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Were looking for Gideon and his 300!

Yes, were looking for a strong, Biblicallysound, and passionate man (and wife) to take the lead in a muchneeded work in the Lords church. Were calling him Gideon. And were looking for his 300 warriors who will work with him, and with God, to turn things around in the church.

Have you seen him?

Global Harvest
Editor: Wayne Barrier Founding Editor: J.C. Choate (deceased) Associate Editor, Design, Layout: Betty Burton Choate Publishers: World Evangelism Publications for Churches of Christ

A Mission Information Magazine for Churches of Christ

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Wayne and Janet Barrier: 3000 County Road 10, Florence, AL 35633; Phone: 256-766-2807; Email: wbarrier@ Mrs. J.C. (Betty) Choate: 708 Burton Drive, Winona, MS 38967; Ph. 662-283-1192; Email,; Website: Byron and Gay Nichols: P.O. Box 11218, Springeld, MO 65808; Phone: 417-823-4918; Email: Jerry and Paula Bates: P.O. Box 172, Winona, MS 38967; Ph. 870-897-2373; Email: Louis and Bonnie Rushmore: 705 Devine St., Winona, MS 38967; Ph: 662-739-3035; Email:; Website: Justin and Leah Hopkins: Email:; Phone: 210-593-8329. Rafael and Kattia Barrantes: 19 Standridge Cv., Jackson TN 38305. Phone: 731-267-32 Email:

are neither solicited nor paid for by the ones doing that particular work. We give them coverage because we believe in what they are doing, and we are convinced that their service can be of great help to you in your work with God. Contact them! (2) Recently a call from a Christian in a mission area of the States relayed this message: I was so encouraged by reading Global Harvest! The church here is small, and I had no idea that so much work is being done in so many places! (3) We want to encourage a realization of church family worldwide, as we help you to know brothers and sisters in many parts of the world. Let us be praying for each other!

What is the purpose of Global Harvest???

Our purpose is actually many-fold. (1) We want to help make brethren more aware of the many services provided by other sound brethren. What may appear to be ads in the magazine

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SINGLY, we cant do much; TOGETHER, we can evangelize the world!

isclaimer: We believe that we must answer to God for what we teach and promote. It is our purpose to be biblical in all that we do and, to the best of our knowledge, we will not promote in these pages the work of unsound brethren. Because we cannot personally know all that anyone believes and teaches, we ask your help in guarding against unknowingly publicizing those who are either liberal or fanatical. If such material is inadvertantly printed, we ask your understanding


e invite submission of feature and report articles from biblically-sound brethren, along with colored photographs, for inclusion in future issues of Global Harvest.

and cooperation.

Global Harvest

Volume 6

Fall, 2011

Table of Contents
A Chosen Generation................Wayne Barrier.............6 The Tragedy of Apostasy............J.C. Choate.................7

A Little Quiz from the Pages........................................4 Do You Want to Be Free?.......Betty B. Choate...............5 Cover Article: Looking for Gideon....Betty B. Choate...8 Do You Want to Leave a Legacy ...?..........................15 Introducing Our Western Gideon...Justin Hopkins...16 The Forgotten Tool...............Betty B. Choate...............83 Component Parts for Into Gods World ..............84

Operation French World........Bren White....................38 World Outreach French.........Barry Baggott...............39 The Word ... in Valcea, Romania...Harvey Starling....44 Lyon, France..............Charles O. White........................45 Syktyvkar Bible School...............Larry Little..............46



Reports from Team Members

Introducing Justin and Leah Hopkins......................16 What Do Foreign Bible Classes Need?....Jerry & Paula Bates..18 Rescued from an Attacking Millipede...Louis Rushmore...19 The Voice of Truth International....Byron Nichols....21 World Evangelism Team Meeting.....Don Petty.........25

Remembering Our F allen W arriors

Clyde and Theola Burton........Betty B. Choate............22 Eulene Ramsey ..................Byron Nichols....................22 Don petty.......................Sylvia Petty............................23 David Hallet...................Betty B. Choate.....................24

Report from Christian Todego............Ed Jones..........47 Boot Camp for Soldiers of the Cross......Al Horne.....48 Count It All Joy......................Ruth Orr....................49 A Tornado in Nigeria................Ron Pottberg..............50 In Search of Truth Radio Program.....James Jones.....51 Gardens/Mini-Farms Network....Ken Hargesheimer..51 The Malawi Project.............Richard Stephens............52 The Heart of Zimbabwe............Loy Mitchell.............53 Sakubva Church of Christ...Champion Mugweni......54 A Whirlwind Mission Trip!.........Brent Smith.............55 African Christian Schools..........Trent Wheeler..........56 Drought, Death, and Rescue..........David Marube.......57 Churches in French Africa............Doyle Kee.............58 East London, South Africa..........Chris du Preez.........59 Open Air Preaching..........Sylvester Imogoh................60

Indian Sub-Continent
Developments in Pakistan.............Asghar Ali.............62 NIBC Graduation...................Earnest Gill...................63 Between India and Sri Lanka....Asveeradam Darla....64 Orphans.......................Don Iverson..............................65 Continuing Work in South India.......S. Rajanayagam......67 Cyclone in Puducherry, India......Kingsly Rajah........68 New Delhi, India......................Sunny David........................68 India Harvest...................Ricky Gootam......................69 Purpose and Vision ................David Nance.................70

Services Offered by Brethren

Books from World Evangelism......................20, 24, 75 Focus Press...............Brad Harrub..........................26, 27 In Search of the Lords Way...Phil Sanders,Mack Lyon..29 World Video Bible School...............................30, 31, 65 Tracts Who Is Jesus Christ?.....................................32 Apologetics Press...............Kyle Butt..........................33 House to House, Heart to Heart.....Allen Webster......34 Mission Printing...............Tom Garnera......................36 Gospel Broadcasting Network...................................37 Action! World Bible School ......................................41 World English Institute.........Justin Speer..................42

The Year in Myanmar...........Philip Biak Lian............71 Update on Viet Nam..............Jeremy Barrier...............72 News from Around Indonesia......Colin McKee..................73 Earthquake Damage in Philippines.......Luis Cusi......74 Missing Link in the Philippines....Prissy Sellers.....76 Boxes of Books....................Salvador Cariaga..............77 Recovery from Earthquake...........Dwight Albright......78 Update on pacic Broadcast..........Randy English.......79 Word from the Pacic Islands........Robert Martin........80 The Kent ODonnells in New Zealand...Kent ODonnell..81 Gods Warnings and Promises.....Betty B. Choate.....82

Gleaning from the Fields

Update for Project Rescue.......Ronnie Crocker...........28 Outreach in Moab, Utah.........Martin Johnson.............35

North America

Central and South America

Faith to Go through Open Doors....Alex Del Zotto...40 Baptisms in Montecarlo, Peru......Helmut Garcia.......43 Biblical Institute of Central America....George W. Hall......43

Global Harvest
training schools? (a common thread throughout the reports) 10. What unusual thing happened in Nigeria? P. 49, 50 11. What kind of irrigation is taught to farmers in dry regions of the world? P. 51 12. Describe the widows home on page 52. 13. What is needed in Zimbabwe and in many other places? P. 53 14. Was David Marubes trip to the refugee camp a vacation? P. 57 15. How was Aseervadam Darlas father converted from Hinduism to the truth? P. 64,65 16. Is there much difference between your life and that of orphans in India? P. 65 17. Are Christians in danger in places in the world?

A little quiz from the pages..

1. What is the purpose of Global harvest? p. 2 2. In what way is ours a chosen generation? P. 6 3. What does apostasy do to the church? P. 7 4. In our search, who is Gideon? P. 8 5. Why do we need better Bible class materials? P. 12 6. Are there ways that many Christians can help with this huge undertaking? P. 8-17 7. Is there a great need for Bible class materials in churches overseas? P. 18 8. What adventures did the Rushmores have? P. 19 9. Why do you think many churches overseas are seeing the need for Bible/preacher

Global Harvest

We Need Your Help!

In order to make Global Harvest the informative, useful, and inspiring magazine we envision, we must have input from brethren, churches, and program projects throughout the brotherhood and all over the world. We will try to make you aware of services available and of needs you might help to cover.

We need four things from our readers/participants:

(1) Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. (2) Submissions of articles (with accompanying high quality color photos; if sent over the internet, photos must be at least 200 dpi and 4x5 in size). Articles need to be story-form, rather than general report form; they need to focus on a particular event, specic method of work, some turn of events, an exemplary person, etc. Writing should be succinct, professionally done, without exaggerations or embellishment of truth to make a more exciting story, allowing 750 to 1000 words for one page, preferably 11 pt., Times New Roman. (3) Please understand that we cover services made available through brethren, of printing, magazines, and various programs of work. We do not solicit or accept paid advertisements. (4) At this time it is our intention to print Global Harvest twice yearly, in the interest of helping brethren to be more aware of what is being done and of what needs to be done. Financial support will be greatly appreciated from brethren who will make a personal donation to receive the magazine individually, and from congregations that will pay for bundles to be supplied to their members. Individual donation: $5.00 per copy Congregational donation: $75.00 per 25 copies; $100.00 per 50 copies

Do You Want to Be Free?

I had the sweet blessing recently to spend time with my young grandchildren. In talking with them about school and friends, I quickly realized that some things never change. Like it was yesterday, I remembered so well the scenario when I was in school. We had the socialites, the kids from the upper crust who set the tone and led the pack. There were also the poor kids, and the lazy kids, who straggled along without much attention paid to them. And there were the athletes who were popular, regardless of their social positions. But I wasnt in the elite group; I didnt set the styles in fashion; I wasnt athletic; I wasnt a fun person I didnt slip around and smoke or drink, and I didnt even know curse words (all right, it was the age before television, and innocence still existed!); I was not going on heavy dates with the boys; I wasnt a member of the big church in town; I had been taught not to participate in many of the activities of the parties, so I didnt go; I occasionally had spend-the-nights with girlfriends, but my typical day was school, home and chores, and studies. Sort of a loner? Yes. Sometimes lonely? Yes. But along in that same period of time, I became a Christian. The commitment was deep, and amazingly I began to see life from a different perspective. I looked at my relationship with God and I mentally put myself in the shoes of the popular girl in my class. What did she have that really mattered? Clothes? Things? Popularity? Yes, but I knew that, according to the Scriptures, she wasnt a Christian. Gods Word was not her guide in the way she interacted with others, or the way she talked, or the way she dressed. If, through the guidance of Scripture, I had found a better way, why should I feel inferior to her, or competitive with her? Even if I could have had all that she had, and could have been the socialite that she was, I suddenly realized that it would not have made me happy. I would have been the great loser to have given up the special Father/child relationship that came through being a Christian, in order to be the popular pacesetter in school. Suddenly, I WAS FREE! I didnt have to conform, or to be approved, or to feel lonely! That new relationship with God had lifted me above the fray! I would do what was morally right, because that was what the Bible taught. I would choose clothes that covered my body, because God requires modesty, and it didnt matter if I was out-of-step with styles. I would be pure because I carried Gods Spirit inside me. Being His mattered more than anything my peers in school could offer, and that set me free to just be myself, shaped by God! BBC

Global Harvest

Wayne Barrier has been a partner in the World Evangelism program since the mid-80s.

