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Licensing: Help To Grow Existing Product Lines

The attraction of licensing trademarks for business intentions appears to be at an all-time high, mostly in the fashion arena where consumers are buying more licensed products and brand names than ever before. For retailers, licensing opportunities provide them with a point of difference from their competitors. Licensing is leasing a legally protected property (like trademarked or copyrighted name, logo, likeness, character, phrase or design) to another party in combination with a product, service or promotion. It is a process which lays stress on consumer management, development of brand equity in line with international imagery, providing right shopping ambience and perhaps is less about manufacturing. Licensing is a way of growing with an already established brand. It provides the brand recall benefits, which are not achievable in case one comes out with a brand new image. There are many types of licensing business like art & design, corporate brands, events, fashion brands, food & drink, institutional, magazine brands, music, personalities, sports and television licensing to name a few. The advantages of licensing for licensors The main advantage for a licensor is the facility to use and develop its brand or property. Licensing can achieve this by: . Improving its brand existence at a retail or distribution outlet. . Making further brand perception to support its core products or services. . Providing and increasing its core values through various links with the licensed products/service or category. . Coming into new markets (consumer or geographical) which

were unfeasible with its own strengths. . Making new revenue flows, often with little involvement or additional financial resources The advantage of licensing for licensees The main advantage for a licensee (particularly manufacturer or retailer) is the capability to considerably upsurge consumer interest in and sales of its products or services. Licensing can achieve this by: . Shifting the values and consumer favour towards the licensed product or service. . Providing added value and differentiation in the competitive market. . Offering additional marketing support or speed from the core property's activity given by the licensor. . Attracting new target markets who have not been paid attention in a licensee's product or service. . Providing credibility for shifting into new market sectors through product extension. . Attaining additional retail space and favor. Licensing: The increasing scenario worldwide Reviewing the year-after-year worldwide retail sales from 2000 to 2004, the licensing business this year has shown an increase. In general, 2004 anticipated worldwide retail sales of licensed business increased 1.5 per cent to $175.3 billion against 2003 $172.7 billion, with the USA making nearly $110 billion (nearly $5.805 billion in royalties) and Europe $34 billion. In UK, the brand licensing industry is worth approximately 7billion in retail and 368million in royalties.

Recently many international textile-garment-apparel manufacturing companies are in news due to their licensing agreement with many other companies. Everlast Worldwide Inc, which is a men's and women's apparel and accessories seller, recently announced signing a new fouryear license agreement with Jacques Moret Inc of New York City. As of January 1, 2006, this new agreement grants Moret, a major supplier to the US apparel market, a license for Everlast men's activewear, sportswear, outerwear and swimwear in the United States. Moret will partner with M. Hidary and Company Inc for design, development and sales of the activewear portion of the license. M. Hidary has achieved great success with its vast experience in the men's branded activewear business. They will purchase certain men's apparel inventory owned by Everlast and assume other transitional costs associated with the men's business. Additionally, certain key sales, merchandising and operational personnel will join the new group. Burnaby, B.C.-based ID Wear, a group of Pimlico Apparel, has recently received the sole license for the manufacture, design and sale of the Playboy brand of high-end denims for the North American market. Pimlico produces denim products for its own brands, ID Wear and private labels such as Nordstrom's and Harley-Davidson. Moreover, ID Wear is the first North American company to provide laser logoing on its garments. Marvel Enterprises, Inc., a global character-based entertainment licensing company, recently declared that it is strengthening its important apparel licensing business with leading partners Kids Headquarters (as master apparel licensee) and Mad Engine (which will spearhead t-shirts and tops). This statement means a brand new partnership with Kids Headquarters and an expanded relationship with Mad Engine. Juicy Couture has partnered with Sfilo Group for a full eyewear collection that it will introduce in spring 2006. A budget-priced

set of sunglasses and ophthalmic eyewear for men will also be introduced via an agreement between fashion brand Haggar Clothing Co. and The Feldman Corporation's I-dealoptics division. Aviation and military-inspired leather outerwear and sportswear brand Avirex signed a multi-year license agreement with Kids Headquarters for sportswear and outerwear for boys. Outerwear and Sportswear Company G-III Apparel Group obtained privately held outerwear companies Marvin Richards and Winlit Group Ltd. G-III now possesses licenses for Calvin Klein and Guess men's and women's outerwear, Tommy Hilfiger leather outerwear, London Fog and Pacific Trail. Top 5 Children's Apparel Character Licenses: 2004 1. Winnie the Pooh & Friends 2. Disney Princess 3. Spider-Man 4. Mickey Mouse & Friends 5. SpongeBob SquarePants Sesame Workshop and Pearl Izumi, an athletic-wear producer, have tied up to launch Sesame Street cycling jerseys and socks. Through a licensing agreement with plus-size apparel manufacturer Bodywaves, Inc., Champion has set up Champion Plus, a full line of women's activewear that covers both performance fitness and "ath-leisure" styles. Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Tunk Limited., a CINQ Group brand, have partnered to make tops, jackets and headwear. Licensing practice in India on a rise. Nowadays, many Indian textiles companies are entering into licensing agreements with international brands, leading to the

growth of the concept of business through licensing. Gokaldas Images Ltd, which owns and markets the apparel brand Weekender, has signed an agreement with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for licensing and marketing the apparels with the WWE logos in the domestic market. A successful form of licensing - sports licensing, has developed into a multibillion dollar systematic business and has increased its scope to sporting events like WWE, the Olympics, EURO, Cricket and Soccer World Cups. It is estimated that one fifth of the WWE's $ 300 million per annum profit is achieved by licensing. Moreover, Weekender - Gokaldas Images Ltd. markets the Enamour lingerie as well. Character and entertainment licensing too has benefited in last few decades, making billions of dollars of profits each year. S. Kumars is planning to introduce six new international brands into the country and it is looking towards a long-term partnership with these international textile brands. Recently, Indus Clothing Ltd signed a licensing agreement with Disney cConsumer Products (DCP) to produce its kids' wear brand Disney cJeans in India. This deal will permit Indus Clothing Ltd to venture into standalone retail stores for the complete product line covering the Disney brand. The company intends to invest about Rs. 21 crore to establish 20 standalone Disney jeans outlets by the end of 2007 and 50 outlets the following year. Their main focus is to put up a strong retail network for the brand and subsequently plan to develop and maintain a consistent brand image. Indus Clothing Ltd is also the licensee for Lee Cooper apparel to market their products in India. Madura Garments possesses the world license for three brands namely, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly and Peter England. It has now also come into a strategic tie-up with the fast-growing brand Esprit, with an objective of strengthening its brand

portfolio in key segments like women's segment, premium relaxed clothes segment and accessories. An Italian brand that is synonymous with MTV, UMM (Underground Music Movement) has joined Pantaloon, one of India's largest retail chain stores. American innerwear brand Jockey entered the Indian market in 1998 through a marketing arrangement with Bangalore based Page Apparels. Besides the normal production and distribution rights in India, the brand also has a buyback arrangement with the parent company. The Shirt Company (TSC) has been granted the license by the owner of the Barbie brand - Mattel, to make and retail Barbie apparel in India. For this it works closely with Smith & Brooks, the official licensee for Barbie clothing in the European market. Moreover, the apparel division of the Forbes Gokak Group is the licensee for brands like Daks, Trussardi and Savile Row. Tommy Hilfiger entered the Indian market through a joint venture between the Murjani Group and the Arvind Mills. Called the Arvind Murjani Brands Private Limited, AMB has the licensing agreement for marketing and distributing Tommy Hilfiger apparel in India. The Murjani Group, located in New York, was established in 1930 by B K Murjani. By 1958, with a production of over 10 million units per annum, Murjani's became one of the biggest apparel producers in the world. It was in the early 1970s, when Murjani initiated brand name development and marketing. Over the years, the group has widened and introduced a range of major global brands, such as Gloria Vanderbilt, Coca-Cola Clothes and Tommy Hilfiger. Fashion retailer French Connection UK has firmed its plans to launch the brand in India. The company is assumed to be in talks for the licensee deal with Vijay Murjani, Murjani Group. Many companies prefer licensing in order to reinforce brand image, create recognition and build brand equity. Licensing is the business arrangement in which the proprietor of the

'product', 'trade mark' or 'brand' allows some other group to use its brand name in return for specified royalties or payment. Recently, the government of India has approved the UK-based kids' care retail chain Mothercare Plc's offer to set up a 100 per cent subsidiary in India with an investment of Rs 32.25 crore. The Indian division will find and purchase textile and garments from local traders and would promote the same in India through franchise operation with third party business associates. Mothercare has already provided a license to Shopper's Stop to use its trade mark and brand name on the products to be supplied by its Indian subsidiary to the retail major for sale and distribution in India. Indian players have used the licensing practice after the huge success of the strategy in the international market. The inclination for making business through licensing has assisted many companies to post some big alternations of the otherwise 'own brand extension' concept. Oxford Industries, Inc. is an illustration of how a company can get bigger with licensing. The company is a diversified international producer, licensee and wholesale marketer of branded and private label apparel for men, women and children. Oxford offers retailers and consumers with a huge variety of apparel products and services to suit their individual requirements. Its major brands cover Tommy Bahama, Indigo Palms, Island Soft, Ben Sherman, Ely and Walker and Oxford Golf. These brands are offered in national chains, specialty catalogues, mass merchants, department stores, specialty stores and Internet retailers. The company also has exclusive licenses to make and sell several product categories under the Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Geoffrey Beene, Slates, Dockers and Oscar de la Renta labels. Fashion licensing is largely divided into two categories: apparel brands and designer names. The priority of fashion licensing is

brand extension, which is mainly obtained by designers through licensing products other than their main apparel lines. Calvin Klein remains one of the premier examples for this type of licensing agreement, as its income tripled after adopting such a marketing strategy. In 1997, licensing, which is responsible for more than 90 per cent of the label's sales, has now made the brand's global retail volume of about $ 5 billion from $ 2.1 billion in 1994. Many international brands catering to Indian players for licensing is a clear signal that a market which was premature a couple of years back, has now been accepted by the entire business community and will reach to its maximum level in the coming years. Licensing prospects now exist in all spheres. Leading international names that offer huge opportunities to harness the power of their name are Warner Bros, You and Me Baby, Nickelodeon, Barcode Kitties and BBC Worldwide, that is famous for operating brand names like Teletubbies, Tweenies and Fimbles. Conclusion In year 2004 licensing business shown tremendous growth, with notably 5.6 percent increment in entertainment, 3.8 percent in brands & trademarks and also showed good growth in other categories compared to 2003. So as character and entertainment licensing business showed a healthy growth in last few decades, and making billions of dollars of profits each year, the prospects of over all business, particularly fashion, textile and garment retailing will definitely have a bright future.

MULTINATIONALS IN INDIAN MARKETS The ascendancy of multinationals in the Indian markets is the next major aspect of the environmental sea change. With the reforms, the multinationals (MNC) found it both feasible and attractive to take up a dominant position in India. And, the new dominance of

the MNC in the Indian markets manifested in many different ways. We will cite here three main developments: * MNC already present in the country consolidated their position in their enterprises and Joint ventures (JV), acquiring majority equity in them* Many MNC entered anew* MNC entered even the core industries. Multinational companies acquire majority Equity in their Indian Enterprises and JVs The removal of FERA restrictions and the liberalization of FDI enabled MNC, who were already operating in India, to raise their equity in their Indian enterprises to 51% or more. Immediately, they started hiking their equity accordingly and acquired full control over the enterprises. The Unilever group was the first to consolidate in this manner. Very soon, many more MNC took to this route. They included: Ashok Leyland, Cadbury, Glaxo, Hoechst, Merck, ABB and Indian Shaving Products. And, most of the MNC with joint ventures in the country also raised their equity in their JVs to 51% or more. If we consider the total scenario, within a year of the launch of the reforms, out of the 300 and odd MNC enterprises/JVs in the country, more than half had emerged as companies where the MNC partner held majority equity. More are joining the list. Several MNC Enter Indian Passenger Car Industry With liberalization, the Indian passenger car industry became a fertile ground for entry by global car majors. Not only had the industry been de-licensed, foreign investment was also now permitted in the industry. In fact, Indian law now permitted majority ownership for foreign companies in the industry. Practically all the major car manufacturers of the world, such as General Motors, Ford, Daewoo, Hyundai, Honda, Peugeot, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Daimler Benz and

BMW set shop in India. Suzuki is already here with the Indian Government as partner. * GM enters through a JV with HM* Ford sets up a JV with M&M* Honda enters through a tie-up with SIEL* Hyundai arrives as a 100 % subsidiary MNC enter Indian White goods Industry By mid-1990s, the top three MNC in the world in white goodsGE, Whirlpool and AB Electroluxeach with a $5 billion plus turnover and a Fortune 500 rating, had entered the Indian refrigerator /white goods market. GE set up a JV with Godrej. GE promoted the JV through GE Appliances, the white goods arm of the General Electric Group. The JV included a technology tie-up, a financial tie-up, and a strategic alliance. A new company by name Godrej-GE Appliances was formed, with Godrej holding 60% of the equity and GE Appliances the balance. The JV will handle all appliances of GE brand plus refrigerators of Godrej brand. As part of the JV agreement, Godrej transferred its refrigerator business to the JV. In the very first year of operations, the GE-Godrej combine became the first company in India to sell over 6,00,000 refrigerator units in a year. It also put on the market, Indias first CFC-free refrigerators. In 1997-98, Godrej-GE sold more than a million units of white goods, which included refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and cooking ranges. In washing machines, GE-Godrej JV initially went in for outsourcing instead of manufacturing. It entered into outsourcing arrangements with Maharaja as well as Videocon, and launched its power wash range. This way, GE managed to enter instantly two of major segments of the white goods market in Indiarefrigerators and washing machineswithout going through the gestation period involved in the

start-up route. Subsequently, it put up two new plants, one each for manufacturing washing machines and air conditioners. Whirlpool: Whirlpool Corporation, USA, entered the Indian Market by acquiring Kelvinator India Ltd (KIL) and later putting up plant of its own. It acquired 51% stake in KIL, paying Rs. 360 crore. Both Electrolux and Whirlpool tried to take over KIL. Electrolux lost the race to its arch rival, Whirlpool. As a result, though Electrolux is the global parent of the Kelvinator brand name, it had to operate in India without this brand for the time being and also reconcile to its arch rival using it in India. After functioning for two years as Kelvinator, the Whirlpool donned as the mantle of Whirlpool of India Ltd (WOIL). Whirlpool put in place a state-of-the-art, no-frost, CFCfree refrigerator plant near Pune, with a capacity of 6.5 lakh units at an investment of $ 85 million. The plant has a 35% share of the total installed capacity in refrigerators in the country. Whirlpool was earlier marketing washing machines and also had a joint venture with TVS. AB Electrolux: It is the worlds largest home appliances company and had only its presence in India due to Kelvinator brand. Though the Electrolux was not successful and the Whirlpool and Maharaja has taken over. Using the Maharaja facilities, the Electrolux brand of refrigerator had achieved the turnover of 200 crores. The Kelvinator reverted back to Electrolux from Whirlpool after a gap of 18 months to re-launch the Kelvinator refrigerators in India. In 1997, Electrolux started marketing both the Electrolux and Kelvinator brands in India. Others: Subsequently, a few more MNC entered the Indian white goods market. They included Maytag Corp, Siemens-Bosch, and the three Korean

conglomeratesDaewoo, Samsung and LG. Matyag Corp set up a joint venture with MNodi-Hoover; Siemens-Bosch set up a joint venture with Crompton Greaves; and Samsung Electronics Corporation entered through a wholly-owned subsidiary as by then the government was approving wholly-owned subsidiaries of MNC in white goods. The Indian refrigerator market was thus becoming the battleground of MNC. Some other multinational company tie ups and set ups are listed below: * GE Plastics Enters Engineering Plastics in Partnership with IPCL* GE Capital Sets up Three Consumer Finance Companies with Godrej, HDFC and Maruti as Partners.* Merrill Lynch Sets up JV with DSP Financial Consultants* Re-Entry of IBM and Coca-Cola* Cosmetic Majors, LOreal, Avon, Amway, and Oriflame, also set Shops.* Food Chains-Mc Donalds , Wimpy and Dominos* Kellogg Brings its Breakfast Cereals into India* Ice cream Chains Baskin-Robbins, Haagen-Dazs and Walls Bring in Their International Brands of Ice cream* Consultancy Firms like Mckinsey and Anderson Become Active Telecom: Among the core sectors, telecom is the area, where the MNC have been most active. In telecom, in the first bout of opening up, MNC were allowed to come into hardware such as telephone instruments, electronic exchanges, fax machine, modems, peripherals and switching systems. They were also allowed to operate value added services like cellular phone and radio paging services. Sizeable investment flowed into the country in these areas from the global telecom majors. Subsequently, even basic telephone services were opened up to the MNC. Power: Power is another core industry where MNC entry has brought about some change, though the actual impact has been far lesser compared to the earlier expectations.

Until liberalization, in India, power-generating companies could be set up only by Central or State governments. Now, in one stroke, Indian as well as foreign private investment has been allowed in power sectorgeneration as well as distribution. MNC can now build, operate and own power plants in the country. They have, in fact, been offered many incentives. They have been allowed to hold 100% equity in power projects. The other incentives include freedom to fix tariff, which ensures a return on investment of 16%, liberal debt-equity ratio (up to 4:1), long duration license arrangements extending up to 50 years, and freedom to repatriate profits. Enron set up the Dabhol Power Company (DPC) in Maharashtra. DPC, however, has had a chequered life. Its power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Maharashtra State Electricity Board has become particularly controversial.We have given only a few examples in this article but many more industrial activities have taken place. These facilitated better quality goods to Indian Public and also enabled an increased share of Indian goods in International markets. The whole economy got rejuvenated improving the employment opportunities and also bettering standard of life. Foreign exchange availability once an arduous task is now very much liberalized.

Franchising & Licensing - A Successful Way of Doing Business in India

Franchising & Licensing - A Successful Way of Doing Business in India Franchise rightly claims to be the wave of future business in India. A huge consumer base of over a billion people including a flourishing

class of urban consumers having substantial disposable income with quality and brand awareness together with the attraction, which the Indian economy holds in terms of its human resources, has been instrumental in attracting foreign enterprises to the country. Though franchising business in India has witnessed impressive growth of around 30-35% over the last 4-5 years with an estimated annual turnover of US$ 4 billion, this is a mere fraction of the potential that India can offer. The Indian Franchise Association estimates that in next five years, there would be at least 50,000 franchises in the Indian market. Franchising is a way of doing business and involves the use by a person (Franchisee), pursuant to a license, of another person's (Franchisor) business model, name, get-up, image and business identity along with his confidential know-how to exploit his intangible assets in a particular territory for a specified period with or without assured financial returns to the Franchisor. A typical franchising arrangement provides the Franchisor the benefit of the Franchisees knowledge of the territory; access to local sales channels and marketing expertise; minimum capital outlay; minimum government approvals; lesser personnel problems; accelerated network growth and, probably, profitability.

There are three distinct models of franchising - Product Distribution Franchising involving a co-operation for the distribution of goods, mostly in retail business; Trade Name Franchising where the Franchisee uses the trademark/business name of the Franchisor in order to sell its own products or services and Business Format Franchising, a combination of the other two types of franchising, using the Franchisor's trademark/business name in order to distribute the Franchisor's goods or services. Today, the Business Format is a

preferred model with more than 1,150 national and international franchise systems in India. LEGAL FRAMEWORK India does not have a consolidated franchise specific legislation. Some key laws which impact franchising in India include The Indian Contract Act, 1872, The Competition Act, 2002, The Trademarks Act, 1999, The Copyright Act, 1957, The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, labour laws, taxation laws and The Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. Significant contractual and legal issues that may impact a potential franchise relationship are: (a) Enforcement of non-compete covenant. A major issue posed in this regard is the non-compete obligation of the Franchisee either during the franchise relationship or post termination of the relationship. A non-compete obligation falls in the domain of trade restraint under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Under Indian laws, a contract which is in restraint of trade cannot be enforced unless (i) it is reasonable between the parties; and (ii) it is consistent with public interest. While non-compete during the franchise relationship are generally enforceable, post termination negative non-compete covenants restraining the franchisee to enter into similar arrangements for similar goods and services are usually held unenforceable unless it passes the test of reasonableness. (b) Payment Terms & Taxes. Remittance to a foreign entity is regulated by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the Regulations made there under. An Indian Franchisee is permitted to remit royalty towards license of trademark or technical know-how without any restriction on the percentage or duration of the royalty p payments.

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The payment made to Franchisor is subject to withholding tax liability @10% of the total royalty or fee in terms of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between India and Germany. Services provided by a Franchisor to a Franchisee would also be subject to service tax in India @10.30% of the gross fee payable to the Franchisor. Where the Franchisor is a foreign entity, the service receiver in India is himself treated as the service provider for payment of service tax. (c) Duration, Renewal and Termination. Under Indian laws, all agreements entered into between private parties are terminable in nature regardless of the interminable nature of the agreement. However, immediate termination of an agreement without assigning any reasons may expose the defaulting party to a claim for damages for wrongful termination. It is therefore advisable for the franchisor to negotiate for a fixed term agreement (as against an open ended term) with suitable termination clauses for convenience and with a cap on maximum liability for damages under the agreement. (d) Agency Issues. It is also best to avoid principal-agent relationship between the Franchisor and the Franchisee to avoid tortuous liability for damages arising from negligence to third parties. (e) Post Termination Issues. Some issues that lead to disputes and which are adequately protected by existing Indian laws include misuse and potential infringement of intellectual property rights and confidential information post termination of the franchise relationship. Post termination inventory handling should also be addressed to enable the franchisee satisfactorily deal with unsold inventory/raw materials. @

(f) Governing Laws and Implementation of Laws. Often jurisdictional hardships deter parties from taking legal recourse against breach. Therefore clarity on the governing law and jurisdiction for adjudication of disputes under international franchise arrangements (which can be a neutral foreign forum) need to provided. The Indian courts recognize that the chosen court may be a court in the country of one or both the parties, and it may be a neutral forum. (g) Consumer Protection & Anti-Competition. Indian consumer protection laws enable a consumer to file complaints with the consumer forums for defective or deficient goods or services provided by the Franchisee. Similarly, anti-competition or restrictive trade practices promoted by the franchise arrangement can be questioned under the Competition Act. LICENSING AND USE OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The manner of use of intellectual property rights (IPR) and their protection against misuse is one of the most important concerns of the Franchisor. Issues related to the scope (including geographical) of the trademark license, exclusivity of use, extent of transfer of knowhow, misuse/unauthorized use and consequential damage caused to the trade mark are some of the important aspects that a licensing agreement must address. India already has a host of IPR related laws including the Trademark Act, Copyright Act, the Patent Act, etc which extensively provide for protection and enforcement of IP rights. These include permanent and mandatory injunctions against infringement and passing off. India is also a signatory to international conventions on intellectual property rights including the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), which offers protection to trademarks, copyright, service marks and designs of the foreign Franchisor. IPR laws have also been amended to make them compliant with exclusive right obligations under TRIPS and accordingly, Indian laws meet international standards for IPR protection. Indian courts are also proactive in enforcement of infringement actions. Where the trademark is a registered trademark of the Franchisor and such mark is intended to be used by the Franchisee in India, it is recommended to get the Franchisee registered as the registered user thereof to enable the Franchisor freely claim the benefit of use of the trademark through the Franchisee. Further, under the trademark laws, the scope of the term permitted user has been expanded by allowing unregistered users of a registered trademark by the written consent of the registered proprietor to come within the ambit of the said term and such use accrues to the benefit of the proprietor

(Franchisor). In the case of misuse of the mark by a third party, the Franchisor and the Franchisee can bring a joint action and in cases where the Franchisee is a registered user of the trademark, it can bring an action in its own right. Post termination covenants for protection of the Franchisors vested IP remain enforceable even after termination of the franchise agreement. Conclusion India, a multi ethnic country with the second largest entrepreneurial population in the world having sufficient exposure to international standard of services with a healthy commercial law environment is poised to grow phenomenally in the franchising sector in the coming years.

