions, high CTR, Low CPC, a low CPM, and targeted the “independent lens crowd”, an educated, vocal, and passionate group of individuals interested in spreading the word about anti-LBTQ violence and the power of documentary.

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