The apostle Peter described the people of God as a chosen generation. This description is included with other names for Christians that include, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and His own special people. The passage, 1 Peter 2:9-10 is as follows, But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. This passage reminds us of the wonderful gifts of Gods mercy, love, and grace. He gave His son for our redemption and salvation. We will never be worthy of this gift. Gods love and mercy exceeds our comprehension and we are blessed beyond understanding. How should we respond to this status with God? Peter says that we should proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. The list of ways to proclaim the praises of Him who call us out of darkness

is long, and it ranges from the way we worship to the way we respond to calls to work and service. Typically, we focus on the end of this spectrum that involves worship and prayer. This response is appropriate and essential. We should have a driving desire to express our thanks and appreciation to God in our prayers, worship, verbal proclamations of our feelings, etc. Our faith and trust in God can be powerfully proclaimed in this manner. This will result in an attitude of humility, desire to please, love for God, appreciation, respect for God, and comprehension of His sacrice to save us. The other end of the spectrum involves service and work. The apostle Paul describes Gods children in Titus 1:14 in a similar way and states that the response to being Gods special person is to be zealous for good works. As Gods people, we should be eager and excited to do good works. These works include teaching the lost about Gods will for every person to obey Him. In fact, this is the most important response we can have to understanding our relationship with God. He loves every person and desires that His children teach the untaught and help them to obey the Gospel. He desires that all be saved. We must reverse the current trend and become the royal priesthood, chosen generation, and special people that is needed to be zealous for good works that show honor, thanksgiving, respect, and trust to God. Our work and service are necessary to adequately praise God. When we become the

people that God desires us to be, the results will provide us with joy, contentment, encouragement, and strength. A transition to this biblical model of a person that is pleasing to God begins with recognition that I need to change. A self inventory should follow to dene my personal appraisal of possible ways to better serve, work, and minister in the Lords church. Serious Bible study and fervent prayer should accompany every step as I move forward, to become a more effective child of God. I should then begin to work. Trial and error is a good teacher. If God is with us, our errors will not do damage, but rather serve as a basis of course correction and guidance. Success will follow, and feelings of satisfaction, joy, appreciation, and thankfulness will accompany our service. God will bless us beyond our comprehension. We will gain access to better understanding of His grace when we honestly love our neighbors enough to help them know and obey God. Everyone can share the story of Jesus with others and express love for our master and king. What a blessing to be Gods special people! Our mission to succeed in the commission to take the Gospel to every person in the world (Matthew 28:19-20) can be achieved only if we become the special people dened by Scriptures.
Wayne Barrier, living in Florence, AL, is Editor of Global Harvest.

Global Harvest

The Tragedy of Apostasy

J.C.Choate (Deceased)
What was Satans response? Was and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in he defeated? No, he understood that hypocrisy, having their own conscience the price for salvation had been paid, seared with a hot iron, forbidding to and there was nothing he could do marry, and commanding to abstain from about that. And he knew that, as the foods which God created to be received story of the love and sacrice of Christ with thanksgiving by those who believe was taken to the world, people would and know the truth. believe it. They would want to follow The error that had been foretold such a righteous leader who had been brought about the formation of the willing to die for them. That message Roman Catholic Church in 606 A.D. couldnt be changed. Further division obscured the truth But if he could lie about the and the church of Christ even more. message, and confuse the hearers with Denominations, each with its own half-truths, he could still thwart much variant name and doctrine, came into of what God intended. existence from the 16th century onward. So Satan looked at the plan of God: Because of the hundreds of divisions There would be the great dividing line among those who claimed to believe between the people in the world and the in Christ, His church became more and people in Gods family, the Christians more difcult to identify. Finally, in the the church. If Satan could keep 19th century, numerous men in Europe people from nding that Family, if he and in America awakened to the need could confuse the teachings so that they for a restoration of the teaching of the would not learn how to be born into that simple Gospel of the New Testament, Family, then he would have won. Most through which it had been possible for of the people of the world would still be people of all ages to be born into the outside of the church, lost in their sins, church for which Christ had died. because they had heard and believed lies But Satan never gives up. Men in about how to become a Christian. the late 1800s again began to corrupt The apostle Paul, by inspiration of the doctrines and practices of the New the Holy Spirit, warned in Acts 20:29, Testament, so that there was widespread 30: For I know this, that after my division in the church once more. The departure savage wolves will come in challenge to truth sent the remnant back among you, not sparing the ock. Also to the Scriptures, to study more closely from among yourselves men will rise and to be more deeply convinced about up, speaking perverse things, to draw what God had legislated concerning away the disciples after themselves. the work of the church, its worship, its Even during the lifetime of the organization, and its leadership. apostles, leaders within the church were Because of dedication to study, and corrupting the purity of the Gospel then to sharing that knowledge with with doctrines whose followers came friends and relatives, the church of Christ to be known as Gnostics, Monatists, ourished, in spite of Satans division, Marcionites, and others. 1 Timothy 1:1- and began to evangelize not only in 3 warned: ... some will depart from the Europe and America but around the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits Continued on page 23

J.C. Choate, founder of Global Harvest, served as a missionary in Asia until his death in 2008.

Since his own rebellion against God, Satan has been leading a war. God said of his attitude, For you have said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; ...I will be like the Most High (Isaiah 14:13,14). Satan corrupted Adam and Eve by changing only one word of Gods message to them. He went on to bring the entire population of the world to such a state of evil that washing the earth clean with the waters of the ood was the only answer to the ungodliness. When our Lord was born, Satan recognized the threat to his goals, so he tried to have Him killed in Bethlehem. Finally, on Calvary, he was sure he was being successful only to discover with the resurrection that he, himself, had been a useful instrument in making the way of salvation for all who would come to Christ in faith and obedience. Through the shedding of His blood, Christ purchased what He chose to call His church. It had its beginning on the rst Day of Pentecost after His resurrection. A clear message of good news was preached, people obeyed, and great numbers of souls began to pass through the door of His blood, in baptism, into the church.

Global Harvest

Were Looking for Gideon

Betty B. Choate
parents have daily Bible study with their children, with the result that what should be a Christian family is actually a morally good secular family, except that they may attend worship on Sunday. A third problem is that much of the literature used for the past three decades or so, in our Bible classes, has been written by denominational people for interdenominational use. Obviously, the lessons must be presented as morals, values, principles, and Bible history. Definitive doctrine cannot be covered because that would limit the use of the materials. And the result is that many, of the younger generations, have never been taught clearly about the church, or obedience to the Gospel, or acceptable worship, or our purpose in this world. When they leave it is not that they are turning their backs on the truth; there has been no conviction concerning truth. Admittedly, also, too many men who fill our pulpits these days have adopted the attitude reported by Dalton Key in a recent article. He wrote that some years ago an older preacher had told him that he was not preaching doctrine any more, because it was only divisive. And brother Key commented, After years of this soft preaching, we are experiencing an apostasy. So, if many of the parents, some preachers, and much of our class materials are not covering definitive doctrine, it is not surprising that there are people who regularly attend our worship services who do not know the difference between the church of Christ and the denominational world. Some now question the necessity of baptism. Some see no problem with adding instruments of music to worship. Some think of the New Testament as a book of ideals rather than laws laid down by God. In this age of Im OK, youre OK and Dont be judgmental, many in the church have accepted tolerance and compromise to the point that the authority of the Scriptures has been rendered meaningless. When the older generations, that were reputed to know the Scriptures, are gone, what kind of apostasy will take place in the American church? What will be the reality twenty years down the road? How can we bring the church back to the point of real conviction and motivation? How can a large enough percentage of Christians be re-taught, so that things can be turned around? Can it be done through our Gospel papers? Not alone, because too few Christians take those papers and read them. Can it be done through our pulpits? Not entirely, because not enough preachers are on fire with the subject, and others are part of the problem. Can we depend on the Christian colleges? We thank God that some of our institutions of higher learning are conscientious about equipping Bible majors with the whole Gospel, but it is also a sad fact that a growing number of the colleges are contributing to the apostasy, as happened in the early twentieth century. So, how can the greater portion of the church be reached, on a sustained enough basis to turn things around? The one answer seems to be developing literature that will have the opposite effect of the materials now being used: a new line of classroom studies, that will look so good and will be so good and will offer so many options that it will be a welcomed teaching tool throughout the brotherhood. Yes, we must prepare ourselves and our children with knowledge of Gods Word, and with the experience of a living relationship with Him, so that if this growing trend of opposition to Christianity continues to escalate, we and our children will be able to stand.

Yes, were looking for a strong, biblically-sound, and passionate man (and wife) to take the lead in a muchneeded work in the Lords church. Were calling him Gideon. And were looking for his 300 warriors who will work with him, and with God, to turn things around in the church.

Have you seen him???

What is the reason for this search?

(the World Evangelism Team)
Have you noticed how many of our young people leave the Lord soon after leaving home? The statistics are high. Many factors feed into the problem. One is the small amount of time that many parents spend with their children, because both the father and the mother are working outside the home. Another problem is that too few

What Do We Propose?
For Sunday Morning classes for Children
A full-color, perfect-bound lesson book, appropriate to the age level, with the lesson beginning in the childs world of problems, needs, and experiences, and then going to Gods
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Global Harvest

... and His 300 Warriors!

Continued from page 8

Book for answers and guidance. This approach will give relevance to the Bible as the answers to all of lifes direction, rather than merely being a history book. The book will include quizzes and activities. At the end of the quarter, each child will have a beautiful book to take home and add to his growing library of Bible lesson books, which his parents can use for devotionals and reinforcement at home. Teachers manuals that will help to educate the teacher on the fundamental truths, as well as to emphasize the spiritual lessons to be stressed. Each lesson will include a full guide for songs, drills, lesson emphasis, and makeup of the class. Activity packets (individual and teachers packets) for in-class reinforcement of the lesson; visuals. Appropriate songs (not just rah-rah catchy junk, but songs that teach), memory and drill work will be stressed in each class. There will be wall displays for the lessons, as well as individual activities.

What Do We Propose?
Component Parts
Classbooks perfect-bound, full-color books for the child to keep in his permanent library. Teachers manual and visuals for the room, with training DVDs. LifeSpan weekly paper for take-home. Book of Bible Knowledge compilation of visuals for each lesson of each quarter, bound into book form, for the childs permanent library, for continual review throughout childhood. Flash cards for memory work picturized for younger children; photos from the lesson with verse on back for older children. Memory verses set to music, with accompanying CDs. Time Lines (4 levels, for Wednesday evening studies) showing biblical events, corresponding secular events in the world; secular events with providential overruling, changing the course of history. Parenting class materials for Sunday classes and for family devotionals. Daily Devotional material drills/review materials. Song books and CDs Adult, teen, juvenile. VBS guides, lessons, and pattern books, with DVDs for instructions. Bible Times Rooms with instructions for the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. Mission Learning Centers with instructions for making the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. DVDs of special adult class materials. DVDs of Holy Land experiences. Powerpoints of classes. DVDs of classes, taught by experienced teachers and made available for small churches, lacking teachers. Materials for small-group meetings, dealing especially with evangelism and other lessons in outreach and teaching. Bible Character action figures for 3-D lessons. Hands-on objects for cradle roll classes. DVDs to teach cradle roll teachers. Video games for: Memorization of verses Learning Bible facts Pauls journeys Bible timeline Into Gods World Internet website for publishing the materials (printed and DVDs), worldwide. Development of materials for churches overseas.