J June 18, 2010BHCC enters India Brand Sense Partners, LLC (BSP) and Masterbrand Licensing International, LLC have recently appointed New Delhi-based License India to manage the brand extension program for the worlds most distinctive country club, the Beverly Hills Country Club (BHCC) in India.The deal implies BSP and its in-house fashion & apparel groupthe POP studio continuing to provide the strategic and creative oversight for the BHCC brand globally. Having been established in 1926, the club has become a coveted private social and sporting outpost for the communitys top business, entertainment, sports and social leaders and their families. BHCC is now being extended worldwide to those whose personal style reflects a commitment to well-being, an expression of effortless elegance and a convergence of happiness, health, fitness and fashion.The Beverly Hills Country Club is the quintessential symbol achievement in America, and the design aesthetic for the brand is classic, sporty and elegant with a modern flair, said Mr Gaurav Marya, President of License India. We are excited to be working with the Beverly Hills Country Club brand and Brand Sense Partners to bring such a world-renowned lifestyle brand to the people of India, he further adds. J June 8, 2010Licensing at Bioworld Bioworld Merchandising India has recently launched a trendy new line of Disney youth tees packed with iconic characters like Mickey and Minnie mouse. There are other comical characters as well like Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy Duck.The exclusive range is available at modern retail outlets including Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle and Landmark among other retail chains as well. The prices fall in the bracket of Rs 499 599 and the fabrics are essentially summer centric.Another recent deal also includes an agreement with Barbie

and Hotwheels via a three year deal with Mattel. The other deals at Bioworld include more than 120 international music brands such as Linkin Park, Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith etc. J June 7, 2010Lotto extends licensing deal Lotto Sport Italia, a sportswear firm has recently renewed its licensing deal with Indias Sports Lifestyle implying a 15-year extension. The partnership initially began three years ago which includes the production and distribution of Lotto brand products in India.The basis for this extension, however, remains to be the excellent results achieved so far in the country which reported Indian sales figure of 6.5 million dollars for the 2009 fiscal period. The Italian Company is on an expansion spree in foreign markets, which constitutes one of its main development strategies. Since 2008, the number of Lotto mono-brand stores in the country has grown to 30, apart from shop-in-shops at Shoppers Stop, Reliance Footprints, Spencers, Central, Pantaloons and Planet Sports.The Company is set to make the Italian brand the most significant sports brand in the country. J June 5, 2010Green Lantern's merchandising plans Major merchandising efforts are being made by Warner Bros for the promotion of the upcoming flick Green Lantern. Major merchandising efforts are also being made in preparation of the films release on June 17, 2011.Warner Bros, the entertainment giant has given toymaker-Mattel complete access to its array of DC Comics characters including Green Lantern in conjunction with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman etc.The range of products will include action figures, vehicles, play sets, games and puzzles. Each toy will come with the character's trademark power-ring so that kids get the feeling as that of the hero of Green Lantern. The toys are slated to hit stores next summer, accompanying the movies release. J June 2, 2010Family Suites sues Viacom Viacom Inc. was recently sued by Family Suites Resort LLC. The accusation included the breaching of a contract by giving the license of the Nickelodeon cable brand to a rival hotel chain. The breach includes Viacom signing a Nickelodeon Getaway branding deal with Marriott International Inc. for hotels in Florida.This has been claimed

to have been done a month after Viacom asked a court to pass a ruling that it didnt violate their agreement. As per the information provided by Family Suites, it possesses exclusive rights to run a Nickelodeon-themed hotel within 150 miles of its Nickelodeon Suites Hotel in Orlando, Florida. J June 1, 2010DQE signs multiple L&M deals DQ Entertainment (DQE), a Hyderabad based animation and gaming company has recently signed two separate licensing and merchandising deals for its popular TV series, 'The Jungle Book'. The two deals include agreements with The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Limited (CPLG) and Belgium based N V Belltex.CPLG is one of the leading licensing agencies of Europe and will be entrusted (in this regard) with the responsibility of product merchandising, publishing, promotions and direct-to-retail strategy for multiple territories that include Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and United Kingdom among others.However, the second deal with NV Belltex includes fabric products, authorizing the Company to manufacture a range of products like tents, quilt cover sets, pillowcases, curtains, cushions, beach towels, carpets, handkerchiefs etc with various Jungle Book characters and elements. M May 24, 2010GWR joins hands with License India Guinness World Records (GWR) has recently appointed License India, a part of the Franchise India Group to develop licensing programmes in the territory. GWR is a universally recognized authority on record breaking achievements and is a part of Canada based conglomerateJim Pattison Group.The prospective licensing categories will include stationery, back to school and gifts among others. GWR also hired Exim Licensing (in March) to handle all South American territories, marking its second such initiative with regards to its international representation rights.Guinness World Records is a widely known brand, even in extremely remote areas owing to the wide reach accomplished over decades. The brand truly signifies the sense of accomplishment, excellence and achievement. We are extremely privileged to work with Guinness World Records by managing their licensing program in India and extending in multiple logical streams, said Ms Chitra Johri, Head-Marketing, License India.

M May 21, 2010'Hypercitys back to school collection Hypercity India's ideal shopping destination is all set to roll out its "Back To School" merchandise collection. Both the kids and the parents will be spoilt for choice with a huge variety of Hanna Montanna and Barbie school bags, Pooh lunch boxes, Mickey Mouse sippers, Ben 10 pencil box, Ben 10 deo and shower gels among other product categories.The range promises to cater the interest of both young boys and girls, offering them a chance to grab their favourite characters merchandise. The products fall in the reasonable price range of Rs 12 to Rs 569. M May 19, 2010Beverly Hills Country Club enters India Brand Sense Partners and Masterbrand Licensing International have recently inked a deal with License India to lead the iconic Beverly Hills Country Club lifestyle brands program in the country. License India is set to develop a brand extension program for the brand in categories like apparel, fashion accessories, high-end social expression products and gift items.New Delhi based License India boasts of a deep understanding of the Indian marketplace and is well-positioned to launch and develop the BHCC brand extension program in India. M May 19, 2010Shuffle at Disney Three major promotions have been recently reported from the house of Disney. Ms Swati Shetty, who formerly held the position of DisneyABC Intl. Television Director (India) has been promoted to lead as the Executive Director, Walt Studios Intl. Production (India), theatrical productions and acquisitions. The role will include overseeing the production and acquisition of Walt Disneys local language films in India in conjunction with managing the talent relationships.Ms Roshini Bakshi has also been promoted to VP of consumer products, publishing and retail and Vijay Subramaniam to Executive Director-Disney India media solutions and alliances. M May 11, 2010Hello Kitty fragrances Demeter has recently teamed up with Hello Kitty to launch three new fragrances inspired by Hello Kitty characters. The three fragrances are named Hello Kitty Signature Scent, My Melody fragrance and Little Twin Stars.The three fragrances remain to be the initial

summer offerings. Demeter will be adding more to this collection in the coming times.The Hello Kitty Signature Scent is fruity with notes of red, yellow, and green apples. The Little Twin Stars feature twinsKiki and Lala and comes packed with the smell of exotic citrus fruits. However, My Melody is a sweet combination of almond and vanilla. The scents are available in 1/2 ounce cologne splash, 1/2 ounce purse cologne spray, one ounce cologne spray and four ounce cologne spray for $6, $10 and $20 respectively. Also, Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars fragrances (1 oz.) can be bought at Urban Outfitters store and online for $20 each. M May 8, 2010'Roary the Racing Car' toys in India Nick, India's leading kids brand and Zapak Games have recently partnered to launch 'Roary the Racing Car' toys in India. Roary The Racing Car is a popular show on Nick, both abroad as well as in India. Nick India s association with Zapak Games implies a wide range of 23 variants, including 8 different types of racing cars including push along vehicles, friction cars with sound etc.Speaking on the launch, Mr Sandeep Dahiya, Vice President - Consumer Products, Viacom 18 Pvt. Ltd. commented, "We are very excited to partner with Zapak Games to launch this exciting range in India. Given that this range not only looks exciting but has a great play value, we are confident that this will race off the shelves here, as it has done in the other parts of the world."The range is attractively priced from Rs 399, going up to Rs 5999. The products will be available at all leading retail stores like Landmark, Lifestyle, Hypercity, and Timeout among others. M May 5, 2010SPAR enters Mangalore via license agreement SPAR India has recently given Mangalore its biggest hypermarket, located at the City Centre Mall of the City. The location is one of the busiest commercial areas of Mangalore and the store is spread over an area of 44, 000 sq ft.The development is the result of a license agreement between the Dubai based Landmark Group's Max Hypermarkets India Pvt. Ltd. and Spar International. SPAR provides a wide range of products like fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, wines, beer and spirits, personal care, kitchenware etc.SPAR is one of the largest independent food retail

chains and is present in 37 countries. M May 4, 2010Eteenz launches its first brand outlet Eteenz has recently launched its first brand outlet in Kolkata. Eteenz is the kidswear brand owned by Dhananjay Apparels. The exclusive outlet is spread over 400 square feet area and marks the brand's entrance into the blooming kidwear retail market in India.The merchandise offers a complete range from Eteenz like T-shirts, shirts, frocks and denims. The target audience is kids between 2 to 14 years of age and the pricing is reasonable ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 599. Eteenz is also the exclusive licensee of Popeye, the global kidswear icon. Eteenz along with Popeye aims to offer the customers world class quality, design, comfort and prices that everyone can afford.Mr Ansul Agarwal, MD, Eteenz, comments, "It is how kids relate to the products they use that makes it sellable. Therefore, though general merchandise is selling more as of now but in the longer run when organised retail gains over unorganised retail and there are stricter laws enforced, licensed merchandise will obviously sell more."Apart from selling merchandise through large format stores like More, Reliance Trends, Star Bazaar etc, the brand plans to expand via EBOs, MBOs as well as the franchisee format. M May 2, 2010Mattel joins hands with WWE Mattel, the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products has recently joined hands with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to launch the action-packed WWE Action Figure range in India. The event took place at Hamleys the new toy destination at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Mr Karun Gera, Commercial Director - Mattel India said, "Mattel is excited to bring the iconic WWE entertainment brand to young Indian fans. Capturing all the drama and excitement that makes the WWE a worldwide phenomenon, these action figures and role-play items reinforce our commitment to bringing the most exciting and innovative toys to Indian children."Besides action figures in single packs, the range also includes product lines like WWE Action Figure Two Packs, WWE Championship Belts and WWE Breakdown Brawl Ring. The range has been made, keeping in mind, both the collectors and the kids.The prices fall in the comfortable range of Rs 699 to Rs

1299. M May 1, 2010IPL based animation movie The Miami-based animation film maker Motion Pixel Corporation and sports marketing company Cornerstone Entertainment have recently entered into a partnership to produce animation flick Captain India. The flick will be Indias IPL-based animation movie, the production and merchandising being areas managed jointly by both the Companies. Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh will play the voice-over for the super-action hero.The movie is expected to release soon after the 2011 World Cup. A April 30, 2010CLI joins hands with Bioworld Merchandising Collective Licensing International (CLI) has recently announced the signing of a three-year design and manufacturing agreement with Bioworld Merchandising. The agreement will include licensing apparel and accessory lines under the Vision Street Wear brand. The deal implies Bioworld creating t-shirts, hoodies and bottoms, as well as headwear, bags, belts and other items, re-introducing the Vision Street Wear brand. The merchandise will be found at boutiques, specialty stores, malls and mid-tier distribution in the United States. Bioworld Merchandising has a global distribution at all levels of retail and is an industry leader in apparel, headwear, bags and small leather goods. A April 29, 2010 IPL TEAM BY SAHARA GROUP Sahara India Pariwar, a major business conglomerate in India, and owner of Pune IPL franchisee, has recently unveiled the name and logo of the brand new Pune IPL team. The announcement was made in a glittering ceremony at the expansive S.P. College Ground, Pune. Sahara India Pariwar is the prime promoter and patron of sports in India. The group operates in multi diversified sectors like real estate, infrastructure and housing, financial services, print, television media among others. A April 29, 2010 ICONIX GRABS PEANUTS Iconix Brand Group has recently inked a licensing deal with United Features Syndicate and The E W Scripps Company to acquire its Peanuts brand. The deal is a partnership with Schultz family. It is a

deal worth $ 175m for the brand and related assets.The deal also implies Iconix acquiring the licensing and character representation business of United Media Licensing which also handles brands like Dilbert and Fancy Nancy.The newly formed subsidiary will imply 80 per cent ownership by Iconix and 20 per cent by the Schultz family. A April 27, 2010 ARVIND MILLS AMENDS LICENSING TIE-UP WITH CHEROKEE Cherokee Inc., a global marketer, licensor and a leading brand management company has recently announced the amendment of its licensing agreement with Arvind Retail Ltd. The amendment implies the inclusion of United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.Mr J Suresh, CEO, Arvind Brands and Retail comments, The licensing deal allows us to design, manufacture and market the Cherokee Brand across all Middle East Countries. We have developed a very successful business in the ME for Arrow. Having gained knowledge of the Middle Eastern Market, we felt that the region offers a good opportunity for us to expand our business. Cherokee being the world's largest family value brand is an ideal brand for us to take to the Middle East, adds Mr Suresh. Cherokee is a unique brand with merchandise for men, women in the age group 18 to 40 years as well as boys, girls & infants. Cherokee has also announced the extension of its licensing agreement with Tesco Stores Limited for Cherokee brand through January 2014. A April 23, 2010 BRADFORDS PLANS FOR INDIA Bradford, US based licensing agency has recently expressed its plans to bring 5 licensed brands to India. The agency is set to extend its deals with international clients to sell and market merchandisesporting global brand names in India. The Company boasts of international clients like Pepsi, Beverly Hills, Mountain Dew, 7 Up and Hollywood star Denise Richards.PepsiCo plans to launch a licensing programme to launch Pepsi-branded merchandise including mobile handsets, apparel, sportswear, accessories among other products. Bradford Licensing is set to play a key role as the company works with PepsiCo Inc globally.Ms Michelle Minieri, President, Bradford Licensing comments, We want to work closely together with License India and together we will take the first steps that are needed. We

believe that apparel forms a strong category. Our successes in other markets have taught us that this is a potential category that starts a licensing program and all the other categories follow after that.The initiative is set to promote these brands among consumers in a great way. A April 20, 2010 HIT SIGNS UP BIPLANO Hit Entertainment has recently inked a deal with Biplano which will handle and represent the Thomas & Friends brand across Spain and Portugal.Biplano has already begun work and is in the process of developing an inclusive licensing and promotional programme for the top boys' pre-school brand. The initiative is set to expand the brand presence of Thomas & Friends and at the same time expand Biplanos portfolio. A April 20, 2010 PHILIPS INKS BRAND LICENSING AGREEMENT WITH VIDEOCON Philips, a well known Netherlands-based consumer durables major has recently entered into a five- year brand licensing agreement with Videocon. Philips has been operating in India for more than 80 years now. The agreement implies Videocon marketing its television sets in India. The role will also include Videocon manufacturing the Philips colour television in the country as per the standards and specifications maintained by Philips globally. The initiative is set to enhance Videocons presence of television sets across the country by significant margins. A April 19, 2010IPL appoints Yog Sport as its merchandise distribution partner Yog Sport, a sports marketing and distribution company has been recently roped in by IPL as its official merchandise distribution partner, thereby, acquiring rights to distribute branded merchandise of all the eight IPL teams for a period of 10 years. The merchandise would include jerseys, t-shirts, caps, key chains, wrist bands, backpacks, gym bags, flags, trumpets and other accessories sponsored by Adidas, Reebok, and Puma. Yog Sports retail plan includes a growth from 200 outlets from the first year to about 1000 outlets in the tenth year. The plan also includes setting up IPL stores at potential places like stadiums, railway stations, airports,

multiplexes apart from the malls, high streets and IT parks. . 2 29th March 2010IPL'S HOT TARGET: 80 LICENSING AND MERCHANDISING DEALS THIS YEAR The Indian Premier League (IPL) has recently revealed its plans to seal 80 licensing and merchandising deals, in an attempt to generate additional revenues from the segment this year. Four deals have already been sealed in the context and two more are expected to follow soon.The tie-ups include the deal with Swiss watch brand Bandelier, the first licensee of IPL, which launched its collection recently, offering products of mid range segment. The deal is different from the one done by Kokata Knight Riders and Tag Huer. The aim, however, remains to focus on the capacity of the brand (licensee) to well-portray the values of IPL by creating unique products.Bandeliers IPL Trophy set has four variants large, medium and small. 2 29th March 2010MUSICSKINS PARTNERS WITH CARTOON NETWORK ENTERPRISES MusicSkins LLC, a leading provider of premium quality illustrated vinyl protective coverings known as "skins" for personal electronic devices has recently announced a licensing deal with Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE), the licensing and merchandising arm of Adult Swim. The licensing deal implies MusicSkins having the rights to market skins featuring characters and artwork from the most popular Adult Swim action-adventure and comedy series like "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "Robot Chicken," "Metalocalypse," among many more.Adult Swim which shares channel space with Cartoon Network, home to the best in original, classic and acquired programming for children and families, and is seen in 97 million U.S. homes, is keen on strengthening ties with Turner. Skins featuring the Adult Swim animation artwork are the latest addition to MusicSkin's popular line of personal device skins featuring musicians such as Bob Marley, Madonna, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, The Beatles among others.The Adult Swim agreement is not MusicSkins' only recent licensing initiative the company has also announced the right to offer skins featuring the Beatles logo and cover art from seven of the band's top selling albums, all of which have already debuted in January 2010. 2 29th March 2010NEW MERCHANDISE AT SHOPPERS STOP

The latest addition which has been made by Shoppers Stop is the Karthik calling Kathik merchandise. The brand has already come out with merchandise for movies like Om Shanti Om and Love Aaj Kal. The initiative helps to connect with customers in a big way. The basic reason why such merchandise works is that it is reasonably priced and greatly adds to revenue generation. Same can be said for the Zoozoo merchandise which was introduced last year and floored the retailed shelves with merchandise like mugs, accessories etc.The retail chain is currently working on the IIFA Bling range where clothes similar to those worn by the stars at the IIFA awards ceremony would be merchandised at the outlets. This range is expected to hit the retail shelves in 4-6 weeks' time. 2 29th March 2010ADIDAS AND NBA EXTEND DEAL Adidas has been granted exclusive apparel rights in Europe beginning with the 2010-2011 NBA season as a result of the extension of NBAs deal with Adidas. The merchandise will be available from October 1, 2010 coinciding with the tip-off NBA Europe Live.As a result, authentic Adidas-NBA apparel will be available to more fans than ever before. The on-court product line will include items like NBA jerseys, shooting shirts, official practice wear etc whereas Adidas Originals brand will offer NBA Soul Swingman jerseys, inspired by the NBA's line of Hardwood Classics Nights products. 1 10th March 2010BARBIE WORLD TO HAVE MAD MEN DOLLS Mattel has recently announced its plans to bring out versions of Barbie and Ken styled and inspired from four Mad Men four characters Don Draper, the shows leading man; his wife, Betty; his colleague at the Sterling Cooper agency, Roger Sterling; and Joan Holloway, the agencys office manager who was Rogers mistress.Post three seasons, Mad Men, the television series, has attained a popular-culture distinct status. The dolls are part of a premium-price collectors series for adults that Mattel calls the Barbie Fashion Model Collection and Mattel is licensing rights to the characters from Lionsgate, the studio that produces Mad Men for the AMC cable channel. There are expected to be 7,000 to 10,000 copies of each doll, to be sold in specialty stores along with two websites.The pairing of Barbie and Mad Men forms to be an interesting arrangement because of their shared history since Barbie was

introduced in March 1959, and the first episode of Mad Men aired in March 1960. 8 8th March 2010BIRTHDAY WISHES TO TOM AND JERRY Its time to extend our heartiest wishes to the worlds most popular cat and mouse on their 70th birthday! On the occasion, Cartoon Network, gets ready to tickle you with adorable TJ pranks and tricks as Chooha Billi Chor Police arrive in your city. The programme comprises hour and a half of non-stop hilarious escapades, aired every Monday to Thursday from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.All game for TJ-ing the town, Ms Monica Tata, Vice-President & Deputy General Manger, Entertainment Networks, Turner International India Pvt. Ltd. says that, 70 years and growing more popular than ever, that is Tom & Jerry for you! Its amazing to see the magic of Tom & Jerry alive and kicking as they continue to entertain generations with their endearing humour, pranks and never-ending chase. Cartoon Networks top rated show - Tom & Jerry has given millions of laughs for seven decades and this unique engagement campaign brings the worlds most comical duo to life for our audiences in India. In celebration of their 70th Birthday, Cartoon Network has unleashed the legendary cheese-chase as Tom & Jerry get ready to play pranks in your city with some mad-capped stunts. 8 8th March 2010GLOBOSPORT CEO PUTS IN HIS PAPERS Mr Anirban Das Blah has recently put in his papers at GloboSport India where he was acting as the CEO and co-founder of the company. GloboSport India is tennis player Mahesh Bhupathis celebrity and sports marketing company. The firm has been managing endorsements of Saif Ali Khan, Sania Mirza and Freida Pinto, among others.Mr Anirban Das is setting up his own venture in the entertainment space KWAN Entertainment and marketing solutions. Kwan works for areas like celebrity representation, entertainment marketing, fashion consulting, and sports management among other verticals. The detail of the upcoming venture, however, is something that Mr Blah has not yet confirmed. Before joining GloboSport, Mr Blah had worked with Ericsson Telecom AB, Stockholm. 8 8th March 2010ANIMATED TRON SERIES Disney has recently announced its plans to develop an animated Tron

series, as a follow up to the Christmas 2010 release of the flick.The series targets kids aged 6-14 years and the plan is to precede the series with another project, a 10-part Tron micro-series which is set to make its premier in autumn 2011 on Disney XD. Tron forms a perfect example of how we can take advantage of this potential intellectual property. 8 8th March 2010ROYAL OPERA HOUSE GETS NEW LICENSEES Royal Opera House has recently added four new licensees under The Royal Ballet brand which are the first to be signed since Royal Opera House Enterprises, the commercial trading division of the Royal Opera House, was established in September 2009 to consolidate the merchandising and licensing businesses.The Art File has secured the key stationery and greetings card licence. Jakks Pacific has signed a global license to develop and market a line of dress-up and role-play clothing. And Joules, an apparel company has inked a deal for a range of casual children's clothing under The Royal Ballet brand and premiered its new Little Dancer collection at Spring Fair.The new licensees have added to the organisations existing licensing portfolio, including Oberon books and Freddy as the official dance wear licensee. 5 5th March 2010LAZYTOWN INKS DEAL WITH NEW LICENSEES Lazytown has recently announced a deal with four new partners in an array of categories, adding new licensees to its portfolio. In Italy, a variety of Lazytown puzzles have been unveiled with the first design having hit the market last month with more action to follow later in the year.Just Promotions has also signed a three-year deal with LazyTown along with Smiffys which has acquired a license to produce a line of costumes, wigs and accessories inspired by Stephanie and Sportacus.Also joining the bandwagon is Ultimate Products which will be producing a range of oral health care products for LazyTown. The products will include worldwide sale of toothbrushes and toothpastes. 2 2nd March 2010DELHI DAREDEVILS SPORTS BAR AT IGI AIRPORT Delhi Daredevils, Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket franchise is set to open a sports bar at the Capitals Indira Gandhi International

Airport. The initiative, first such venture by an IPL team, implies a move to diversify revenue base. The bar will be located at the airports expansive, swanky new Terminal 3 and marks the entry of GMR Holdings Ltd into a seven-year licensing arrangement with Ravi Jaipuria-promoted Devyani International Ltd. The former is a bottling and hospitality company that has brought international chains such as Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut and KFC to India.The revenue from the bar will be shared between Devyani Group and GMR Sports. However, the exact percentage share was not disclosed.The new terminal, spread over 5 million sq. ft, is expected to be ready by July, followed by the opening of Delhi Daredevils bar that will open soon after that. However, the aim remains to get going before the Commonwealth Games in October.Following Delhi Daredevils venture, some other teams like Deccan Chargers and Chennai Super Kings are also toying with the concept. 2 2nd March 2010NICKS VIBRANT BAGS RANGE Nick India, the leading kids entertainment brand and a part of Viacom18 has recently introduced its latest merchandise with the launch of its range of colourful and vibrant school bags for kids. The collection is themed and inspired from the ever popular and adorable Nicktoon characters - Dora The Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants & Ninja Hattori.The range is attractively priced from Rs 225 to Rs 875 and the collection is available across all leading retail stores like such as Lifestyle, Westside, Landmark, among others. Nick India has tied up with Brand Concepts to launch the exclusive range of these school bags.Ninja has been the most admired character not only on Nick but also across kids channels, which makes the launch of these bags a giant leap for Nick consumer products. Mr Sandeep Dahiya, Vice President - Consumer Products, Viacom18 Pvt. Ltd. says, We're delighted to partner with Brand Concepts to launch a range of school bags thats sure to excite all the Dora, Ninja & SpongeBob fans. Kids can now go to school with their very own favorite Nicktoon. 2 2nd March 2010CHAPMAN INKS NEW DEAL Chapman Entertainment has recently signed an exclusive deal with The Make-up Factory, catering to a new UK product category for the property. The new range which is revealed for the first time at Spring

Fair includes plasters and microwavable wheat filled cushions. However, a range of sun care kits, first aid kits, brushes and mirrors is also in the loop and the merchandise is expected to be on sale from autumn/winter. The prices are expected to range from 60 pence to 4.Chapman Entertainments spokesperson commented that, I worked with The Make-Up Factory in a former life, so I am thrilled to bring them to Chapman Entertainment. They have great relationships with all key retailers and a fantastic range of products in this area. 2 2nd March 2010LONELY PLANET MAGAZINES INTERNATIONAL EDITION Lonely Planet Magazine is set to be published in France giving way to the new international edition from next month, pertaining to the licence acquired from BBC Magazines to Paperbox.The edition will be the third international edition of the title since its launch in the UK in December 2008 and it is expected to go on sale from March 3rd. The deal also marks the opening partnership between Paperbox and BBC Magazines.The edition will have a print run of 80,000 and a cover price of E4.90. 2 26th February 2010CARE BEARS BRAND EXPANDS ACROSS KEY MARKETS American Greetings Properties has recently secured a raft of new international entertainment deals for its classic property-Care Bears brand.Taking the plunge, Cartoon Network has acquired the rights to broadcast the Care Bears Adventures in Care-a-lot series in both the UK and Italy. The comedy series features new characters like the clumsy Oopsy Bear along with long-standing favourites such as Share Bear, Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear.Also, Disney, which had previously aired Care Bears Oopsy Does It Movie, has gained the rights to broadcast the show, in addition to the three new CGI specials, in a pan-Latin American deal. 2 22th February 2010NINJA HATTORI MERCHANDISE HITS INDIAN MARKETS Nick India, the leading kids entertainment brand has recently launched its latest merchandise, offering colourful and trendy school bags for kids, marking the 1st ever Ninja Hattori product making foray into the Indian market. Nick India has joined hands with Brand

