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The Joint Legend

The Joint Legend

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Published by: irinigramm on Jun 19, 2012
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The joint Legend

Long ago there lived two children whose names were Kuba and Marcin. Now Marcin and Kuba were very mischievious boys so they were always getting into some kind of trouble or other, which had their mother shaking her head and often punishing them. After a particularly naughty trick the boys had been sent to their room for the day. Kuba, who was 12, didn’t care about what his mother said so pretty soon he had persuaded the 9 year old Marcin to climb out of the window with him and off they set in search of adventure.

They walked through the field behind their house and arrived in a dark forest. They glimpsed a special box under a bush but somehow they couldn’t open it. Suddenly, a gold and a silver snake appeared in front of them speaking in human voice and asked the boys to follow them. At the back of the forest, they sighted beautiful scenery. They decided to climb up to the mysterious tower on the top of the hill.

Marcin and Kuba got inside the strange, tall tower through the small window. They saw a big, dark, cold chamber with huge paintings on the walls. There was a basket with a lot of exotic fruit on the cupboard, chests full of gold and jewelry and wardrobes filled with plenty of woman’s clothes. Everything pointed to the presence of a female. An enormous bed stood in the corner of the room. Soon, they noticed a person who was sleeping in that big bed.

They approached the bed and saw a beautiful lady. She heard them and woke up. Kuba asked her who she was and she said: “I’m Mediterranean. I’m glad to see you; I’ve been locked in here alone for so long.” She told them her story. She was a mermaid imprisoned in this enchanted tower by the wicked cold fairy who was jealous because the prince Tomis was in love with her. She showed them his palace from the window. It was in the middle of the sea on an island. She cried and asked them to help her break the spell and set her free.


Prince Tomis, desperate to find his beloved, looked night and day for her without success. He searched forests, lakes and dark caves. The mermaid told the two children that to break the spell, it was essential that she eat a golden fruit with magical powers. Unfortunately this fruit only grew in the crater of a high volcano whose paths were full of dangers. So, here we have our fine Prince seeking his beloved and two adventurous children who want to help the mermaid find the magical fruit. Suddenly, a huge bird, with blue and yellow feathers, landed in the window of the Tower. With a nearly human look, the bird invited the children to ride on his back...

Kuba and Marcin flew to the island where prince Tomis lived and, when they met him, they told him they had found his beloved locked up alone in a tower. Then the children invited him to ride on the bird’s back too so that they could reach the volcano together. But when they arrived on the crater, it began to erupt. Fire and stones shot up into the sky. So the bird understood that they had to visit the great King of Lake Gyopáros Lake because he protected birds and animals and he would certainly have found a way to help them to get the magical fruit that grew inside the dangerous volcano.

When they heard they had to meet the King of Lake Gyopáros, the children immediately thought of a way to convince the King to help them get inside the volcano. They asked the bird to fly above the lake and then they started to sing such a tender and lovely song that the King could not resist that call. He suddenly emerged from the water. He agreed to help them and gave them a red mare. This mare was able to bring eternal life and youth to the one who rode it. But in return he asked for a blue and a yellow feather from the beautiful, magical bird. Finally, the children, Prince Tomis and the bird, comfortably seated, plunged inside the erupting volcano in order to get the fruit that could save the mermaid from the tower. They were sure that the red mare was strong enough to protect them all.


It was so hot and soggy inside the volcano because of the lava running down the sides of it. When they reached at the top of the volcano, they saw the magical fruit in a crystal shell. They took it and got out of the volcano as swiftly as they could. Finally, Prince Tomis and the children came to the tower and gave the magical fruit to the mermaid. To everyone’s astonishment, the spell was broken as soon as she took a bite of it. Then the children went back to their home and promised their mother to be well-behaved. Also the prince and the mermaid got married and lived happily ever after…

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