Cynthia González Vanegas Alcanzar los logros del primer periodo Cuarto

Object pronouns and comparatives

1. Write the correct word to complete each sentence. a. I made a poster of dinosaurs that were carnivores. Do you want to see _______________? (him, her, it) b. Jess has a fossil of a dinosaur tooth. Did __________show it to you? (he, she, it) c. Our class saw dinosaur skeletons. The tour guide showed _________________ all of the fossils. (they, we,us) d. Triceratops was a herbivore.______________________ate only plants. (them, it, we) e. There are no dinosaurs alive today.__________________are extinct. (they, them, our) f. Mike has tolos to dig for fossils. He said we could use ______________________.(it, them, him). g. Look at the Sharp teeth of the tyrannosaurus rex. It used __________________. To tear meat. (they, them, our) h. Tim bought a postcard. He mailed it to ____________ teacher. (him, her, his) i. Donna loves t oread about dinosaurs. She let me borrow some of_____________books. (his, her, our) j. We worked hard making this. Where can we keep ________ model? (us, his, our)

2. Fill in the comparison with as ... as. John is (tall)
as tall as

Glen. Jeniffer. my sister. they can. your mum. mine. Matrix I. the one I bought yesterday. you. you do.

Janet is (beautiful) You are (crazy) We can run (fast) My mom is (not / strict)

Your mobile phone is (not / trendy) Matrix II was (not / interesting) This yoghurt (not / taste / good) I can do (many / press-ups) I (not / earn / much / money)

3. Put the comparative form of the adjectives like in the example:

intelligent - more intellligent than important fat short strong tired -

big nice confortable bad pretty long -

bigger than tall light good small polite -

4. Fill the spaces with the comparative or superlative form.
My suitcase is This scarf is The palace Hotel was John is a (+ large) than your suitcase. (+ beautiful) than the one in the window. (+ expensive) than the Grosvenor. (+ good) gardener than Stuart. (+ bad) hotel. (+ expensive) hotel. (+ good) gardener. (+ beautiful) colours. (+ bad) today than yesterday

They are not going to the The palace is the John is the These are the Mr.Smith is

Cut and paste pictures of three people. Then, make eight comparatives sentences about them.

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