Concepts to launch the exclusive range of school bags of its most loved characters. Ninja has been the most popular character not only on Nick but also across kids channels.The collection, a giant leap for Nick consumer products is inspired from adorable Nicktoon characters - Dora The Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants & Ninja Hattori. Attractively priced from Rs 225 to Rs 875, the collection is available across all leading retail stores such as Lifestyle, Westside, Landmark, and other leading retail stores. The initiative is a stepping stone for NICK Indias mega plans of further strengthening its market share in the kids consumer products space. 2 22th February 2010THE LICENSING AND MERCHANDISING RUSH AT IPL With the IPL fever gearing up for the upcoming series, the revenue streams are witnessing the maximum rush. Vijay Mallyas Royal Challengers and India Cements owned Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are banking big time on their fan clubs. There are extensive licensing and merchandising plans that are being chalked out at Rajasthan Royals end. The potential plans will cover not only India but also the US, UK and Australia.The initiative has begun with selling merchandise through its official website and the prices range between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1 lakh. The main categories that are being looked forward by the company include consumer goods, linen and kids products. Taking this merchandising initiative forward, CSK has once again joined hands with its licensees, Reebok and Peter England, for sportswear and formal apparel under the CSK brand umbrella.The franchisee has further roped in new merchandising partners, including Future Group, which would be creating an array of products from toys to casual wear. However, Aircel continues with the team as a sponsor. 2 22th February 2010SPONGEBOBS UNIQUE SPELL IN THE LICENSED APPAREL MARKET Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) has recently revealed that it aims to grow Spongebob Squarepants brand presence in the apparel category even further. The firm eyes the extended retail distribution for existing product lines in conjunction with the creation of a new high-end collection.Spongebobs licensed

products have seen the success of both men and womens categories, and are also into childrens ranges. The key licensees include Smith & Brooks, BCI and Aykroyds/TDP, with products available with retailers like Next, ASDA, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, New Look, Littlewoods, Dunnes, Mackays and Topman. Spongebob undoubtedly has a wide appeal and attracts a wide audience.NVCP is also exploring budding partnerships for a high-end apparel collection, called Spongebob by Spongebob. The aim however remains to extend the credibility of the brand in the long-term. 2 22th February 2010MIFFY CONTINUES WITH HIGH STREET SUCCESS The Miffy brand is continuing to make its mark in the apparel sector, with DRi Licensing making major in-roads in girls apparel sector. The brand is working with a number of high profile High Street retailers to boost awareness. Miffy is also a regular in Next, Topshop and New Look.Mothercare, also, this year, extended its product line in girlswear for spring, with merchandise including skirts, leggings and a t-shirt set, plus short and long-sleeved t-shirts and a velour tracksuit, all in pink and turquoise. In addition, the spring season will also see the launch of a ladies nightshirt in George at Asda, followed by t-shirt and girls' pyjamas that are set to arrive in May. 2 22th February 2010JESSICA SIMPSONS EXCLUSIVE FASHION WATCHES RANGE The trendy and iconic singer, Jessica Simpson, 29, recently struck an exclusive licensing agreement with world-renowned celebrity jeweler Pascal Mouawad for designing watches, thereby, adding a new venture to her ever-growing lifestyle brand. The initiative includes designing, developing, producing and distributing an array of fashion watches for her brand the Jessica Simpson Collection. Camuto Group, the master licensee for the collection, has managed to build the brand across multiple categories and the license marks the 21st product category for the chic Simpsons brand.The debut collection, slated to launch fall 2010, will include 35 designs, expected to range from 60 dollars to 250 dollars. The collection inspired from Simpsons personal style, varying from classic leather and menswear styles to fashion forward jewellery-inspired looks. The range will be available at upper tier department stores, specialty stores and select online stores, including

1 15th February 2010MATTELS LICENSING PORTFOLIO Mattel's latest licenses WWE, Thomas and Toy Story 3 have new toys set to hit the retail shelves throughout the summer, this year. Mattel's WWE range includes a FlexForce action figure range, Superstar rings, and ring action megaphone among other merchandise. For HIT Entertainment's Thomas and Friends, celebrating its 65th anniversary and Fisher-Price is game to release a Trackmaster Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure play set among other offerings.The Disney Consumer Products' Toy Story 3 product line will hit the stores this summer in time for the movie's release (June 18). The release will include Buzz Lightyear deluxe role-play accessories with Buzz signature phrases and action sounds. Yet another Disney offering will include the Dance Star Mickey that walks, talks and dances.Mattel also plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer with the release of the We Did It! Dora doll, featuring the "We Did It!" song and dance. 1 15th February 2010DQE FORMS AN ALLIANCE WITH AL JAZEERA CHILDREN'S CHANNEL DQ Entertainment PLC (DQE), a leading animation, gaming and live action entertainment production and distribution group has recently announced an exclusive broadcast licensing deal with Al Jazeera Children's Channel (JCC). The deal includes 52 x 11 minute episode animated series and the 60 minute TV Feature of 'The Jungle Book,' which will allow Al Jazeera exclusive broadcasting rights across 22 Arabic countries for a period of five years. Mr Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman and CEO, DQE said, "The broadcast licensing agreement with Al Jazeera for our Jungle Book TV series is testament to the universal appeal of our Jungle Book adaptation. This strategic relationship is of immense value to DQE and can potentially provide the launch pad to many more commercial and strategic alliances." The new adaptation of the Jungle Book series and TV special format is scheduled to be launched by the third quarter of 2010, which already has fans buzzing in anticipation.Al Jazeera Children's Channel (JCC) is a Pan-Arab edutainment channel addressing the audience between 7 and 15 years of age. 1 15th February 2010MOONPIG BAGS ARTLIST BRANDS

Artlist Collection's The Cat and The Pig will be listed on print-ondemand greeting card website,, adding to the impressive list of licensees for the whole Artlist collection franchise. The new agreement covers UK, Ireland and Australia, with a variety of Valentine's Day cards featuring The Pig already available on and designs are also being featured in Moonpig's advertising campaign on the London Underground with new designs for The Pig and The Cat also in the pipeline."Like The Dog, The Pig and The Cat have significant visual appeal and are perfect for greeting cards, so it's fantastic to have Moonpig - a very dynamic company - on board," commented a spokesperson for 4Kids. 1 15th February 2010NEW YORK TOY FAIRS HOT PROPERTIES Toy Story 3, Iron Man 2 and How to Train Your Dragon this year's hot properties: the latest installments of Twilight and Harry Potter, and TV favourite Dora the Explorer. The trend reveals that there is a lot that happens when it comes to sequel film merchandise as it sells better.For instance, Shrek 4 merchandise is expected to sell more easily, now that the franchise is proven and retailers no longer question the appeal of a green ogre. About 25 per cent of all toy dollars in a typical year are spent on products attached to a licensed or entertainment property.Licensors of entertainment properties generally get an upfront guarantee from a master toy licensee. The amount can be worth $1 million or more for top franchises, followed by the studio getting a 10 -15 per cent cut of wholesale receipts, which are about 50 per cent of retail.At the New York Toy Fair (February 14-17, 2010), licensees will showcase their wares in hope of finding buyers among retailers. 1 15th February 2010SAMSONITE AND ADIDAS INK LICENSING DEAL FOR Y-3 Samsonite, the worldwide leader in superior travel bags, luggage and accessories is set to assume full responsibility for manufacturing and distribution, becoming the worldwide licensee of Y-3 bags, travel goods and leather accessories, starting with the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Y-3, the collaboration between Adidas and renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, has revolutionised the industry and created a new category within the fashion and sportswear market. Adidas represents sport and Yohji Yamamoto represents

style both symbolise true craftsmanship, and together they have developed the future in sportswear. Utilising top designer expertise from around the globe, Samsonite creates unparalleled products with utmost attention to quality and durability, fulfilling the travel and lifestyle needs of the sophisticated traveler.Both Samsonite and adidas have a shared commitment to excellence in product innovation and customer satisfaction, and we are excited to support the growth of the adidas Y-3 bags and travel business. This partnership will allow us to optimise our synergies, combining the strength of the adidas Y-3 brand with Samsonites know how and expertise in the bags and travel segment. This will be a key element to increase adidas Y-3 presence in the bags segment worldwide, said Mr Beppi Fremder, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsonite Corporation. Adidas and Samsonite joined forces with a commitment to support, supply and extend the product range of Y-3. To have Samsonite, the worlds leading luggage brand, as a founding partner in innovative travel solutions for Y-3, is a great enhancement for the brand. commented Mr Hermann Deininger, Chief Marketing Officer, Adidas Sport Style Division. 8 8th February 2010EMAMI BANKS ON CHARACTER MERCHANDISE The Emami Group is moving ahead to grab a bigger share of the licensing pie by adding more licences to its portfolio. It s more than a year that the Group tied up with Walt Disney to produce and market Disneys school and fashion bags in India, for which it has the exclusive rights.The Disney characters include adorable characters Hannah Montana, Princess and Jungle Book. The Emami Group owns two reputed Kolkata retail brands - Frank Ross and Starmark. Frank Ross is a leading pharmacy chain and Starmark is one of the leading book and music retailers in the city (Kolkata) with four large-format stores all located in premium malls.However, Disney gets a fixed royalty for the total number of products sold through Emami.Emamis retail strategy includes banking on merchandise distribution, with character merchandising forming a very promising category.In comparison to movie merchandise, character merchandising is a greater challenge, especially if the official merchandise is expensive, thereby encouraging the demand for cheaper knock-offs.

8 8th February 2010SPONGEBOB: HOT PROPERTY GB Eye is all game for further extending on its seven-year partnership with the Spongebob Squarepants brand. The deal includes extending licence for framed photographic prints and badges. In addition to the above deal, the firm has also renewed its South Park licence. The initiative allows the firm to move into new product categories and explore many more opportunities."Spongebob has been a very successful licence for us over the years," said Max Arguile, Licensing Manager at GB Eye. "We continue to see growth adding badges and framed photographic prints to the property, which complements our poster range, and further adds to what we can offer our customers," he further added. 6 6th February 2010SUPERMAN GOES GREEN Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) has recently inked a clip licensing deal with EDF that sees the superhero star in new Eco 20:20 campaign, which offers special energy efficient tariff that encourages consumers to Save Today, Save Tomorrow by offering 20 per cent cheaper electricity after 9pm and at weekends. Superman, the green ambassador is ideally placed to front the new campaign and his job is to save the earth and protect its citizens. The fact that EDF ads are made of recycled clips makes them pretty green too.Mr. Paul Bufton, General Manager, WPCP UK commented: As a licensor we are challenged to evolve our brands to ensure their relevance within current market trends, the Superman Save the Planet programme is just one example of how we are listening and responding to the needs and concerns of the new generation of conscientious consumers. 6 6th February 2010BEN AND HOLLY PART OF MILKSHAKE British broadcaster Five has recently acquired the terrestrial broadcast rights for Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom as confirmed by E1 Kids and Nick Jr UK. The series will however feature as part of the pre-school Milkshake line-up from April 2010. The 52 x 11 minute duration episodes of the adorable animation have been produced so far for Nick Jr.The Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom licensing programme is showing early signs of commercial success with 14 licensees already lined up covering all key product categories.Penguin

bags the first slot of licensees to launch in March 2010 with a complete publishing range that includes story, activity and novelty books. The all-inclusive licensing product range will be available at retail from July 2010 onwards. 5 5th February 2010GLU AND DREAMWORKS NEW DEAL Glu Mobile is all set to create a mobile game based on the upcoming Dreamworks film How To Train Your Dragon giving the film a perfect mobile game treatment in March, 2010. This is the third title that Glu will develop and publish through its existing partnership with Dreamworks, already having enjoyed success with Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Monsters vs Aliens."We are thrilled to have the opportunity to build on past successes with Dreamworks Animation and bring adventure and family fun to gamers with the How To Train Your Dragon mobile game," said Mr. Alex Galvagni, CTO and SVP, Global Product Development, Glu. 5 5th February 2010GET SQUIGGLING GETS NEW LICENSEE Rocket Licensing has recently been chosen as the licensee for preschool drawing series, Get Squiggling thereby, broadening the companys portfolio. Get Squiggling, produced by the creator of Big Cook, Little Cook, is an interesting mix of interactive drawing, classic storytelling and songs. The show is currently being aired on Cbeebies and BBC2 which can be seen in 90 territories worldwide. Rocket Licensing is already eyeing various categories including publishing, cards, apparel and toys, with an exceptional emphasis on creative play."We are thrilled to represent Get Squiggling, a beautifully produced, truly unique show with a terrific broadcast platform and with enormous potential to develop into a range of exciting product," said Mr. Charlie Donaldson, Joint MD at Rocket Licensing. 3 3rd February 2010VIVA INTERNATIONAL GROUP INKS DEAL WITH DESIGNER MARK NASON Viva International Group (VIG) has recently announced a global licensing agreement with footwear designer Mark Nason, for the design, marketing and global distribution of Mark Nason-branded eyewear, including sunglasses and prescription eyewear.VIG, a Highmark company is an entrepreneurial company which has steadily grown to become a worldwide leader in ophthalmic frames and sunglass distribution and manufacturing. Mark Nason is the designer

and founder of the Mark Nason brand and looked up as today's leader of rock n' roll influenced footwear.The Mark Nason Eyewear product line is expected to debut in early 2011, featuring classic rock n roll elements and signature embellishments. The designers attention to detail has been recognised by the fans like Mark Nason signature dragon, metal work and laser etchings that appear on the footwear. We are excited about adding the Mark Nason collection to our portfolio of lifestyle brands. Mark's passion for originality has resulted in the creation of a line that is distinct in its design and one of a kind. Mark's unique sense of style will seamlessly carry over into the eyewear collection, said spokesperson of Viva. 3 3rd February 2010THQ & SONY PICTURES SIGN VIDEO GAMES LICENSING DEAL THQ Inc and Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Inc. have recently signed two multi-year licensing agreements granting THQ the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and publish interactive video games which will be based on Sony Pictures Televisions game show properties, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. The rights granted include different platforms including Wii video game system, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi among others. Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are extraordinarily popular across the globe and it was important for us to find a partner with an international vision. THQs focus and proven success within the family market made them the most logical team to bring these renowned properties to new platforms and we look forward to working with them to create familyfriendly interactive experiences, said Mr Mark Caplan, VP Licensing, Sony Pictures Consumer Products.However, THQ plans to release the first video games with regards to the licensing agreement, later this year. 1 1st February 2010PALADONE PART OF GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS DRIVE The first range of Guinness World Records toys and gifts are set to hit the market in 2010 and 2011. The partner for the deal is Paladone and the deal is brokered by Start Licensing. The deal will see the launch of products like juggling sets and bus jumping motorbike kits in the coming summer across the UK.Guinness World Records has been fascinating and inspiring people of all ages and thus the

products are expected to be sure shot hit with the customers. "Working with such a great brand is inspirational and a perfect foundation to create a range of products that inspires seven to 70 year olds to get active and break a record," said Ms Hannah Scroggs, new product developer for Paladone. 1 1st February 2010VIVID GROUP TO CREATE A DVD ROLE-PLAY TOY BBC Worldwide has recently announced its plans to continue the licensing drive for Strictly Come Dancing, appointing Vivid Group, which will create a DVD role-play toy based on the BBC Entertainment Show. The role-play set will be available at retail shelves by July comprising an instructional DVD, dress up elements and scoring boards for the judges.The set will be attractively priced at 25. The introduction of the product in the market will be supported with TV advertising and a PR programme as well."Strictly is a household name and is one of the lucky few that inspire universal enjoyment from young to old," commented Mr Richard Hollis, Head of UK licensing at BBC Worldwide. "The launch of this great new toy will truly enable fans to extend their love of the show in their living rooms, so we're sure it will be a 'ten' for buyers and customers," he further opined. 1 1st February 2010FITZ ROY MEDIA SIGNS ON HYBRID APPAREL Fitz Roy Media has recently inked a two year deal with the highly creative Hybrid Apparel, which will act as the US apparel licensee for its Heathcliff and Funny Face brands. Hybrid will however launch the new designs offering the initial line of products at MAGIC marketplace in February.The deal will grant the firm rights to manufacture and distribute themed apparel including tees, novelty tops, wovens, twofers and tanks, beanies, caps, fleece outerwear, jackets and hoodies. "Hybrids demonstrated creativity and track record of success in furthering the appeal of highly recognised brands are a perfect fit for these newly invigorated properties," commented Mr Hamp Hampton, CEO of Fitz Roy Media. "We look forward to working with Hybrid's team of talented designers in translating the fun and excitement of Heathcliff and Funny Face to the world of apparel," he further added. 3 30th January 2010NICKELODEON GETS NEW PARTNER FOR

CHILDREN'S MATTRESS LINE Serta has recently entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP), to produce a cobranded merchandise line of childrens mattresses. The collection will be inspired by Nickelodeons most adored properties like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Go, Diego, Go! The collection, an extension of Serta flagship Perfect Sleeper collection, featuring the patented Continuous Coil Innerspring and Advanced Comfort Quilt, will make its debut at the Las Vegas market in the coming week.The product line will feature stain and liquid resistant technology, which will come to the aid of parents in keeping the mattresses clean over a period of time.The NVCP manages the worlds third largest licensing business, representing leading properties such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer, in conjunction with managing merchandising for Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTVN International, and Spike TV. 3 30th January 2010UBISOFT PARTNERS WITH FOX LICENSING RealD, a global leader in 3D technology for cinema, home and professional applications, has recently announced Ubisoft joining hands with Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox Licensing). The deal implies the licensing and integrating of the company's proprietary stereoscopic RealD Format into James Cameron's Avatar(TM): The Game. Avatar is now ranked the second highest grossing film of all time.The RealD Format will allow for direct connection between the Xbox 360(R) video game and entertainment system or PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system and 3D-enabled TVs with integrated RealD technology for an unsurpassed 3D gaming experience."The RealD Format will make James Cameron's Avatar(TM): The Game one of the first titles to effortlessly work with the numerous lines of RealD 3D-enabled TVs that will soon be on the market," said Mr Joshua Greer, President of RealD. 2 27th January 2010REALITY SHOWS EXPAND THEIR REACH VIA ONLINE GAMING Reality TV Shows are a hit with the audiences and with a view to generate additional revenue via offering viewers more than they could ask for, the new marketing mantra includes online gaming

platforms that many shows like Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and Pati Patni Aur Woh are offering with an aim to draw a larger viewership. The channels which have taken this initiative include the likes of NDTV Imagine, Star Plus, Sony and Colors, thereby enhancing audience interaction. For instance, Star Plus has launched its television shows such as Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain across various platforms like Internet, cellphones, and interactive television. Games are a cost-effective way for a television channel to promote its shows. On an average, it takes Rs3-7 lakh to create a game around a reality show. It reaches the right audience and is the most cost-effective medium today, comments a company insider.Zapak has already devised games around popular shows like MTVs Roadies and The Fast and the Gorgeous, Sonys Dus Ka Dum and NDTVs Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and Pati Patni Aur Woh. 2 27th January 2010SAMSUNG GIORGIO ARMANI HANDSET LAUNCHED IN INDIA Giorgio Armani mobile handsets have hit the Indian market as a result of a third collaboration between Samsung and fashion house Giorgio Armani. The premium handset was recently launched at an event in Mumbai which promises to be an exclusive blend of cutting edge technology and elite design and fashion.The tilt-screen device is launched with Windows Mobile 6.5 on board and offers a 3.5 inch WVGA AMOLED screen and 5 megapixel camera. The handsets price is expected to fall in the unconfirmed price range of Rs 50000 ($ 1,100), which also has 8 GB built-in and microSB expansion. 2 23rd January 2010GREEN IPL STRIKES A DEAL WITH COLORS The Indian Premier League (IPL) and Colors entertainment channel recently entered into an entertainment licensing deal to launch an array of shows around the cash loaded Twenty20 event. IPL 3.0, commencing on March 12 is set to entertain the masses with initiatives to address the Cricketainment quotient of the premier league as well. The agreement also includes, IPL cricket stars, who will be seen on Colors via various format shows like 'Fear factor and Khatron Ke Khiladi IPL special. The other shows in the loop include programmes like 'IPL Awards Night' and 42 other 'IPL Nights'. Among other recent activities, IPL has also recently launched a partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) joining the

bandwagon of global events like the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, which are working with the UNEP to green their events. 2 22nd January 2010THE TANNED NEW PLAYBOY Lifestyle brand to roll out a line of indoor tanning products in the US. Playboy Enterprises has recently sealed a deal with skin care and tanning firm Performance Brands to roll out an array of indoor tanning products in the US. The collection will be called the Hollywood Playboy Sun Collection.The line of products will be sold exclusively at Hollywood Tans, one of the largest chains of professional tanning salons, and will comprise sunless tanning sprays, tanning accelerator lotions, tanning and after tan moisturisers, extenders and bronzers. 2 22nd January 2010AARDMAN RIGHTS GETS NEW PARTNERS Aardman Rights has recently secured a number of key licensing partners for hit pre-school property Timmy Time along with gift deals done for other brands. The new gift deals include Wallace & Gromit, Shaun he Sheep and Morph.Martin Yaffe has inked the deal to produce Timmy Time outdoor toys. The outdoor play equipment for the toddler and pre-school market will include hoppers and outdoor sports and playground games, which will hit the market this summer. In addition to the mentioned deals, Baylis & Harding will launch a range of toiletries including bathtime gift packs; Little Star Creations will offer a line of branded stationery and children's activity packs; while Abbey Home Media Group will be joining hands with Aardman to produce audio story CDs among many more deals."We are thrilled to sign new partners across our portfolio as we head into Toy Fair. The range and diversity of these deals highlight the flexibility and broad appeal of all our brands, said Mr Sean Clarke, Head of Aardman Rights. 2 21st January 2010AIRFONE STRENGTHENS TIES WITH TSERIES JV Airfone India Private Limited, a new generation mobile phone company a well known player in Telecom Industry has recently joined hands with T- series, the market leader in Indian music industry. The initiative aims to offer special services to avid music lovers.The offer includes Airfones newly launched mobile handset, AF 27 packed with a T-Series loaded 2 GB Micro SD Card with five

year standard warranty, which is worth Rs 475 for free. This Micro SD card will include chart buster albums such as 3 Idiots, Tare Zameen Par, Delhi 6 among others alongside 10 ring tones, 20 wallpapers & 10 animations.Commenting on the association with T- Series, Mr. Vishal Chitkara, Director of Airfone India Private Limited said, Our association with T Series will enable our consumers to get legally loaded content with our phones, which ensure perfect quality music and videos.This new generation mobile handset is a multi feature model, attractively priced at Rs 3599 making it a complete value for money deal. The classy mobile is available in red, Black+ Red, Black+ Grey combinations with 1.3 mega pixel digital camera, Bluetooth and dual SIM connectivity. 2 20th January 2010NIKE GOLFS TIGER WOODS COLLECTION Nike Golf, the global leader in golf apparel and original pioneer of incorporating technical fabrics into golf apparel design has recently introduced Tour Collection for the first time in India. Nike Golf is the original pioneer of incorporating technical fabrics into golf apparel design and now the exclusive merchandise is available in India! Available with the official stamp of approval from the world's premier golfer, Tiger Woods, the Collection undoubtedly promises superior quality apparel combined with some serious game. The Tiger Woods Collection is available between the price range of Rs. 3299 and Rs. 3599 at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj and all leading golf courses in India. 2 20th January 2010DQ E INKS BROADCASTING PACT WITH ISRAELI FIRM DQ Entertainment (DQE), the animation, gaming, live action entertainment production and global distribution company has recently announced that it has signed a broadcasting agreement with Israel`s leading television content producer & broadcaster - `Noga Communications`. The deal implies the broadcast of `The Jungle Book`, a 52 episodes 3D-HD animated series as Noga`s reach in Israel is extensive with specific commercial expertise in exploiting new content via Nogas multiplexes of channels-`The Children Channel`, `Channel 8` and `Logi Channel` which have a large share of the entertainment market in Israel.Our collaboration with Israel`s Noga Communications is yet another affirmation of the quality of the

Jungle book, a home grown TV series written in UK & Paris and produced in India, commented Mr Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman & CEO of DQE Group. 2 20th January 2010MGM RECEIVES FIRST ROUND OF BIDS MGM which owns around 4,000 film titles, including James Bond and Pink Panther franchises is currently in the process of receiving its first round of bids with a dozen companies having signed the studio's confidentiality agreements to take a look at the business.Companies like Time Warner, Lions Gate Entertainment, Liberty Media, AT&T and Summit Entertainment have expressed an interest, while News Corp is also likely to be in the mix.Reuters said that first round offers are expected to come in between $1.5 billion and $2 billion which does not legally bound the bidders to follow up their offer. However, MGM owes $3.7 billion and the bids are expected to help MGM assess the level of interest among potential buyers. 1 18th January 2010CHAPMAN REVEALS NEW PARTNERSHIPS Chapman Entertainment has recently revealed two new partnerships with publishing licensees- Peter Haddock and Signature Publishing enhancing the portfolio for Chapman brands. Peter Haddock Publishing (PHP) will produce and distribute Fifi and Roary activity products until December 2012. The products will launch in spring/summer where the range will include stickers, scrap pads, scribble books, bath book, magnets and other items.Whereas, Signature Publishing will produce Roary-branded pages in its preschool magazine- Fantastic, which will be released in February 2010. "We are excited to partner with two new publishers with brilliant licensing experience," said Ms Natasha Dyson, Head, Licensing, Chapman. The association is expected to provide premium quality products, which will appeal to boys and girls alike. 1 18th January 2010HTI TO LAUNCH WINNIE THE POOH Toy company-Halsall Toys International (HTI) has recently announced its decision to create role play line for Disney propertyWinnie the Pooh in the UK. The range includes products like Winnie the Pooh Musical Vacuum Cleaner, a Baking Set and a Tea Set and a Winnie the Pooh birthday cake with light-up candle for the initial range, which will be available from autumn/winter across a selection of price points."As the leading manufacturer in the UK role play

market, we are absolutely thrilled to have won the rights to develop Winnie the Pooh role play toys," said Mr Andrew Coplestone, HTI Licensing Director. 1 15th January 2010CHUGGINGTON SET TO EXPLORE ASIAN MARKET Ludorum has recently secured a number of broadcast and licensing deals for UK pre-school brand Chuggington, which is set to hit the Asian market. The deal extends the companys relationship with Disney in order to introduce Chuggington throughout key territories across Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The deal will be followed by subsequent agreements, which will see Chuggington aired on free TV in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and basic pay channel, Truevisions Kids in Thailand.Medialink, the property's agent in the region has already secured 14 licensees across categories including publishing, apparel and footwear, play-sets, stationery, party ware, watches, clocks and accessories. Merchandise will, however, be launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taiwan in spring 2010, alongside RC2's master toy range. " 1 15th January 2010PERCY JACKSONS NEW FILM AND VIDEO GAME Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, best selling book series is set to be turned into a film by Fox and a video game by Activision. 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising is all game to build the licensing drive for Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, appointing Activision as its video games partner. The film is based on the first title in Rick Riordan's best selling book series. The film is set in a modern world where the 12 gods of Mount Olympus are alive and Percy Jackson, the teenage son of Poseidon must prove his innocence, save his mother and avoid a war among the gods.The movie adaptation has been named as one to watch for 2010 whereas the Nintendo DS game will arrive in February to coincide with the movie release. 1 15th January 2010P&G TO END DEAL WITH VALENTINO FASHION GROUP Procter & Gamble Co., which produces a number of fragrances for

Valentino has recently decided to put an end to its fragrance licensing agreement with Valentino Fashion Group. Puig Beauty & Fashion Group SL, the Spanish fashion and fragrance company is expected to take over the license from P&G in February 2011, revealed a company insider.The sales figure never reached the heights of P&G's fragrance licenses, including those with Gucci Group and Dolce & Gabbana. P&G aims to focus on its more competitive products as the company has been lately moving into luxury beauty products, including the expansion of skin care line SK-II and its acquisition of high-end men's grooming lines such as The Art of Shaving. 1 13th January 20104KIDS EXPANDS ACROSS ASIA 4Kids Entertainment has recently selected new licensing agents for several of its properties across Asia. The appointments also include CLICK! Licensing Asia on board, which will take on representation for the American Kennel Club in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.CLICK! Licensing Asia will also be representing Jim Henson Designs in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. However, Impact Licensing & Marketing will represent Jim Henson Designs in Taiwan and Empire International Merchandising Corporation will be representing The Artlist Collections The Dog/The Cat/The Pig photographic properties in the Philippines. 1 13th January 2010THE US-SUPREME COURT HEARS NFL -LEGAL CASE The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard the case that deals with the National Football Leagues (NFL) exclusive licensing deal for selling billions of dollars worth of hats, jerseys, sweatshirts and other apparel. The court's eventual ruling could disrupt most of the professional and even collegiate deals currently in place, not only in football but also in basketball, hockey and other sports.Since 2000, it has been NFLs decision that it wanted to award its merchandising license for all 32 teams to just one company Reebok. The initial deal used to be that lots of different companies had NFL licenses to sell items with NFL team logos.American Needle Inc., a family-owned company based in Illinois went to court, claiming that the 32 teams, operating though the NFL, had conspired to give Reebok a monopoly in violation of the federal antitrust laws. The NFL however countered that the league is a single entity that operates as one business, not 32 competing businesses.

