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20 JUNE 2012

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Manila Bulletin p. B-2

2 NPAs kill soldier, volunteer - An Army soldier and a police volunteer were killed in attacks launched by the New People's Army in Negros Oriental and Zamboanga del Norte. (Victor Reyes and Gilbert Bayones) Soldier killed in NPA attack - Suspected New People's Army (NPA) insurgents on Tuesday killed an unarmed Army soldier engaged in peace and development projects in Sipalay City, Negros Oriental. (Elena L Aben) Fire hits military explosive quarters - A fire hit two sleeping quarters and a canteen of the Explosive Ordinance Division (EOD) inside the Central Command.(Mars W Mosqueda, Jr.) Sundalo namamalengke binaril sa Negros Patay ang isang sundalo ng miyembro ng Peace and Development Team makaraan baritln ng pinaghihinalaan miyembro n9 New People's Army habang namamalengke sa Sipalay City, Negros Oriental. (Mark Obleada) CVO killed, 1 hurt in NPA attack - A member of Civilian Volunteers Organization (CVO) was killed while his companion was wounded when suspected members of New People's Army (NPA) shot them while hunting wild animals in the mountainous area of Zamboanga del Sur. (Zaid delos ReyesPalanca) Malaya p. B-3

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Tempo p. 5


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5 More Funds - The Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefit Association INC.(AFP BAI)- Armed Forces of the Philippines Electronic System Office (AFPEBSO) is providing P2million more to the 1 million fund for its scholarship stipend support (Elena L Aben) PNP won't search for Jordanian Tempo p. 7



Phil Star p. 1

Police will not launch a search and rescue operation for a Jordanian journalist and his two Filipino cameramen whom the Abu Sayyaf is believed to be holding in the jungles of Sulu. (Cecille Suerte Felipe)




TV crew OK- Robredo One of Jordanian TV journalist Baker Atyani's Filipino companions has called his family and employer in Taguig City to let them know they are OK. (Julie Alipala) 'Missing' journalist may face raps, jail term - Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani, believed to have been kidnapped but merely "missing" to Malacanang and President Aquino) may yet interrogated by the military and face probable charges as well as a stay in jai if he gets past his Abu Sayyaf captors.(Fernan J Abeles) Missing Jordanian helping Abu Sayyaf


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Local authorities are not launching search and rescue operations for a Jordanian journalist and his two Filipino companions who went missing in Sulu province last weeks as they voiced suspicious that the foreign newsman might have been on a "secret mission" to help the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). Missing Journalist AI-Qaeda conduit? - Responding to reports alleging that missing Jordanian reporter Baker Atyani may be a "fund conduit" for the AI-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). Kidnapped or not, soldiers look for Jordanian journalist - Government forces have been deployed to locate a Jordanian journalist and two Filipino Cameramen who were declared missing last week in Sulu. (Victor Reyes) Troops deployed to find newsman - The military has deployed troops to locate veteran Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani and two Filipino Cameramen who have been declared missing in Sulu since June 12. (Elena L Aben) Arab newsman tagahatid ng pondo ng Abu? - Tagahatid umano ng pondo ng Abu Sayyaf reporter na si Baker Abdulla Atyani na simula pa noong 2001 ay labas pasok na kuta ng mga bandido. (Joy Cantos) US intel units hold office in Camp Crame- CCP - (Florante S Solmerin) Confusion over pullout - Malacanang expects the country's diplomats to clarify with their Chinese counterparts conflicting statements over the status of Chinese vessels in Scarborough Shoal. (Norman Bordadora and Michael Lim Ubac) Kwidaw sa switik na China - (Bernard Taguinod/Aries Cano/Eralyn Prado) Photo: Habitat for humanity (Mike Taboy)


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The continuing stain of political killings (Ricardo Saludo) A don't care presidency (Ninez CachO-Olivares) Kids off to war



June 2012


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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dD June 2012

The National N(!wspaper



AN Anny soldier and a police volunteer were killed in attacks

Southern Negros since March this year. The first died March 11 in an NPA ambush in Baranlaunched by the New People's gay Tuyom, Cauayan, which is Army in Negros Oriental and adjacent to Sipalay City. Zatnhoanga del Norte. Ilisan was gunned down by Maj. Enrico Gil Ileto, spokes-man of the Army's 3rd Infantry two suspected NPA hitmen at Division, identified the slain the public market of Sitio Camsoldier as Pfc. John Ilisan, a bugi-ot, Barangay Camindangan member of a team from the in Sipalay City. Lt. CoL Rodrigo Sosmena, 47th Infantry Battalion engaged in peace and development ef- 47th ill commander, said the forts in Camindangan village in unarmed Ilisan was shot in the back while buying supplies Sipalay City. from the market. He was with llisan was the second member of the Army's Peace and Devel- Pic. Gilbert Villa. He said the Army has been opment Team (pD1) killed in mobilizing PDTs to help local government units identify solutions to problems of conflictaffected communities in the Southern Negros hinterlands.

IPAs kill soldier, volunteer

He also said the NPA in southern Negros is now alienated from the people. Ileto said llisan and his cornpanion were not able to fire back because they were unarmed. In Zamboanga del Sur, about 15 NPA rebels engaged in a ffrefight with three police volunteers who were hunting wild pigs. The clash occurred in San Isidro village, Bayog town at around 8:30 a.rn. last Monday, said Ist Infantry Division spokesman Capt. Albert Caber. The fight lasted some 20 minutes. One volunteer, Guillermo Villacrusis, was killed. Another volunteer, Wilson Torres, was wounded. The third volunteer, Virgilio Villacrusis, was unscathed. - Victor Reyes and
Gilbert Bqyoran

·~f~IC~OFiTBEARM'fiCHIEF#lJEn.f6AFf'AIRS ..... lriail.add: •. ..hpa@yah~().com....rel.n().(02)·.·.~92~1693fLOcal:5287t·.529S••·••·.·· E oa6p~ •••.

2b June 2012


Suspected New People's Army (NPA) insurgents on Tuesday killed an unarmed Army soldier engaged in peace and development projects in 5ipalay Oty, Negros Oriental, the military said. Maj. Enrico Gil lleto, the 3rd In- i fantry Division (31D) spokesman, : said killed was PFC John P. llisan of 471B's Bravo Company, who was shot by suspected members of the NPA around 8:00 a.m. in Smo Camboguiot Barangay Camindangan in the city. I1eta added, Ilisan was with a fel* low soldier to buy food supplies in the market for the Army's Peace and Development Team (POT) when t:he


attack occured.

"Our deepest sympathy goes with the family and love ones of Pfc IHsan. What he fought for peace and development in Negros will surely be continued;' said Col. Oscar lactao, 303rd Infantry Brigade commander. "He is the epitome of a PDT operator. Unarmed at that time who lived with the people he served;' added Lactao. . .On the other hand, It Col. Rodrigo sosmena, 471B commander, said: "He (Ilisan) was there to help the farmers of barangays Camindangan and Manlukahok, Sipalay city on their land ownership and tenurial concerns by serving as conduit between the farmers and the right government agendes:' (Elena L. Aben)


20 June




PATAY ang isang sundale na miyembro ng Peace and Development Team makaraan barilin ng pinaghlhinlaan miyembro ng New People Arm habang namamalelengke sa Sipalay .City, Negros kahapon. N~ilala ang biktima na si Pfc John P Ilisan na nakatalaga sa 47th Infantry Battalion. . D' . . k kay Maj. Enrico Gil Ileto, spokesman ng 3r~ In!'anlry lV1S~O~, 'dak%ng alas 8:00 ng umaga nang, magan~p ang mSldeote sa Sitio Camboguit Brgy Carnindangan, Sipalay City Negros. Nabatid' na ang biktima at Hang kasamahan sun~~o ay, n:unamalengke para sa kanilang supply nang barilin ng . di nal<lkll:rif suspek, Mabilis naman tumakas ang su~pelc'mataI_>os ang pamam : Kaali bay nito kinoridena naman ill Ltc Rodrigo Sosmena, Com mander ~~ 47 m ~g pangya_yari na pamamaril S8 iS~.i~~~d~ PDT na walang dalawang baril,

v .

