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Emerging Technologies

Students as eec,ve communicators use languages
to engage in meaningful conversa,on, to
understand and interpret spoken language and
wri9en text, and to present informa,on, concepts,
and ideas.


Students as collaborators use their na,ve and

acquired languages to learn from and work
coopera,vely across cultures with global team
members, sharing responsibility and making
necessary compromises while working toward a
common goal.

Cri6cal Thinking & Problem Solving

Students as inquirers frame, analyze, and
synthesize informa,on as well as nego,ate
meaning across language and culture in order to
explore problems and issues from their own and
dierent perspec,ves.

Crea6vity & Innova6on

Students as creators and innovators respond to
new and diverse perspec,ves. They use language
in imagina,ve and original ways to make useful

Informa6on Literacy
Students as informed global ci,zens access,
manage, and eec,vely use culturally authen,c
sources in ethical and legal ways.

Media Literacy
Students as ac,ve global ci,zens evaluate
authen,c sources to understand how media reect
and inuence language and culture.

Technology Literacy
Students as produc,ve global ci,zens use
appropriate technologies when interpre,ng
messages, interac,ng with others, and producing
wri9en, oral, and visual messages.


Flexibility & Adaptability

Students as exible and adaptable language
learners are open-minded, willing to take risks, and
accept the ambiguity of language while balancing
diverse global perspec,ves.


Ini6a6ve & Self-Direc6on

Students as life-long learners are mo,vated to set
their own goals and reect on their progress as
they grow and improve their linguis,c and cultural

Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

Students as adept language learners understand
diverse cultural perspec,ves and use appropriate
socio-linguis,c skills in order to func,on in
diverse cultural and linguis,c contexts

Produc6vity & Accountability

Students as produc,ve and accountable learners
take responsibility for their own learning by ac,vely
working to increase their language prociency and
cultural knowledge.


Leadership & Responsibility

Students as responsible leaders leverage their
linguis,c and cross-cultural skills to inspire others
to be fair, accep,ng, open, and understanding
within and beyond the local community.

Created by Lauren Rosen

Please note: This is a suggested list and in no way an exhaus4ve list of the possible tools to support the World Languages 21st Century Skills.

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