Additional Tools
Song books Memory verse illustrated ash cards, and verses set to music, with accompanying CDs. Take-home application/parent reinforcement sheet (Lifelines), so that the parents will be aware of what the child was learning. An achievement book (The Book of Bible Knowledge) for each child, showing what should have been learned each quarter. The pages will have designated places for stickers that will be positioned as the child learns the memory work, verse, or whatever the lesson and the quarter require. Each quarter will claim six or eight pages in the book, and the book will be taken
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Global Harvest

The Plan for Graded Classroom Literature

Continued from page 9

home and signed by the parents at the end of the quarter. A book may be set up for two to three years, moving with the child to each promotion. These may be used by the teachers for drilling the classes on facts and memory work they should know. The aim is to be sure that, when the child has graduated from high school, he has been thoroughly taught the essential facts, doctrines, and verses in the achievement books. When each book is filled, it may be added to the library at home, as a further reinforcement tool for the parents. Ideas and patterns books for teachers to develop additional visuals of their own, if they so desire. Many wonderful visuals and 3-D materials will be developed and offered to bring the lessons to life: character action gures for sandboxes; a Noahs ark with animals to scale; costumes for role-playing various Bible lessons the possibilities are endless! DVDs will be made of lessons being taught in the classroom, and made available to small churches, in need of respite for overworked teachers. These will be added to the Into Gods World website, for use throughout the world. DVDs and books giving directions for decorating rooms as Mission Learning Centers, and for making Bible Times Rooms.

Saturday Activities
Until our young people learn to put working Christianity to effective use in their lives, they are in danger of learning only a form of godliness. This very weakness in the current situation that we teach our children but too often we are failing to train them in anything more than the fun and games activities is responsible in great part for the loss of upwards of 70% of the younger generation as they grow to adulthood. Comprehensive suggestions and directions for Saturday activities [work] for all ages will be offered. Saturday Achievement Programs for all appropriate ages, with accompanying Boy Scout type achievement books, will be designed to involve all age levels in the work they are capable of doing children, young people, and adults.

Family Devotional Materials

Books and studies will be developed to encourage spiritual and motivational devotionals in the home.

VBS Materials
Motivational VBS programs will be developed, with DVDs and lesson books.

Junior High and High School Studies

Lesson books, appropriate for the age level, will be developed not only for each quarter, but an ongoing writing and printing of alternate selections will be added, so that teachers will be able to choose the particular lessons needed for their students. In addition to the classbooks, which will be designed to become reference and home-study materials, in the ongoing building of a personal library, there will continue to be the chronological time-line studies, drill and memory work, the Book of Knowledge to help the student maintain a record of the truths he is responsible for learning, and the planned outreach activities.

Wednesday Classes
Two types of materials should be developed for Wednesday classes. The rst is a chronological time-line to be displayed on the wall of the classroom. Graphics illustrating various lessons will be supplied, to be attached to the time-line scroll. Along with teaching the full scope of the Scriptures would be notations of major events taking place in the world at the same time, so that the students will grow in the awareness that the events of the Bible took place in the real world, not in a vacuum or as a fairy tale. Also, there will be emphasis on events in secular history in which the providential overruling of God is evident, to achieve His purposes. The suggestion is made that three weeks of each quarter be spent on the time-line, then one week be devoted to the second type of lessons: Drills, memory work, and various types of activities and assignments. Teachers manuals and work/activity materials will be developed and provided for these classes.

Adult Studies
There will also be a planned curriculum for adult classes, with books that will continually add to the personal library at home. As with the teen materials, additional topics will be developed for alternate choices. There will continue to be the chronological time-line studies, drill and memory work, and dare we do it even for adults? the Book of Bible Knowledge
Continued on page 11

Global Harvest


The Work for the Church to Do for the Church

Continued from page 10 to help the student maintain a record of the truths he is responsible for learning, and the planned outreach activities.

The Ultimate Goal

Since brethren in most countries have no classroom materials, except what may be donated as unused at the end of the year here, we want to work with those leaders in churches who will select appropriate materials for translation and printing in their languages, or who would write their own to t the needs of the local church. In this way we can be instrumental in strengthening the church of tomorrow around the world.

Alternate Choices
Motivational seminars, for outreach and church growth, are planned. They will feature several dedicated speakers for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday lessons, followed by six months of further teaching and involvement training. Designed for Wednesday teen/adult classes, the program will consist of two parts: a highly motivational and educational DVD, concerning the necessity for individual Christians to be involved in outreach, and training in how to successfully approach non-Christians and to teach and convert them. There will be a lesson book, reinforcing the DVD messages and requiring involvement in the process of setting up classes with others, and actually teaching non-Christians as a part of the work assignments. Some of the class studies will involve instructions on how to open the subject of having a home study, how to teach; gaining a working knowledge of denominational doctrines, etc. all designed to equip the student to go out and evangelize.

Explore and emphasize personal commitment and involvement. Stress the necessity of evangelism and outreach by teaching and practicing. Look for opportunities to make these emphases in every Bible story, thereby creating a new perspective for viewing the familiar scriptures.

Permeate all lessons with our five Ps:

Purity of life Purpose in this world Prayer Providence Passion for God

We must permeate the lessons with these Threads of Truth:

Show Gods eternal purposes, His interaction with man. Stress the spiritual relationship with God, not just a form or a Sunday exercise with the rest of life being as secular as the lives of those around us who are not Christians. Stress how God has dealt with man (through miracles, providence; how prayers are prayed; how prayers are answered). Be sure that providence is fully explained and understood, so that Gods work in this present time is not doubted. Show Christ as our Saviour, our Lord, our Brother; salvation is not the result of a persons goodness or sacrifices but because the Christian has obediently washed himself in the blood of Christ in baptism. Deal with the reality of Gods purposes through us; therefore our reason for being in the world. Teach the oneness of Gods family and the fact that the relationship is a personal one, not dependent on any other persons faithfulness.

Into Gods World Website

It will be our goal to make the materials available on a website designed especially for the curriculum. Through Internet access, it will be possible for churches to choose the materials they want to download and copy, and it will be possible for Christians throughout the world to make use of the lessons.

Our children must be taught from the cradle that they are special people in the world, but not of the world. In todays culture, sadly, statistics show that immodest dress, immorality, broken homes, and the gamut of the worlds sinful practices are almost as high in the church as in the population that does not claim to be Christian. How can we malign the Lords name in this way??? We must separate our children from those influences, building a barrier against them by teaching from the earliest ages that we belong to God, that we must live pure lives (setting the standard for their friends, rather than the other way around), that we are in this world to carry out Gods great purpose in our lives. Our children must learn, by our words and our lives, that prayer is a vital part of their existence, and that God still works mightily through His providential overruling in response to our prayers, needs, and purposes. We must set aflame, in the heart of every Christian, the passion for
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Global Harvest

How will all of this work be done?

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First, we need that point person

Gideon and his wife

Then we need Christians experienced in writing, teaching, artwork, layout work, editing, proofreading, etc., who would like to volunteer to help develop these materials. You are urged to contact us at 662-283-1192 or Choate@ This is not a business, as such, but a service, work that we, as Christians, must do for ourselves. Buck and Syd Davenport, exemplary Christians, have set the example for us by providing funds for the printing.

What will you do to help?

God that would enable him to choose God, even in the face of persecution and death (Revelation 2:10). Each lesson will have a definite purpose, a named goal in teaching, keeping always in mind the Gospel of Christ, its practice, and its propagation throughout the world in this generation. From the first level to the last level, we must instill the goal of being the first generation since the first century to evangelize the world, beginning with feeling responsible for the people in ones own community and family. This is the treasure God has prepared from before the foundation of the world the treasure He has committed to our care. The lessons we plan will be neither conservative nor liberal nor legalistic but, rather, biblical. They must be balanced, not a reaction to anything. If the Bible doesnt provide the authority for a belief or practice, we wont teach it. If it is a biblical doctrine, we have the obligation to incorporate it into the spectrum. But the doctrine must be taught with understanding and explanation of why God asks this and what He is accomplishing by it. With the moral and spiritual warfare Satan is waging against us, we cant hope to win unless we are willing to take a strong, decisive stand for the truth. In todays secular schools, children as young as kindergarten age are being taught that the homosexual lifestyle is all right. Those religious groups that hold on to their people begin at the earliest ages, teaching strongly definitive doctrine, thoroughly indoctrinating those young minds. We must be as wise as they; we must

instill in our children the directives of Gods Word from the earliest ages, before they are old enough to have to make decisions about a lifestyle or a marriage mate or parenting. If we wait until they are faced with those forks in the road, we will lose because their peers and the world will have already turned them to their way of thinking. Permeating the materials must be, not only definitive doctrinal truths, but also the moral and social applications that are the natural result of godliness.

Major Concepts that Writers and Teachers Must Instill in Students:

Just as the Bible incorporates many subtopics while discussing the primary topic, these are some points that we need to bring out and emphasize and reemphasize wherever they can be brought up for reinforcement. Writers need to work specific riters projects and goals into the lessons, as things the students should be doing. Draw attention to whether God was working in the particular situation through miracles, or providence, within the law of nature. Many even adult Christians mistakenly think that everything God does would be in the category of miraculous, but most of His work throughout time has been through providential overruling, a tool that is still His to use. Teach that responsibility equals maturity, and maturity equals responsibility. Teach students to prioritize the elements in their life and their use of time.
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Together, We CAN Do It!

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Emphasize that creation, not evolution, was Gods method of bringing all things into existence; that the ideas of ape and caveman are also a part of the evolutionary scenario and contradict the Scriptures. Early men were intelligent and could do great things. Then, as now, some lived in tents and caves, as well as other types of dwellings, but there were cities and highly developed civilizations, too. As evidenced by the pyramids and other astounding constructions, people of the past could do things that absolutely could not be reproduced today, even with all of our technology and equipment. Because of the onslaught of atheistic teaching in the schools on evolution, it is of greatest importance that we arm our children with the truth on this vital question. Teach the value of the home; the devastating results of divorce, and of marriage to unbelievers (use Bible examples from the Old Testament, Scriptures and commands from the New); stress Gods reasons for strictness about marriage: to protect the home and the nation from just the sort of corruption and decay we have now. Show how juvenile crises have grown, with the crime rate, and all other social ills and crimes, as divorce has grown. As painful as some of these lessons will be, the problems will never be corrected unless Christians and Christian teachers have the strength to teach what God says about the sanctity of marriage. Keep Gods overall purpose (reconciling man to Himself) in mind. Establish: How does this lesson relate to His purpose? How does it apply to

me? How do I fit into His purpose? These questions should be embedded in the students mind. A strong line of demarcation needs to be drawn between Bible and tradition, so that students can hold to the Truth while having a flexible attitude about the traditions that often can and should be improved. All of us need to be firmly grounded in the fact that traditions will change with the times and the culture and the country in which the Christian lives, but SCRIPTURE does not change and we have no authorization to set aside what God has said and make a substitute of opinion or tradition. Gods Word is not a book of ideals and suggestions; it is the last will and testament of our Lord.