1 13th January 2010AMERICA GETS 'TAARE ZAMEEN PAR' ON DVD/CD Bollywoods heartthrob Aamir Khan's award-winning film "Taare Zameen Par" has been recently launched in North America in the form of a three-disc DVD/CD set from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. The story has been presented for American audiences with a brand new English-language track and English and Hindi subtitles as "Like Stars on Earth".The appealing and inspiring tale is of an eight-year-old Mumbai native Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary), who lives in a world where letters dance exuberantly with the brilliant colours, lively animals and joyfully soaring kites of his fantastical imagination."Like Stars on Earth" with a feature run time of 165 minutes has a suggested retail price of US$29.99 and Canadian $35.99. 1 11th January 2010BIG IDEA TO ENTER NEW SECTORS Big Ideas brand, VeggieTales, is set venture a number of new categories following a deal with Enesco to develop and distribute a range of products. Enesco is known to be a gift, home and garden dcor specialist, which boasts of the Gund plush division and also the Gregg gift division.Ms Leslie Ferrell, General Manager, Enesco, avers, "We are excited to reach consumers through Enesco's broad mix of retail channels, and to share the VeggieTales messages through new products that have proven appeal to children and families." 1 11th January 2010SESAME WORKSHOP INKS DEAL WITH DREAMGEAR An array of branded electronics and video games accessories are about to hit the market and entice the enthusiasts, following a new agreement between DreamGear and Sesame Workshop. The array includes earphones, speakers featuring Sesame Street characters which are also showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.The characters would include Elmo, Bert, Ernie and Big Bird among others, which will appear on the ear buds, earphones and speakers and, initially, a line of accessories for the Nintendo DSi portable gaming systems."DreamGear and Sesame Street offer experiences that can both entertain and inspire families. We are thrilled to be combining Sesame Street's iconic characters with our

extensive line of DreamGear and I. Sound products," exclaims Mr. Richard Weston, COO at DreamGear 1 11th January 2010CHAPMAN SIGNS ON VIVID IMAGINATIONS Chapman Entertainment has recently inked yet another five year deal with Vivid Imaginations making it master toy partner for its new preschool property, Little Charley Bear. Vivid is also the master toy licensee for Chapman's two pre-school shows Fifi and the Flowertots and Roary the Racing Car.Vivid Imaginations will be developing a range of products including plush, play-sets, role play, arts and crafts, puzzles and games, for distribution in the UK, France, Benelux and Germany. The company also possesses global manufacturing rights (excluding for the US). The products are expected to hit the shelves in the UK in autumn/winter 2011. 0 09th January 2010MONTY PYTHON RIDING HIGH WITH LICENSING Following the successful Monty Pythons 40th anniversary celebrations, the licensing drive for the comedy brand continues apace with greeting cards of the property now available through print on demand website fans can now send personalised cards featuring 12 pictures and dialogue from classic Python sketches and movies.The licensees for Monty Python consists of Dickens & Brown and Famous Forever Clothing (t-shirts), J Fox Sox (apparel including lounge pants, boxers among other products), Pyramid (posters), Danilo (sound cards) and Underground Toys (voice key chains), thereby, embracing a variety of sectors. 0 09th January 2010CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN SEALS LICENSING DEAL WITH KRAFT FOODS California Pizza Kitchen, a leading casual dining chain has recently inked a licensing agreement with Kraft Foods to manufacture and market California Pizza Kitchen brand frozen pizzas in the grocery channel. Nestle has also announced that it has agreed to acquire Kraft Foods frozen pizza business in the US and Canada. The acquisition implies the California Pizza Kitchen brand license for frozen pizza and related products sold in grocery stores.This agreement, expected to enhance the relation between California Pizza Kitchen with Nestle, is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to be completed in 2010. However for Nestle, the deal will

be complimentary, adding to their frozen foods range. 0 09th January 2010GET TRENDY WITH 'CHANCE PE DANCE' APPAREL LINE Shoppers Stops hugely popular youth brand LIFE has recreated the fashion magic once again with the very recent launch of Chance Pe Dance apparel line. Bollywood heartthrobs Shahid Kapoor and Genelia DSouza recently unveiled the Chance Pe Dance apparel line at Shoppers Stop, Mumbai.The very trendy apparel line is inspired by the characters in the movie - Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) and Tina (Genelia DSouza) as portrayed in their forthcoming mega movie Chance Pe Dance.The LIFE apparel representing Shahids look is available at Rs 599 onwards. Genelias free-spirited fashion is captured in spunky dungaree shorts, vivacious gaucho pants, and overall in halter silhouettes. Genelias chic feminine look in the movie is perfectly encapsulated by LIFE brand and is attractively priced at Rs 499 onwards.The Chance Pe Dance apparel line at Shoppers Stop is available in association with UTV Motion Pictures, UTV Bindaas and IIFA brand owner Wizcraft.Mr. Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate & President & CEO, Shoppers Stop Ltd. says, Bollywoods influence on fashion trends is unquestionable. At Shoppers Stop, we have been always looking at providing our esteemed customers with exclusive merchandise. This has propelled us to bring alive the effervescence of Chance Pe Dance in the form of wearable fashion for our valued customers. Our exclusive brand LIFE is very popular among the youth and the imagery of the brand perfectly coincides with the pulse of the movie. 0 06th January 2010STAR TREK EXPLORES THE UNEXPLORED Star Trek has always come up with some highly innovative memorabilia but its most recent product offering has path-breaking novelty. The Kellogg Company, producer of Eggo Waffles has recently released a line of official "limited edition" Star Trek themed waffles to go along with J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie.There are 25 different impressions on the waffles which include Star Trek logo, icons, images of the new cast from the science fiction franchise. Whether the waffles come with a special filling or not is best left to the people who have tasted it! 0 06th January 2010NEW PARTNER FOR PAMPERS

Crown Crafts has been signed on to produce a wide range of Pampers-branded infant products which are expected to hit retailer shelves coming spring. Pampers is a Procter & Gamble brand and the idea behind the licensing deal is to make Pampers a parenting brand in addition to a diaper brand. The product range as developed and distributed by the licensee would include infant bedding, blankets, bibs, bath goods and slings. Pampers, sometime back opened up to outside companies with a program called Connect & Develop. 0 05th January 2010NUREMBERG TO WELCOME WOMEN IN TOY BUSINESS International Toy Fair in Nuremberg is set to host the annual Women in Toys (WIT) breakfast and networking reception, next month. The ladies invited to the event are working in the toy, entertainment and licensing industries. The event will be providing useful insights with respect to the current world trends in the toy business.WIT, in a short span of time, has expanded into the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Israel and the Middle East, India, South America, Australia and Canada. The event aims to acknowledge and promote the achievements of women in the toy industry highlighting their efforts. 0 05th January 2010VICTORIA CHARLES JOINS FLUID WORLD Ms Victoria Charles, former Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at 4Kids Entertainment International has recently joined Fluid World, a brand management and licensing agency as the Brand Licensing Manager.Ms Charles will mainly be concentrating on Hello Kitty, as well as structuring the licensing programme for other Sanrio Friends properties including My Melody, Badtz Maru, Chococat, Kuromi and Keroppi.Fluid World is pleased to add her to the team considering her extensive experience, which she can apply to the role. She will also be working on the Sanrio 50th anniversary in September 2010. 0 04th January 2010NEW PARTNERS FOR LONDON 2012 The licensing programme for London 2012 continues to build with Golden Bear becoming the master toy licensee whereas Winning Moves has signed in as the games partner. Golden Bears key role will include developing a broad range of plush and plastic toys and gift products across the London 2012, Team GB and Paralympics GB

brands.The first range of products is expected to hit the retail shelves by Christmas 2010, while the succeeding ranges to be rolled out in the lead up to the Games in 2012. However, Winning Moves key role would include creating branded Top Trumps card games, the new Top Trumps Tournament boxed game version, playing cards, trivia card and board games. 0 04th January 2010MICROMAX TEAMS UP WITH MTV Indian mobile firm Micromax Informatics has recently joined hands with MTV to launch a line of co-branded mobile phones, introducing the first handset Micromax MTV X360 which will be Indias first complete music phone.The handset comes with many useful features including 8GB expandable memory, dual SIM, GPRS, multi-format music support and bluetooth.The handset is equipped with exclusive MTV content featuring videos, ringtones and wallpapers from a number of shows, thereby, proving to be a safe deal with Micromaxs proficiency in product design and distribution in conjunction with MTVs creative strengths and youthful insights. 0 04th January 2010THE MARVELLOUS MARVEL-DISNEY MERGER Marvel stockholder has recently approved the merger between Marvel and Disney, which implies that the two companies would eventually become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney. The super combo is expected to contribute greatly to the creative and business potential of Disney leveraging Marvels characters that have been featured in a variety of media for over 70 years and businesses, including licensing, movie production and publishing.Apart from the shareholders benefits, the fans too are going to get their share of the pie! The ardent fans can expect Disney to have the right to produce movies based on characters from the Marvel Universe that hasnt already been licensed to other studios (Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four). This venture will enable Disney to enhance the merchandising opportunities, thereby, making the most of Marvels 5000 characters. 2 29th December 2009SOCCER IN THE FASHION FIELD Total Apparel Group, which aims to become the leading product licensing, brand management and retail development partner to pre-

eminent sports, entertainment and lifestyle brands in the US, has recently announced that the FIFA branded 'Event' collection is one of the five lines being launched for the first time in Spring 2010.The much awaited 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM) is the inspiration behind the collection, which comes in a rainbow of hues including royal blue, sport green, red and sun yellow among others. The range includes a selection of stylish hoodies, T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and tracksuits for men and women. The contemporary collection is a hit among the young and the trendy avid soccer fans around the world. The collection inspired by FIFA - founded over 100 years ago in Paris offers the unique fusion of soccer, fashion and culture which is reflected in the design and production of the all new sports lifestyle apparel and accessories ranges. 2 29th December 2009GAMING CATCHES UP WITH GALA TIMES Zapak Games, the licensing and merchandising arm of Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd has decided to make the most of the Christmas and new year time by introducing the worlds best toys- Zubber and Aquasand in the country. Zubber comes in a variety of colours and on mixing with a white coloured activator, transforms into rubber like material, which can be used by kids to mould into different shapes. The merchandise is available for Rs 299 to Rs 1499. Aquasand, on the other hand is a Magic Sand that never gets wet; when taken out of water, it is dry and can be reused. The fun Aquasand collection comes in different SKUs like light up kingdom, theme refills, and gift box among others. Basic packs for Light up Kingdom are priced at Rs 399 and Rs 1299. Other price points include Rs 999 for theme gift box and Rs 599 for theme refills.The toys will now be available across all leading toy stores and large format stores in the country. Zapak is Indias largest gaming company which has already successfully delivered a lot of movie merchandise based on flicks like Bhootnath, Love Story 2050, Hari Puttar, Rock On and Drona.The toys target the audience of 4 to 14 years and promise to be kids best buddies, this gala season! 2 29th December 2009VIACOM 18 PLANS MERCHANDISE EXPANSION Viacom 18, a 50-50 joint venture between US based Viacom and

Network 18 Group considering the vast opportunities, is contemplating to introduce merchandise for TV channels like Colors and VH1 in India. Given the success of shows like Big Boss and Hit Factory, Viacom 18 is planning to come out with merchandise products for Colors and VH1 in India. Viacom is all set to introduce about 15 new categories like head gear and footwear in 2010. Presently, Viacom 18s offerings include paper products, watches, bed sheets and co-branded SIM cards under the brands 'MTV' and 'Roadies', and soft toys under the brand Nickelodeon. In addition to MTV, the company owns and operates TV channels like Colors, Nickelodeon and VH1 in India. 2 29th December 2009MICHAEL JACKSON IN YOUR AIR Japanese manufacturer, Dive, has recently purchased a license to officially create Michael Jackson consumer products for the Japanese market and they released preorder solicitations soon after. One such merchandise includes the Michael Jackson Air Freshener, which promises to freshen up the air indoors with a positively refreshing scent. Once the air freshener is released from its plastic bag, the scent lasts for about 2-4 weeks and once the scent gets depleted, it can be inserted back into its bag and put away in storage. The licensing details are mentioned at the back of the freshener as well. 2 28th December 2009ALL GAME FOR 'ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL Majesco Entertainment Company, a provider of video games for the mass market, Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising and Bagdasarian Productions have recently announced the all-new video game Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel for Wii (TM) and Nintendo DS (TM) based on the highly-anticipated theatrical release of the same name, available at retail price of $39.99 and $29.99 respectively.Performers have a variety of pulse-pounding concert locations to choose from comprising 25 different venues on Wii and 11 in the Nintendo DS version. There are also an array of gameplay modes for the performers including multiplayer that lets them compete against two friends on Wii or up to three friends on Nintendo DS, and Jukebox, where they can play their preferred unlocked songs in conjunction with watching and singing to music videos.

2 21st December 09LITTLE KRISHNA VENTURES FOREIGN LAND An Indian animated property is creating a buzz overseas. The global distribution right for Little Krishna, the maiden project of Big Animation, a part of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Groups (ADAG) Reliance MediaWorks, has been bought by an international television content distributor Evergreen Entertainment. For the first time an Indian original animation IP is making its presence felt, globally. Little Krishna is the first Indian animation content Nick and Evergreen Entertainment have ever bought. Nick has also bought licensing and merchandising rights while Hungama has bought digital rights, which includes mobile ring tones and digital wallpapers. BIG Home Video, another Reliance MediaWorks company, has bought the home video rights.Evergreen states that Little Krishna is its first Indian IP product, though it has been offered many other shows from India, which it felt were not entirely suitable for the world market. Evergreen's agreement with Big Animation is on a royalty share basis. The deal size is undisclosed. Evergreen has already sold the broadcast and DVD rights for Little Krishna to Nexus IT Solutions in Malaysia, and Europa Filmes, in Brazil. Little Krishna has been created in two formats13-half hour episodes and three feature films of 85 minutes each. The 13-part series is already telecasted on Nick in India and recently won the best animation award at the Asian Television Awards in Singapore. 2 21st December 09THE CONVERSE-3 IDIOTS CONVERGENCE Converse, a reputed American sports company and Vinod Chopra Films, Indias leading boutique film company, recently joined hands to launch the exclusive footwear collection inspired by the upcoming movie, 3 idiots. The range is inspired by the different moods and characteristics of the movie, which boasts of stars like Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani.The footwear range comprises three chic styles as flaunted in the movie and eight specially designed Doodle collection. The Doodle range is personally designed and sketched by Aamir Khan addressing all the aspects of a successful brand namely, quality, comfort and the right customer attitude of Converse. The Converse 3 Idiot range is available in Unisex styles across sizes of 3-11, priced at Rs 1199 and

available across all Planet Sports, Pantaloons and Central outlets. The Doodle collection is, however, priced at Rs 999 and will be available across all Planet Sports, Pantaloons, Central, Brand Factory and select Big Bazaar outlets. 2 21st December 09THQ ANNOUNCES NEW SENIOR VP OF LICENSING AND MERCHANDISING Toy Head-Quarters, better known as THQ has appointed Germaine Gioia as senior VP of licensing and merchandising. THQ is an American developer and publisher of video games. It creates products for video game consoles, handheld game systems, personal computers and wireless devices. The company also possesses exclusive, long-term licensing agreements with worlds leading sports and entertainment content creators like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Games Workshop (Warhammer 40,000), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Nickelodeon and DisneyPixar.Gioia is back with the company after a three year stint as VPMarketing for the US and Europe with Capcom. Previously, she led THQ's licensing efforts for 14 years and secured many of its most successful franchises. The company is pleased to have her back. Gioia, on the other hand, hopes to help the THQ team build its portfolio of intellectual properties and expose its brands across the entertainment sector and other relevant markets. 1 19th December 09FOX LICENSING COMES UP WITH AVATAR LICENSING PROGRAMMES The film, Avatar, was released worldwide on December 18, 2009. To promote the movie, Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox Licensing) will release licensed products in the categories like video games, toys, apparel and publishing, partnering with the industry leaders like Ubisoft, Mattel, JEM, HarperCollins and Abrams. Avatar is slated to be a game changer with its revolutionary advances that produce a uniquely immersive cinematic experience. The company has taken the cutting edge technology of the movie and incorporated the same into the entire line of licensed merchandise. Ubisofts video game based on James Camerons Avatar, is a natural extension of the universe shown in the movie. Complementing Mattel's range, Fox Licensing signed Sideshow

Collectibles and developed a line of collectible statues, life-size busts, maquettes, and dioramas. The line already has won some fans. In the New Year, some more collectibles will be released from Gentle Giant Studios and The Noble Collection.In apparel, JEM Sportswear and Awake are expected to create a line of t-shirts, fashiontops and sweatshirts. The line will include the imagery from the film. Accessory Innovations has been roped in to create a line of backpacks and bags.Five new books from Abrams and HarperCollins were launched at the time of the premiere of the film. Twentieth Century Fox also recently declared the major marketing and promotional partners for the film, which includes McDonalds, CocaCola, Panasonic and LG Mobile.Avatar has been released in India with 700 prints, in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, besides English. 1 19th December 09WARNER TO PUBLISH BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM SEQUEL A sequel to blockbuster Batman, Arkham Asylum was recently announced at the Spike Video Game Awards. It was also announced that Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment will be the sole publisher, with original developer Rocksteady Studios also on board. The original publisher was Eidos Interactive.We are thrilled to build a global game franchise from Batman: Arkham Asylum, which is receiving an incredible response from gamers and fans of Batman around the world, said Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. "Rocksteady has taken Batman to a new level in the videogame space and we are committed to delivering a sequel the fans will love," he added. 2 22nd October 2009THE HIVE GETS ITS FIRST LICENSEE PPC Enterprises has recently inked a licensing deal with Aykroyds and TDP for its preschool property- The Hive. The deal will give way to branded children's apparel. The Hive has been signed up by GMTV in the UK and has also plans to enter North America.The Hive will follow the fortunes of the Bee family based on the storylines of a family including solving problems together, being part of a diverse community and caring for the environment."To have a first licensee signed before the show has even been broadcast demonstrates the huge potential of the brand and this is certain to be the first of many more deals for The Hive," comments Mr Mark Hurry, Legal and

Commercial Director, PPCE. 1 16th October 2009BARBIE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS IN INDIA Mattel has recently launched innovative range of Barbie consumer electronics, further expanding into the retail space. Mattel Toys (India) Private Limited is a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products.The range is set to fascinate girls who have an affinity towards technology and style and above all possess a penchant for Barbie. The attractive range comprises Barbie Blossom DVD player; Bloombox-Portable Two-in-One, telephone and Story Teller Clock Radio. The fun, flash & eye-catching line of Barbie Consumer Electronics are available at all leading stores across India and the prices range from Rs 1,999 to Rs 5,499. However, the target age group would be girls aged 5 years and upwards.Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Bhowmik, Head Marketing, Mattel comments, We are delighted to make available such trendy items to young and smart school girls in India. Nowadays, at an early age girls are becoming tech geeks; wanting to out-show and emulate their lifestyle with young boys who are also keen in exploring tech toys which are cool and flashy. 1 15th October 2009IGNITION LICENSING AGREEMENT WITH PAPER ROSE CARDS AND STUDIO 100 Ignition Licensing has recently reached agreements with Paper Rose Cards and Studio 100. Ignition Licensing will be the new licensing agent in UK and Eire for interactive TV property, Kerwhizz as appointed by Studio 100. Ignition will be responsible for developing merchandising rights to the pre-school TV show, given its successful launch on Cbeebies in the UK. Also, Ignition will be handling Marzipan card brand as hired by Paper Rose Cards."We are very excited to be taking on Kerwhizz, the very first quiz of its kind on TV for preschoolers," says Ms Maggy Harris, Licensing Director, Ignition. "The programme is unique and is already a big hit with both children and parents alike," she further comments.Ms Harris sums up: "Marzipan is a wonderful addition to the Ignition portfolio and we are delighted to have been appointed by Paper Rose who have an exceptional track record for bold and innovative card ranges."