CVOkilled, 1 hurt
in NPAattack
A MEMBER of Civilian Volunteers Organization (CVO), was killed while his cmnpanionwas wound. ed when suspected lIlembers of New People's Army (NPA) shot thelll while hunting wild animals in the ~~un.tainOUB area of Z8IIlboanga del Sur. Philippine Anny 1st Infantry Division (ID) spokesman Capt, Albert Caber identified the fatality as Guillermo Villaerusis, Taken to _Bayug Municipal Health Center for treatment was Wilson Torres. . Reports reaching Camp Aguinaldo revealed that the incident occurred at around 8:30 a.m. in Bgy, San Isidro Bayug, in the said province. . ' Initial investigation revealed that the victims were with, VU'gilio Villaerusis hunting 11 wild pig in the said forest when suspected NPA members fired at them, The victims managed to return fire that resulted to a 20-minutea fire fight that led to the killing of the and wounding of his companion, After the incident, the rebels fled towarda Sitio Dumagang, B~ .Balumbunan and Bgy. Matunog, . AUthonti~.axe now conduct:ing follow-up investigation to the mCldent. Zaida delos Reyes.Pa1anca




June 2012



More funds
The Armed Forces and Police' Mutual Benefit Association Inc. (AF. PMBAI)-Armed Forces of the Philip- . pines Educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO) is providing 11'2 million more to the Fl-millJon fund for its scholarship stipend support, a military spokesman said. Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr., Armed Forces spokesman, said, "As i a symbol of appreciation and recognition of the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes, this increase is expected to improve and expand the benefits received by dependents of soldiers who were killed-In-action (KIA) who are the qualified beneficiaries of this particular achievement by the AFPMBAI-AFPEBSO." Burgos added this will also pr0vide recipients an annual allowance of f'9,000 for the academic year ·2012-2013. An estimated maximum number of 333 college students are expected to benefit from the increase in stipend support, he added. "The partnership between AFPMBA1 and AFPEBSO began in 2008 by providing stipend support to 86 , college dependents from all over the country, each receiving P8,OOO annually as allowance while those coming from Metro Manila received f"9,OOOeach;' said Burgos. AFP Deputy Chief of staff and AFPEBSO chairman Maj.Gen. Gregorio Macapaga[ Signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the increase with AFPMBAI president retired Brig. Gen. Ricardo Morales. Burgos said the signing served as a ceremonial turnover of the check as well as a form of renewing AFPMBAI and AFPEBSO's partnership in providing· educational opportunities to fallen soldiers' dependents. (Elena L. Aben)




June 2012

Page. _.;._}__

PNP won't search for Jordanian

Police will not launch a search and rescue operation for a Jordanian journalist and his two Filipino cameramen whom, the Abu Sayyaf is believed to be holding in the jungles of Sulu. Sulu police director Senior Superintendent Antonio Freyra said Baker Atyani, Dubai-

based At Arabiya News. Network Southeast Asia bureau chief, and cameramen Romelito Vela and Rolando Letrico could just be "enjoying the scenery in Sulu." Atyani had visited Sulu three or four times before being reported missing last June 12, he
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vehicle, but they refused."
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Communication lines open
In Zamboanga City, authorities have opened communication lines with the' gunmen holding the Jordanian and his Filipino crew; However, Robredo said possible contact with the gunmen does not mean that the Abu Sayyaf that have custody of Atyani and his cameramen have made a demand for ransom. . "The report to us is dear and that it was not like under duress," he said in Filipino. "It seems they are being take care of and are not threatened." Robredo said they were informed that the Filipino crew of Atyani was in good condition. "Looks like they didn't know what they got themselves into," he said. The information about the two Filipinos came from a call from one of them, whom he declined to identify for security reasons, he added. Robredo denied the reported P50million ransom paid to the Abu Sayyaf. "Somebody might be taking advantage of the situation and tried to prop it up," he added. Robredo said the Abu Sayyaf under.,. a certain Nadzmer Alih has custody of . Atyani and his two crewmen. However, AHh could be an alias, he added. . Reports said AHh got a degree from a university in the Philippines and took. Islamic studies abroad. '

added. In a telephone interview, Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo told The STAR that authorities have established the whereabouts of Atyani and his cameramen. Authorities have an idea of their location, somewhere in Patikul, Sulu," he said. A police source said Atyani had contacted his principal in Metro Manila and his family on Monday afternoon. "They talked long on the telephone and there was no indication that the journalist was under duress while he was talking to his boss," the source said. . In a phone interview, Freyra said Malacafiang had not confirmed the infermation that Atyani and his team were in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf. "They could be inside the lair of the Abu Sayyaf, but they were not kidnapped," he said. Freyra said Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan had given instructions that no rescue operation for Atyani' s group would be carried out. "He (Governor Tan) directed me, don't rescue them if there's nothing to rescue, they're just Sightseeing," he said in Filipino. Sulu police have set up checkpoints in coordination with the Marines to get information about Atyani' s team, he added. Freyra said the government did not commit lapses since proper security was assigned to ensure Atyani's safety but he and his team refused and went on their own.

fai;~~h;J r:;o~~~~~ ~~:i~~red) missing or Palace: Atyani to be q~estioned h ~""'.·.~.""'3,""'\L"""dc""'<a~I~"""S"""~s"""7""";5"""··.·.~""" .•. ~7§7i7V""'ii "No failure on government's part. At Malacafiang, deputy presidential •. '. '. . . Our governor gave his personal private . spokesperson Abigail Valte told reporters

. •·•OFFlCEOFTHEAfUAYCHIEFPUSLICAFFAlRS..;ernail·add:oacrXLbPa@yahoo.cort1-TeJno.(02)892-1693, .
. .
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the government is pursuing all angles in the case of Atyani. , . "(When) Mr. Atyani reappears, he will be subjected to some form of questioning about what had happened." she said. However, Valte said it does not mean Atyani is accused of violating the Human Security Act of 2007 prohibiting the interview or abetting of terrorists: "That is actually a form of debriefing ... when he reappears," she, said. "Of course, the local authorities cannot just let him walk away and leave. Of course, they will have their own questions for him. He will be debriefed." Valte said the government could not confirm at present if Atyani had been in contact with the Abu Sayyaf before . . "However, what we can ten you is that the PNP is exploring all angles in the case of Mr. Atyani," she said. . VaIte quoted police as saying that Atyani was only considered "missing," , not kidnapped, since he voluntarily went to the Abu Sayyaf lair. "When we said that all angles are being looked at, the PNP is exploring all possibilities," she said; "That is not to foreclose any particular avenue, but they are keeping the horizon open, so to speak, for any possibilities that may contribute to what had happened, So they are looking at all angles now." Valtesaid it would be up to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and concerned authorities to contact the family; the company and the Jordanian embassy as to the background or profile of Atyani. "From what we understand, the DFA has already notified the embassy concerned about the incident;" she said. Valte said it would be up to the Department of Justice to determine whether Atyani vio-

lated the Human Security Act for going to the Abu Sayyaf lair on his own. . "And We hope that not just foreign • journalists but also local journalists will check with the authorities and the locality that they will be proceeding to before conducting interviews of this nature for your own safety," she said. Valte said the government would have to balance curtailing media freedom and the law against interviewing terrorists. "The government is always open to (providing advice and security)," he.said. "As what has happened in the case of Mr. Atyani, the local government did offer repeatedly to provide security during his stay in that area. We will always be open to having that same arrangement. However, we would advise very strongly against compromising the safety and security of reporters whether they be foreign or local. "As of the moment, I think his status is that he's missing. That status has not changed ... They are still waiting for him to reappear and they are also pursuing all the other angles on this particular issue. Remember, he left voluntarily." Meanwhile, Robredo said the government might imposed a stricter permit on foreign and other visiting journalists covering areas with volatile situation like Sulu. However, Robredo assured Visiting journalists and foreign visitors they will be provided with security "all the time." "If they do not agree then they just have to assume the risk," he said. Robredo said no heads will rollin the Sulu police following the reported kidnapping of Atyani and the two Filipinos. Police security forces must not be blamed for the incident, he added. - Aurea Calica, Roel Parefio