Into Gods W orld World Catalog

It is our intention to print a catalog, offering all of our materials at the lowest possible cost, and also to include contact information and coverage of other brotherhood tools, such as DVDs and studies developed by Focus Press, Apologetics Press, World Video Bible School, Christian Courier, House to House, Lads to Leaders, World Bible School, Gospel Broadcasting Network, Colley Publishers, Gospel Advocate, Search for the Lords Way, DVDs and many other materials offered by sound Christians so that the catalog will serve as a resource information center for all that is available for use. The classbooks, with colored graphics (no cartoon artwork), can be printed in China for about 1/4 of the cost for printing them here in the States. What the

nation of China can do to help the church will be worth far more to us than our little amount of money will be worth to their economy, so we should take advantage of whatever can be done there. In addition, a number of Christians currently work in China, and through them we should be able to locate the best factories for economical development of the visuals and crafts that will be needed. CDs and DVDs can also be produced very economically, enabling us to use these tools in a great way. What an age we live in! God has supplied everything we need so that we can fully evangelize the world in our generation. What a difference that will make in the history of the world, and in the future of the Lords church for centuries to come! We must not be lulled by doing good busywork, using all of our time getting ready to teach, but never teaching. Launch into actually becoming involved with teaching and with guiding people to find Bible answers to their needs. A confronting, reproducing Christianity is the only kind that lives and brings happiness. We must dig ourselves up out of this rut of deadly routineness and complacency. Christianity was never intended to be the religion for lazy or half-converted people. If those things are the measure of our commitment to God, we are in the wrong place. Heaven is described as a place of rest from our labors. That doesnt mean our never-ceasing effort to acquire more of this worlds goods. The inference is that only those who have labors to rest from will go there.
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Global Harvest

Can We Learn from Past History?

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The Fork in Historys Road

If you read closely, you will not be able to escape the conclusion that it was only through Gods providential overruling, at pivitol points in history, that America came into existence. Freedom flourished as a result, and with religious freedom came the Restoration Movement. The Lords church prospered in that environment, resulting in greater worldwide evangelism during the twentieth century than had possibly been done since the apostasy of the original church. Apostasy threatens the Lords church again. We are at a pivitol point of decision. Will Christians cling to Gods Word with renewed commitment, with a passion that will stem the tide of apostasy, or will we ignore the warning signs and allow it to happen again? If, perhaps, it was the end of the third century before the greater part of the church was engulfed in the falling away, about which Paul had warned in 1 Timothy 4:1-3, and if during the subsequent years the Gospel was not again preached to the entire world, that means that at least seventeen centuries were involved in setting the stage for the work that we are in position to do! It is in America that we have the numbers of Christians, the currency that is accepted throughout the world, the international language, and the freedom to travel prerequisites to worldwide evangelism. No other country has all four of these necessary

things. And, today, with current technology, we have every additional tool needed to blanket the world with a knowledge of Gods will. Christians, TODAY, are in position to do what has evidently not been done since the church fell away. Satan knows what is possible, and he is doing all he can to thwart it by crippling the church with apathy, materialism, biblical ignorance, and sin. You and I we Christians, living today are the ones who will decide what the future holds for the church, for our nation, and for the world: the light of Gods Word, or another spiral into dark ages? When Moses led the Israelites to the borders of Canaan, he told them to go

in and take the land that God would fight for them. God supplied everything that was needed, but He didnt make the decision for them. THEY CHOSE NOT TO GO. The result was forty years in the wilderness. In this proposed work, God has supplied the initial funds for the development and printing of the materials. He has supplied the Internet, the communication tools, everything we need to complete the work. We have been led to the borders of the promised land. We are being told, Go in and do the work. I have supplied all you need. But God will not make the choice for us. What will we decide to do?
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In all that we do, we pray for the wisdom promised in James 1:5; we pray for the strength promised in Ephesians 3:16; we pray to be tools in Gods hands and not to get in His way with our human inadequacies.

Global Harvest


What Progress Have We Made?

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Our Western Gideon and part of his army:

I admit that I have felt real concern that those who must do this work the most capable among us might have the attitude, That is a good project, and it is needed ... but I am busy ... someone else will do it. God be thanked that someone among us the Davenports left money in their will to initiate the printing. And more than 100 people have volunteered, already, to help with the planning, writing, artwork, and other essential jobs. Now, one Gideon has committed to take leadership among volunteers and churches west of the Mississippi River, since he

and his family live in Texas: Justin and Leah Hopkins. They come to us, highly recommended by Rudy Cain of World Video Bible School. Please take the time to read Justins introduction of himself and his family on page 16. Because of the magnititude of the work, we realize that leadership will be necessary for volunteers in the eastern states as well. We believe this second couple should be young enough to be energetic, old enough to have graduated their children, sound in the faith, passionate about the need for the literature, and willing to devote the rest of their lives to bringing this goal to fruition. We pray that the capable preacher who could do this will recognize himself in this description and will call us!

Justin Hopkins

Do You Want to Leave a Legacy for Coming Generations?

We realize that there are wealthy people in the Lords church, some of whom have made tremendous gifts to our Christian colleges and universities. Others have left large bequests to local congregations. Among us, there are also Christians who have no children to whom to leave their estates, or whose children are unfaithful, so the parents are reluctant to leave their assets to be wasted. There are also, sadly, congregations among us that are made up of only a few elderly Christians. Unless great changes take place, eventually the doors will be closed and the buildings will be sold. Those funds could help to teach future generations. In this new endeavor, what we propose is not the work of a year or two, and its scope will ultimately reach out to the whole world. The need to provide sound and effective teaching materials will continue to grow with the years. The need for funds will grow, as well. We make the plea now: help to provide for the early education of the children in the church, and for the strengthening of our families, by putting Into Gods World in your will. Unless we do more now to save our children, many of them will not survive spiritually to reach one of our colleges. This work is under the oversight of the elders of the Liberty Church of Christ, 689 Highway 25, in Dennis, MS 38838. Contact elder: Benford Pierce; Phone: 662-454-3535. Or, you may call us here in Winona: Betty Choate at 662-283-1192. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and to be of any possible help.


Global Harvest

Introducing our Western Gideon:

Justin (and leah) Hopkins

Having grown up among the Lords Church, some of the most defining moments in my life are tied to Bible classes and Bible class teachers who went the extra mile in helping me to understand Gods will for my life. Many of the things that I learned at the grade school level are still with me to this day, and still have a profound impact on my relationship with God. Largely because of the influences that came into my life through the Bible class program, I have had a desire to be a preacher of the Gospel from the time I was a boy in grade school. At the age of 21, I left the secular work force to attend Southwest School of Bible Studies. While there, I ran into the lovely Christian lady who soon became my wife. She had recently been on a mission trip to Jamaica, where her desire to teach the Gospel of the Kingdom to children and young ladies was awakened. She left her job two short months after our meeting and enrolled at Southwest, graduating one year behind me. While we were studying at Southwest, we were afforded the opportunity to teach and preach among several congregations in surrounding areas. As we travelled, we came into contact with Bible class programs that varied widely in quality of instruction, quality that was largely tied to the materials and resources available to the congregation, or the lack thereof. Perhaps one of the saddest memories we have of this time is finding in one particular building a very nice facility with many Bible class rooms. These rooms all appeared as though a large and active group of students had just left the building at the close of the last Bible class period . . . twenty years ago! It was like a ghost town. Where there once had been Justin and Leah, with J.D., Josiah, and Jonathan vibrant life and At this point I should take a moment dozens of children eager to learn Gods Word, now there were only empty rooms. to address some side notes. First, I do How did this happen? What could be done not believe for a minute that the blame should be placed on the shoulders of to bring this congregation to life again? Upon graduating from Southwest, our teachers. Indeed, as we have seen, we began working among the rare and precious is the soul who cares Saints in Utopia, Texas. We quickly enough about our children to give of his/ became aware of the fact that it was her time for this great and important task. a constant struggle to find Bible class The problem is that teachers are typically teachers who were qualified, capable, left to scrape together whatever they can, and willing. All too often, the only and to make do. How can we accept this requirement for one to become a teacher for our children? We wouldnt accept is the willingness to do so! Further, we it in the public school system which learned that it is often a struggle even prepares them for this world. Why should to find someone who is willing. Why? we accept it in the Bible school, which Because there seems to be a dearth of prepares them for eternity? Second, I recognize and affirm that materials that are doctrinally sound and provide everything the teacher needs to the Bible class program cannot and should put together a good class. This creates not be the primary source of biblical a great burden of time, energy, and instruction for our children. This awesome resources (which arent free) upon the task has been given to us as parents, and willing teachers. They do what they as fathers in particular (Ephesians 6:3). can, with what they have, in the time Nevertheless, I think that other parents that they have. The end result is a wide can appreciate our desire to at least have variation in the quality of the classes. some help and support from the Bible classes and the church. Is this instruction Who suffers from it? Our children! As Leah and I have watched in the Word of God not one of the primary this vicious cycle, we have grown functions of the Lords Body? And so Leah and I have been increasingly concerned about our struggling, and praying, to give our three precious sons, and the quality of instruction they are receiving when precious sons what they need so that we Continued on page 17 they go to Bible class.