1 15th October 2009ASDA'S LAZYTOWN TIES STRENGTHEN Supermarket chain Asda has recently revealed its plans to launch its first ever fully animated flash microsite and online flash games to promote GreatStuff healthy food line. The initial tie up between Asda and LazyTown which happened in April has been a major success and thus the companies have decided to strengthen their relation further. The microsite features constantly moving animation, three flash games, three static downloadable games and an online competition as well. The offer has been lucrative enough with LazyTown superhero collectables available inside all packs of GreatStuff products. Also customers who possess all six collectables will be able to send their photos via the website to access exclusive LazyTown downloads. 1 14th October 2009BEN 10 GETS PALLY WITH iPHONE Turner Broadcasting has recently joined hands with ustwo, the creative digital design studio to launch its first branded iPhone app in the UK. Ustwo makes its first foray into branding around its MouthOff app with Ben 10 MouthOff.Using original animation and sound effects all throughout, ardent fans of Ben 10 can emulate the mouth movements of their favourite characters. All is required is to place the iPhone in front of the mouth and seeing the visuals on the handset move in correspondence to ones speech. The iPhone app replicates the show's Omnitrix on the handset screen, scrolling down which the kids can select aliens including Ripjaw, Ben Wolf, Four Arms and Ben himself among others."As the stellar boys brand of the moment, Ben 10 was an obvious choice for our first iPhone app, but we didn't want it to be something we did just for the sake of it," explains Mr Joe Braman, Commercial Director, Mobile, Digital & DVD, Turner Broadcasting. He further comments, "Ustwos app really stood out to us in terms of innovation, creativity, usability and longevity, the key components for a successful app." 1 14th October 2009KIDSCO STRIKES NEW DEALS International children's channel KidsCo has managed to bag a host of new deals from last weeks Mipcom. It has proved to be the companys most successful Mipcom to date. The deals include territory deals with Australian pay-TV operators Foxtel and Austar,

Indian channel NDTV Imagine and MediaNet, leading pay-TV provider in the Maldives and Indonesia's largest cable TV operator Indovision. While Indovision has plans to launch KidsCo in November, NDTV however will be working with the channel as it negotiates with platforms across India."Launching into Australia is a defining moment in KidsCo's history," says Mr Paul Robinson, MD, KidsCo. "It is testimony to our approach of building a family friendly kids channel which shows quality content that is trusted by parents and enjoyed by kids, he further comments."Indovision is another great milestone in KidsCo's evolution and we see great the potential of taking KidsCo to India with our partners at NDTV," opines Mr Robinson. 1 14th October 2009PENGUIN BRINGS OUT NEW SERIES WITH PRE SCHOOL PROPERTIES Penguin is all set to publish a unique range of story, activity and novelty books based on pre school property from E1- Ben & Holys Little Kingdom next year. The books range will be a part of a wider licensing programme based on the property which is expected to comprise DVDs, toys, plush, puzzles, games, apparel, home furnishings and a standalone magazine.The Ladybird imprint will roll out a number of titles comprising Royal Picnic (6.99) storybook with character magnets; Holly's Magic Wand (3.99) 3D sticker book; Little Library (4.99) which includes six mini board books; The Lost Egg (3.99) storybook and Gaston's Messy Cave (3.99) storybook in March 2010. 1 13th October 2009TARGET INKS NEW LICENSING DEALS Target Entertainment Group has signed new licensing deals for two PlayStation software IPs, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank catering to the apparel, publishing and figurines segments. Eaglemoss Publishing Group has been appointed to produce a series of mini figures based on Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet accompanied with themed clothes, accessories, a series of stickers and sticker albums. The deal will be catering to the UK and Eire, Germany, France, Italy and Spain territories.Penguin Group is also due to publish The Ultimate Official Guide to LittleBigPlanet targeting children aged seven and above. The 192-page publication will include hints and tips about the game, as access to exclusive downloads. The deal caters to English language worldwide, excluding North America.With respect to

the clothing category, Aykroyds and TDP Licensing are on board to produce children's nightwear and underwear in the UK and Eire. However, Smith & Brooks has acquired the license to manufacture a broad range of boys and girls outerwear and leisurewear for LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank."We are really pleased to have such great licensees on board working with us to develop our kids strategy across both of these very successful gaming franchises, and this is just the beginning," comments Ms Helen Howells, Global Brand Director, Target Entertainment Group. 1 13th October 2009PARAMOUNT GEARS UP FOR US TOY FAIR Paramount Licensing is all set to introduce its new products at the US Toy Fair this time based on classic films. Paramount Licensing with its partners Madame Alexander and Jun Planning are revealing two new collectible dolls. The Madame Alexander collection comprises a trio of Grease dolls- Frenchy, Sandy and Rizzo which stand at ten inches tall and will retail for $99.99 in specialty stores.Jun Planning will however be introducing a doll based on Audrey Hepburn's Princess Anne character in Roman Holiday which will be available with two outfits from the film - a pink dress and a blue skirt with white blouse. The dolls will stand at 12-inches tall and will be available from midOctober for $130.The company has also got plans for launching additional dolls based on characters from other Audrey Hepburn films as well. 1 13th October 2009NINTENDO DS INNOVATIVE BOOK RANGE Video games giant Electronic Arts (EA) has recently revealed its plans to develop a book range, FLIPS- especially created for the Nintendo DS. EA has already worked with some of the UK's leading publishers of children's books and magazines including Egmont and Penguin, providing children of all ages with their favourite book ranges.Each FLIPS title - featuring six to eight books - will be sold separately for 24.99 including the book titles- The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree, Angel Cake, Artemis Fowl, Silent But Deadly, French Fright and Ghoul Dinners among others."FLIPS is a brilliant way of getting children into reading who may love their DS but may not normally pick up a book," says Mr Cally Poplak, Director, Egmont Press. "At Egmont we are passionate about bringing stories to life for

children, so the development of new platforms for reading is incredibly exciting for us," he further comments.Mr Keith Ramsdale, VP and General Manager, UK, Ireland and Nordics, EA sums up, "FLIPS offers a great way to bring books to life on a platform that is incredibly popular with kids. With multiple books on each game card, FLIPS makes a great value Christmas gift for children of all ages." 1 12th October 2009VARSITY PICKS COOKIE JAR Varsity brand, a key name in cheerleading and dance apparel, instruction and competition has chosen The Cookie Jar Group as its exclusive licensing agent and entertainment partner. The licensing deal will present the cheerleading and dance brand to audiences worldwide.The launch of Varsity branded merchandise and entertainment will however happen only from 2010 wherein the Licensing division, CPLG will handle the brands licensing worldwide and Cookie Jar will focus on entertainment.The initial target will be girls aged 7 to 17 offering categories like apparel, health and beauty aids, back to school, accessories and interactives followed by a second phase with CPLG looking at the toys, publishing, apparel and dress up sectors, targeting three to six year olds."The Varsity brand embodies spirit, pride, passion, athleticism and leadership," opines Ms Lisa Streff, SVP, Cookie Jar, Domestic Consumer Products. "Cookie Jar is looking forward to capturing the brand's essence by developing a licensing programme that is unique to Varsity," she further adds. 1 12th October 2009POCOYO IN USA & ASIA ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Zinkia have recently secured new international television deals for animated kids series Pocoyo. The new agreements will span English and Spanish broadcasters including Univision for Spanish-language broadcast in the US (acquiring Pocoyo season one and two & the Pocoyo Space Circus special); WGBH Boston, which has acquired season one and two for English speaking syndication to the American Public Television market; and Playhouse Disney which has re-licensed season one and two for broadcast across Asia."Pocoyo is already a hugely popular and trusted show for millions of families," comments Ms Aysha Kidwai, Director, Worldwide Merchandising and Licensing, ITV Studios

Global Entertainment. "We are thrilled to be welcoming these three great broadcast partners to the world of Pocoyo," she further adds. 1 10th October 2009"THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG MERCHANDISE TO HIT THE SHELF Beauty Company Carols Daughter has created a line of products inspired by Disneys upcoming movie release The Princess and the Frog. The range will be termed as The Magical Beauty Collection and the launch implies a celebration of movie character Princess Tianas multiethnic beauty and universal acceptance.The Princess and the Frog beauty range comprises hair detangler, conditioner, shampoo and bubble bath and will be priced at $10.00 each. 1 10th October 2009NEW DEALS FOR NICKELODEON Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) has recently signed a number of agreements across several categories for the very popular Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer.In Germany, NVCP has inked a new two-year deal with local company Public Solution giving way to the launch of Spongebob Squarepants 'Yvio' board game. NVCP has also signed its first ever, two-year stationery deal with Pentra Sp for the adorable character Dora the Explorer. The merchandise would include branded notebooks, crayons, school bags and paints launching across the territory - as well as in Latvia and Lithuania.Finally, NVCP has also joined hands with Backemarks Grafiska, Northern Europe's leading greeting card and stationery firm to produce a range of Spongebob Squarepants branded stationery. It will be a two-year deal and will launch notebooks, rucksacks and pencil cases which will be available across Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden from this autumn. 1 10th October 2009ZINGZILLAS: ANOTHER FEATHER TO BBCS CAP BBC Worldwide has recently inked a deal with Vivid Imaginations as the toy licensee based on the new pre-school show, ZingZillas. The deal confirms the firm as the UK master toy licensees which is eyeing for a Christmas 2010 launch for toy product comprising musically themed plush, plastics, play sets, role play, outdoor and games. The

52x22-minute musical show is being produced in-house by Cbeebies and BBC Worldwide will be holding the global distribution rights for TV, merchandise, DVD and publishing."This is a milestone property for us and this major deal symbolises our ambition to put ZingZillas at the forefront of the pre-school market," says Mr Tom Keefer, SVP, Global Licensing, BBC Worldwide Children's and Licensing. "Vivid demonstrated unparalleled creative vision and passion for ZingZillas throughout the pitch process and we are thrilled to be partnering with them as our master toy licensee," he further adds.Nick Austin, Chairman, Vivid, sums up, "We all feel that the music, energy and characterisation in the show will convert strongly into toy sales in 2010 and for many years to come." 9 9th October 2009MASTERBRAND LICENSING APPOINTS BRAND EXTENSION AGENCY Masterbrand Licensing International, the operating entity created to extend and manage the acceleration of the renowned Beverly Hills Country Club brand has appointed Los Angeles-based Brand Sense Partners (BSP) to develop and manage the apparel concept development and licensing of the BHCC brand.Through the years, the Club has evolved as a lifestyle brand and has managed to become a coveted private social and sporting outpost for the community's top business, entertainment, sports and social leaders and their families. Access to the brand is now being extended worldwide via this association."No words are more synonymous with success, beauty and style than 'Beverly Hills' and 'Country Club'," says Mr Ramez Toubassy, President, BSP. He further comments, "We are honored to be working with the Beverly Hills Country Club brand to develop a world-class brand extension program that revolves around the notion of modern country club living with a nod to the romantic nature of the past." 9 9th October 2009MARVEL STRIKES DEAL WITH ELMER'S PRODUCTS Marvel Entertainment has recently signed a new deal with Elmers Products giving headway to its plans to further expand its presence in the arts and activity category. GiddyUp, the firms kids division has been granted the rights to produce and market a wide range of arts

and activity products inspired by Marvel characters and brands including Super Hero Squad, Spider-man, Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2 and Thor feature films. "The arts and activity category is an important channel to reach a younger audience, inspiring curiosity and imagination," says Mr Paul Gitter, President, Consumer Products for North America, Marvel Entertainment. He further adds, "This strategic agreement with Elmer's greatly enhances Marvel's presence in the sector." 9 9th October 2009MATTEL TEAMS UP WITH ITV STUDIOS Mattel has recently teamed up with ITV Studios striking a deal which will give way to its famous board game brands turn into TV formats and multi- platform properties. ITV Studios Global Entertainment will also be distributing the content worldwide and the deal also includes some of Mattels best-known games brands such as Scrabble, Pictionary and Uno.Mr Barry Waldo, Vice President, Worldwide Entertainment, Mattel, says: We are delighted to be announcing our first-ever global TV format and multi-platform deal in collaboration with ITV Studios. "As the worlds leading toy and games manufacturer, we believe our unrivalled portfolio of instantly recognizable brands will translate perfectly on screen, he further adds.Mr Lee Bartlett, Managing Director, ITV Studios comments: Were delighted to be working with Mattel in bringing their unique collection of family entertainment brands to life for millions of viewers and users.He further comments, "These great properties come ready made with huge built-in fan-bases, the ideal situation for any content provider around the world. 3 3rd October 2009WAKE UP SID T-SHIRT COLLECTION AT PROVOGUE Wake Up Sid movie maker Dharma Productions, owned by Karan Johar, has recently tied up with Provogue, the fashion and lifestyle brand, to launch the trendy range of Provogue Wake Up Sid T- Shirt collection. The collection was launched by Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma along with the Wake Up Sid team at Inorbit Mall in Mumbai. The range is inspired by Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) and depicts a chilled out attitude of the character of Sid in the movie.

Ranbir and Konkona distributed the merchandise which included gift vouchers, signed T-Shirts at the event that added to the excitement of the audience. There was also a Wake Up Sid contest that was held and the lucky winners were awarded CDs by the stars. The collection ranges from Rs 695 to Rs 795 and is already available at all Provogue Studios across India. 1 1st October 2009DORA AND SPONGEBOB TOOTHPASTES FOR INDIAN KIDS Nick, Indias leading kids entertainment channel has recently partnered with Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd to introduce the Dora and SpongeBob toothpaste range which will be available in all large format retail outlets including Spencers, Big Bazaar and Hypercity.Mr Sandeep Dahiya, Vice President - Consumer Products, Viacom18 says, We're happy to partner with Colgate-Palmolive to launch the Dora and SpongeBob range of toothpastes that will literally put a sparkling smile on the faces of millions of Dora and SpongeBob fans." He further adds, "With these yummylicious flavours, we're confident that brushing will no longer seem like a chore, thus encouraging the healthy habit of brushing teeth at least twice a day." Ms Prabha Parameswaran, Vice President - Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited adds, "Internationally, Nick and Colgate-Palmolive have successfully launched several products for children, and we are confident of a positive response from the Indian market as well. We are sure the children are going to love the yummy flavours of the Dora & SpongeBob toothpastes."The range will be available in two yummy flavours- 'Strawberry flavored Dora' and 'Bubble Fruit flavored SpongeBob' and is attractively priced at Rs 45 for 80 gm. The toothpaste is an easy to use stand up tube which will be perfect for handling by kids! 1 1st October 2009VIZ MEDIA EUROPE OWNS RIGHT FOR VAMPIRE KNIGHT IN UK VIZ Media Europe (VME) has recently announced that it has acquired rights for the TV, Home Entertainment and Merchandising to the hit Vampire Knight animated series for United Kingdom. The animated series is based on the best selling giothic romance the popular Manga series about a high school populated by vampires. VIZ Media-

San Francisco has also acquired the rights for domestic TV, Home Entertainment, Streaming, DTO, and merchandising rights to the animated series for North America.VME specializes in managing the development, marketing and distribution of Japanese animated entertainment and manga (graphic novels) throughout Europe. 3 30th September 2009CORONATION STREET ADDS 15 PARTNERS ITV Studios Global Entertainment has recently announced 15 licensees for Coronation Street in categories comprising family games, apparels and gifts with product roll out expected from the autumn. A new collection of themed gaming will include a limited edition of Monopoly board game and Top Trumps playing cards apart from a PC game, an audio quiz, a Coronation Street themed board game among other offerings.Meanwhile the show's most glamorous cult characters will be launched in a series of apparel products, Girls of Coronation Street 2010 Calendar, personalized greeting cards, posters, stationery, special gift ranges for men and women as well. "Coronation Street is the UK's most consistent and best rating television drama, an incredibly powerful and exciting proposition for consumer product ideas," comments Ms Aysha Kidwai, Director, Worldwide Merchandising and Licensing, ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Launching this licensing program she comments, "I am delighted to be welcoming our new family of licensees on board." Coronation Street is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2010 perfectly backed by its multimedia, merchandising, licensing and promotions plans. 2 29th September 2009THE EVERGREEN SIMPSONS Celebrating The Simpsons 20th anniversary, Fox Licensing and Merchandising is busy expanding the campaign for The Simpsons in the US, as well as securing new deals, product launches and promotions in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Canada. A spate of international deals marking the celebrations includes Fox and Mattel teaming up in the United States to give the Scene it? DVD game against the backdrop of Springfield city where the activities of Simpsons revolve around, and Wesco (Simpsons merchandise long term licensee) in the U.K. has added mugs, barware and a spiderpig

money bank to its portfolio among other deals. 2 25th September 2009GORMITI NOW HAS TWO AGENTS FOR LATIN AMERICA Giochi Preziosi along with Marathon Media has appointed to two more agents for the Gomutis programme to operate in Latin America. The addition has taken place to scale up its licensing and merchandising activities Latin America. Gormiti is a popular boys brand owned by Giochi Preziosi. Tycoon Enterprise will be Gormiti's licensing and merchandising agent responsible for Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Chile whereas IMC Licensing is the agent appointed for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. 2 25th September 2009CASPER: THE OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR FOR HALLOWEEN Casper the Friendly Ghost character is set to become the official ambassador for Halloween at seven of Westfield's shopping centers across the UK this October as announced by Classic Media. A two week promotional campaign will also take place at each of the centers at a time when it will coincide with Halloween. Children will also take home Casper DVDs and Trick or Treat bags when they will be signing up to the Westfield Kids Club. 2 25th September 2009NEW BARBIE FILM Mattel is set to celebrate the DVD launch of its latest Barbie film Barbie and the Three Musketeers. The celebrations commence on Saturday September 26th and will kick off with a free Barbie and the Three Musketeers book. An exclusive London premiere will follow on Sunday September 27th exhibiting the movie run in association with Nickelodeon.The release is expected on Monday September 28th and will be supported by a multi-dimensional marketing campaign. The campaign will be inclusive of high profile TV advertising, TV sponsorship, print and online activity, national newspaper support and PR. The audience at the event is expected to be over 1000 girls exclusive of the celebrity guests. 2 24th September 2009COHEN & WILKS SEALS THREE YEAR DEAL

Classic Media has inked a three-year deal with Cohen & Wilks, international apparel firm for new pre-school brand, Guess with Jess. The deal will see CWI produce apparel, outerwear and swimwear for the brand, which launches in November. The deal also includes Cohen & Wilks, which is also holding the licensing rights for Postman Pat outerwear and rainwear."We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Cohen & Wilks and look forward to developing a high quality merchandise range together," comments Ms Catherine Murison, Senior Licensing Manager, Classic Media.Mr Mike Crompton, MD, Cohen & Wilks, adds, "We are very excited to add Guess with Jess to our portfolio of quality children's licences. Postman Pat continues to be a longstanding success and we're sure Guess with Jess will be too." 2 24th September 2009THE DOG AT MC DONALD'S McDonald's and The Dog are working together for the third time in Europe. Photography brand Artlist Collection: The Dog which is a part of 4Kids portfolio of brands is linking up with McDonald's which will see a range of characters appearing in Happy Meals in participating outlets. It will be promoted Europe-wide, which has already kicked off in Germany and Austria and will also be accompanied by TV advertising and in store POS in select territories.Each Happy Meal sold during the promotional period will include one of six Dog premiums developed specially for the chain. The six Dog premiums are Boxer, Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Beagle, French Bulldog and Retriever."The Dog is part of a very successful franchise that is not only attracting licensees across all sectors, but is demonstrating huge promotional potential," says Ms Sandra Vauthier-Cellier, MD, 4Kids. She further adds, "This latest partnership with McDonald's indicates their strong affinity for the brand." 2 23rd September 2009LAUNCH OF SCOOBY-DOO GAME! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has recently published the first Scooby-Doo! First Frights in stores on Wii, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo in North America. The Scooby-Doo! First Frights game is developed by Torus Games where players take on the role of young Scooby-Doo and the newly formed

Mystery, Inc. group Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Velma. The crew would be seen solving their first cases over 22 exciting levels. Torus Games is an independent developer of video games since 1994 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.Scooby-Doo! First Frights delivers a fresh take on the ever popular Scooby-Doo franchise and will appeal to kids and families alike, says Ms Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Development and Production, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. She further adds, I am especially excited about bringing Scooby-Doo to the Wii, which is a perfect fit for kids and families to play together. 1 18th September 2009DELTA APPAREL INKS LICENSING DEAL WITH REAL TREE Delta Apparel, Inc. has recently announced a new licensing agreement with Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. which will be the exclusive marketer and producer of Realtree Girl and Realtree Outfitters casual apparel and headwear. The agreement will give way to trendy casual clothing for outdoor enthusiasts. Delta Apparel, Inc. is an international design, manufacturing, sourcing and marketing company that features a diverse portfolio of high quality branded and private label active wear apparel and headwear.Mr Robert W. Humphreys, Chairman & CEO, Delta Apparel, Inc., comments, "We are eager to partner with Realtree on this exciting new venture. Realtree is the leading brand in camouflage patterns and we believe this agreement represents the ideal vehicle for our entre into the outdoor marketplace. We are confident that our combined expertise will allow us to successfully open new channels of distribution, attract new customers, and provide meaningful growth opportunities into future." 1 18th September 2009'DORA LOVES PUPPY' LINE EXCLUSIVELY AT KMART The top rated preschool TV serial Dora the Explorer has given way to the launch of "Dora Loves Puppy" - an exclusive kids apparel, bedding, toys, jewellery, footwear, sporting goods, hosiery and a range of home entertainment. Kmart and Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) have recently announced the launch. The product launch follows the storyline of Dora's adoption of her new pet which would be available exclusively at Kmart stores nationwide and

also at "The partnership with Nickelodeon to bring the 'Dora Loves Puppy' product line to Kmart stores is an authentic one," says Mr Mark Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer, Kmart. "Kmart is committed to providing the best in popular brands that both parents and kids love, and offers products of great quality at a Kmart price. Nickelodeon is the leader in kids' entertainment, and is trusted and respected by parents," he further adds. "We paired two of kids' favorite things together with this new line - the beloved character Dora the Explorer and 'man's best friend' - to make it a must-have," comments Mr Leigh Anne Brodsky, President, NVCP. "'Dora Loves Puppy' extends the interactivity kids and parents have come to expect from the property, bringing Dora into their homes online and with specially designed products," he sums up. 1 17th September 2009HELLO KITTY: THE CAT SET TO MAKE A MARK IN INDIA Hello Kitty, a fun loving cute cat, has been enjoying amazing popularity among the Japanese youngsters since it was introduced in 1974. The character, in terms of licensed merchandise, has surpassed Garfields dominance and its trace is everywhere from aircraft, maternity hospitals and high-end jewellery to more common items such as T-shirts and lunchboxes.Presently, the brand value of Hello Kitty is $ 5 billion (Rs 24,350 crore approx.). The character has been launched in India last week by Japans Sanrio Co. Ltd in alliance with Space Toons. Through this venture they expect to emulate the same success story that the character has so far enjoyed. While speaking on the creation of Hello Kitty, Mr Kunihiko Tsuji, CEO, Sanrio, comments, We were manufacturing simple sandals in black and white. But at some point, we began printing pictures of flowers and animals and Hello Kitty happened to be one of them.Licensing plays a huge role in Hello Kittys global popularity where Japan remains Hello Kittys largest market accounting for 40% of its revenue followed by the US and Europe together accounting for the bigger 50% share. The Hello Kitty range starts at lollipops at a dollar a piece and goes up to jewellery worth $20,000. With a wide a spectrum of offerings, which include products for infants, teenagers and expectant mothers, Sanrio caters to everyone. 1 17th September 2009CHORION TO REPRESENT THE LITTLE

PRINCE The Little Prince property has acquired Producer- distributor Chorion as the new licensing representative in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Little Prince has been in print ever since it was first published in 1943 in New York, selling 20 million English-language copies and a total of136 million copies which explains its overwhelming popularity around the world. A dubbed version of the anime series The Adventures of the Little Prince, made in the 1970s, aired in the United States in the early 1980s.The deal was sealed with the estate of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of the popular childrens book. The property will be represented by Chorion in all licensing, merchandising and promotions. 1 15th September 2009SPENCERS RETAIL INKS LICENSING PACT Spencers Retail, one of India's largest and fastest growing multiformat retailers, has recently entered into an exclusive licensing pact with Marc Ecko Enterprises to sell its apparel brands in India. Marc Ecko is a US fashion and lifestyle company.As a part of the deal, Spencers will open standalone Marc Ecko stores in the country from next year onwards, as per the company sources. This will be Spencers third such partnership with a global apparel brand after exclusive partnerships with the Ladybird range of childrens wear and US casual wear brand, Beverly Hills Polo Club (BHPC).Spencers strategy to focus on specialty lifestyle retail as a future growth area marks the base of its partnership with Marc Ecko. Spencers has already set up four standalone BHPC stores in the National Capital Region (NCR) and is also selling the Ladybird range, owned by British high-street retailer Woolworths. Spencers also has a portfolio of private labels like Island Monks, Mark Nicolas and Puddles to grow its presence in apparels. 1 14th September 2009INDIAGAMES LAUNCHES THREE GAMES ON THREE FILMS Indiagames has recently announced the launch of three enthralling mobile games based on three recently released films Kaminey, Quick Gun Murugun and Aagey Se Right. These games can be

downloaded from the content portals of all major telecom providers in India. Indiagames Ltd. is Indias largest games company and a pioneer in mobile and online game space.Inspired by the latest blockbuster Kaminey, Indiagames has launched a highly action packed mobile game aptly suiting the thrills offered by the movie. The Quick Gun Murugun game is based on the film Quick Gun Murugun. Quick Gun Murugun is the central character of the game, who is the protagonist of the film by the same name. The game Aagey Se Right is an action-packed nonstop bike racing/pursuit game based on UTV Motion Pictures comedy film Aagey Se Right. Announcing the launch of these games, Mr Samir Bangara, COO, Indiagames says, Movies in India have a huge fan following and we are pleased to offer these exciting games to the rapidly growing base of mobile gamers. It gives us an excellent opportunity to extend the experience of these films to the users mobile screen, giving the fans and core gamers, alike, an opportunity to relive these films, on the move. 1 14th September 2009GREENLIGHT TO REPRESENT BRUCE LEE GreenLight, a global media licensing, talents negotiation and rights representation consultancy has recently announced its selection to represent personality rights of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is the most influential martial artist of the 20th century who popularized the art form around the world. GreenLight has been named the exclusive third party licensor for managing Lees personality rights including his name, image, likeness, characterizations, signatures for using the same for advertising and promotions.Bruce paved the way for the martial arts film genre to penetrate and influence mainstream Western cinema and audiences, says Mr Alex Stephens, Vice President, Licensing- Bruce Lee Enterprises. Bruce enjoyed remarkable success, and we are proud to continue highlighting his artistic achievements through our relationship with GreenLight, he further comments.Mr David Reeder, Vice President, GreenLight comments, While he is best known for his lightning-fast moves and unstoppable punches, he was considerably more, including a recognized philosopher and an enduring symbol of Chinese national pride. It is the entirety of what Bruce Lee stood for that we hope to share.

1 14th September 2009ROBERT PATTINSON: A SOUGHT-AFTER CHARACTER FOR CELEBRITY LICENSING The prediction for the top ten celebrity earners for the next year features many British personalities, including Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Robert has become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood after he has shot to fame through the Twilight franchise. The list was devised by licensing and merchandising experts across Europe and also includes pop divas Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Elvis Presley. 1 14th September 2009NO RULES ENTERS INDIAN MARKET Extend Brands, a premier licensing and merchandising company, recently announced the entry of No Rules brand in India. Extend Brands represents the brand exclusively in India. No Rules is one of worlds biggest kids brands prevalent in United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and Singapore besides India. Extend Brands has entered into partnerships with Lilliput Kidswear Ltd. and Genius Leathercraft Ltd to launch No Rules products in India. While, Lilliput has the license for kids apparel, Genius Leathercraft has the Indian license for back to school products.In India, the 'No Rules' brand is now available across 2000 retail outlets in over 200 cities. Mr Dwijorani Senjam, Director, Extend Brands, says, The branded kids wear and back to school market is one of the fastest growing kids retail categories in India. No Rules with its edgy provocative design and attitude styling will introduce a very new element in the Indian kids retail space. The No Rules brand targets the young market aged 7-14 and the style direction remains to be 'casual meets street'. 8 8th September 2009CONTINUED SUCCESS FOR PEPSI INTERNATIONAL LICENSING PROGRAM Bradford Licensing, LLC, the exclusive international brand licensing agency for PepsiCo, Inc., recently announced the continued success of the Pepsi licensing program around the globe through a number of renewals and exciting new deals brokered by our partner agents. Partner agent, Cameron Consultancy, Fashion UK will continue to produce Pepsi branded apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and

pants. Fashion UKs Pepsi and 7Up t-shirts have sold successfully in popular UK retailer Topshop, among others. Cameron Consultancy has also brokered a deal with Paper House, who will produce greeting cards featuring artwork of the Pepsi bottle cap by famed artist, Andy Warhol.Three existing Pepsi-Cola licensees, Sakamoto, Maraudi and Diggit, Inc., based out of Japan, renewed their licensing agreements due to ongoing success of the Pepsi licensing program with the help of the licensing agency, Phoenix. With these renewals, both companies will continue manufacturing unique Pepsi-Cola products, with Sakamoto producing stationary and cell phone accessories, Marudai creating shoes and sandals, and Diggit, Inc. making handbags and accessories.In France, Licensee Plus will create ladies apparel, handbags, umbrellas and watches, through a deal made by RMP Licensing. German agent, Euro Lizenzen, has signed on Millipede Fashion BV, located in The Netherlands, to manufacture loungewear, socks, caps and scarves for Mens, Ladies and Young Adults for all of the PepsiCo brands. At last months Licensing International Expo, Bradford revealed "The Pepsi Brand, Refreshed" merchandise and style guide exclusive to international licensees. Go beyond the apparent to trendy new designs, applications, and product concepts and discover an emerging fashion brand for today's generation completely refreshed! 8 8th September 2009RESTAURANTS TARGET LICENSING DEALS Restaurants are eyeing licensing deals as more and more food establishments are considering branching out to sell food at retail. Burger King has recently inked a licensing agreement with ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston that will bring BK-branded French fries to WalMart and other retailers as well. Many restaurants including Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen and Dunkin Donuts are increasingly partnering to produce branded products at retail. Restaurant chains have traditionally feared licensing to retail because they worried that it would cannibalize profits and sales by encouraging consumers to eat at home rather than eat out, because it could upset franchisees, and because it might not end up being worth the effort, financially, says Mr Bill Cross, Vice President, Food Licensing, Broad Street Licensing Group. Licensing deals undoubtedly give a boost to restaurant brands and bring in more dollars as well.