June 2012



iy Julie Alipala

'Missing' 1V crew obredo

Inquirer Mindanao

ZAMB0ANGA CITY-One of Jordanian TV journalist Baker Atyani's Filipino companions has called his family and employer in Taguig City to let them know they are OK.
: "They are not under duress," Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo told reporters here yesterday. Atyani and his Filipino crew-audio man lamelito Vela and cameraman Rolando Lerero=may not have been taken hostage afer all even though they were with the Abu ,ayyafterror group in Sulu, Robredo said. Asked what he meant by that, Robredo said he Jordanian and his crew were not under hreat even though they were in the custody of \.bu Sayyaf faction leader Nadzmir Alih, "They appear to be free to go anytime," ie said. Robredo came to this city to oversee the nfotmation-gathering on Atyani, Vela and Letrero after they disappeared from their hostel on the island of Jolo on June 12. Atyani is the AI Arabiya television network bureau chief for Southeast Asia while Letrero and Vela joined him from Manila on this assignment. They left their hostel in Jo10, Sulu, early in the morning of June 12 and have not been heard from since. Robredosaid his impression from the message of the Filipino crewman, whom he did not identify, was that they were being treated well by the Abu Sayyaf. "The Jordanian appears to have made a good deal with the interviewee (Alfu)," he said. Chief Supt. Mario Avenido, chief of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

police, said they learned this was not Atyani's first time in Mindanao. "He had made 12 previous visits to Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and even speaks some of the local dialects," Avenido said. He believed Atyani and his crew decided to stay in Sulu longer so they could come out with a very good documentary on the Abu Sayyaf ' "He is a professional and the boss of a news agency and he wants to come out with one good report," Avenido said. Avenido said he was hoping that Atyani and his crew would turn up soon "to end this problem." He said from what the authorities had gathered, the Jordanian and the two Filipinos were not being deprived of their rights. "Their rights are not being violated. They are not being subjected to mental or physical deprivation. In short, their situation is normal," he said. Avenido said the three were confined to one area because "they are doing a documentary" Both Robredo and Avenido denied that Alih had demanded PSO million for the release of the three. "There is no truth to that," Robredo said. Avenido said the ransom claim "originated in Manila" but would not reveal its source. He said the police were looking for Atyani's contacts in Sulu, "because if they have been kidnapped we will know who to pin down." . Malacafiang, meanwhile, said yesterday It could not confirm a report that Atyani was a conduit of the al-Qaida international terror group to the homegrown Abu Sayyaf, but the police were looking into it. Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the Palace had "no informa-

"0>., 3>s;~=:f9G',~GA0e0e0:~7f:?7'~~~E7A0»'>iR7';MY7>"""'?CH7);7>'17.'.~7'F"""'.~7"'fJ'7'aL'7'l7c,.,..·""",'7'~~7i;.."...RS..,.;.."._i<.."...~m.."...:/a"""'iI"""'>a""~""">d!=··'.·.~"">ac_',p_"a"""~~""":Pa"_·. ••~ ·•...,.>@..".~a-:h-()-C)-;~-~m-'-.~.

~~o~~:~~~ ~~~ ~~;~l::~e~~~
named ranking government source to the rNQ~I~R the other day. With a report.from Christine O. Avendano .


, t JO ..... face raps, pIay ~antend ::::;a:;;;ni
•• >

}\) June 2012


_1-_' _

B! Fernan J. Angeles
:Jodanian journalist Baker Atyani, believed to have been kidnapped, but merely "missing" to Malacaiiangand President Aquino, may yet end uR being interrogated by the military and face probable charges as well as.a stay in jail if he gets past his Abu Sayaff captors. ,·Malacafiang aides not only doubt the abduction angle on his disappearance, but also appear bent on subjecting the Al-Arabiya bureau chief stationed in Dubal to the type of military and police interrogation usually done on suspects. 'Aside from undergoing what Malacafiang described as "some form of questioning," Atyani may also find himself in jail should he be found to

have violated existing laws in what the government clai~ to be meetings that he has had with the outlawed group notoriously some of the terror attacks in the country. In response to media queries yesterday, deputy . Abigail Valte said in a text message sent to Palace "'m,mot,pl'~.tif1 journalist Baker Atyani would have to undergo would also be made to narrate what ex~ctly had ".',~",,,,n.< ... "When Mr. Atyani re-appears, h~,will be s~bJf\cted questioning about what happened, Valte said when .. comment reflective' of the Palace position regarding the .• Abu.Sayyaf Group (ASG)·.onthe Jordanianjournalist co~anions working as .tel~vision news crewmen. .
:,:\.~o,'~,"",'"....~~...;'''.,...:-.~..,..'::...' , ;"'~'~')';"";'" :;_"";..~'-'C;,,~'\.;...' : ;,,\'



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]lewsi:eam,. . ' .' ' .. '.. '. beenlnOnitorjfigd~vel()prnentsin . The Aquinoadrrdnistration haithedlsappear ancl'\ofAtya.I1iaTid Asked~hat aWait<ihe Jordanian ': COhsistentlydaimedituphOldsthei t his .crew,earHer.i~Sil(}a·ll,pJeito jourtiali<;;t;whoreportscIainlM .. freedom of the press while- . foreign Visitors tO$e~kClearari~e. consistenUybeingincomaciaild '.. portrayingtodefehdFiIipinb ..' andassistaneefr6JtigbiUpPine •meeting ASG members, the deputyjourtlalists.Yetin thiscaset Aquino'authoritiesingoing to placeskttown' spokesman said the Pal~~ is leaving .:' .seems uncaring about the fate of·,.in the past a;s host to an inddcllt .•..... it to the proper authorities to see Atyani.... .. . . . of foreignabductio!1,. ifthe foreignjotirnallsthasvlolatE:ld' .•......... I nAquino's first. two years .···Atyaruhasneitheroolltactednor Jocalluws.<· .....•.....•..•......•••..•..•.....•.. ·.iiialbnci12newsmenand two media. • could he rea:chedbyfJleauthorities . •.: • l<We re lea'l-ingit totheproper .' a ·workeJ'shaVebflen '.'killed inlinebf •since Ttiesda, wasthesameday . authorities to.asseSsandvBJidate ..ifoork·/i>i.···· ..·.····i\.: . ..·.·.······ .... .thatAtyaoiwaSsupposedlYlt\eeting. •.. ··.i possIble violations that Mr,Atyani .·ASGiscbissified as a terrorist' . AbllS~yaffleadetsfofariinterv!ew could havecbmmittedit,yalte.sai~ '. .'IiatfoU,As ••. t ·i is. the • __ s(lmethihghekept~ecl'etff{)ln·,·· j
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(02) GG21&931 1.0caJ:5ia1,5295 ..
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..• Marine/COL lose Johriel. Ceriaote, deputy cOTIunarideroUhe' Naval Forces Wesiern Miltdartaofor .',jarina operations,saidthatAtyarli'