Global Harvest
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I cant help but call to mind Numbers 11. When Moses became frustrated with the lack of help that he had as the leader of Gods people, Gods answer was to task him with solving that problem by searching out seventy men to help him. We have been concerned, and often frustrated by the state of the Bible classes throughout the Lords church, and now we have been afforded an opportunity to solve that problem by becoming involved full time in this great work with World Evangelism, in helping to develop the literature we are calling Into Gods World. It is our hope and prayer that through our efforts, with your help, support, and prayers, we can provide for our children, and for yours, the quality of instruction and materials that they need and deserve. Perhaps one of the more exciting facets of this great project is that it is work that we can share! When one considers the many areas of expertise that will be needed to pull together everything for the various phases of the program, it immediately becomes clear that only a small portion of the necessary abilities reside within any one person. We need your help! If you have experience in writing, proofreading, editing, in graphic design, in art, and in writing childrens songs, would you contact us and let us know of your abilities and desire to help? Maybe you can afford to help with personal support for our family in some small way, even by Leah Hopkins book foregoing a on purity, for young movie or a girls. Order for your h a m b u r g e r class from www.Hoponce a month, as we devote full time to this great task. If you can help in either or both of these ways, we are grateful for your fellowship. Even if you cant help with the work, and cant help to support us, you can still provide that which is most valuable: your earnest prayers. Please do pray for us, and for all who are involved in this effort to bolster the Lords church through World Evangelism and Into Gods World.
Justin and Leah can be reached at: Phone: 210-593-8329; email: justin@; Website:

can give them back to God as His manservants one day. As we do so, we have been praying and wondering, What can be done? Our children deserve better. They need better. And so do all of the other children in the Lords church! As we prayed, I worked to gain a deeper knowledge of people, of the development of our minds through life, and of effective methods of instruction, completing a BS in Human Development. Then, to better understand how to effectively teach the Gospel to souls of all ages, I have undertaken a study of Christian Education through Southwest Graduate School of Bible. We have always felt that one of the most powerful, lasting, effective, and efficient ways to reach people for Christ, and to build up the church, is with the written word. Through the Scriptures, God has preserved in written form His record of His dealing with man since the beginning of time! With that in mind, Leah and I, with much prayer, sweat, and tears, have brought Hopkins Publishing into existence, trying to create a cost effective means for taking sound biblical writings into the world and around the world. Almost at the same time, as we continued to study and pray about the Bible class program, not just in Utopia, but throughout the Lords Church, we received a phone call which resulted in our making a trip to Mississippi to meet with sister Choate, with the other good brethren of the World Evangelism team, and with the elders of the church in Dennis, MS, who sponsor sister Choate. It seems that all of this is a providential answer to years of tears and prayers. At the same time that we had come to be deeply concerned with the resources available for our children and for building up the Lords church, World Evangelism was in the process of forming a plan to develop those materials but they needed full-time leadership and co-workers.

The display, designed to introduce Into Gods World, makes a poignant statement.


Global Harvest

What Do Foreign Bible Classes Need?

Jerry and Paula Bates
As we travel, we notice shortcomings in the situations in many local congregations. We have traveled in India, Myanmar and Africa and have compared ideas with other missionaries and the local Christians, and we agree that the most pressing need is good childrens Bible class material. They are asking for sound literature on which they can depend. Most do not have lessons available at any price, but if they can find them, they will be at a denominational store. No answer will work for every church in a particular country. However, many congregations have one thing in common, and that is a lack of Bible lessons with corresponding pictures. In the US, if we want lessons on Moses, we simply pick up the phone, call a Bible bookstore, and they are shipped. M o s t of the churches and teachers in foreign countries could not even imagine what we take for granted. We, personally, try to take visuals and books with us when we travel, but this is just a small drop in the bucket compared to the need. In many churches in foreign countries, the children are taught, we believe, in a haphazard way with no classrooms, no visuals, no system or order, while some do not even have classes for children. In other situations, teachers try their best and even draw their own pictures to help tell the Bible lessons. (This would not be us, because neither one of us is an artist!) We have noticed that many times the role of teacher falls on the preachers wives maybe others would help if they had more to aid them and even some further instruction on how to be teachers. Most churches are small, but just about every group has several children. When Paula teaches those children, they are very respectful and are avid listeners. She always carries visuals of Bible characters and events, and they love the colored pictures. This seems to be the best way to get the attention of a wide age range, and this is necessary because usually all the children are gathered in one class. This sounds almost impossible to those of us who teach, but it works, since the older children encourage the younger ones to listen. The church in many of these countries is starting to teach the third and fourth generation of believers. This means that if the church will continue to grow, it is vital to teach those children that are coming with their parents and grandparents, in addition to reaching out to the community. If we, the church, are not careful, we will lose them to their native cultures. (The same could also be said about our children.) How can we help these churches and Christians as they teach and train their children? They must teach about Jesus Christ and the entire Gospel, including all the Bible lessons that we have been privileged to hear since many of us were very young. Structured Bible classes, with dedicated teachers that believe in the one, true church and the one Savior, can start young minds on a solid foundation. We at World Evangelism are proposing to begin printing a graded Bible literature series that will teach distinctive Bible doctrines, grounding our children at a young age in key Bible concepts. In conjunction with this, we hope to provide Bible class literature that would be appropriate for foreign churches. What kind of materials do they need? From what we have observed, they need good written lessons with visuals. There are some special needs that should be considered. NEED to be durable because of humidity and inadequate storage (maybe just an open shelf), possibly they could be laminated or in a pouch.These lessons will be used over and over. NEED simple clear-cut lessons, so that they can be used in any culture not games. NEED system to cover both the Old and New Testaments. NEED colorful pictures that can capture the attention of a variety of ages. NEED in their own languages more people will teach if they can understand the lessons. NEED workshops to guide teachers in the use of visuals and systematic studies. NEED to be accessible to even the remotest villages. NEED local churches and their leaders in foreign countries to be interested in Bible classes and be willing to pay at least part of the cost for printing. (This is already being done with songbooks.) When people pay for things, they are more likely to care for them. Children are precious all over the world, and we really enjoy them wherever we travel in our efforts to teach the Gospel. In some places, the children have a surprising knowledge of the Bible; especially we find this true in the orphanages where they are freely taught Bible stories every day. However, we know there are many who need assistance with teaching and some that have no visuals at all. Something needs to be done to help provide this type of literature. God wants all to be saved, so this is a way that we can help provide congregations with good teaching tools. But Jesus said, Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 19:14).

Global Harvest


Rescued from an Attacking, Poisonous Millipede!

Louis Rushmore
Rescued from an attacking, poisonous millipede, I preached from a field on that occasion in an animist village of India. Elsewhere in India, chased by a snake from its perch above my head down the wall to where I was standing, preaching was temporarily disrupted twice before the snake was dispatched by brethren wielding bamboo sticks. Face bitten up at night by ants while asleep and mosquitoes targeting me during waking and slumbering hours, teaching and preaching wasnt slowed even a little bit. Sheltered from possible harm by bars on the windows and cautious brethren, wild, biting and scratching monkeys proved to be no hindrance to our labors for the Lord. Some of the more colorful experiences in the 2011 foreign trips Bonnie and I made to Guyana, South America and Myanmar (Burma), India and Sri Lanka in Asia includes dock knocking from a leaky boat navigating a river slicing through the Guyanese rainforest. The operator of the small craft also had a rifle close by in case either a crocodile or an anaconda took too much of an interest in us. Imagine that the flock flying up from the jungles canopy was all parrots! In faraway, mountainous Myanmar we found three million Buddhists living on the shore of or above a hillringed lake; instead of roads, the streets were waterways plied even by the youngest inhabitants in dugout canoes or other long, narrow boats. Purportedly only here in the world do people row their boats with their legs while standing up. In yet another isolated region of Myanmar, battles between armed groups and the military did not hamper the teaching that we did for brethren, denominational persons and Buddhists. You can imagine that abroad for 72 days in 2011, working in the Gospel in four nations, we snapped hundreds of pictures and experienced a number of interesting circumstances. Of course, of greater significance is the reason for which Bonnie and I traveled abroad for the cause of Christ. We taught from two to 600+ at a time, with Bonnie teaching up to 300 women in one venue and around 100 children at another time. Combined, we taught 240 hours on 74 occasions to 6,850 people; our messages were translated into six foreign languages, and our tracts and books have been or are being translated into eight foreign languages. Tens of thousands of tracts have been funded, translated, printed and distributed in dialects of China, Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.

Philip translating a lesson for louis in the Hmawbi Bible School.

Bonnie and I primarily teach brethren to know Gods Word more fully and enable foreign nationals to evangelize more effectively their own nations. We teach in Bible schools, seminars, in homes, on village streets, in fields and in hotel rooms or anywhere else afforded an opportunity. Obviously, some of these settings are attended by many Hindus, Buddhists, Animists and denominational people, besides brethren. Some of these obey the Gospel, as 20 priceless souls did while we were present. Stateside, we travel about 3,000 miles monthly by car to update brethren about the mission work in which they
The unique way to row a boat in Myanmar! Continued on page 20


Global Harvest

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Spanish Books Available

El Evangelio De Cristo
(The Gospel of Christ)

have invested through us or through Betty Choate and her sponsoring congregation. Naturally, we also encourage additional congregations to participate with us financially in this good work. These programs are outgrowths of our voluntary association with World Evangelism, begun by the late J.C. Choate nearly a half century ago. We continue to work with Betty Choate, Winona, MS co-laborers Jerry and Paula Bates, longtime coworkers with the Choates, Wayne and Janet Barrier as well as others. World Evangelism offers a well-rounded approach to foreign evangelism of mass media (TV, radio, literature, Internet), follow up (overseas Bible schools, campaigns) and production of Gospel literature (tracts, books). Each family is amendable to the elders of its respective sponsoring congregation, and they and the churches that sponsor them voluntarily cooperate to accomplish an immense amount of good in proclaiming the Gospel especially abroad. Bonnie and I are pleased to be a small part of this good work. We covet your prayers and participation. You may reach me at 662.739.3035 (cell) or Visit us at Gospel Gazette Online (

La Iglesia de la Biblia
(The Church of the Bible)

La Adoracion del Nuevo Testamento

(New Testament Worship)

Tu Puedes Ser Simplemente Cristiano!

(You Can Be Just a Christian!)

Que Es el Christianismo?
(What Is Christianity?)

$4.00 per copy for individual use

Reduced price of $1.50 for evangelism.

Volume 8 of

One box of 35 copies, $50; Single copy, $2.00, plus postage

Order from: World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192

La Voz de la Verdad Internacional

Hey! How would you like to give away a million dollars?

Its fake, of course (Uncle Sam hasnt started printing million dollar bills YET) but Gods plan of salvation on the back is real. This is an eye-catching little tract.
35 cents each; $30 for 100. Call 662-283-1192

Bonnies ladies class in India.

email: Choate@ WorldEvangelism. org

Global Harvest


Byron Nichols
Let me invite you to take a little walk with me down memory lane. It was a little over 20 years ago, in August of 1991, that the preliminary work was begun on a new Gospel publication that J. C. Choate had been dreaming of for a while. He had chosen a name for it, but up to that point there had been nothing done to actually make the magazine become a reality. For some time I had been experiencing a growing desire to get involved in some way in some kind of Gospel teaching effort, especially one that would include what we usually call mission work. I had never met J. C., but I was somewhat familiar with his long-time work around the world, so I decided that I would write to him for any ideas that he might suggest for me to consider. He then called and invited Gay and me to come down to Winona, Mississippi, for a visit. During our visit ,he mentioned the magazine that he had been hoping to begin. That very quickly became all we talked about the rest of our time together. I knew that this was something that would fit well with my interests and abilities. He invited me to be the managing editor of The Voice of Truth International, but he also indicated that I would have to raise

In addition to these, the my own support (which was soon to prove to be magazine is being translated into smaller versions somewhat of a challenge). A few days later, I informed in a variety of other counJ.C. that I was ready to tries. We have been blessmake the commitment. It took longer to get the ed with several faithful staff people, with an magazine into production outstanding group of writthan we had anticipated, ers, and most of all, with but the first issue became numerous congregations a reality in May of 1993. and individual Christians After brethren were able who have provided the to actually see in print financial resources neceswhat we had been trying to describe for them ahead The new Hindi edition sary to make possible of time, many very readily of The Voice of Truth the impact for the cause International of Christ that The Voice were able to perceive why we were so positive in our belief that of Truth International has had now this unique publication was going to be for more than 18 years. The support a wonderful tool for both edification in and encouragement of our brethren the church and evangelization around have been of critical importance to the success of this work thus far. the world. Even in the midst of all the terrible The magazine is now being printed in several languages other than English. weather tragedies and the hunger and Included are Tamil, Telegu, Manipuri, maladies of all sorts that seem to be and Hindi in India, Nepali, and Spanish. abounding throughout the world, we can always find many reasons why Messages of Truth we Christians need to rejoice in the Byron Nichols multitude of blessings that the Lord call continues to graciously bestow upon us. Hopefully we are faithful in expressing 662-283our deep gratitude to Him for all that we 1192 have, as well as for all that we DONT or HAVE, such as the suffering that is so 417-823common in the lives of others. 4918. May we all be praying fervently An excellent and frequently for the courage and book to share conviction, for the will and wisdom, and with a friend for the stability and strength necessary who is not a for the church to be all that it needs to Christian. be.