However retail licensing has its own set of complications, namely that many products are launched but only a few endure. A strong brand and the right retail partner contribute as significant ingredients in making a successful venture. Today, with retailers reducing SKUs, the brand has to be committed to supporting the retail effort, comments Mr Cross. 7 7th September 2009JACKSON TO BECOME WORLDS TOP EARNING CELEBRITY Michael Jackson has been predicted to become worlds top earning celebrity in 2010 with experts predicting the late star will bring in an estimated $240 million (150 million) in revenue. The top 1,000 licensing and merchandising experts across Europe, participating in the Brand Licensing trade event in London have made the predictions on the same. Michael Jacksons image and legacy is licensed on anything from coins and clothes, to coffee table books and singing, stuffed animals, says Mr Ciarn Coyle, The Beanstalk Group Chief, as quoted by Daily Express. The executors of Michael Jacksons estate are planning to launch an official range of merchandise as well as a possible touring exhibit of memorabilia.Also featuring in the top ten is David and Victoria Beckham, racing driver Lewis Hamilton, Twilight star Robert Pattinson, Elvis Presley and Britney Spears, according to a survey of licensing and merchandising experts across Europe. 3 3rd September 2009INDIA'S DIGIKORE STUDIOS TO LAUNCH COMIC PROPERTY Digikore Studios has plans to launch a worldwide licensing and merchandising program for its property Charlie Black which is being created by them. The licensing plans will be followed by the launch of "The Adventures of Charlie Black" comic series which is expected to hit the global market by early to mid 2010. "We will publish our comics through license arrangements with publishers all over the world," says Mr Abhishek More, Founder, Digikore Studios and creator of Charlie Black.The comic book will comprise 32 pages and will be priced at different prices according to the publisher and country. The comic series is to be projected as a weekly issue of separate stories. Digikore is ready with 12 issues and aims at

creating over 200 issues of the series. Mr More further confirms, "We are presently talking to various publishers in the U.S., U.K. and Europe to publish 'The Adventures of Charlie Black' and are also open to license proposals from publishers in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and South America." 1 1st September 2009IMC, PINNACLE FOODS INK LICENSING DEAL Louisville-based IMC Licensing has recently negotiated a licensing agreement for Pinnacle Foods Group LLC to create a line of Duncan Hines branded bakeware. The licensee here is the cookware maker Port Washington, which is a New York-based Continuum Sales & Marketing Corp. The Duncan Hines bakeware was introduced in March at the International Housewares Show in Chicago and is expected to hit the shelves starting this fall.This bakeware program is a logical extension to leverage Duncan Hines heritage and high customer awareness to reach consumers in new ways via non-food products, says Ms Cara Bernosky, President and Co-Founder, IMC Licensing.IMC is also creating a strategic licensing plan (apart from Duncan Hines) and portfolio of new brand-building licensed food and non-food products for the companys other brands comprising Mrs. Butterworths Syrup, Log Cabin Syrup, Vlasic Pickles, Lenders Bagels and Hungry-Man Entrees. 3 31st August 2009JURASSIC PARK TO LAUNCH NEW TOY LINE There are plans to unleash the legendary dinosaurs from Universal Pictures Jurassic Park, one of the most powerful franchises in 3D animation history. The plan falls under a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing where Hasbro plans to launch a new action figure line based on the films prehistoric predators. Hasbro is a US based multinational toy company and is one of the largest toy makers in the world.Jurassic Park is one of the most successful film franchises of all time and has a passionate fan base, says Mr Derryl DePriest, Vice President, Marketing, Hasbro. He further adds, Dinosaurs are also tremendously popular with kids, and Jurassic Park is the mark of authenticity when it comes to realistic and exciting dinosaur play.Mr Karen Dodge, Senior Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer, ToysRUs says, Since the

dinosaurs of Jurassic Park first stomped onto movie screens more than 15 years ago, theyve captured kids imaginations. He further comments, There is no better place to find toys based on kids favorite characters than ToysRUs, and were excited to be the only retailer to offer kids and collectors official Jurassic Park action figures.Jurassic Park remains the quintessential dinosaur brand. The movies still rank as one of the top five trilogies of all time, and with Hasbro and ToysRUs behind the line, we know there will be great demand for the product. We truly have a winning combination on our hands, says Ms Stephanie Sperber, Executive Vice President, Universal Partnerships & Licensing.The toy line comprises Jurassic Park Basic Dinosaur Two-Pack Assortment, Deluxe Dinosaur and Figure Assortment, Deluxe Electronic T-Rex and Electronic Dinosaur Assortment pack. 3 31st August 2009PERRY ELLIS INKS LICENSING DEAL WITH PIERRE CARDIN The Miami based apparel maker Perry Ellis International Inc. has inked a five-year licensing deal with S.A.R.L. de Gestion Pierre Cardin to find materials for, sell and distribute the Pierre Cardin brand for men's sportswear. Societe de Gestion Pierre Cardin is a France-based designer and manufacturer of clothes, shoes, goggles, watches, pens, and hats. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed. The deal includes U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.The agreement is set to start in 2010. Perry Ellis International will distribute the brand in department stores starting next January. This partnership will allow the Pierre Cardin brand to reach its full potential in the largest consumer market in the world. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership, says Mr Edouard Saint Bris, International License Manager, S.A.R.L. de Gestion Pierre Cardin."The addition of an iconic brand such as Pierre Cardin, with its amazing heritage, worldwide recognition and enormous untapped potential, creates new and exciting growth opportunities for Perry Ellis International," says Mr George Feldenkreis, Chairman and CEO, Perry Ellis International. 2 29 August 2009CHIPMUNKS TOY DEAL The upcoming movie of Alvin and the Chipmunks which is expected

to hit theatres by Christmas time, has led to a whole flurry of activity happening around this Fox brand. 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (in conjunction with Bagdasarian Productions) is lining up a major merchandising push for family property, Alvin and the Chipmunks. "Janice and I approached The Chipmunks licensing programme as we do their films," said Mr Ross Bagdasarian Jr, CEO, Bagdasarian Productions. He further adds, "Our hope is to create unique product that is tailored to The Chipmunks and The Chipettes." Fox Licensing has signed Jakks Pacific as its toy partner, with the firm creating a line of figures, dolls, play-sets and novelty toys. In addition there would also be a range of Karaoke products developed by JS Karaoke which will allow fans to Alvinise their voice. The merchandising programme however unofficially kicked off this year through an agreement with Madame Tussaud's, which introduced the first wax figures based on animated characters to the franchise's Las Vegas museum. 2 28 August 2009"Ravan" and Balkand to Air on India's Pogo Channel Hyderabad-based animation, gaming and entertainment company DQ Entertainment (DQE) has partnered with Turner Entertainment Networks Asia (TENA) for two exclusive animated features.As per the deal, Turner's kids channel Cartoon Network will air DQE produced animated series Balkand and Ravan in 2009.TENA has already acquired 21 animation series from the Indian region.DQE Group chairman and CEO Tapaas Chakravarti said, "This strategic collaboration is in line with our objective of producing first class content for Indian audiences. We appreciate the foresight and dedication on the part of Turner to encourage production of local Indian content." "We have always believed in the vast potential of Indian animation and supported it from the forefront by acquiring and offering productions a national platform, providing creative support and by marketing them as we would our own animations," added TENA VP - content Mark Eyers. "We are delighted to expand the slate of Indian animation with two more valuable additions and we are excited that DQE's upcoming Indian productions will have their world television premier on our networks." 2 25th August 2009UNILEVER ENTERS LICENSING DEAL WITH

P.F. CHANG'S P.F. Changs China Bistro Inc. and Unilever have recently inked a licensing agreement to develop a line of frozen Asian entrees for the U.S. under the P.F. Changs brand. The terms of the agreement were however not disclosed and a launch date for the products has not yet been set. Unilever specializes in nutrition, hygiene and personal care products including Axe, Ben & Jerrys, Bertolli, Breyers, Caress, Country Crock, Degree, Dove, Hellmanns, Klondike, Knorr, Lipton, Popsicle, Promise, Q-Tips, Skippy among others.Mr John LeBoutillier, Senior Vice President, Unilever Foods U.S comments, Unilever revolutionized frozen ethnic cuisine in 2005 by introducing consumers to the award-winning taste of Bertolli Frozen Italian Skillet Meals. We are excited by the prospect of doing it again, this time in Asian cuisine, in partnership with P.F. Changs. He further adds, The opportunity is significant. From research, Asian cuisine ranks only behind Italian among ethnic cuisines for consumers and P.F. Changs is their favorite.This represents a fantastic growth opportunity for our company and allows our brand to reach more people more often. We believe it will complement our core business at the restaurants, says Mr Rick Federico, Chairman and co-CEO, P.F. Changs China Bistro. 2 25th August 2009SAMSUNG STRIKES MAJOR LICENSING DEAL WITH ROVI Samsung, who are set to reveal a brand new personal video recorder (PVR) at the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas, has entered into a major licensing deal with Rovi for the delivery of content to the device as well as to a brand new range of widget TV's set to be launched next year. The new PVR will be slim in structure while offering over 1 terabyte of storage and is designed to be 100% IP enabled so that the users can access exclusive sporting and entertainment content via online sites. It will also include a Blu ray player.The Rovi official informed that Samsung has signed a multi-year, multi-country technology and patent licensing agreement which will include a Rovi's on-screen interactive programming guide which is designed to help viewers navigate, sort, select and schedule television programming. "By working with Rovi, we are dedicated to bringing an advanced digital home entertainment experience that empowers consumers to find their favourite content on the television while also enabling them

to discover new programming quickly and easily," says Mr Kyung Shik Lee, VP, Samsung. 2 24th August 2009BABY GENIUS PRE-SCHOOL TOYS TO LAUNCH NATIONWIDE AT WALMART Pacific Entertainment Corporation, creator of the award-winning Baby Genius brand of musical education and entertainment for infants and toddlers is launching a new line of Baby Genius pre-school learning and development toys at Walmart. The Joester Loria Group, exclusive licensing agency for Baby Genius, brokered the license of the Baby Genius brand from Pacific Entertainment to Battat which will be the manufacturer of the new line of 24 Baby Genius toys. The Baby Genius toy line will also be supported by a strategic advertising and marketing campaign targeting moms with children 2-5 years old with the online advertising extending up to leading parenting websites such as, and Baby Genius toy line, which will be available at Walmart stores nationwide this month for the fall season, will target pre-schoolers aged 2 to 5. We are excited to bring thousands of families more access to Baby Genius products at an affordable value at Walmart with a new line of toys priced from $5.00 to $25.00. The timing of the launch couldnt be better for those who start shopping early for the holidays, says Mr Klaus Moeller, CEO, Pacific Entertainment. We are thrilled to work with Battat to create the Baby Genius toy line, says Mr Joanne Loria, Executive Vice President, Joester Loria Group. Their expertise and attention to quality and safety will be a great asset to the program, he concedes. 2 24th August 2009MAD CATZ INKS AN ACCESSORY LICENSING DEAL WITH NINTENDO OF AMERICA Mad Catz Interactive Inc., a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider, has secured an accessory license from Nintendo of America Inc., to produce licensed videogame accessories utilizing select Nintendo intellectual property. Nintendo of America Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of videogames and videogame consoles and handheld devices. Mad Catz has thereby obtained non-exclusive rights to develop and market a range of accessories for the Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.

Nintendo has created some of the videogame industrys most popular and enduring characters and we are honored to have an opportunity to create licensed videogame accessories featuring their world-renowned intellectual property, says Mr Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mad Catz. He further adds, We look forward to offering unique and exciting accessories for the Wii and Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems to videogame fans across the globe. 1 19th August 2009UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE LAUNCHES ITS ONLINE UFL STORE The United Football League has recently announced the launch of its online retail store, The UFL's e-commerce launch has happened in advance to the League's press conferences in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando and New York to announce team names, unveil "Premiere" season uniforms and kick start the ticket sales. The team merchandise availability will follow the announcement of the team names. UFL's online store, managed in conjunction with PAID Inc., will offer licensed products including custom authentic jerseys, replicas, shirts, hats, player practice gear, accessories and novelties in addition to other products as well."From our initial announcement, fans have been asking for UFL-licensed merchandise and we are proud to fulfill this request with our new online store at," says Mr Frank Vuono, COO, UFL. He further adds, "Our online store is another exciting way for our fans to connect with the UFL. We will be launching the site with some key products and will expand the selection as we head into the 'Premiere' season." 1 19th August 2009YMI INKS LICENSING DEAL WITH HMS LLC LA based YMI has recently announced the company's first licensing deal with HMS LLC to produce and market YMI women's fashion tops, dresses and activewear. HMS is known for its Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier brand successes. The YMI brand may be found in department stores such as Nordstrom, Dillard's, Belk, Macy's and JCPenney, as well as specialty chain stores and sportswear specialty stores across the U.S. and worldwide.Mr Deke Jamieson, Executive Vice President for licensing, YMI, says, "YMI has spent years

developing its well known brand in the United States. Both consumers and the retail community have been asking for more YMI merchandise as the brand continues to experience dramatic growth in sales and popularity. We plan on introducing additional apparel, footwear, handbags, and fashion accessory partnerships, among others, over the next two years."Mr David Vered, President and Founder, YMI, states, Henri Levy, HMS President, has a well earned reputation for producing exceptional merchandise in a wide variety of apparel products with trend-setting fashion and superior quality. His company's apparel design, manufacturing, and distribution are second to none. We are thrilled that he and his team have joined the YMI family." 1 18th August 2009'AMAR CHITRA KATHA' TO DEBUT ON TELEVISION Amar Chitra Katha Media (ACK Media) and Turner International have entered into a content partnership to produce two animated films and a television series comprising 26 episodes depicting a treasure of Indian fables, epic tales and mythological legends. ACK Media will produce the TV series and films in its inimitable art-style and will be seen on television for the first time ever on Cartoon Network and Pogo in early 2010 in India. Cartoon Network animation experts are working on the development of the films --'Tripura: The Three Cities of Maya' and 'Sons of Rama'.Ms Monica Tata, Vice President, Entertainment Networks, South Asia, Turner International India Private Limited (TIIPL), says, "As a great believer in the Indian storytelling heritage, Turner has successively contributed to keeping India's treasure trove of stories alive with animation through its leading kids channels, Cartoon Network and POGO. She further adds that, We are ecstatic to provide a platform to recreate the magic of the legendary 'Amar Chitra Katha' stories in an animated format. We as kids, our parents and even our grandparents have grown up on this rich Indian culture and it will be fabulous to see the great Indian epic comes alive on our television screens.Commenting on the partnership, Mr Samir Patil, CEO, ACK Media, says, "Cartoon Network and POGO have been a great catalyst for Indian animation. We have worked with them for almost a year to create a global animation pipeline that is economically attractive for producing content for

Indian market, so we see this deal not just as a broadcast relationship but also as the basis of a long-term partnership between ACK TV and Film production division and Turner International." 1 17th August 2009HYBRID APPAREL INKS LICENSING DEAL WITH LEVI'S Cypress-based Hybrid Apparel has sealed a licensing deal with the Levi's brand to develop a complete collection of U.S. men's and junior tops for the popular brand. The product range will retail in specialty, department and mid tier stores. Hybrid Apparel, which produces a variety of licensed products for a number of brands including Disney, Rolling Stone and Fender, will be launching the Levi's tops collection this month at the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas. Hybrid Apparel has also recently signed nine licensing agreements with "Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty" and "Despicable Me", among other brands. The new collection will offer a number of selections, including wovens, knits and T-shirts for both men and juniors, says Mr Jarrod Dogan, Owner and CEO, Hybrid. He further adds, Hybrid ... really understands what it takes to be a competitor in the retail tops space. "The Levi's brand is excited to be working with such a wellregarded tops expert as a compliment to our market-leading denim businesses," adds Maryann Nichols, Vice President, Levi's Licensing. 1 12th August 2009TV SERIES, PRISON BREAK TO COME ON PC AND CONSOLES Koch Media has recently announced the signing of a license agreement with Twentieth Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising, inclusive of the world wide publications rights to a video game based on the award winning TV series Prison Break. The game would be developed by Zootfly and will be released by the games label Deep Silver for the next generation consoles and PC. The ingenious plots and fast action of Prison Break thrill TV audiences around the world and provide the ideal basis for a video game says Mr Klemens Kundratitz, CEO, Koch Media. The game will offer the same blend of action and suspense as the show, appealing to fans of the series as well as video gamers. Its a great basis for any video game, but even better when utilizing the intricate storyline and colourful characters created for the Fox series, said Mr Gary Rosenfeld, Senior Vice

President, New Media, Fox Licensing.This is for sure a game to keep your eye on especially if you are an ardent fan! 1 10th August 2009I.E. DISTRIBUTION REACHES A FOOTWEAR LICENSING AGREEMENT I.e. distribution has sealed a license agreement to produce and distribute DADA Footwear and DADA Supreme Footwear for North America. I.e. distribution, having many years of footwear production and distribution experience in multiple trade channels, is the worldwide distributor and owner of World Industries and is a 21 year old skateboard, footwear and accessories brand. Mr John Dickinson, President, i.e. distribution said, When we founded i.e. distribution in 2004 we planned on creating a multi-brand distribution company. This moves us closer to that goal. I look forward to working with DADA Footwears founder, Lavetta Willis and the original designer, Lantz Simpson, to reintroduce the brand, and keep it true to its heritage in the North American market. DADA brand, launched in 1995 and the most recognized by its many athlete and musician endorsement deals, is rapidly becoming a leader in the urban and the athletic markets with record sell-through numbers worldwide at Footlocker, Finish Line and Foot Action. Lavetta Willis, Founder, DADA Footwear said, I am very excited to re-launch the brand in North America. I miss my friends in retail and cant wait to get back in the mix. We will again find our place in the market! Our new relationship with John and i.e. distribution will give us the infrastructure and support we need. 3 30th July 2009CARTOON NETWORK TO EXPAND ITS FOOTPRINTS IN CHINA Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE), the global licensing and merchandising arm of the network, is set to expand its footprint in China with the appointment of Click Licensing as its strategic partner. The plan also includes the roll out of a full range of merchandise, games, toys, console games and books. Mr. Dulce Lim-Chen, Vice President, Asia Pacific CNE, outlined the companys vision for the Cartoon Network brand in China a market that possesses enormous potential. She said, China is undoubtedly a market of huge potential for Cartoon Network. The demand for high quality, safe and engaging products is enormous. We believe this is the right time for us to

expand our operations by launching our diverse range of businesses and merchandise that spans publishing, gaming, and home entertainment in this exciting market. We are looking forward to a successful launch of our DVDs and VCDs, where strong sales exceeded projections by 350% in other parts of Asia. As the first phase of its expansion plans in China, CNE will introduce its iconic Ben 10 franchise to the Chinese consumers. The global success of Ben 10 and our other iconic brands, and the overall CNE business is extremely encouraging, especially in these challenging economic times. We are very confident that in time, China will be one of the leading markets for CNE, she added. As a leading kids' entertainment brand, we place a high priority in creating quality products that are safe, unique and innovative. Our partnership with Click Licensing will further strengthen the foundation we have built, bolstering our capability to deliver great consumer products and retail programs to our target consumers, said Dulce Lim-Chen. 3 30th July 2009DREAMWORKS TO SELECT NEW GAME LICENSING DEAL Shrek and Kung Fu Panda CG movie creator Dreamworks Animation is seeking to select a new video game license deal and negotiations are underway for the same. Its current agreement with Activision is set to run out next summer. Dreamworks Animation has a one-time agreement with THQ for a game based on its upcoming CG movie Oobermind, but following that, it will select a partner, says CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. Whichever publisher becomes Dreamworks new partner will contend with its new film release schedule of five movies every two years, with three films to be released in 2010. It is however unclear as to which of these will be covered by the existing Activision agreement. 2 28th July 2009BEBE INKS LICENSING DEAL WITH TITAN Bebe Stores has entered into a five-year licensing agreement with Titan Industries to design, manufacture and distribute women's noncasual footwear. The new Bebe shoe collection will be sold in Bebe Stores in the United States and Canada as well a few specialty and department stores worldwide and is slated for early spring 2010 delivery to stores. The companys stores are located in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada. Titan was

created in 1998 for the sole purpose of licensing shoes under the Bebe brand, Titan's Chief Executive Joe Ouaknine said. The new Bebe shoe collection is scheduled for debut during the World Shoe Association Trade Show at the end of July. 2 27th July 2009CHARACTER MERCHANDISING GAINING POPULARITY The lovable Zoozoos have rapidly made their way onto comic strips, newspaper mastheads, birthday cakes, wedding cards, shoes, Tshirts and key chains, the latest addition being rakhis (Rakhi is a sacred thread of protection embellished with the love and affection of a sister for her brother). The creator Vodafone Essar Ltd now has plans to launch official Zoozoo merchandise with retail chain Shoppers Stop Ltd. We are in discussions and are very close to signing the deal, said a senior official from Shoppers Stop Ltd, who did not want to be named, citing company policy. The Zoozoos merchandise to be manufactured and marketed by Shoppers Stop is to comprise Zoozoo T-shirts, bags, clocks, dolls, mugs and key chains, among other things. The merchandise should be out soon, possibly within a month or two, says Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, South Asia, Ogilvy and Mather Pvt. Ltd, who created the Zoozoo campaign. Character merchandising is easy to copy and there really isnt any control on violation of intellectual property, says Govind Shrikhande, customer care associate and chief executive for Shoppers Stop Ltd. He explains that unlike film merchandise, which has a shelf life of 10-12 weeksallowing merchandisers to move in and move out before the knock-offs had even arrived character merchandising is a greater challenge, especially if the official merchandise is expensive, thereby encouraging the demand for cheaper knock-offs. 2 25th July 2009ALL NEW AVATAR TOYS AT COMICCON Mattel is introducing its action figure line based on James Camerons feature film Avatar at this weeks San Diego Comic-Con 2009. The toys will hit the markets in October and will incorporate augmented reality technology implying it to be the first time that this technology will appear in a retail toy product. The toy line is developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising

featuring heroes, creatures and vehicles from the movie which will hit the theatres in December 2009. The development of our Avatar toy line with the integration of the augmented reality technology marks an entirely new level of innovation in toys, said Doug Wadleigh, Vice President for Boys Action Play Marketing, Mattel. Boys will be able to play with the Avatar figures and vehicles in ways that previously could only be imagined.In Mattels words: Avatar action figures, vehicles and creatures will come with a 3-D web tag, called an i-TAG, which consumers can scan using a home computers webcam. Scanning the i-TAG will reveal special content onscreen unique to the corresponding product. Exact content varies for each item, but could include biographical information, additional images and animated models of the figures. When the i-TAG for deluxe figures, vehicles or creatures are placed under a webcam, animated 3-D models will come alive through engaging, evading or defending moves. Place two i-TAGs from the Battle Pack together and the 3-D images will interact with each other. 2 23rd July 2009SUGOI SIGNS LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH TIMEX GROUP Sugoi Performance Apparel, a division of Dorel Industries Inc., and Timex Group, a leader in outdoor and sports performance timepieces has entered into a license agreement for the design, manufacture and distribution of sports apparel under the Timex brand name. Sugoi will launch a line of Timex performance apparel designed for everyday athletes nationwide. The Timex Apparel collection offers vibrant colors and artistically incorporates iconic Timex design themes. We have chosen to partner with Sugoi because of their well-established relationships with key retailers, their strategic marketing approach and their proven track-record in designing and manufacturing the highest quality sports apparel, said Adam Gurian, President of Timex Group USA, Inc.Apparel styles, which range from $40 - $130, include cycling jersey, tri tank and short, technical running tee for men and women; cycling bib short with advanced chamois technology for men; cycling short with advanced chamois technology, running tank for women; and compression socks. The partnership also names Sugoi as the official apparel provider of the Timex Multisport Team, which is a dynamic group of amateur and professional athletes who serve as brand ambassadors for Timex and

associated sponsors at hundreds of events around the world. Sugoi has thus joined a stable of other top sponsors for Timex Mulitsport Team, including Trek Bicycles and PowerBar. 2 23rd July 2009FAFA AND JUNO TO EDUCATE THE TARGET AUDIENCE Kids Animation India, the publishing and merchandising division of Spacetoon India, engaged in the business of childrens television programming and licensing of cartoon characters has announced the launch of 5 interesting series with 31 book titles of its premier Intellectual Property - Fafa and Juno. Fafa and Juno are the first in line of indigenously developed cartoon characters by Spacetoon. This unique combination of the two lovable cartoon characters representing a girl and panda have been created in the form of Fafa and Juno offering a perfect blend of education and entertainment in an innovative book formats. The books are available in different categories such as knowledge series, activity books, board books, story books and many more categories.Rajiv Sangari, MD and CEO, Spacetoon- South Asia, said, we are proud to announce our pathbreaking initiative of introducing Fafa & Junos 31 book titles in the Indian market. At Spacetoon, it is our ongoing effort to provide our valuable little customers the entertainment that is educative and meaningful. We are confident that these books will be well accepted by the readers. We will soon launch complete health-based series books of Fafa & Juno. One of these books will be based on Yoga for little children titled as Yoga with Juno. The books are to cater the age group of 3- 10 years and are available in all the leading retail outlets and book stores. 2 22nd July 2009HYDERBAD BASED 7SEAS TECHNOLOGIES FOCUS ON 3D MOBILE GAMES 7seas Technologies Ltd, a Hyderabad based gaming content developer has decided to focus on 3D mobile games, given the youths increasing interest for buying fancy mobile handsets. Mr. L. Maruti Sanker, Managing Director, 7Seas Technologies Limited said, 7Seas has released seven 3D mobile games globally in 2008 across genres including puzzle, action, adventure and racing. The games include 3D Sudoku and Planets of Sudoku 3D (puzzle), Neetu The Alien Killer and Great Elude (action), Treasure Trove3D (adventure)

and Derby 3D and Kraze (racing). Of these, the racing games Derby3D and Kraze are both single and multi player. Great Elude, Planets of Sudoku 3D and Derby 3D is multi-lingual and is available in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and German. 7Seas is planning to launch some more 3D Mobile Games across various genres." The company has recently launched its first celebrity based mobile game and tied up with Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra for the same. Mr. L. Maruti Sanker said, the game has been developed Neetu as main gaming character and the game is titled on her name itself- Neetu-The Alien Killer. Apart from this game, 7Seas has also made available the game wallpapers, screensavers and ring tones for Neetu Chandra's fans. The game has got a good response from mobile game lovers across the country. We sell our games through mobile gaming distributors and aggregators and there is a licensing deal in selling our games. Keeping in sync with the new emerging trends in the mobile gaming scenario, 7Seas will be focusing on celebrity-based games as well. 2 21st July 2009NICK INDIA ACQUIRES LICENSING RIGHTS FOR NINJA HATTORI Nick, Indias number one kids channel, has signed a deal with Shogakukan- Shuseisha Productions for both product and promotional licensing rights for Ninja Hattori. Ninja Hattori is an animated comedy where a little boy called Kennichi befriends a Ninja called Hattori. Hattori can move at high speed, sleep suspended on the ceiling and is a martial arts expert. Ninja Hattori has been the number one show on Nick, consistently for the last 18 months. Nick has plans to launch Ninja Hattori merchandise early next year. The product line will comprise footwear, stationery, back-to-school products such as lunch boxes and bags, tableware, storybooks, board games, puzzles, toys and bed-linen and the channel is certain that the merchandising extension has great potential.Sandeep Dahiya, vice-president, Consumer Products, Viacom18, says, "Ninja Hattori has been the frontrunner in the kids' entertainment category and it's only natural that we extend his presence beyond television. The launch of this merchandise will strengthen the channel's merchandising programme around other characters - Dora and SpongeBob - which are present in over 20 categories in India. Akira