··confirmationonthls~.i· .•.'·'·'."'·· ' •• '....•...... ~Wedolt'ti'Wantto..jnventor speculate because we don't want toteUtheAbuSayyafwhaftodo and Fllipino.creWmembersRamellto '.because most of the .tiniewe'.re .•.. VelaaildRolandoLetre.roarestm· ..... tellinj:cthem what to do," said .' classifled···•. misslng"alldndt .. ·Cellabre~·ii ·a.s" , .•.iiii\ · . Cenlt~re~lsosai1ith~YMve·.


rtot.~~pP~~:hJ~~~ .• up to the kidnapping, It's '.pure .•....•. ·.Alocal.crisis ••managetnent speculation. lJntilnow,we don't .'.cOIDIrlittee, headed bySulu Gov; knowtheitwhereabo~ts,apparent1y.· AbdusaJillr Tan,>hasbeenacttvated it has •.beenconfirmedthatth~ytoresol\,ethecase .ofthfLi1l:issing '. CU tn ~ere ••• d0i}lg'ASdOG .•..comentarYd·a.~~ Jo.·...•·c a ll.'.·.·•.••.•.••..•.. ·.g··.·.·.A.••.•... .•...•·'.••. .a8t.···.··..·a.•l'.• ...•.iv·••.··•·.·•·• ·.u. .•·•...r'.••.. ····•.•.. " . .•e• •.•.• · ..·b.· ·•·e· .•..•' ·.• ..· s·.·· s ·• · · .• • . . •.·.• ·:r· . mtervie",mg II1an ers, . said Cenal.ire 'i> •........•...• ·.·.·.·......i ·authoritiesWeresento~holocate ·..••••. . · · '"They are with the AbuSawar,·.·.· . Atyani'sgr~upbutstressed·.that··.·· •• .. ytjs;butastowhethertheywerei·· there a.reno resoucoperations ".. ' kidnapped{jrdoingmterviews;tmtil .. "We ttre tryingto (Iotatethem)' nowwe are .notreaDysuro."oocause ....• utalI(effortsare)Und~tthe h '.' they have .'. with them ·.·.theh .'. direetlortj)fthegoverriofwliois in". , . equ.Jpmt:mt.~addedCenabre, ......> ..•..•..•...tofalcorttroLofthesftuation ...we" •...•.•. "They.aredecIared ·• issing ••.... .m don~t/waI1ttoturrian these into bec:ausewedon'tknowtheyare," ••...kidllapPlni(wherrit •. not even Is he also sakl·i· .•........ ·..•·..·.··i · ' kidnaPiling,"saidCf'Jlabre.) . to .:.·Cena6re, .•......·At~esmneti1lte.thepoll(letask · •·.. • govemmentauthoritieSareavoiding .. group in SWU province is nowinthe spe culati ollSsoas . not to .·processofverifyingtherilportthat .'compromise thesafetyofthe three .•.... Aytani's •abductors are aJiegedly . media practitioners: •..• .......•• ....•..•.. . deihanding$50 miJlioltinexchange· Reliable soUrces said thatAtyani ..'fortheirrelease'i •••.•.•...••.•.•..•...• < was set to conductan interview With Directorate ·.·forJntegrated·· YasserIgasan, the spiritual leader .POliceOperation9DIPO}westel'rt·. andoneof the tor} commandersof .' iridanao(DIP()"WM) commander M Abu •Sa~'YafgrouPln 8ulu, •• the ..•• hiefSupt Manuel Barcenasaid on C day they went missing. they have receiv'edtheinformation ·...

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dO June2012

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Missing Jordanian Helping Abu Sayyaf?

Local authorities are not launching search and rescue operations for a Jordanian journalist and his two Filipino companions who went missing in Sulu province last week as they voiced suspicions that the foreign newsman might have been on a "secret mission" to help the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)~ Senior Supt. Antonio Freyra, director of the SuIu Provincial Police .office, said they are not discounting the possibility that Baker Atyani was tasked to funnel funds to the local
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terror group which he said has been plagued with financial problems. "There are indications that they have discreet and hidden agenda. Maybe funneling fund, that is a possibility," said Freyra ''Why? Because it is difficult now to transfer funds," he added . The military earlier declared that the ASG is already dying down because of the vacuum of leadership brought about by the death of its key leaders and lack of funds following the busting of the Jemaah 1slamiyah (JD and the aggressive hunt and eventual killing of Al-Qaeda's top leader Osama bin Laden. According to reports, Atyani -- the regional bureau chief of the AI Arabiya news channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- is widely-known for having interviewed Bin Laden three months before the 9/11 attack in the United States. Freyra said among the indications of close ties between ASG and Atyani was that the latter repeatedly turned down offer for security from both Sulu Gov.AbdusakurTanandlocalpoliceand military officers. __ . ._ AFF

The official said Atyani even duped . Tan when the Jordanian declared that he and his two Filipino crew -- cameraman Ramelito Vela, 39, and audio operator Rolando Letrero, 22 -; would not go out without securitv. "They assured the governor that they will not go out without security. But early June 12, we found out that they have already arranged for a vehicle. Clearly, they fooled the government," said Freyra. The official said they also received information that Atyani and his two Filipino companions were fetched for the interview with ASG officials . The PNP leadership earlier revealed that Atyani was planning to interview Yasser Igasan, the spiritual leader of the remaining ASG in Sulu "They will not go out and go with them if they were not assured of their safety," said Freyra.

As such, Freyra said the police, along with the military and the local chief executives including Governor would advise very strongly against Tan, are not convinced that Atyani was compromising the safety and security kidnapped. of reporters whether they be foreign or Freyra said there has never any local," she said: confirmation so far that the three vicThe military has deployed troops to tims were kidnapped Meanwhile in Malacaiiang, Deputy .locate Atyani and two Filipino cameraPresidential Spokeswoman Abigail men who have been declared missing Valte said yesterday the police are now in Sulu since June 12. pursuing all potential leads in the case Col Jose Johriel Cenabre, deputy of the missing Jordanian journalist commander for Marines operation of amid unconfirmed reports. he may be the Naval Threes in Western Mindanao associated with the al-Qaeda terrorist (NFWM), however, stressed there is network no rescue operation yet. (With reports Valte said they could not yet confrom Genalyn D. Kabiling and Elena firm if Atyani, who went missing since L.Aben) last week:, is indeed a conduit to the al-Qaeda organization. "I cannot confirm that. However what we can tell you is that the PNP (Philippine National Police) is exploring all angles in the case ofMr. Atyani," Valte said when asked lithe foreignjournalistisa terrorist cell contact assigned --------------to deliver funds to the ASG. m - Tel no; (02) 892..1693,tocal: 5287,5295

Valte, however, stated that Atyani, currently in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf,. must be subjected to debriefing by authorities once he resurfaces. 'Ihe Palace earlier confirmed that Atyani and his two Filipino crew are in the custody of the ASG for a supposed interview but is unclear if they have been abducted. "When Mr.Atyanireappears,hewijl be subjected to some form of questioning about what happened," Valte said. "Of course, the local authorities cannot just let him walk away and leave. Of course, they will have their own questions for him. He will be debriefed," she added Asked if Atyani should be charged for violating the country's anti-terrorism lawforinterviewing terrorists, vaIte said it is up to the llepartment of Justice to determine such case. Yalte also appealed to journalists to coordinate with authorities if they plan to cover stories in places with security threats, adding the govemmentis ready to provide protection. "However, we





BV JAIME R. PILAPll REPORTER RESPONDfNG to reports alleging that missing Jordanian reporter BakerAtyani maybe a "fund conduit" fot the alQaeda-Iinked Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), Malacafiang announced on Tuesday that journalists who intend to interview the group would be automatically investigated and debriefed. .: The announcement came as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (APP) maintained that Atyani and his Filipino cornpanions Rolando Letrero and Rarnelito Velaare still considered missing. During a press briefing, Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said that she cannot confirm the reports and that "the Philippine National Police (PNP) is explorin- all angles.

