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Conflicts in Asia and Role of Civil Society in the Political Development: A Case Study of Civil Societys Role in Peaceful

Resolution of Kashmir

Research scholar, Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Abstract:Rise of many Asian giants has made scholars to dub 21st century as that of Asia. Economies of China and India are fastest growing and they are exerting themselves as new powers in the emerging multipolar world. On the one hand their economy is booming and they are proposing alternate models to economic-Capitalismof West but on the other hand these nations are marred by the basic facets of nation building and political development. This paper tries to explain some of the basic conflicts in Asia that forces these nations to channel huge proportion of their GDP in dealing with these conflicts. Indias rise as a power forms an imporantant aspect of this paper.The paper also discusses the main challenges like lack of civic-culture, communal voilence, regionalism,seperatism, corruption, abuse of power, terrorism etc. that hinder the progress of Indias nation building and its emergence as a power. The author mainly delves into the role of Civil Society in meeting these challenges ands securing the political development in India, in general,and securement of peace in Kashmir in particular. Keywords: civil society, political development, conflict resolution.