Fujita, Executive Director, Licensing Department, Media Division, Shogakukan- Shuseisha Productions Ltd, said, We are proud to be involved in the creation of this very unique range of Ninja Hattori range of consumer products for kids. This are very first venture together and I am sure that Ninja Hattori will be a super success. We are sure all kids are waiting to have their favourite Nicktoon Ninja Hattori in their playrooms." 2 21st July 2009MARVEL AND HALLMARK ENTER EXPANSIVE LICENSING ALLIANCE Marvel Entertainment, Inc., one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, has announced an expansive licensing agreement with Hallmark Cards, Inc. covering the social expressions category with products such as greeting cards and party goods. Kansas City-based Hallmark has been helping people communicate, celebrate and connect for nearly 100 years via its greeting cards and other products. With the multi-year license agreement, Hallmark has been awarded the rights for United States and Canada to produce and market a wide range of social expression products -many featuring innovation such as lights, sounds and personalization.The deal is based on both the "classic" comic book look of Marvels globally-known universe of more than 5,000 characters, as well as product lines inspired by feature films and animated series. These include Marvel Studios` upcoming feature films Iron Man 2, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers, as well as animated series including The Super Hero Squad Show, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and Wolverine and the X-Men. The deal comprises a wide range of social expression products including electronic and mobile greetings, as well as Crayola arts and crafts products. "The social expressions category is an impactful channel to capture new and existing fans and keep them immersed in our character base," said Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products for North America, Marvel Entertainment. "Millions of consumers are passionate about Marvel movie and animated series characters," said Karen Mitchell-Layton, Hallmark Vice President of Licensing. "Its important to Hallmark to provide meaningful products to help people celebrate and emotionally connect with each other." 1 13th July 2009JOES JEANS SEALS DEAL WITH KIDS JEANS Joes Jeans Inc. has signed a new license agreement with Kids Jeans

LLC to manufacture and distribute apparel products for infants, girls and boys. The new childrens line will debut at the September 2009 tradeshows, Project in Las Vegas and Coterie in New York. Joes Jeans Inc. designs, produces and sells apparel and apparel-related products to the retail and premium markets under the Joes brand and related trademarks.Marc Crossman, President and Chief Executive Officer said, "To date, our children's offerings have largely been limited to denim. By licensing childrens apparel to a company whose founders have built successful children's businesses, we will be able to accelerate the expansion of the product categories offered to Joe's loyal customers. The addition of a full line of children's apparel to our licensed product program enhances our goal of reinforcing Joe's as a lifestyle sportswear brand. We expect the children's collection to complement our existing womens and mens collections." 1 13th July 2009LEONIDAS TIES UP WITH WALT DISNEY Premium Pralines Pvt. Ltd which markets Leonidas, the premium brand of chocolates and pralines in India has tied up with Walt Disney to launch an exclusive Mickey Mouse range of chocolates. Director Ms Vrinda Rambhia explains, Cartoon characters are quite popular amongst kids. We are introducing the Mickey Mouse range at the Leonidas store at Kemps Corner. We think with the Disney range we will address the demand from parents who want to provide quality chocolates to their kids, without compromising on taste. Leonidas has created special packaging to make the entire experience fun for the kids and the parents. Its opening system is very original and will leave nobody indifferent: just pull the tail of our mouse in short pants to open the lid. The range comprises chocolates in the shape of Mickeys head are presented in delicious tastes: milk, flan with caramel, white praline with pieces of biscuit, praline with pieces of meringue and fondant ganache praline.Ms Vrinda adds We constantly innovate, to make the experience of buying and gifting chocolates a memorable one. The tempting Mickey Mouse collection is priced at Rs 1650 per box and hits the shelves in July 2009. 1 10th July 2009INDIAS FIRST EVER BABY FASHION SHOW The action was on the ramp and the models were little one year and

two year olds. It was the launch of Huggies Dry Pants, a chic and convenient option to regular peel and stick diapers. Huggies Dry Pants, an innovative format from the house of Kimberly-Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd. is easy to wear and remove. Kimberly-Clark and its wellknown global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 150 countries. In India, Kimberly-Clark has a 50:50 joint venture with Hindustan Unilever. In what could be termed Indias cutest fashion show, the little stars happily waddled and crawled on the stage, in creations enhanced by one of Indias leading fashion designer Neeta Lulla. Neeta Lulla entered the fashion world 23 years ago and has played a pivotal role in setting trends ever since. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Rajeev Mohan, Managing Director, Kimberly-Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd. said Huggies is about giving moms and babies uninterrupted play moments, so the baby can learn and explore more during these interactions. This show is a platform that demonstrates that when provided with the required protection and comfort, children not only remain happy but are also unhindered in performing various activities and tasks. We are delighted at the enthusiastic response of the mothers and babies in this show and thank everyone for their encouragement and participation. The mother baby pairs who participated in the event included Suchitra Pillai, Maria Goretti, Prachee Shah, Manasi Scott, Alesia Raut, Shaheen Abbas. The evening concluded on a thoughtful note with little children from Save the Children receiving proceeds from an auction of the designer pants. The event was attended by celebrities, fashionistas and socialites all of who had a raving time watching the mom & baby antics. 1 10th July 2009LEARNING BECOMES PLAYFUL WITH DORA Nick and Funskool launch the Dora 24-piece puzzle giving preschoolers the opportunity to enjoy putting together pieces of their favorite Nicktoon Dora the Explorer and watch her evolve into a pretty picture. Priced at Rs. 99/-, this exciting puzzle is available in all leading retail stores across India. The Dora puzzle is kid-friendly and reveals lively picturesque scenes of Dora the Explorer. The Dora puzzle is a great way to help develop hand-eye coordination in children and is perfectly suitable for kids aged 3 years and above. On a general note puzzles help kids learn, grow and exercise their

minds. Nick, Indias leading kids brand and a part of Viacom18, is a 24-hour pay channel in Hindi, with the option of an English audio feed on DTH. Funskool strives to develop innovative, creative and unique puzzle products to intrigue and delight all their puzzle consumers especially children. Mr Sandeep Dahiya, Vice PresidentConsumer Products, Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd commented about the launch, The Dora 24-piece puzzle takes forward the fundamental premise of Dora the Explorer play and learn. It is precisely this attribute that has made Dora one of the most popular characters amongst both parents as well as kids. Mr Philip Royappan, Product Manager, Funskool added, Nicks Dora the Explorer is immensely popular with kids and weve tried to get her off TV screens & into the play-time of tiny tots. Its an extremely affordable product and were sure the puzzle will be a hit with all kids. 8 8th July 2009TIME TO GET WRAPPD! MTV, Indias leading multimedia youth platform, in partnership with Portico New York, has launched a brand new range of towels Wrappd by MTV, comprising the most exclusive collection of towels that compliments the attitude, personality & moods of todays youth. Portico New York, a brand by Creative Portico (India) Pvt Ltd is a formidable player in home textile category and is respected for its design and product innovations. The jacquard towels are yarn dyed & are 100% cotton and the distinctive designs are inspired from an array of youth interests such as tattoos, gadgets, fashion, skulls & skeletons collection adding freshness, vibrancy & colour. Priced at Rs. 499/-, the unique collection is available at all leading department stores like Home Centre by Lifestyle plus various other home dcor & furnishings stores. Sandeep Dahiya, Vice President, Consumer Products - Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. commented, With Wrappd by MTV, we now get even more intimate with our consumers. We partnered with Portico and launched MTVs range of bed-linen - Laid by MTV, last year, which was a sell-out range. Were confident that Wrappd by MTV will be lapped-up from the shelves even sooner, given the kickass designs and Porticos hallmark quality. So, get ready to step into the shower, more often.Rajiv Merchant, Chief Executive Officer - Creative Portico India Pvt Ltd, said With Wrappd by MTV range, were confident of redefining the towel market in

India that of moving from colours-led options to designs-led options. He further added, While this range is predominantly targeting the youth, were confident of a great response from people across other age-groups as well. 2 2nd July 20094KIDS TEAMS UP WITH CTM TO MARKET YU-GIOH! 5DS IN GERMANY Munich-based CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising GmbH is the licensing agent for 4Kids hit property MTV, Indias leading multimedia youth platform, in partnership with Portico New York, has launched a brand new range of towels Wrappd by MTV, comprising the most exclusive collection of towels that compliments the attitude, personality & moods of todays youth. Portico New York, a brand by Creative Portico (India) Pvt Ltd is a formidable player in home textile category and is respected for its design and product innovations. The jacquard towels are yarn dyed & are 100% cotton and the distinctive designs are inspired from an array of youth interests such as tattoos, gadgets, fashion, skulls & skeletons collection adding freshness, vibrancy & colour. Priced at Rs. 499/-, the unique collection is available at all leading department stores like Home Centre by Lifestyle plus various other home dcor & furnishings stores. Sandeep Dahiya, Vice President, Consumer Products - Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. commented, With Wrappd by MTV, we now get even more intimate with our consumers. We partnered with Portico and launched MTVs range of bed-linen - Laid by MTV, last year, which was a sell-out range. Were confident that Wrappd by MTV will be lapped-up from the shelves even sooner, given the kickass designs and Porticos hallmark quality. So, get ready to step into the shower, more often.Rajiv Merchant, Chief Executive Officer - Creative Portico India Pvt Ltd, said With Wrappd by MTV range, were confident of redefining the towel market in India that of moving from colours-led options to designs-led options. He further added, While this range is predominantly targeting the youth, were confident of a great response from people across other age-groups as well. 2 2nd July 2009ARVIND BRANDS EXTENSIVE LICENSING AND EXPANSION PLANS Van Heusen to introduce US sportswear brand I-Zod by the end of 2009 In 2008, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation had announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Arvind Brands, a division of the Arvind Mills Ltd for I-Zod, a brand reputed for its dominance in the sportswear segment. Taking this step forward and pursuing expansion plans, J Suresh, CEO, Arvind Brands (Brands & Retail), said, Last month we had launched Polo Association under the

licensing agreement and we will be introducing the US sportswear brand I-Zod from the house of global apparel firm Van Heusen by the end of 2009.Arvind Brands is in an expansion spree to strengthen its portfolio of international and homegrown fashion brands and also introducing more overseas brands this year besides ramping up its retail presence across the country. Arvind Brands is also going ahead with the re-launch of womens formal wear under the brand Arrow this September. Arvind Brands, which had made an investment of Rs 400 crore between 2008 and 2012 as part of its expansion plans, has already invested Rs 100 crore for the expansion of its product portfolio. The company, which declared a turnover of Rs 440 crore in 2008-09, is expecting a turnover of Rs 550 crore this year. 2 2nd July 2009ARVIND LTD ENDS LICENSING PACT WITH USBASED HARTMARX CORP Hartmarx faces drop in demand for its products and inability to secure financing Indian textiles firm Arvind Ltd has terminated its business agreement with Chicago based Hartmarx Corp thereby ending a licensing pact with it for three brands, Hart Schaffner Marx, Pierre Cardin and Sansabelt. Arvind Brands, a division of the Arvind Mills Ltd had entered into an agreement to design, distribute and retail three brands in India. US based Hartmarx had filed for bankruptcy on Jan 23, witnessing a substantial drop in demand for its products and inability to secure financing.The market player who has acquired the US clothing company has emerged to be Arvind's rival S Kumars Nationwide, having acquired it for about $120 million through its US unit SKNL North America along with its operating partner Emerisque UK. "Consequent to Hartmarx Corporation filing bankruptcy in the U.S. and the likely transfer of the company to the owners, the company has terminated the business agreements it held with Hartmarx," Arvind said in a notice to the stock exchange. 2 29th June 2009GODREJ ON WAY TO LICENSE BRANDS TO FUTURE GROUP Parties in advanced discussions outlining specific areas of the licensing deal Home and personal products major, Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL) will license brands like Ganga, Banish, Evita and Godrej Tea, among others, to the leading retailer Future Group for a period of three to five years. Both the parties are currently into advanced discussions outlining specific areas like branding, brand ownership, retailing and marketing. The deal is expected to be sealed between GCPL and Future Brands, the brand development and marketing arm of the Future Group. Both companies had earlier had plans to set up a 50:50 JV but this was eventually dropped as it culminated in a licensing deal. Future Brands CEO Santosh Desai said, we are in discussion currently and cannot comment on specifics. Who gains

what? This deal will eventually help Future Group access top brands, Godrej Groups sourcing facilities and R & D works. However GCPL, on the other hand, will be able to cash in on the retailers sizeable distribution network. At the end of the licensing period, Godrej group may also have to pay a fee to Future Group for getting the brands back which will primarily depend on how well the brand has achieved in terms of volumes and value via the retailer. A Mahendran, FMCG Director of the Godrej Group said, we are mutually exploring various possibilities to strengthen and grow a couple of brands in our portfolio. 2 23rd June 2009BARBIE ALL SET TO COLOUR YOUR WORLD PINK Barbie is celebrating her 50th Anniversary this year & the celebrations have only just begun! Young girls love playing house and can now set up their own house with cool modular furniture for every room with each play set coming with furniture and accessories for a contemporary room environment. All furniture sets have real-life accents and rich details, a luxurious vanity set with a fluffy beanbag chair and lots of play pieces, making for a great mix and match play and fit with the Barbie Totally Real House.The Pink World rangeThe range varies from Rs.599 for the basic furniture assortment to Rs 3999 for the Barbie pink house with doll creating the ultimate play house for unlimited play. The other products comprising the range are the Barbie Pink premium furniture assortment along with the Barbie Pink doll assortment attractively priced at Rs. 799 and the Barbie Pink furniture and doll assortment priced at Rs.1299 where each set includes furniture, accessories and a doll for complete play. The perfectly dressed, ultra-fashionable Barbie doll comes in three themes, for a shopping spree, springtime party or relaxing at home, with fashions plus accessories to match. 2 23rd June 2009CRYPTOLOGIC EXTENDS LICENSING AGREEMENT WITH MARVEL CryptoLogic has retained its rights as the exclusive worldwide developer of Internet casino games based on Marvel Entertainments characters under an extended licensing agreement signed between the companies. As implied by the extended agreement, CryptoLogic would continue to make games based on Marvel Entertainment's comic heroes, as they appear in the comic books, such as SpiderMan, Hulk and X-Men through 2013. CryptoLogic, boasting more than

280 games has one of the most exhaustive casino suites on the Internet today with games featuring some of the worlds most famous action and entertainment characters. CryptoLogics exclusive partnership with Marvel has been daringly different for our industry as, together, we have brought some of the worlds favourite characters to the worlds top Internet casinos, said Brian Hadfield, President and Chief Executive Officer for CryptoLogic. 2 22nd June 2009NINE WEST FOOTWEAR CORPORATION STRIKES LICENSE AND DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH KURT GEIGER LTD Nine West Footwear Corporation, a division of Jones Apparel Group, Inc. (JNY), has inked a deal with Europe's largest luxury footwear retailer, Kurt Geiger Ltd., to license and distribute the Nine West and Easy Spirit brands in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new deal could set the stage for further collaborations between the footwear powerhouses with Nine West, which is present in 65 countries, and Kurt Geiger, which operates in France, Italy and the Middle East. Andrew Cohen, CEO, Nine West, said We believe there will be multiple opportunities in due time. Kurt Geiger will sell the brands through its expansive retail network, both in the U.K. and Ireland where Nine West is currently sold in about 200 concessions. Cohen further told that he is bullish about the venture, citing Kurt Geigers retail prowess and brand management expertise. Its the preeminent footwear company in the U.K. 1 19th June 20094KIDS ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL SIGNS NEW LICENSING DEALS FOR EVERGREEN FAVOURITE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 4Kids Entertainment International has signed a series of licensing deals with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) across various territories and sectors. Following the release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book which is now 25 years old, the TMNT series hit TV screens across the globe and the ensuing Turtle-mania led to four of the highest-grossing independent theatrical motion pictures of all-time. It also takes into account the top ten worldwide sales of toy action figures and a top-selling video game franchise. TMNT has established itself as a classic brand, with huge appeal to an older generation and new young fans alike, said Sandra Vauthier-Cellier,

Managing Director, 4Kids Entertainment International. These new licensing deals show just how strong the brand is across a range of territories and sectors. 1 19th June 20094KIDS ENTERTAINMENT SECURES LICENSING DEAL WITH ARTLIST COLLECTIONS PHOTOGRAPHY BRANDS Artlist Collections photography brands The Dog, The Cat and The Pig have secured a series of high profile European licensing deals with 4Kids Entertainment implying the growing global popularity of these enchanting brands. Artlist Collection: The Dog, The Cat and The Pig is the well-known animal photography franchise that features adorably expressive pictures of animals taken through a fish-eye lens, with a 70:30 head-to-body ratio. The Dog, The Cat and the Pig are all part of an incredibly strong franchise appealing to a wide demographic across a variety of sectors and markets, said Sandra VauthierCellier, Managing Director, 4Kids Entertainment International. With these properties, 4 Kids Entertainment has already struck licensing deal with a plethora of manufacturers across several verticals on Europe. 1 17th June 2009LUCASFILM REWARDS BIPLANO AS AGENT OF THE YEAR In the frame of the last edition of the Licensing Show, which has been moved to Las Vegas for the first time, Lucasfilm has awarded the prize as best agent to Biplano Licensing for its work and performance excellence throughout 2008.The award was received by Jordi Rey, Biplanos General Manager, from Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing and Casey Collins, Director of Licensing International, in recognition of Biplanos teamwork, from its Commercial and Administrative departments to all others like Approval, Contracts, Events and Promotions. 1 17th June 2009TURNER TO TAKE THE LICENSING AND MECHANDISING ROUTE Turner International India, which runs kids' channels Cartoon Network and Pogo, has plans to soon launch merchandise and properties around new characters. Turner is looking at increasing its revenues by licensing and merchandising products built around characters and themes associated with its popular characters.

Presently, Cartoon Network Enterprises contributes to less than 10 per cent of the total revenues of Cartoon Network in India.Dulce LimChen, Vice President-Asia Pacific, Cartoon Network Enterprises, said, "We expect the division to grow by 25 to 30 per cent in 2009, clocking revenues of 15 to 20 million (US) dollars by end of 2009." Popular characters of the network have been introduced across as many as 19 categories. These categories include merchandise, toys, publishing, gaming, home entertainment, themed entertainment and retail. Cartoon Network is also set to woo kids with a 90-minute animation movie on the popular character 'Ben 10'. "It will be completed by November 2009" said Lim-Chen. 1 15th June 2009FUTURE GROUP MAY END PACT WITH ITALY'S REPLAY, TO CONSOLIDATE LOW CONTRIBUTING STAND ALONE STORES The Future Group, Indias largest listed, modern retailer, is likely to end its Indian licensing agreement with Italian fashion brand Replay, with whom it has struck an alliance two years ago and opened around half a dozen exclusive stores across cities. It cited an unnamed Future Group executive as saying that sales didn't meet the company's expectations. Separately, the unnamed executive said the group will scrap standalone retail units of UK brand Lee Cooper and sell its merchandise through its large format stores such as Big Bazaar, Central and Pantaloon. Lee Cooper, the UK-based apparel and footwear brand, exited the 50:50 retail joint venture with Future Group last year, following which the Indian partner started selling the products via a licensing agreement through standalone stores, as well as, shop-in-shops. 1 14th June 2009MARICO FILES SUIT AGAINST ITS TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT Personal products company Marico has filed a trademark infringement suit against Aditya Birla Group Company, Grasim Industries for infringing on its Kaya Skin Care brand and launching skin wipes under a similar-sounding brand, Kara. Marico has also opposed the registration of Kara in the trademarks registry. Grasim says that Kaya Skin Wipes are consumed in-house by Kaya Skin Clinics, while Kara Skin Wipes are sold at retail outlets. Section 29 of the Trademarks Act, 1999 implies that a registered trademark is infringed if used in the course of trade by a person other than the

registered proprietor or permitted user of a trademark. 1 11th June 2009CALVIN KLEIN ENTERS LICENSING DEAL WITH KARVET Calvin Klein Inc., New York has entered into a licensing program with Kravet, Inc. to manufacture and distribute a line of designer decorative fabrics including multi-purpose and upholstery wovens, window fabrics and decorative trimmings under the Calvin Klein Home brand. The collection will launch up to 200 SKUs keyed to distribution through a network of 31 corporate showrooms and 35 representative showrooms using the designers iconic modern, luxurious and sophisticated themes in clean pure forms. Calvin Klein Home also has licensed collections for bedding (DWI Holdings), table linens (W-C Designs), rugs (Nourison) and tabletop (Lifetime Brands). The company also plans a furniture licensed program in the future. 2 2nd June 2009NEW ALIENS VS PREDATOR GAME FROM SEGA & 20TH CENTURY FOX L&M Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising have licensed their upcoming series of Aliens titles to Sega. Sega has announced its plans to release a new game named Aliens vs. Predator which is set to be developed by Rebellion. Rebellion has also created the first title in the series, and should come to the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft; the Play Station 3 from Sony and the Windows based PC in the early months of 2010. It is expected that the game is going to be designed on the same theme as the original one released in 1999. The all new Alien vs. Predator players will have the chance to take the role of the three infamous species; the Colonial Marine, the Predator & the Alien. 2 29th May 2009NEW MRS. AMERICA LIFESTYLE BRAND TO INCLUDE A LICENSING PROGRAM Privilege Media Group, under the creative and strategic direction of Jonathan Michel, President & CEO, has officially launched the Mrs. America global lifestyle brand. This initiative will thus extend the Mrs. America brand through womens lifestyle products targeting Americas most powerful consumer demographic- worldwide. Licensing agency Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro, one of the worlds foremost licensing and intellectual property law firms based in Los Angeles, California, is currently seeking partners for categories in