... he said that Malatanang has not S received an)' report from government security agencies that Atyani is serving as a contact betweenthe kidnapf~r-r~nsom group and terrorist organizations, .. nd thatthe DepaJ;tment· a · of ForeignAff'airshasstartedtalking wUhtheJorda.nlanembassy.·.· ....•. · Asked jf the Jordimiailwouldbe .qllestiooed .oncehesurfaceslValte said: "That .!sactualIya fornlofde. ·briefing;. ;Ofcourse,the local au.·.thtirltiesciriri()f·.justldihimwalk •away and leave,Theywillhavethdr ... ownquestionsforhilll.",· ....••••. ·.i .«wlJen we said thatallangIes are being looked at;{itmeans that]the PNP. is.ciploring·.al1poSSibilities.Theyare· .~eepingthe horizon 0pen,sotoSPeaki· ..•or any j)OSsibllitiesthatinaycontrib. f ·ute to;. .to the incident~.she added, Askedifaban.wouldbeimposed .onjoumalistsinterviewlngterronsts; . .• altereplied thatwollid beconsldenxL .. V "ThatwiUhavettibe discussed . becallsethat and may haveimplications on ·curtailingthefreedom of expression:.. r I.. o wouldlmagine. ·thatsomemediagroupswill havea: problem with that, • she said > •......••...•..•



ment .• fI usticemightaIsointer _. o view.AtyaniOnceheteappears, •. ·· .. Aty;inthad Jhterviewedthe ASG



and police personnel to suspect him as afuridconduit of the group . .. Meanwhile; Col, JoseJohrieIC€na~ bre, .•a .• eputycommauderofnaval d .forre; in Western Mindanao/ said that themilitary ronslderi;Atyairl· and his . rompanionsasmissing because they simply "don't know wherethey are" He added that theWesterriCoIllmand has deployed a team to search for the mediarnen; · . "Weare ndtrunriing afterthem becausewedon'twanttoprec empt something that we don't like to happen.tCenabresaid, He added thatthe search is tin. derthecontrolof.Cov Abdusakur' Tan ofSuluprovince, diairmanof the provincial crisis committee. .WITH A REPORT FROM·· WILliAM B. DEPASUPIL


c~D June 2012

The Nat/ona' Newspaper



Kidnapped or not, soldiers look for Jordanian journalist

GOVERNMENT forces have been deployed to locate a Iordanian journalist and two Filipino cameramen who were declared missing last week in Sulu, The troops are not conducting search and rescue operations because Baker Abdulla Atyani, Southeast Asia bureau chief of Al-Arabiya TV news network, and his Filipino cameramen Ramelito Vela and Roland Letrico are considered missing, not kidnapped, according to the military. "Their status is not yet 'kidnapped' because no one has owned the kidnapping. Until now, we don't know their whereabouts," said CoL Jose lohtiel Cenabre, deputy commander for Marine operations of the Naval Forces Western Mindanao. Cenabre said the military believes the three are with the Abu Sayyaf but it is not yet clear if they are being held against their will or merely interviewing Abu Sayyaf commanders. Aside from determining whether Atyant was kidnapped or merely conducting interviews for a documentary that he is reportedly doing, authorities also have to establish if he is

indeed a Jordanian. Michael Alexander Aug, Jordan's honorary consul to the Philippines, said, "The passport issued to Atyani will not determine if he is Jordanian because as you know their government allowed other nationalities to get Jordanian passports. It allowed refugees to get passports. We have to see the actual information based in the passport. So that's the only info we have." Ang also said they are not in contact with Al-Arabiya and the consulate office has very limited functions. A military source said the soldiers tasked to locate the three are concentrating on Talipao and Patikul towns. The three were fetched by a multi-cab from their hotel in joto town on the morning of June 12. Earlier reports said Atyani went to Sulu to interview Abu Sayyafleader Yasser Igasan. Senior Supt. Antonio Freyra, chief of the SuluProvincial Police Office, said Atyani and his companions are with the Abu Sayyaf, based on information from the ground. .He said Atyani wanted to interview Yasser Igasan, the bandit group's spiritual leader. Freyra also said Atyani has

been sighted at least twice in Patikul town after June 12. Patikul is a known stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf. Freyra said Atyani might have links with the Al Qaeda network. Atyani is known for his interview with AI Qaeda leaders Osarna bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri near Kandahar, Afghanistan in June 2001, a few months before the 9/11 terror attacks. Bin Laden was killed by American troops in Pakistan in May last year. Preyra said, "Pupuwederig may link siya sa AI Qaeda dahil nakaka-usap niya si Osama bin Laden sa kanyang past interview. Maski ba journalist ka, hindi ka basta-basta makakalapit kay bin Laden kung wala kang links sa kanya. » Suspicions of Atyani's links with the Al Qaeda rose following reports he has entered the Abu Sayyaf stronghold at least twice in the past to conduct interviews. The first was one during the Sipadan hostage taking in 2000, and the second during the kidnapping of three members of the International Committee of the Red Cross workers in 2009. - With RaymondAfrica and Evangeline de Vera

, ....···.·····.·.·6F~ICE··()FTHE· RMYCHIEFipu·BI.IC.·AFFAIRS·-En1ail· •.dd!·.oac~il1pa@yah6b.()()I11··.~Tel·.·~o ••(02)··892.1693,.Looal:5287,·.5295··.····.· •• A a
:":,,:_,";,:.-,,,_:.:-:_::.,-.,., .. >:,.::._".'_'.'.-_'."'."_ .. :'_.:',."_,'_"'_-.':"":-,-'",-',::,:',"-:.' __.:""._,'-: .. -"':'-_',",',,:-,-_-,,-:::_:':,':-"'_:.-._-._"_"'_'_"",':,.,:-.-.: .. _:,':_"_-,_',':.:... :.,-_-,' :":._- .. ,-:,,·.',.,.:·': .. , .. ··.-'c.-.,·,'.-.'_,,".,',."_",

. -14-





Troops deploved tlliod


By ELENA L ABEN area, the soldiers' mission is locate multicab and have not returned The mHitaryhas deployed troops the missing journalists, not to ressince then, to locate veteran Jordanian jourcue them so as not to compromise "They are with the Abu Sayya" nalist Baker Atyani and two Rlitheir safety. _ pino cameramen who have been yes, but as (to) they were kid- "We do not want to (do any" napped or dOing interview until declared missing in Sulu since now we are not really sure be- thing that) may compromise yung June 12. . Col. Jose Joht:iel Cenabre, deputy cause they have with them their , safety ng tatlo/'said Cenabre. "Maydeployment na tayo... but equipment," said Cenabre. commander for Marines operation The official added the status of we are not ·running after them". of the Naval Forces in Western Minkasi we don't want to preempt danao (NFWM), however, stressed the three is still "missing" and not something that we don't like to there is no rescue .. peration yet. - kidnapped although they are now o happen," he said, adding all efforts This, even as, the military con- in the hands of the ASG. in relation to the Case of the miss"The same position same pofirmed that Atyani, regional bureau chief the AI Arabiya news channel sition pa din tayo dyan ... na ing journalists are in coordination with Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan. based in Dubai, United Arab Emir- taiagang hindi pa kidnapped "Lahat yun ay under the direcates; and his Filipino crew- camera- yung kanilang status kasi wala man Ramelito Vela, 39, and audio pa namahg nag-own na kinidnap tion of the governor who is in operator Rolando Leb'ero,22, are sus, puro speculation lang: said total control of the situation," said Cenabre, adding: "We don't want now in the hands of the AI Qaeda- Cenabre. to turn aU these into kidnapping The official further said while linked Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). when it is not even kldnappinq," It can be recalled that Atyani . they have sent out troops' to the and his Fillpino crew were declared missing after the three failed to return to their room at the Sulu State College (SSC) Hostel where they checked in 11:00 p.rn. on June 11. At 5:45 a.m. the next day (June 12), the three men were report- '\ edly fetched by a man driving a