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Remembering Fallen Soldiers

heritage was there. In 1948, a handful of members of the church had begun meeting weekly at the local courthouse. The Burtons became part of the group and continued to be pillars of strength and leadership throughout their lives. As the congregation matured, Clyde served as one of the elders. Through their efforts to share the Gospel with others, souls were added to the church. In 1973, they along with others in the congregation, were instrumental in converting the first Black lady, which resulted in the Winona church being the first religious body to be integrated in the town. Clyde died on September 19, 2004. In the early years of the church in Winona, J.C. Choate was invited to conduct a mission meeting. He came, was welcomed into the hospitality of the Burton home, and conducted several meetings in the area in subsequent times. Besides the souls won to Christ through those efforts, J.C. married the Burtons daughter, Betty. Theola was 90 years old, June 1, 2011. She was still very active even had a little garden last year. Her mind was sharp, and her interest in people was great. On November 17, she fell and suffered a spiral fracture from her hip to her knee. She had surgery to repair the break, and the care at the hospital was all that anyone could ask, but her weakened body could not overcome the complications that developed. She lapsed into a coma and crossed into that eternal realm November 22, to receive the welcome home that awaits all of Gods children. A little aside that speaks volumes about Theolas focus in life: On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, she made opportunity to talk with the attendant about his soul, and was happy that he wrote on his arm some of the Scripture references and promised to study them. During those five days at the hospital, we gave quite a number of copies of The Voice of Truth International and select study books to the nurses and doctors. Her intention always was to make a way to bring up the subject of salvation. Her life has been a motivational example for all of those who knew her.

Clyde and Theola Burton

Theola Jane Kite was born on June 1, 1921, in a rural community near Weir, MS. At an early age, she married Grady Clyde Burton, a covenant relationship that continued until his death on September 19, 2004. To that home were born five children. When Clyde and Theola moved to Winona, MS in 1948, they began to search for a congregation of the Lords church. Clydes grandparents and parents were Christians, so that

Darrell and Eulene Ramsey

In the fall of 1994, the phone rang, and Eulene Ramsey was on the line. She said that she had seen, in our World Evangelism paper, an article saying that we were in great need of help in the ofce. She explained that she and Darrell had planned to retire from their jobs, with the expectation of doing foreign mission work somewhere, self-supported from their retirement income. However, while Darrell had been in Ghana, on a follow-up trip for World Bible School, he had contracted cerebral malaria and would not be able to live and work outside the country. Her question was, Could you use my help in your ofce? Darrell and Eulene had personally built their house in the suburbs of Houston, TX. They had been members of the Vidor church for many years, with close friendships among the membership. When they moved to Winona in January of 1994, they sold their house, left the home church and their friends behind, and settled in the small town of Winona, with the small church here in which there were few people of their age. It was a drastic and sacricial change, in many Continued on page 24

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The Tragedy of Apostasy

Continued from page 7

Don Petty Is Remembered

Don Petty was born July 29, 1939 in Fort Worth, Texas and died January 18, 2012 in Dallas, Texas, following an aortal dissection. Between those years and cities he traveled the globe, seeking whomever he could to tell the story of our Lord. He was ever watchful of one who would listen to the story of Christ. Don and I met in a little congregation of the Lords people in Fort Worth. We dated three years, then married June 20, 1956. We started our married life studying the life of Paul every night before we went to bed. Our second year of marriage, we had our first child, a son, named after his daddy. He became and remains our pride and joy! Don and I have four children, 10 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Dons profession was Chemist, working for a number of years for Frito Lay. He received his BS at East Texas State University in 1960. We moved to Lake Jackson, Texas where we became heavily involved in the work of the church. Lake Jackson was devoted to mission work, and they helped in our support when we went to Lahore, Pakistan in 1965. Later, under the supervision of the Woods Street Church of Christ in Sherman, Texas, we worked in Teheran, Iran. During his life, Don went on campaigns to Russia, Guyana, and Canada. Because of his background with Frito Lay, he also worked in a number of countries as a Food Scientist, teaching how to make snack foods. He used these trips as opportunities to teach others the story of Christ. Don served in the states as Bible teacher, lecturer, personal worker, deacon, elder, and leader in establishing Mission Learning Centers, a method of teaching missions to children. His last room set-up was at the Lewisville Church of Christ in Lewisville, Texas. Don has written books, articles, and tracts. His recounting of our mission efforts, Rising Heat in Tehran, is slated to be printed by Heritage Press or World Evangelism Publications.
Sylvia Petty, 13220 Castleton Drive, Dallas, Texas; 972-243-2585

world. Decades of seless mission work expanded the borders of the kingdom so that there grew to be more Christians outside the U.S. than within her borders. Satan is vigilant though, while, in contrast, it is typical of humans to grow lax. Moving toward the end of the twentieth century, the prosperity of the church in size and nances brought a feeling of security, which led to laziness in study and outreach. Weak conviction and untaught young Christians opened the door to another wave of apostasy. Once more, heretics in the church are teaching doctrines that violate Scripture. Some have opened the arms of fellowship to the denominational world, saying that the divisive names and doctrines can be overlooked by Gods grace. With this acceptance come corruptions of worship, changes in public leadership roles, and other concessions to an increasingly godless culture. Satan is again successfully muddying the water, obscuring truth, and dividing Gods Family. And Christ, through Paul, is begging, Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment (1 Corinthians 1:10).

Will You Take the Challenge?

1. Will you determine today to give just $1.00 extra each Lords day for missions? 2. Will you encourage others in the congregation to do the same, working toward 100% participation among the membership, to reach the goal? Please write us: World Evangelism Team, P.O. Box 72, Winona, MS 38967; or email: or call: 662-283-1192.


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... Fallen Soldiers

Eulene Ramsey
Continued from page 22 ways. During fteen years of dedicated work, they independently provided for their own nancial needs, asking nothing except the opportunity to be of service. I often told Eulene that her example of working till the job was done, regardless of the amount of pain she was enduring from her arthritis, would mean that I would never be able to complain about anything! She reported to work on time, no matter how she felt. She kept up with the address data base, she did the bookkeeping, she typed manuscripts, she did whatever was needed to keep the ofce running smoothly. Half David William Hallett was born of each year, she and Barbara Oliver October 11, 1935 in St. Catherines, On- carried all of that responsibility alone, and we are eternally thankful for all that tario, Canada. Growing up in poverty, was accomplished through their efforts. he joined the Canadian Navy at the age I admit, it was two or three years after of nineteen. It was there that he met the Ramseys moved to Winona before I Tom Moore, who led him to the Truth. had the courage to ask Eulene, outright, if In 1962, in response to the call by they regretted their decision! Frequently, J.C. Bailey for co-workers to accompa- thereafter, she told me what a blessing it ny him to Shillong, Assam, India, David had been to be a part of the group, sharjoined the Baileys, the Don Perrys, and ing in the work here. Barbara became like the Ray McMillans in strengthening and a daughter to them; Byron and Gay Nichexpanding the outreach of the young ols (current editor of The Voice of Truth International) always stayed with Darrell congregation in Shillong. In time, they and Eulene when they came for our team established Alpha Bible College, which meetings; Fenter and Sue Northern were was to provide a college-level education a continual blessing in their lives while in the Scriptures for many young men they worked with the church in Winona; throughout Indias northeastern states. Paula and Jerry Bates have been attenAfter 30 years in India, Davids fail- tive since their move here in 2007; and ing health required that he return to Can- the church here in Winona has shown, ada in 1993. He passed from this life on even in this time of need, that there is a supportive spiritual family, supplying whatDecember 16, 2011, at the age of 76. Davids book, The Serpentine ever is needed when ones physical family is small. I thank everyone for the service Road, is an intriguing account of his life. that has been rendered. In it, he states, This history is not written Eulene was in pain from arthritis for personal honor. It is written to show all over her body for many years. She how our Lord can use a person, and that was relieved of that suffering when she it costs to serve the Master. Above all, I went home to be with God on Decemwant to recognize the providence of God ber 13. She was buried at Oakwood in all things. You can obtain it by calling Cemetery in Winona. Darrell remains 931-484-5297. in the Winona Manor Nursing Home.

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A reprint of Wyatt Sawyers classic workbook, Panoramic Views of the Bible, offering in one volume an overview of the entire Bible. Designed for one year of study.

The Destruction of Faith, an analysis of the current culture in America and of the effect it is having on individual Christians and the Lords church, by Kenneth Morvant

Get Set Grow is Paul Ecksteins very practical study for new Christians. Ideal for individual or classroom study, with application exercises.


The Church Divine

is Louis Rushmores study of the church that was divinely planned and established by Christ. $8.00 Order from:

World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192

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WORLD EVANGELISM Annual Team Meeting

Pictures and Captions by Don Petty

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Can Man Find the Way to God? Threads of Truth in ancient religions indicate a single source for the knowledge... Betty B. Choate 140 pages, $6.00 Louis Rushmores study of Biblical Companions: how sacred history, archaelology, and geography work together to conrm truth. 212 pages, $8.00

Man talk while waiting for lunch.

Wayne, Betty and Jerry Talking about it.

Louis Rushmores warnings concerning proper handling of Scripture: No Hermaneutical Gymnastics, Please! Serious Discussions. Part of the group that hadnt gone home! 59 pages, $6.00

Fun, Food and Fellowship... What we do best in the church.

Paula and Larry trying to nd Winona on a map of India.... Shhh... Dont say anything to em!

Bonnie Rushmores study for ladies classes, Living Principles; an analysis of well-known and little known women of Scripture. 128 pages, $7.00 Order from: World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192

Once annually, those of us who work together in the World Evangelism team have three days of fellowship in Winona, discussing what has been done in previous months, and plans for the months to come. Its a serious fun time! We will miss Don and Sylvia this year.


