VARIATIONS OF THE SYLLOGISM ENTHYMEME An abbreviated syllogism which contains only 2 expressed propositions while a 3rd is left in the

mind. Orders of enthymeme: 1. First Order Expressed: Minor & Conclusion Implied: Major 2. Second Order Expressed: Major & Conclusion Implied: Minor 3. Third Order Expressed: Major & Minor Implied: Conclusion

EPICHIREME A proof or a reason is conjoined to 1 or more premises.

POLYSLLOGISM SORITE Series of premise that the subject / predicate become the predicate / subject of the succeeding premise. The conclusion of the preceding one becomes the premise of the following one.

DILEMMA A “horned argument” - 2 options / alternatives - Draw consequent detrimental to the opponent o True or False o If True > - Accepted o If False > - Accepted Either – or “v” If – then “ “ Rules of the Dilemma 1. The disjunction must b complete 2. The condition must follow w/ consistency & necessity 3. The dilemma must not be open for rebuttal Forms of the Dilemma



1. Simple Constructive - Contains only one consequence. The disjunctive proposition accepts the antecedent and the conclusion accepts the consequent Schema: A v B or A X A X

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