June 2012




Tagahatid umano ng pondo ng Abu Sayyaf Groupang Arab TV reporter na sl Baker Abdulla Atyanl na simula pa noong 2001 ay labas masok na sa kuta ng mga bandido. "It's one of the angle that were being looked into, we received reports that Mr. Baker Abdulla Atyanl is a fund conduit of the Abu Sayyaf Group, and we are validating the reports," anang security officer na tumangging magpabanggit ng pangalan. Sinabi n9 source na ito ang isa sa mga posibJl'lng 'hidden agenda' ni Atyani sa pagtungo nito sa Sulu.

tauahatid nu Dondo nu Abu~
Si Atyani at dalawa nilong Pinoy Grew na sina Rolando Letrero, Ramelito Vela ay nagtungo sa Jolo, Sulu noong Hunyo 11 para magsagawa umano ng documentary report sa televislon at kapanayamin ang bagong lider ng Abu Sayyaf na sl Vasser Igasan at mga Jemaah Is!amiyah (JI) terrorist na kinakanfong ng mga ito. Noong Hunyo 12 ay may sumundo umano kina Atyani sa tinutufuyan ng mga itong mini hotel sa Sulu at nabigo ng makapanayam sa PNP at AFP, kinumpirma ng mga oplsyal na naispatan ng kanilang intelligence asset si Atyani at dalawang crew sa kula n9 mga ban dido sa kabundukan ng Patikul. Hindi nakagapos, hindi nakapiringat malaya umanong nagsu-shoot ng video sa kuta n9 Sayyaf. Hinggil naman sa isang nagpakilaJang Abu Mike na humihingi ng P50 M ransom kapalit ng kalayaan nina Atyani, sinabi ni Sulu Provincial Police Office Director PI Supt. Antonio Freyra na itinuturing nHang 'tsismis' pa lamaog ito at patuloy nllang kinukumpirma kung lehitimong Abu Sayyaf ang suspek na nakataklp ang rnukha, Kaugnay nito, ipinauubaya na n9 Malacanang sa mga awtoridad kung dapat sumaHalim sa lmbestigasyon sl Atyan! sa poslbtenq pagfabag nito sa Human Security Act dahil sa pag-interbyu nilo sa teroristang grupo. Sinabi of Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte, prayoridad pa rin n9 gobyerno na mailigtas ang Jordanian journalist at mga Pinoy crew nlto. (May uie: nt Rudy Anda/)


Sa hiwalay








.. ···-····,·-··----····-.------'f I"US intel units hold office! in Camp Crame~CCP ·
<. •





for the Advancement of People's Rights, Commission on Human Rights and Department of Justice. "[The CPPj condemns the Aquino regime and the Philippine National Police for allowing the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and other intelligence agencies of the United States government to operate in the Philippines and use the PNP's Camp Crameas a base . for its intelligence operations and facility for the rendition of several foreign nationals." Jazmines, who was arrested in February 2011 in Bulacan, claims he is a peace consultant of the National Democratic Front of the

By Florante S. Solmerin
THE Communist Party of the Philippines on Tuesday said operatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other US-based intelligence agencies had been maintaining an office inside the Custodial Center in Camp Crame and were being allowed to interrogate

political prisoners accused of having ties with terrorist organizations, "The FBI maintains an office inside the detention center itself and in a unit in a nearby condominium," the group said in a statement, citing as evidence the letter sent by activist Alan Jazmines and his co-detainees to the Karapatan Alliance
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In the same letter, the detainees likewise claimed that three of the prisoners detained at the Custodial Center were Indonesian nationals who were arrested in Malaysia and Indonesia, and who were apparently brought to the prison facility in the country allegedly at the behest of US government. "They [the Indonesians] have been given false Filipino identities to 'legalize' their incarceration. The US government has similarly arrested and imprisoned foreign nationals at the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison facility of the US military in Cuba," the CPPsaid. , "The intelligence operations of the FBI within the sovereign territory of the Philippines are being undertaken underhand·edly and without the Filipino people's full knowledge. The absence of a formaltreaty ale lowing such operations makes such spy operations and renditions illegal even from the point of view of the laws of reac-



ze June 2012


i)- J

through diplomatic means, she said, The goal has always been to restore normalcy; she added. Old photo Asked if there was a need to In an e-mailed statement yesreinstate the Philippines' pres- . terday, Chinese Embassy ence in Scarborough Shoal fol- spokesperson Zhang Hua said By Norman Bordadora lowing recent Chinese statethe picture published in the INand Michael lim Ubac . merits indicating they did not QUIRER front page yesterday was intend to leave the area, Valte taken in the 1980s when a ChiMALACANANG expects said, "The resolution of that nese ocean expedition teamwas question will properly be for the conducting a survey in the area. t e country s lp oma:~ reevaluation of the situation." Brushing aside suggestions to clarify with their The Philippines pulled out its that the photograph was a pronese counterparts vessels from the shoal because jection of Chinese power, Zhang . of an approaching storm. The said that China had been sendflicting statements ovci,! DFA later announced that China .ing expeditions to the area since the status of Chinese had done the same. But Chinese 1977, the latest in 2007, , vessels in Scarborough.... officials later denied that they ·. Beijing refers to the shoal as 'f had withdrawn from the area, Huangyan Island, while Manila Shoal. .: Asked if the Philippine ves- calls it Panatag Shoal and Bajo D ty s' d Ti;;:;~! sels would return to the shoal, de Masinloc, epu . ~re 1 en~~. Valte said: "I hereby want to reiterate that sPodkespe:~o,n Abigail Val~e ~. "I don't want to preempt our Huangyan Island is China's inherter tay sa 1 1t w as to tAfef~!I!t·1'l: up ...c. actions at the moment ... We will ent territory. The picture on INpar men t find f out whether a or. F oreign . its (DFA) to tlj' be a ble to a d ytse. you as so~n as QUIRER 1 e If a n1y serves to prove, Chi ld t ' th dll.'.. the reevaluation 1S made or if we once again, China's effective adwou m fe b'::;' h ave some thimg concrete that we rrumstranon an d sovereignty over iii ., , soverei tmese h 1· say 't d pu ath s oa m spr e 0 ~ can share with you. As of the mo- Huangyan Island over a long periw~~e e~iIl defer to the DFA ment, we have not been advised ad of time in history," Zhang said. e respond to that particular issu~ ~y D~A when the reevalua- Miscalculation GI:~:!:::u~sserted that the r did see the statement that ~ ..;:<;I. non ~sg~mg to take f,lace-what ort thi . G" specific nme or date, Sen. Gregorio Honasan yes- President or his foreign policy rep ed 1S morrnng. rve f h ,. hi d ld h th Phil" d' ,h h I kd the sensitivity of the matter, As or t e pictures of C 1- ter ay sal .t at e .. ippmes a visers rmg t ave over 00 e

Returning, PHships toPanatag understudy
h ' d' I

Confusion Over pullout

nese raising their flag at the. shoal, Valte said, "We are yet to verify that."





might have "miscalculated China" in withdrawing two ships from Scarborough Shoal without the benefit of a third-party . mediator. In an interview with the INQffiRER, Honasan pointed to the pivotal role played by a third: party body to monitor China's compliance with the so-called agreement between Manila and Beijing to ease tension in the West Philippine Sea. "It's a miscalculation of China's skill and leverage in the ongoing negotiations which is still manageable in the long term," he said. "But let's avoid repeating - these mistakes. Let's not be too .impulsive in withdrawing (the country's symbolic resistance) to China's incursions," he added. . On orders from President Aquino, a Philippine Coast Guar dId Bureau a f vesse an a Fisheries and Aquatic Resources , survey wit hd rew fr om t h e sh oa 1 over the weekend.



will defer to DFA for the appro=
priate response to that," Valtii said, stressing that the Philippines wanted to deescalate tensions, The Philippines has always acted within its commitment to pursue the resolution of the issue




surveillance vessel CHINESE

the fact that China, an emerging economic and military superpower, would only listen to a third party tasked by both sides to monitor the withdrawal of vessels. The senator named the United Nations, United States-which wants to reassert its role as a Pacific power-and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as third-party brokers. "This is no longer a local, national, or even a regional issue. This is a global issue since that whoever owns the area has control over international shipping lanes and even airspace," he said, explaining that the dispute impacts on the rights of navigation and passage of foreign vessels as contained in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Uncles). Asked if the country had been duped into withdrawing from .. the shoal, Honasan said: "When you deal with a' country like China-an emerging economic giant and world power, with a 5,OOO-year-old history-you prepare; you don't drop your guard; you apply all your diplomatte and tactical skills."