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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen. Taking Jesus to the world is no small feat. As a matter of Tom Burnett while deciding to storm the cockpit of Flight 93 on fact, the world has never been larger! According to the U.S. September 11, 2001. Many on this flight had spent thirty minutes Census Bureau, the world population recently surpassed the on the phones with loved ones after the hijackers took charge 7 billion mark. All of these souls will go on to exist in eternal of the plane. The passengers came to realize their flight was not life or eternal condemnation. Christians everywhere are to returning to Newark, but instead it was most likely going to be do something to help more of them live by Gods standard. flown as a missile into the U.S. Capitol. Tom, a passenger and Jesus said it this way in Matthew 28:19,20: Go therefore former high school football star declared to his wife, Deena, I and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name know were going to die. Some of us are going to do something of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching about it. We join in with Toms sentiment. We are all on a path them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and toward death. Most are approaching eternity without the Savior, lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen. but some of us are going to do something about it! Will you join The main message from Christ is to make disciples. We us and all disciples who have walked before us? Our hopes are do this by going into our own homes, our communities, our that you will, and perhaps this magazine could be a small resource country, or into any part of the world. As we are going, we are along the way. Lets all put great back into our response to the to allow God to use us to save the lost from this world as we Lords commission as we Think on these things! lead them to His Sons cleansing blood in the waters of baptism. Saving the lost involves teaching about Gods saving grace, From the February 2012 issue of Think Magazine. This issue not just before baptism, but also afterward so Gods Word can was devoted to important analyses of outreach activity. Editors: David Shannon, David Longley, Brad Harrub, and penetrate their hearts and make them into true disciples. Just Glenn Colley. To subscribe, call 866-313-6474 inviting isnt enough. Just baptizing isnt enough. Until we have made disciples who observe all things God commanded, we havent practiced the Great Commission. Individually, we cant go to the entire world, but that cant stop us. As individuals we must do our part to exhort and encourage as God uses us to disciple His world. It is not enough to be a fan of Christ. We must be willing to sacrifice and become followers. We recognize that much of the world focuses on Valentines Day, birthday, and anniversary celebrations, and given the state of marriage in America, we think it is good for couples to invest in their marriages. But what better way to sincerely demonstrate love than to help someone spend eternity in Heaven? We hope that amidst all of the chocolates, flowers, and cards, that Christians will spend a moment considering those we love and their relationship with God. Take a minute and consider your extended family, coworkers, classmates, and neighbors. We want our neighbors to know the Lord that we adore. We dont want their souls to never go home. We want to obey our Lords commission. Will you join us in committing to reach this world? Lets each do our part! I am reminded of the words of

The Great Commission

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Focus Press is dedicated to helping Christians grow stronger in the faith. I Grow is a brand new daily devotional book that is user-friendly. It is spiral bound for easy use, and each new day has a new lesson that challenges readers to relax, read, reflect, record and request. Why not make a new commitment to grow throughout the year by growing in His Word? Cost: $12.00 plus shipping and handling, or $10.00 for orders of 5 or more + S&H. It is the perfect gift, and a great way for elders to feed the flock. (Congregational bundle pricing available.)

Are you looking for magazines, books, audio CDs and DVDs developed by doctrinally sound Christians, designed for home schooling, equipping our teens, and educating parents on the crucial questions with which your children are dealing, in school and through media exposure? Focus Press offers a treasure trove. Call them at 866-313-6474, or go to their website: Also, check out the new Focus Press Youtube channel at DVD by Brad Harrub, Islam Behind the Veil $10.00 plus S&H.
THINK: monthly magazine dealing with timely themes; annual subscription: $30. Go to the website to order. This excellent magaine is now available at some bookstores.


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Update for Project Rescue

Ronnie Crocker

I have entitled this update BLESSINGS AND BURDENS!

The blessings are the 8 souls we have received within the last 30 days! The burdens are the 8 souls we have received within the last 30 days! We now have 21 program members (blessings and burdens). Seventeen of the men are members of the church who decided to leave the far country and return to their Father in heaven. Three are elders sons. One is the son of a preacher. Three are deacons sons. We remember the words of Jesus and feel the blessing and burden of knowing that He is counting on us to minister to these struggling souls who heed His call: Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:10 ). We feel the awesome responsibility of how important our efforts are to Jesus: Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You? And the King will answer and say to them, Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me (Matthew 25;37-40). These passages compound our

feelings of blessing and burden! Ministering to and bearing the burdens of the overtaken (addicted) is fulfilling the law of Christ: Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one anothers burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:1,2). Each man arrives with a suitcase of turmoil and trouble. Like the prodigal son, he comes to us soiled and spoiled from living among the swine of this world. The thought that these are the sons of our brethren also weighs heavily upon us. Most have caused tornado- like destruction within their families. Parents, wives, and children are counting on our ministry of reconciliation. Much of our time is spent ministering to family members. To us, this is a great blessing and burden!! As they send members of their flock our way, elderships are looking to us for help. This, too, is both a great blessing and great burden. With the help of all of our supporters, we feed these men, clothe them, house them, and make them feel loved. We begin immediately to build a bridge for them back to God and Christs church (James 5:19,20). The greatest blessing is to actually see the spiritual growth as they turn from darkness toward the light of Gods Word. In Acts 16:9 we read about a man pleading for help. And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with

him, saying, Come over to Macedonia and help us. Like the man of Macedonia, we are sending this report as a plea for help! We need your help with our blessings and burdens!

Our plea for help is as follows:

1. We continue to need your prayers. 2. We need the help of Christian men to serve as mentors. Sometimes just listening is helpful. 3. We need more individuals and churches to help relieve our present financial crisis. Ten of the 19 men in the program are totally dependent upon our financial support. We need more churches and individuals to begin helping us with this financial burden! 4. We need help with finding the men jobs in the community. Eleven of the men have found jobs; ten are still looking. 5. We need help to install new flooring in several of the apartments. We have the workers, we need the materials (vinyl tile and supplies). Of course, we are very thankful to all who have already been helping with these matters! You have eased our burdens and added to our blessings! If you would like to answer our appeal for help with mentoring, please call Charles (256-773-8417) or Ronnie (256-616-1522). If you are able and willing to help us with our financial burden, please make your check out to Project Rescue and send it to 1231 Main Street West, Hartselle, Alabama 35640.

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Opening A Door for the Word

Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving; praying at the same time for us as well, that God will open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ, for which I have also been imprisoned, that I may make it clear in the way I ought to speak (Colossians 4:2-4).
When I came to SEARCH three years ago, I knew that this ministry reached into the homes of people in many states of America. I did not know, however, just how many doors were open then or how many God would open in days to come. My constant prayer is for God to open doors for the Word, and to be able to speak clearly and boldly (Ephesians 6:19) as I ought to speak. Recently, we received a letter from Myanmar (Burma), an email from India, a phone call from Hawaii, and a request for materials from Trinidad. More and more, we are hearing from places like Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, where the church is not strong. Many of these people thank us for bringing the Gospel message to their locality. Recently, we have added two powerful stations in the state of California (Fresno and San Francisco), which has opened up great opportunities for people to hear the Gospel there. Viewers have written such encouraging notes, thanking us for bringing the message of Christ to their area. One man in Montana lives 65 miles from the nearest church of Christ. He now has an opportunity to be close to brethren at home by television. While SEARCH has never intended to be a replacement for worship with a congregation, it is a blessing to the shut-ins who cannot get out through no fault of their own. We want to meet their needs. We also want to touch the erring who have quit going to worship. We estimate there are a million members of the church of Christ who have stopped attending for a variety of reasons. They might watch a television program when they wont attend meetings. They need spiritual help and teaching. SEARCH spends more than 85 percent of its donations on airtime and lling the requests of our viewers. We use donations to make the most of those open doors God gives us. He has opened many doors in recent years in answer to our daily prayer. Will you help us to do our best in this ministry, with your prayers and support? We appreciate you so much!
Phil Sanders and Mack Lyon work with In Search of the Lords Way, TV broadcasting sponsored by the Church of Christ, P.O. Box 371, Edmond, OK 73083; email: searchtv@; Website:; phone: 405-348-3242; 800-321-8633.

Lord, keep me working, keep me t, At windows I dont want to sit, Watching my fellowman hurry by: Let me stay busy til I die. Grant me the strength, the power, the will Some useful niche in life to ll, This is my prayer as time goes by, Lord, keep me busy til I die.


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For further information, go to or

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Available NOW! Full-color, pocket-sized, tri-fold tracts on 76 topics, written in old-time Gospel clarity. Call 662-283-1192 for a list of the titles and to place your order. These conveniently-sized tools will be helpful for outreach and for strengthening young Christians. We are making an introductory price of only ten cents each, $5.00 for 50, plus postage.

Who Is Jesus Christ?

A few people in the world today might never have heard the name, Jesus Christ. Most have. But many who have heard of Him are confused and do not know who He really is. Millions believe in Him, but millions more do not. Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is the second person in the Godhead (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) (Matthew 28:19,20). There is one God, one Lord (Christ), and one Spirit (the Holy Spirit) (Ephesians 4:1-6). Christ has all authority in heaven and on the earth (Matthew 28:18). He is presently sitting at the right hand of the Father, reigning as King of kings and Lord of lords (1 Timothy 6:15). One day He will come again to take His people, the church, to heaven where they will dwell forevermore. Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish (Ephesians 5:25-27). Do you believe in Christ? He warned in John 8:24, ...if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins. If we do believe in Him, we will obey Him (Mark 16:16), and will remain faithful to Him until death (Revelation 2:10). Jesus also warned, He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day (John 12:48).

Overseas Containers????
We folks in the ofce here in Winona would like to partner with others in the church who are shipping containers to points overseas. We have books, tracts, and magazines (English, Spanish, French) that we want to share with those brethren who so desperately need literature. We would be willing to pay our percentage of the cost for shipping, believing that sharing the load will enable all of us to do more. Please contact us at 662-283-1192.

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Apologetics Press
In his book, Out With Doubt, Kyle Butt, the Director of Biblical Research at Apologetics Press, has provided a means by which young people can do exactly that. Written in a vocabulary and style aimed specifically at junior high and high school students, this 150-page volume examines the existence of God, the composition, uniqueness, and inspiration of the Bible, the creation/ evolution controversy (including chapters on dinosaurs and the age of the Earth), miracles, the historicity and deity of Christ, and the resurrection. In an extremely well-written Afterword, Kyle talks plainly to young people about what they must do to be saved. The book has 13 lessons, which makes it perfect for use in quarterly Bible class situations (for which it was designed). It also would work well in a summer camp setting. Each lesson contains discussion questions that teachers can use to help students grasp the concepts being presented.

Answering Atheism - DVD: Defending the God of the Bible

Kyle Butt The modern atheistic community has inititated a ruthless attack against the God of the Bible. High profile atheists accuse God of being a brutal tyrant Who enforces His petty whims by acts of violence. These spokesmen for godlessness insist that the Bible writers condone immorality and approve of sexism and cruel human slavery. According to them, atheism offers a much better moral system than the Bible. Answering Atheism strips these groundless accusations of their misleading trappings, and lays bear the fact that God and His Word provide the only viable foundation upon which to build a moral system.