womens apparel, jewellery, perfume, cosmetics, food products, home furnishings, appliances, electronics and other products inspired by the Mrs. America competition which has been successfully representing married women for over 32 years. 2 27th May 2009CHAOTIC BEVERAGE HITS SHELVES IN CANADA The US based 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:KDE), with its headquarters in New York City, and its majority owned subsidiary TC Digital Games have announced the launching of a new canned beverage in Canada. It has been launched by the Toronto based U & Me Marketing and is based on 4Kids Entertainments animated series and trading card game brand Chaotic. It is expected that the product provides a fun, healthy, thirst quenching experience both for chaotic fans and consumers new to the brand. Plans call for introducing the Chaotic beverage in the US later this year.Available at more than 5300 supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores throughout Canada, the beverage will be offered as individual purchase items at an MSRP of $2.49 or as a four pack for $9.99 (including a booster pack of Chaotic trading cards). 2 26th May 2009STAR TREK, STAR WARS AND TRANSFORMERS ROLL OUT NEW MERCHANDISE Hero worshippers of the intimidating characters from the sci-fi films, Star Trek, Star Wars and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will feel high with the new merchandise hitting the stores. They can now treat their feet with the comfort of Star Trek Airwalk sneakers, have a good night's sleep with Star Wars bedding or pre order the approximate $45 Transformers USB Flash drive wherein you can store up to 2GB of your most valuable data an initiative of the creative tangents of movie-marketing merchandise.Designed by Jeff Staple of Staple Design, this limited edition of the high top Star TrekAirwalk sneaker is exclusively available at Reed Space (NYC), Jeff Staple's retail shop. A pair of these shoes costs $80 for an adult and $60 for a kid.Star Wars bedding will hit the stores on July 25th in collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids too woo the movie buffs. 2 26th May, 200920th CENTURY FOX L&M ENTERS LICENSING DEALS WITH DUBAI BASED COMPANY SCENTSTORY The Fashion Licensing industry has contributed yet another licensing deal, this time in the Middle East. The Dubai based ScentStory FZE is

keen to launch a fragrance inspired by the Television series "24". 20th Century Fox L&M Europe has entered a deal with the Dubai based company. The inspiration primarily revolves around the central character, Jack Bauer. As per the company, 24 The Fragrance will epitomize the vigour and drive of the show along with the firm, self assertive character of Bauer.The fragrance will however be launched next month and will be hitting the markets exclusively in the Middle East. The Middle East region has witnessed the rise of a generation of young entrepreneurs, wealth and prosperity. 2 23rd May, 20094KIDS ENTERTAINMENT GOES INTERNATIONAL The US-based 4Kids Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: KDE), with its headquarter in New York City, and its majority-owned subsidiary TC Digital Games LLC have introduced the Chaotic trading card game (TCG), the first trading card property specifically designed to combine trading card game play with a unique online multiplayer video game experience. Chaotic is the first property in the trading card industry to combine traditional tabletop game play with a free integrated online game portal. Each Chaotic trading card is printed with a unique alphanumeric code that enables Chaotic players to upload their personal card collection onto the Chaotic Website, Additionally, the Website features interactive game play functionality, a Web-based trade sector (allowing users to trade their Chaotic Cards online with other players), Web-based messaging, forum discussions and more. M May 18, 20094Kids Entertainment International Secures Licensing and Merchandising Rights to Luc Besson"s Upcoming "Arthur" Theatrical Films in the Nordics 4Kids Entertainment has secured licensing and merchandising rights in the Nordic territories to the upcoming Luc Besson liveaction/computer-animated family adventure movies - Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard and Arthur and the War of the Two Worlds. Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard is the highly anticipated followup to Arthur and the Minimoys produced by Luc Bessons production and distribution studio EuropaCorp, which earned over $110 million in worldwide box office revenue. The new deal will see 4Kids develop and manage licensing

opportunities in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway for the eagerly anticipated film, which launches throughout the region on 4th December 2009 - distributed by Scanbox Entertainment. M May 15, 2009OXO gets 2 licensing deals Helen of Troy Ltd., a personal care and household products companys brand OXO has signed licenisng deals with Staples Inc. and biopharmaceutical company UCB. OXOs agreement with Staples is for a product line of office tools. This line would include more than 30 items such as plush pins, staplers and staple removers May 13, 2009 Playboy looks to expand via licensing Jerome Kern, Playboy Enterprise's interim chairman and CEO, believes the way forward is monetizing the brand and he is keen on expanding the brands licensing avenues. He said, "There is a huge opportunity to grow the licensing business, both strategically and with strategic partners. We do $50 million in licensing (revenue) now, but we could do a hell of a lot more worldwide." He also identified Cable TV as another opportunity for growth. Though the magazine is witnessing a drop in revenues, it is gaining popularity through other means. The "Pink Bunny Bling" is the most popular cell-phone wallpaper among AT&T customers, and is popular among teen-age girls. May 12, 2009Artlist Collection: The Dog Boosts Ice Cream Sales in Portugal Photography brand The Dog, part of the 4Kids International brand portfolio, has increased its presence in Portugal with a successful promotion that pairs The Dog-themed plush with OLA ice cream. The promotion which was kicked off in February and ran in more than 37 OLA ice cream stores in Portugal became so popular that many shops were sold out of The Dog premiums within nine days.. Part of the popular animal photography franchise from Artlist Collection that also includes The Cat and The Pig, The Dog features adorably expressive and charming pictures of a variety of dog breeds taken through a fish-eye lens. Launched in Japan in 2000, The Dog has quickly become a global licensing phenomenon, accounting for more than $300 million in sales revenue to date and has established a strong European licensing presence across such key categories as plush, online greeting cards, mobile phone and mp3 accessories, video games, bags, wallets, nightwear, collectables, bedding, and

homeware. The collection is comprised of over 100,000 images spanning 70 breeds, photographed with its trademark 70:30 head-tobody ratio. May 8, 2009Sunrise Strikes 'Happi' Licensing Deal Artist and illustrator Dena Fishbein (Dena Designs) is debuting a line extension called Happi by Dena, a licensing deal that will include an arrangement with Sunrise Greetings to have her artwork at 15,000 post offices for Mothers Day. Her designs including handpainted and computerized art will also be featured mailers, boxes and other mailing materials. Further, via her association with other licensees, the collection will also include categories such as recipe books, greeting cards, textiles and baby bedding.Dena Designs is a thriving art brand. The do-it-yourself style gifts and affordable projects focusing on family and home resulted in over $380 million in worldwide sales of licensed goods last year. The brand increased revenues by 20 percent in 2008. May 7, 2009 Playboy looks to expand via licensing Lee Cooper, the authentic English denim lifestyle brand, announced its partnership with The Beanstalk Group to develop its international licensing program. Beanstalks initial focus will be assisting Lee Cooper in developing its apparel and denim lifestyle business in Russia, Poland and the Baltic States.Ciarn Coyle, Beanstalks Managing Director, said, Beanstalk is proud to be joining forces with one of the most respected denim companies in Europe. Lee Cooper has already established a sound reputation in the region and offers significant opportunities for further extension through its creative and trend-setting products.The partnership between Lee Cooper and Beanstalk represents an important step in realising the strategy of Lee Cooper CEO Stefaan Le Clair to expand the brand in the global marketplace. Our vision is to bring the company from a denim-based brand into a denim lifestyle brand, said Le Clair.

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International Fashion Brands in India Perspective 2010

January 7th, 2010 by admin

By Tarang Gautam Saxena, Chandni Jain and Neha Singhal In Retrospect While India was a promising market to many international brands, it was not completely immune from the global economic flu. More than its primary impact on the economy, the global downturn sobered the mood in the consumer market. Even the core target group for international brands, that had just begun to splurge apparently without guilt, tightened their purse strings and either down-traded or postponed their purchases. In 2008 in the midst of economic downturn, skepticism and uncertainty, the international fashion brands had continued to enter India at nearly the same momentum as the previous year. Many international brands such as Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo and Prada entered India in 2008 targeting the luxury or premium segment. However, given the high import duties and high real estate costs, the products ended up being priced significantly higher than in other markets. Many players ended up discounting the goods heavily to promote sales while a few also gave up and closed shop. As the Third Eyesight team had foreseen last year, 2009 saw a further slowdown and fewer international brands being launched during the year. The brands that were launched in 2009 included Beverly Hills Polo Club, Fruit of the Loom, Izod, Polo U.S., Mustang, Tie Rack and Timberland. Some of these had already been in the pipeline for quite some time and invested a considerable time and effort in understanding the dynamics of the Indian retail market, scouting for appropriate partners, building distribution relationships and tying up for retail space, setting up the supply chain and, most importantly, getting their operational team in place. International Fashion Brands in India

After many deliberations, the well-known global brand Donna Karan New York set foot in the Indian market in 2009 through an agreement with DLF Brands to set up exclusive DKNY and DKNY Jeans stores India. The brand is also reported to have signed a worldwide licensing agreement with S Kumars Nationwide Ltd to design, manufacture and retail DKNY menswear in certain specific countries. Second Chances Amongst the international brands that have recently entered the Indian market, a few are on their second or even third attempt at the market. For instance, Diesel BV initially signed a joint venture agreement in 2007 with Arvind Mills, and the partnership intended opening 15 stores by 2010. However, by the middle of 2008, the relationship ended with mutual consent, as Arvind reduced its emphasis on retailing international brands within the country. Within a few months of the ending of this relationship, Diesel signed a joint venture with Reliance Brands for a launch scheduled for 2010. Both partners seem to be strategically aligned with a common goal as the international iconic denim brand wants to take on the Indian market full throttle and the Indian counterpart has indicated that it wants to rapidly build its portfolio of Indian and foreign brands in the premium to luxury segments across apparel, footwear and lifestyle segments. Similarly, Miss Sixty entered India in 2007 through a franchisee agreement with Indus Clothing. It switched to a joint venture with Reliance Brands in the same year but the partnership was called off in 2008, despite plans to open more than 50 stores in the first three years of operations. Miss Sixty has finally entered India through a franchise agreement with a manufacturer of womens footwear and accessories. The company has currently introduced only shoes and accessories category and is looking at potential partners for its label Energie and girls range Killah. Other brands that have re-entered the Indian market include Germanybased Lerros whose first presence in India was back in mid-1990s. The brand re-entered the market in 2008 through own brand stores and is growing its presence through this route as well as through multi-brand stores. Oshkosh Bgosh is another brand that had entered India in mid 1990s, through a licensing agreement with Delhi based buying house, Elanco. The licensee found the childrenswear market hard to crack, and closed down. In 2008, Oshkosh re-entered the Indian market through a licensing partnership with Planet Retail and is now available through shop-in-shop counters at Debenhams stores. Reports suggest that it may consider setting up exclusive brand outlets. During the turbulence of 2008 and 2009, a few brands also exited the market. Some of them were possibly due to misplaced expectations initially about the size of the market or about the pace of change in consumer buying habits. Others were due to a failure either on the part of

the brand or its Indian partners (or both) to fully understand what needed to be done to be successful in the Indian market. Whatever the reason, the principals or their partners in the country decided that the business was under-performing against expectations and for the amount of effort and money being invested, and that it was better to pull the plug. Some brands that have been pulled out of the Indian market during 2008 and 2009 include Dockers, Gas, Springfield and VNC (Vincci). Gas (Grotto SpA) is reported to remain interested in the market but has not found another partner after its deal with Raymond fell through in 2007 and all dozen of its standalone stores were shut down. The Scottish brand Pringle and its Indian licensee did not renew their agreement upon its expiry. The Indian partner has reportedly signed an agreement to launch another international brand in India, while Pringle is said to be looking for new licensee. The good news is that successful relationships outnumber every exit or break in relationship possibly by a factor of ten. Some of the brands that have sustained are among the early entrants having a presence in India since the late-1980s and 1990s or even earlier. These include Bata, Benetton, adidas, Reebok (now also owned by adidas), Levi Strauss and Pepe. Having grown very aggressively during 2006 and 2007 Reebok quickly became the largest apparel and footwear brand in India, while Benetton and Levis are expected to cross the $100-million mark for sales this year. Entry Strategy & Recent Shifts As envisaged in Third Eyesights report from a year ago, with changing market conditions and a growing confidence in the Indian market, there has been a shift among international brands in the choice of the launch vehicle. While franchising has been the preferred mode of market entry in the recent past for risk-averse brands, more brands today demonstrate a long-term commitment to the Indian market, and are choosing to exercise ownership through wholly or partially owned subsidiaries and through joint ventures. In 2009, we have seen a noticeable shift in favour of joint-ventures as the choice for entry into the market. Even the brands already present are looking to modify the nature of their existing presence in India in order to exert more control over the retail operations, products, supply chain and marketing. Current Operating Structure(End 2009) Brands that changed their operating structures and, in some cases partners, in recent years include VF (Wrangler, Lee etc.), Lee Cooper, Lee, and Louis Vuitton amongst others. Mothercare, the baby product retailer, which is present through a franchise agreement with Shoppers Stop has, in addition, recently formed a joint venture with DLF Brands Ltd to enable the expansion through stand-alone stores. Gucci, which had initially entered in 2006

with the Murjani Group as a franchisee, has recently changed over to Luxury Goods Retail, and is now in the process of restructuring the relationship into a joint venture. VF has also been reported to be looking to license Nautica, Jansport and Kipling to a new partner. Until now, these brands were handled through the joint venture with Arvind Brands. Arvind has increasingly focused on its core business, closed stores and scaled down expansion plans for the international brands. Burberry that had entered India in 2006 through a franchisee arrangement with Media Star opened two stores under this arrangement. It has now set up a new joint venture with Genesis Colors and plans to open 20 stores across the country. More recently Esprit has also been reported to have approached Aditya Birla Nuvo to deepen its engagement by moving from its distribution arrangement into joint venture as the international brand sees excellent potential in the Indian market. Buckling up for 2010 Throughout 2009, the one fact that became clear was that the Indian market was resilient. Now, as the global economic condition stabilizes, confidence levels of brands and retailers in India have also improved. Several launches are already expected in 2010, and possibly many more are being worked upon. In the following 12 months, consumers can expect to find within India acclaimed brands such as Diesel, Topman, Topshop and the much-anticipated Zara. Many more Italian, British and French brands are examining the market. Most of the international fashion brands already present in the market are also projecting a cautiously upbeat outlook in their plans, while a few are looking positively bullish. For example, Pepe, an old player in premium and casual wear segment, has reported plans to grow its retail network further and open 50 more franchise stores by September 2010. Similarly the German fashion brand S. Oliver that entered the Indian market in 2007 is looking to grow significantly. It has already moved from a franchise arrangement with Orientcraft to a joint-venture with the same partner, and has stepped up its above-the-line marketing presence. The brand has recently reported its plans to scale up its retail presence to 77 stores by the end of 2012 while also strengthening its presence through shop-in-shop in multibranded outlets in high potential markets. Those international brands that have tasted success have not achieved it by blindly importing business models and formulas from other markets. Most have had to devise a different positioning from their home markets. Some have significantly corrected pricing and fine-tuned the product offering since they first launched. These include The Body Shop which decreased its prices by up to 30% this year, and Marks & Spencer which reduced prices by 20-40%. Others are unearthing new segments to grow into; for instance, Puma and Lacoste are now seriously targeting

womenswear as a growth market. On the operational side, the good news for retailers and brands is that the average real estate costs have reduced significantly, although marquee locations remain high. In several locations lease models have also moved from only fixed rent to some form of revenue sharing arrangement with the landlord. And, while the sector has seen some employee turmoil as many non-retail executives who came into the business in the last 5-7 years have returned to other sectors, employee salary expectations are also more realistic. As customer footfall and conversions pick up, international brands are also shoring up their foundations for future expansion in terms of better processes and systems, closer understanding of the market, and nurturing talent within their team. Third Eyesights recent work with international brands business units in India highlights the international players concern with ensuring a consistent brand message, improved organizational capabilities right down to front-line staff, and focus on unit productivity (per store and per employee). We may yet see a few more exits, and possibly some more relationships being reshuffled and partners being changed. However, all things considered, we can look forward to a net increase in the number of international brands in the country. The Indian consumer is certainly demonstrating more optimism and as far as there are no major unforeseen global or domestic shocks, this optimism should translate into a healthier business outlook for international brands as well. According to early signs, 2010 could be an excellent curtain-raiser for a new decade of growth for international fashion brands in India. [The 2009 report is available here: International Fashion Brands - India Entry Strategies] (c) 2010, Third Eyesight [Note: This report is based on information collected from a combination of public as well as proprietary sources, and in some cases may differ from press reports. However, no confidential information has been shared in this report.] Bookmark this post to:
Posted in Apparel, Branding, Footwear, India, Lifestyle & Fashion, Market Research, Marketing, Retail, Soft Goods, Strategy, Textiles, Uncategorized | 5 Comments

5 Responses
1. Mukti Says:March 17th, 2010 at 1:31 am 2. Hello Mr. Devangshu Dutta,My name is Mukti Patel and I am a fashion

designer/entrepreneur from New York. I have a background in Design from Parsons and a BA in Economics from the University of California. I have been following your articles over the last couple

3. 4.



8. 9. 10.


of years. Your insight has helped me gain perspective on global markets. While I have been born and raised in the US, I view the economy as a global entity and am constantly trying to grasp the differences and changes that are occurring in the market.Currently, I am putting together a business plan for a clothing line that will fill in the gaps in the Indian fashion industry. Growing up, I have kept an eye on spending behaviors of South Asian Americans. I realized that there are certain aspects of the fashion industry (standardized sizing, global trends, fit, and quality) that Indians in the US are exposed to, but have yet to find these things in their shopping experience for Indian garments. I also see that there is a cultural shift occurring in India and do plan to enter India (with a different tier and different marketing angle) after I have branded my business in the US.I know both industries very well and have always been aware of how consumers behave. In the last two years, I traveled to India three times and have seen all the different levels and aspects of the industry. I have visited mass production facilities, export handwork factories, tailors, and have met with those involved in the high-end market including designers and the coordinators of Lakme Fashion Week.Throughout this process, many of your articles have confirmed my beliefs. I want to thank you for access to such wonderful wisdom. Please reply with any thoughts at your convenience.Regards,Mukti Devangshu Dutta Says:March 18th, 2010 at 1:26 pm Hi, MuktiThanks for your appreciative comments. As a consulting firm were not always able to assist everyone directly, so were really glad when someone finds use for our expertise and insights through our articles.Wish you the best for launching your line. Devangshu Havan Says:April 2nd, 2010 at 4:24 am Hi Mukti, I am interested in understanding the kind of business you are proposing. i have 8 years experience of retail in india, then i moved to the usa to do my MBA which i just completed. i have a design background as well and am in boston. it would be interesting to compare notes. Devangshu, thanks for the article, i have been trying to figure out which new brands have been entering the indian market in the time I was in the US, but hadnt found a comprehensive source till today. thanks for compiling this report. thanks again Global brands focus on Indian market Pricing strategy is the key TALKS Says:April 18th, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Global brands focus on Indian market Low pricing strategy is the key
by karthicklakshman on April 17, 2010

I read an interesting report by B V Krishnamurthy, Harvard Business Online January 22, 2008, on the topic Pricing Strategy for the Indian Market .The pricing strategy for the Indian market is discussed with a couple of examples, Close on the unveiling of the Nano, the cheapest car in the world, another Indian Company, HCL Infosystems, has announced a $350 laptop. With the lowest-priced laptop currently retailing for over $700 (excluding the One Laptop Per Child laptop effort), lets examine how HCL arrived at this price for India and how other companies might learn from it. Ironically, the announcement of the $350 laptop coincided with Apples showcasing of the Airthe thinnest laptoppriced at $1800 US. Obviously, the two products cater to entirely different market segments. However, there is a lesson here for well-known brands wanting to make a foray into large markets such as India and China. Whenever a global brand enters an emerging economy, there is a tendency to adopt a skimming strategy. Even at its simplest, the approach is to multiply the home country price by the exchange rate, add the customs duties and taxes, and arrive at the price. This is counterproductive, given the mobility of people and the propensity to ask a colleague or a friend to pick up one of these products and avoid the customs duty and tax component. Almost every week, Indian consumers receive offers of well-known brands from the USA and UK for a price less than half of what we would have to pay if we were to buy the same product through an authorized intermediary in India.

Successful tapping of high-volume markets requires that marketers adopt innovative pricing strategies to suit local conditions, as opposed to a global pricing strategy that many marketers seem to be adopting today. Other Global brands which are planning to establish and already established, has the similar approach to have an eye on the pricing strategy, and here is a couple of examples to prove that, Example 1: consumer electronics , Panasonic As Indian economy is expanding, global consumer electronics players are exuding more interest. Japans largest consumer electronics manufacturer Panasonic, which was not focused on the Indian market so far, is working on a big plan to encash the growth potential.Panasonic is developing a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit along with R&D facility in Haryana, with an investment of around $250 million, said Fumio Ohtsubo, global president of the Japanese conglomerate.Panasonic earns around half a percent of its global revenue of around $75 billion from the Indian market. Chinas contribution to total revenue is 11%. Indian contribution to Panasonics total revenue will increase by 5 times by 2012 with change in strategy, Ohtsubo told TOI.As Indian market is highly price sensitive, Ohtsubo said the company would like to engage more and more local talent, who understand the needs of Indian consumers, to develop appropriate products. Giving the example of Nano, he said that the success of the product tells a lot about Indian market. Underlining the need for developing different lines of products that will suit Indian customers, he said, Panasonic will set up R&D centres to develop a number of products in India itself.Panasonic has five manufacturing plants in India. In Haryana, We plan to set up a Panasonic Technopark on a much larger scale. We will bring multiple operations there and also localize our research and development activities, Ohtsubo said.Talking about the global trend, he said that demand is for smart products. Even

in the developed countries, consumers now want products with all those features that make them efficient and effective. But they are not ready to pay for those additional functions, which are not required by them. However, this trend is more pronounced in the emerging markets.With its R&D in emerging markets like India, he said, the company would work to identify the minimum functionality, which would make the products smart at competitive prices. [Link] Example 2 : fashion brands Throughout 2009, the one fact that became clear was that the Indian market was resilient. Now, as the global economic condition stabilizes, confidence levels of brands and retailers in India have also improved. In the following 12 months, consumers can expect to find within India acclaimed brands such as Diesel, Topman, Topshop and the muchanticipated Zara. Many more Italian, British and French brands are examining the market. Most of the international fashion brands already present in the market are also projecting a cautiously upbeat outlook in their plans, while a few are looking positively bullish. For example, Pepe, an old player in premium and casual wear segment, has reported plans to grow its retail network further and open 50 more franchise stores by September 2010. Similarly the German fashion brand S. Oliver that entered the Indian market in 2007 is looking to grow significantly. It has already moved from a franchise arrangement with Orientcraft to a joint-venture with the same partner, and has stepped up its above-the-line marketing presence. The brand has recently reported its plans to scale up its retail presence to 77 stores by the end of 2012 while also strengthening its presence through shop-in-shop in multibranded outlets in high potential markets.

Those international brands that have tasted success have not achieved it by blindly importing business models and formulas from other markets. Most have had to devise a different positioning from their home markets. Some have significantly corrected pricing and fine-tuned the product offering since they first launched. These include The Body Shop which decreased its prices by up to 30% this year, and Marks & Spencer which reduced prices by 20-40%. Others are unearthing new segments to grow into; for instance, Puma and Lacoste are now seriously targeting womenswear as a growth market. On the operational side, the good news for retailers and brands is that the average real estate costs have reduced significantly, although marquee locations remain high. In several locations lease models have also moved from only fixed rent to some form of revenue sharing arrangement with the landlord. And, while the sector has seen some employee turmoil as many non-retail executives who came into the business in the last 5-7 years have returned to other sectors, employee salary expectations are also more realistic. As customer footfall and conversions pick up, international brands are also shoring up their foundations for future expansion in terms of better processes and systems, closer understanding of the market, and nurturing talent within their team. Third Eyesights recent work with international brands business units in India highlights the international players concern with ensuring a consistent brand message, improved organizational capabilities right down to front-line staff, and focus on unit productivity (per store and per employee). We may yet see a few more exits, and possibly some more relationships being reshuffled and partners being changed. However, all things considered, we can look forward to a net increase in the number of international brands in the country.

The Indian consumer is certainly demonstrating more optimism and as far as there are no major unforeseen global or domestic shocks, this optimism should translate into a healthier business outlook for international brands as well. According to early signs, 2010 could be an excellent curtain-raiser for a new decade of growth for international fashion brands in India. [Link] Example 3 : FMCG Nestle Antonio Helio Waszyk, Chairman, Nestle India, feels better pricing and new concepts will keep the demand growing and the challenge is to Indianise global products. Talking to Bloomberg UTV Executive Editor Pranjal Sharma, Waszyk talks about why the company is launching a programme on increasing nutrition awareness in India. [Link] To gain further insights on how to decide on pricing, I found a research article titled, Optimal pricing strategy for foreign market entry: a game theoretic approach, the authors propose an upward price distortion by the entrant firm as an optimal entry strategy under incomplete information. The paper presents a game theoretic derivation to establish that the game has a unique intuitive separating equilibrium where the entrant firm stands to gain by engaging in upward price distortion to signal high quality to consumers. I am Still in the process of learning this topic!!!! The foreign brands would rather hold on the lower prices of last year or cut the rates some more, But Indias top brands are rushing to i increase prices and introduce premium lines as the market recovers Brands such as Indian Terrain, Scullers, Allen Solly, Van Heusen and Turtle spent most of last year attracting buyers with lower prices, but see a brighter 2010 to cash in on. We are increasing prices after two years and it is due to higher raw material costs, said Surya Narayan, executive director of the Chennai-based Celebrity

F Fashions Pvt. Ltd, which owns Indian Terrain. The firm is increasing prices of its casual wear brand by 5-15% though i it will retain the entry tag at Rs999 for a shirt. Kolkata-based Turtle India Ltd is raising prices by 5-6%, again citing higher cotton prices, according to managing director Amit Ladsaria. brands blame rising raw material costs, particularly that of cotton, which have risen around 8% in the past eight months to Rs3,000-3,200 per 100kg. [Link]

12. [...] The Indian consumer is certainly demonstrating more optimism and

as far as there are no major unforeseen global or domestic shocks, this optimism should translate into a healthier business outlook for international brands as well. According to early signs, 2010 could be an excellent curtain-raiser for a new decade of growth for international fashion brands in India. [Link] [...] 13. Mukti Says:May 13th, 2010 at 3:44 pm 14. Thank you for the reply Devangshu. I will keep you updated with my progress.