--yo June 2012



Minsan nang naisahan
ng China ang Pilipinas sa Mischief Reef hinggil sa urung-sulong na pagpullout ng kanilang mga barko kaya dapat maging maingat ang Pilipinas sa kaso ng Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal. Isa si Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone sa ruga napailingsa buong. akala ng marami na rnagpu-pullout ang China saPanatag Shoal parallltkaPos na ang


(Aquino). Hindi na rin naman masama ang panahon, paballkin ang ruga barko." Ang pagkaalarrna ng mga mambabatas sa tila 'Iaban-bawi' na peg-pullout pagkakataon. ' ng mga barko ng China sa "Ganyan din ang Panatag Shoal ay bunga ng ginawa nila noon sa Mispahayag kahapon ni Chinese chief Reef. Dapat matuto Foreign Ministry spokesna tayo," pahayag ni Evarman Hong Lei na hindi nila ,done kaya hiniling din nito lulubayan ang pagbabantay sa Department of National ' sa Scarborough Shoal 0 Defense (DND) at DepartHuangyan Island. ment of Foreign Affairs "China will continue to (DFA) na pabalikin na maintain jurisdiction. and ang mga barko sa Panatag , vigilance over the areas Shoal. around Huangyan Island," ani Hong. Sa isang panayam din sa telepono kay" House Muli ring ipinilit ng committee on national Chinese official na ang defense chairman Rep. Huangyan Island ay bahagi Rodolfo Biazon kahapon, ng Chinese territory. sinabi nito na kailangang "China 'has kept 'reipakita na hindi inaabanquesting the Philippines dona ng Pilipinas ang terpullout their ships from the ritorial claim sa Panatag waters around Huangyan Island since the country triggered disturbance in the region in early April. We expect a further moderation of the situation and hope that bilateral co-

tensyon. "",, Gayunpaman, lumalabas na hindi umano committed ang China sa pullout kaya mistulang nais umanongisahan muli ng nasabing bansa ang Pilipinas sa ika1awang

Shoal kaya't mahalaga ang agarang pagbalik ng mga barko nito ngayong bumuti na ang panahon. , "If China is not leaving, we should go back there and show our presence there and to show them that we are not abandoningour jurisdiction," pahayag ni Blazon sa Abante. Gayunpaman, sinabi ni Blazon na, "Dapat irekomenda agad ng OFA at DND ang course of action

kay Presidente Noynoy

operative relations will be restored and safeguarded," dagdag ng tagapagsalita ng Chinese Foreign Ministry. Hinimok din ni Hong ang panig ng gobyemo ng Pilipinas na iwasan ang paglalabas ng mga statement na lalong magpapaligalig sa sitwasyon sa West Philippine Sea. "We hope the Philippine side can restrain their words and behaviors, and do more things conducive to the development of the bilateral relations," saad Ayon naman kay deputy presidential spokesperson umano ang •commitment' ng Pilipinas na resolbahin pine Sea

ni Hong.

Abigail Valte, nananatili

ang tension sa West Philipparaan. "The Philippine government has always acted
within OUf commitment to pursue the resolution of the issue through diplomatic means and we have always ..all the actions have been towards that goal," dlin nito, ' HinggiJ naman sa pagalis ng barko ng Pilipinas sa Panatag Shoal, muling nilinaw ni Valte na depende sa kalalabasan ng isasagawang re-evaluation ng mgakinauukulang ahensya kung dapat pang bumalik o hindi ang mga barkong itinalaga sa lugar bilang

sa diplomatikong


simbolo ng pag-aangkin ng


(Bernard Taglli~odlAries CanolEralyn Prado)

Pilipinas sa namrang shoal.


June 2012





June 2012



The continuing stain of political killings
Contributed by the Center for Strateg)j Enterprise & Intelligence ONSISTENT economic growth in Southeast Asian countries hasn't done much to erase the continuing stain of human rights viola'tionsarbitrary killings, unexplained disappearances, torture, to name some of the more obvious examples-in the region's societies, Coing by the US State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011, released in late May, the Philippines appeared to stand out among selected Southeast Asian nations with the highest number of arbitrary killings and disappearances last year, committed both by government and non-government forces. While the Philippine Constitution prohibits it, the Commission on Human Rights said the use of excessive force and torture remains an "ingrained part of the arrest and detention process." According to the country report on the Philippines, the CHR investigated 78 complaints involving 95 alleged victims of politically motivated killings, down from 87 complaints in 2010. The CH R suspected that the Philippine National Police was involved in 11complaints, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in seven others. Suspects in the remaining complaints were the rebel New People's Army, ordinary citizens, or unidentified suspects. In light of this, the Philippines was subjected to a review by 69 countries during the Universal. Periodic Review held by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in May. Some nations urged the dismantling. of paramilitary groups, while the Australian mission specifically asked for the immediate arrest of fugitive general Jovita Palparan.


~ ~


inces, In one case, police fired on peaceful protesters in Papua in October, killing three. Amnesty International lamented that officers involved got only warningsan "accountabflity failure." Torture was administered in beatings with fists, sticks, iron bars and hammers. There were no credible reStill at large, Palparan is ports of cases of arbitrary killwanted for the kidnapping ings in the US report on Laos .. and disappearance of two Occasionally, however, torUniversity of the Philippines ture was also inflicted on destudents, Sherlyn Cadapan tainees in beatings and longand Karen Ernpeno, in 2006. term solitary confinement in darkened rooms. The State Department reports also turned up cases inArbitrary killings were also volving arbitrary killings in reported in Malaysia. One other countries, though not nongovernmental organiza'on the level of the Philippines. tion (NCO) reported 20 In Myanmar, a public works deaths in police shootings employee allegedly beat to last year, but that was a marked decrease from 35 redeath a 28-year-old villager for ported in 2010, and 108 in a minor traffic violation. On 2009. (NCO Suara Rakyat another occasion, soldiers reMalaysia countered that last portedly beat a number of year's 20 deaths was up "from child soldiers to death. Torture 15 the year before.) was likewise routinely used, Local rights groups noted a with methods including sedisturbing pattern narrated by vere beatings, electric shocks, state-influenced media: a susburning with lighters, etc. pect is apprehended, tries to atCambodia had one reported case, in the killing of .tack police, who then kill him in self-defense. The groups conLeng fRn during an arrest attended that this story was used tempt. He was being escorted to justify deaths usually of ethto court for questioning about nic minorities in police custody. a murder, and shot and killed Brunei had no cases of arby Battambang province actbitrary killings and disaping police chief Kim Rith. A pearances, or use of torture. local NCO alleged this was an However, caning was applied unlawful killing and a crimito certain offenses as pronal complaint was filed. The vided for by law. case was pending as of Singapore also did not have yearend, with no hearing date reported cases of arbitrary killset. Kim Rith remains as actings and disappearances, ing police chief. Likewise, though like Brunei, caning is beatings and other forms of still allowed. mistreatment continued, and According to the Thailand even increased from 2010. report, police officers used exIndonesia did not expericessive.and lethal force in apence politically motivated prehending suspects or were killings, but deaths .occurred involved in arbitrary killings. when security personnel used As many as 72 were killed by excessive force against sussecurity forces in the arrest pects, terrorists and protestprocess from October 2010 to ers. The violence against proSeptember 201L testers centered around Human Rights Watch asPapua and West Papua prov~22~


serted that as many as 90 died from March to May 2010 alone from violent confrontations, with loss of life resulting from unnecessary use of lethal force by Thai security forces. Newspapers also reported numerous cases of citizens accusing police and other security officials of brutality. The report on Vietnam turned up no reports of arbitrary killings, but there were 19 reported deaths in custody in 2011. In Hanoi, Lt. Col. Nguyan Van Ninh beat Trinh Xuan Tung to death while detention for a traffic violation. He was suspended pending investigation, and trial was expected early this year. For its part, Human Rights Watch reported 13 deaths in police custody f1'o= .Ianuary to October zen. The NCO noted that police brutality, including torture and fatal beatings, continues to be reported all over the country. . Many policy experts urge Asian nations and governments to ensure that the benefits of its world-leading economic growth are shared equitably with its hundreds of millions of poor citizens, whose ranks show how far the region is from full development. While those suffering political killings number in the dozens, their tragedies also raise grave questions about Asia's development, not to mention its principles and morals. Especially those touted as democracies like the Philippines.




(From The CenSEI Report on human rights in Asia. For a free copy with indeptn studies, data and other research, email The Center for Strategy, En.terprise and Intelligence, which publishes The CenSEl Report on national, global, business, technology,health and lifestyle issues.




June 2012

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A don't care presidency M
alacaiiang does i~,)t eem concerned s that a Jordanian journalist, along with two Filipinos acting as his crew, are believed to have been kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf somewhere in Sulu. Up till yesterday, the Palace claim was that Jordanian Baker Atyani, who works for the Al Arabiya news channel in Dubai, is still under the category of "missing" even when he is now under the custody of the Abu Sayyaf becausehe had gone to the Abu Sayyaflair ~voluntarily"and had not infurmed authorities about his "Interview" with the head of the Abu Sayyaf. That's pretty stupid a view. Journalists who are out for an interview, especially with lawless elements and wanted persons, certainly do not make it a habit to tell authorities that they are leaving for a rebel lair to interview the bandit group. And what would the authorities do, if so informed? Go with the journalist as his security escorts? No journalist can expect to get an interview with such groups if government authorities are with him to interview rebels. Just because the Jordanian journalist "voluntarily" met up with his interview subject and does not show up for days should not cancel out the fact that he and his Filipino companions may have besn kidnapped, and are not just missing. It has been a week since Atyani left his hotel room and jf he is doing any interview with the bandit group, he certainly should have been finished with it. It doesn't take a week tv do interviews, especially in the hinterlands. The Jordanianjournalist may have taken that risk of interviewing the Abu Sayyaf, and even rescue its victims. , Check on every Sayyaf kidnap victim. These victims are always freed, after ransom is paid - and many times by government, although this is passed on as "payment for board and lodging!' Still, the record shows that under the Noynoypresidency, there are still kidnapped victims of the MILF and Abu !3ayyafwho have not been rescued by the authorities, which can only mean that Noynoy and his administration don't really care, one way or another, if people are kidnapped. In February, two birdwatchers from Europe, Swissnational Lorenzo Vinciguerra) 47, and Dutchman Ewald Horn, 52, were seized by armed men in Tawi-Tawi. There is. no information yet on their whereabouts to this day. Authorities aliso cannot say if the Abu Sayyaf is responsible fot the abduction. What? Four months and nothing known yet? The fact is, if Noynoy and his aides, his governor, mayors, his police and military, were really searching for the Jordanian and two Filipinos, they would at least know by now just where they are being heid,qr the bandit group and also know their status, instead of merely stating that they are still considered "missing" and not kidnapped. ,"What we can confirm is that he Cl}zy,ani) is in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf it).~that he went there voluntarily for an intemew," presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said at a press briefing Monday. As admitted by Lacierda, they have no information on his whereabouts. ,.. What a government. And they have the nerve to claim that it's more fun in the Philippines! ''

had gotten himselfkidnapped, but that should not mean that the Aquino government should treat this incident lightly, to the point of saying that he is merely missing and act unconcerned throughout. Neither Malacafiang nor Jesse Robredo of the Department of Interior and Local Government seems to have a clue on the whereabouts of Atyani and continues to keep up with the 'Just missing" tag on the Jordanian and two Filipinos. Even the Sulu governor admitted that he was not actively looking for the Jordanian journalist because he had been interviewing the Abu Sayyafgroup many times in the past. But what a cavalier way for a government official in his area to react. Why not actively look into this instead of shrugging off the disappearance of the journalist? An international media group has already raised concern for the safety of Atyani whose whereabouts have not been known since June 12, but not Noynoy and not his aides, who don't seem concerned at all that a foreigner and tWoFilipinos are in the custody of the Abu Sayyaf, a group that the authorities cannot seem to eradicate, nor



June 2012

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',._.,.:,.<.,:,_:,.-,,: :~,'(_':.:-':, ;;;,,::.,::, .::.,.. :;:

..Kids<:DIf~litwar ..

festering problem ofextremist Ml1slim terrorism in Mindanao . . . The bandit group iSktlow,l1to~cruit disgruntled teenagers and even kids as.youn,gas.12 to14~~s.pfage, ....' ••......•.. We haveseriallj" c9Ilderiri'1cii.inthestrongest possible termS the' .. use of teenagers artdChi1dreninsenseIe~violerice and terror attacks, especiallyagalnstdyilian.targetsor.llOn-cm):1hatants. And we sayagain:''acticehas to stop or must be stopped .. ···i.' .....<.;.> . Arming aridserillirig these kid~.offtoinflid:Violence on commu-. nities which have growntiied and weary of war is simply the h~ight of man's inhumanity to man. The practice decidedly has no place in civilized society . . Quite ironically, we lament the findings that the number of child .' warriors involved in the long-running communist and Muslim rebellions have increased in the two years thattheAquino Administration has been in powervand they have been casualties in explosions and shootings, 'a United Nations report said over the weekend. . . .. .... , UN5ecretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the children, with ages rangingfrom seven to 16 years, were workirtg as gUerrillas of the New P~ople'~.~y@1.d~.tli~ MQro"Is~cqberation Front or serving as messengers and inrelligencegatherers for the Armed Forces and para-military units ... - .... ....., . . "Thes~ciWSEe~re not only casualties of explosions, shootings, and attacks, butt'fi.~·are also kidnapped, killed or maimed," Ban was quoted byabroadsheetassayingsaid. Last year, 26 children were killed in arrnedconflict," He submitted his report to the UN GeneralAssembly Iastmonth, but it WaS cleared 'for release to the public only Friday last week. .. The NP A, which started as a rag-tag army of barefoot communist . guerrillas, has been fighting the government for 43 years in order to establish a Marxists state. On the other hand, the MNLF war, which has sputtered off and on for almost the same period, seeks an independent Muslim state in Mindanao. . ~ Ban said the number of children recruited by rebels in 2011 was . 54, more than double the 24 tallied in 2010, and ;,our country task force documented 26 incidents involving 33 boys and 21 girls". He said out of the 52 recorded cases, 16 children were verified to be connected with the government'smilitary operations while the others were connected with rebel groups. "They are used by rebels as combatants and as military intelligence by the Armed Forces and the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Units [militia]," Ban said. .. . .. Malacaflangdec1ined to issue a statement when asked for comment, while deputy spokeswoman Abigail Valte said she had yet to see a copy of the report. . . "But as a matter of policy, that [using children in war] is riot allowed," Valte said. Yeah, sure,

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