Butt/Scott Debate: God Does Not Exist DVD

Kyle Butt and Blair Scott The Butt/Scott debate was held on the campus of the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama on September 29, 2011. A capacity crowd of over 1,600 attended the debate and an Internet live stream provided an estimated 40,000 more viewers the opportunity to see view it live. Blair Scott, the Director of Communication for the American Atheists, Inc. affirmed that there is no God. Kyle Butt denied that affirmation. Early on in the debate, Scott admitted he could not defend his affirmation and Butt capitalized on this fact to show the inconsistencies of the atheistic philosophy. We are happy to grant permission for articles in the Existence of God section of our website to be reproduced in their entirety, as long as the following stipulations are observed: (1) Apologetics Press must be designated as the original publisher; (2) the specific Apologetics Press Web site URL must be noted; (3) the authors name must remain attached to the materials; (4) any references, footnotes, or endnotes that accompany the article must be included with any written reproduction of the article; (5) alterations of any kind are strictly forbidden (e.g., photographs, charts, graphics, quotations, etc. must be reproduced exactly as they appear in the original); (6) serialization of written material (e.g., running an article in several parts) is permitted, as long as the whole of the material is made available, without editing, in a reasonable length of time; (7) articles, in whole or in part, may not be offered for sale or included in items offered for sale; and (8) articles may be reproduced in electronic form for posting on Web sites pending they are not edited or altered from their original content and that credit is given to Apologetics Press, including the web location from which the articles were taken.
For catalog, samples, or further information, contact: Apologetics Press, 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, U.S.A. Phone (334) 272-8558;


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Allen Webster is Editor of House to House, Heart to Heart, a bi-monthly 8-page, full color paper, filled with excellent articles for evangelism. Contact the Jacksonville, AL Church of Christ, (Phone) 256-435-9356 for information about distribution of this paper through their services. Email:; Websites:;

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The Johnson Family in Moab, Utah

Martin and Julie Johnson
We have reached our first anniversary of ministering here in Utah. This past year has been filled with many opportunities to serve, and we are looking forward to many more opportunities in the year ahead. We thank each and every one of you for your dedicated support and love. We are all partners together as we minister to the brethren and reach the lost of this world with Gods Word. Since the beginning of October we have been opening our home every Friday night to any who will come. We provide a meal which has varied from homemade chili, lasagna, homemade bread bowls, to even waffles. We encourage the congregation to invite their families and friends and, in turn, we invite those in the community that we meet. Through our home school group, two families have come to our house. A coworker of some of the members and a couple of their family members who are not Christians have come as well. Some nights there are just a handful, and others, quite a crowd. Occasionally, we play games, but more often than not the adults visit while the kids play. These nights have given us an opportunity to meet people we might not normally bump into. Also, it is a great atmosphere to develop friendships. Our goal and purpose in these meals is to form friendships where we can teach people about Christ as well as provide an opportunity for the body in Moab to fellowship together. Please pray for these meetings. Freed Hardeman University. I received an A in both Missions and Church Growth, and Communications in Ministry. Next, I am enrolled in Job, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude.

New Worship Flyers

The children in the congregation have drawn and colored flyers, which we are using to advertise the times and locations of our worship and Bible class assemblies. We have posted them on the library, grocery stores, and post office bulletin boards. Every month we will use a different childs artwork.

A Great Opportunity: Africa

Africa? Who said anything about Africa? I have been invited to teach by The Bear Valley School of Preaching in their Extension School in Cameroon, Africa, co-teaching with Gage Coldwater. Gage will teach vocational classes, and my subject is 1 and 2 Corinthians. The Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu (CBIW) started January 3, 2011. There are currently 19 students, most of whom come from the SW and NW regions of Cameroon. Christians in that country have literally been praying and fasting for many years, in hopes of establishing a preaching school. The brethren see the value of well-trained men carrying the true Gospel message and handling the Word correctly. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach there. More information can be seen at
Martin Johnson, 2241 Canyonlands Circle, Moab, Utah 84532; papuamissions@gmail. com

A New Sign
During this past spring, some heavy winds knocked our sign down. We now have a new one that was designed by Bill Jackson and made by a local sign shop. It is hung on the side of our building, facing the street. A perfect fit for Moab.

Ladies Bible Class

Julie continues to teach every other Tuesday morning the ladies Bible class. Attendance varies with an occasional visitor. They are working on the 4th chapter of James. The kids are doing well in their school work. They continue to gather with other home-schooled families in Moab. Occasionally, field trips are planned. I have successfully completed another semester of Church members and visitors for graduate studies through the Friday night meetings.


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Mission Printing

A Cheerful Giver
(Article submitted by Tom Garner)
Everything we are, have, or ever will have comes from God. Without Him, we would have nothing or be nothing. The earth is the LORDs, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein (Psalm 24:1). So, everything we have is not ours, but Gods. We are not owners of our possessions but caretakers or stewards. As Christians, we should take on the role of stewards of Gods money. Everything we have should be dedicated to advance His work in saving the lost souls of the world. Jesus said, ... whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple (Luke 14:33). He also said, No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon [money] (Luke 16:13). What are the differences in the characteristics of owners and stewards? The owner says, How much of my money should I give to the Lord? The steward says, How much of Gods money will I keep for myself? The owner may attribute his success to his own ingenuity and hard work. He believes he earned the money and he can spend it however he wishes. The steward gives all credit to the Lord for his success and is thankful for these blessings. His first thought is how he can use these resources to further the Lords work here on earth. The owner thinks about himself first. He overspends on himself and lives an affluent life. He buys expensive cars, boats, oversized homes, and numerous other things, which he thinks will bring happiness. After buying all these material things, he has little left over for God. The steward lives a frugal, sacrificial life. He saves his money and does not overspend on an affluent lifestyle. He gives to the Lord on a regular basis and with a cheerful and liberal heart. So, what is our purpose in life? To accumulate money and things and to live an affluent, materialistic life, or to be good stewards, responsibly managing those gifts received from God and cheerfully returning those gifts to Him in ways which will spread the Gospel and increase His Kingdom in this world? Jesus said, Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:19-21). As we consider cheerful giving let us remember that God gave his very best, His only Son, the greatest gift ever known. God wants us to be spiritually minded, not materialistic. If God is truly our first love, we are motivated to willingly, cheerfully, gracefully and liberally return to Him our best gifts. We will be happy to do this, not out of necessity or compulsion, but out of love and generosity. Remember that giving is not limited to money. It also involves time, talents, service, volunteering, etc. The more we give of ourselves and our money in the service of God, the more He will bless us to be even more useful. In conclusion, consider the following Scripture. Paul wrote, Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy. Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life (1 Timothy 6:17-19).
Richard Renfro: Mission Printing, 2707 Medlin Dr., Arlington, TX 76015; Telephone: (817) 792-3371; www.missionprinting. us

Lest We Forget,
by Philip Slate. A compilation of mini-biographies of 84 missionaries of churches of Christ in the early part of the 20th Century. 120 pages, $8.00.

Call 662-2831192
World Evangelism Publications

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Every now and then we receive a letter or an email that is too encouraging not to share. As the letter states, its never too early to start. See little Abigail watching GBN. Thanks to the Brackins for sharing. Don Blackwell, Executive Director, GBN

Train Up a Child:

Cliff Goodwin, BJ Clark, Mike Hixson, Don Blackwell, Tom Holland, Eddie Parish, Jim Dearman and so many more); even being able to identify them just by their voices. Thank you so much for your commitment to the spreading of Gods inspired Word. In Him, Stewart and Mandy Brackin


Recently, I attended a lectureship where I heard several comments from attendees about comments that they had heard from others about the lack of requests for money in the programming on GBN. Non-Christian viewers notice the difference to what they normally experience on religious television and quickly conclude that were very different from other religious groups. Were thankful for this difference, and God is glorified because of it. However, the only way that were able to keep GBN running is by the gracious and generous donations from members of the Lords church. Were still working towards our goal of a core group of 7,000 Christians who would commit to donating $25 each month to meet the basic operating needs of the network. Please prayerfully consider becoming one of the 7,000 Christians that keep GBN broadcasting to the world. ~ Mark Teske

Dear GBN Staff, First of all, we want to thank you for the excellent programming you provide. Your programming runs almost continually on our home computer. This has been particularly beneficial for all of our family, especially our sons who we are homeschooling. Our youngest (daughter, almost 2 years) has seen us on so many occasions pull up chairs in front of the computer to watch the different programs. The other day, we found that she had pulled her own chair up in front of the computer and was watching by herself. Its never too early to start (Deuteronomy 6:7). We find your programming essential for our family since it speaks the Truth honestly and provides additional great role models for our children, which is so very important. While our sons (9 and 11 years) may not be able to identify those in pop culture (musicians, actors, etc.), they certainly recognize and respect those on your programming (i.e. Glenn Colley,

YouTube Channel: GBNTV

We would like to announce that GBN now has a YouTube channel! We will be using this to further spread the Gospel and our shorter segment videos available to more people. Subscribe to our channel at GBNTV

Watch GBN 24/7/365 on iOS devices!

Our live 24 hour/day stream is now available on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices through the iTunes store. Visit: to get our FREE app!


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Operation French World

Bren White
together as we go about the work! Our prayer is that we eventually get every single member directly involved in the MISSION and that one soul comes into the Kingdom every day! Wouldnt that be AWESOME?! Pray that it will be so for your congregation too! We will be praying for you! New Seminars and Training In most of the congregations we visit, whether in the USA or overseas, there are three things that are needed for growth: 1) TOTAL FOCUS ON THE MISSION and PASSION FOR GOD 2) ONGOING SPIRITUAL LEADER DEVELOPMENT 3) HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP BUILDING God has made a way for us to help provide these crucial things with a number of congregations that partner with us in our work. What a tremendous joy and blessing to be able to encourage growth of Gods Kingdom in many places with many precious brothers and sisters! So it is that God has us doing MISSION 1 TRAINING, PASSION FOR GOD! Seminars, ITS ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP! Seminars, and TRUE LEADER Retreats. These fill the gap and strengthen the Body, while helping it to become more effective at reaching lost souls day-today! If you would like to talk with us about any of these things, just email us! Operation French World MISSION FLEX-TEAMS OFW is innovating something we call Mission Flex-Teams. Rather than have a few missionaries stationed for decades at mission outposts overseas, this approach involves Gods people in a flexible way in His mission as He directs; the end goal being to make strong disciples in each place who can disciple and lead (getting out of their way as quickly as possible and just playing a support role at a distance or through periodic visits or new communications technology (Skype, G-chat video, LinkedIn, Flip video, etc.). This sounds a lot like the pattern of the New Testament (sans the new technologies)! So, God has lifted up a number of couples interested in doing short-term mission projects in the French world, as well as a number of college students and young professionals. They can set aside time every year or every other year to work on OFW church starts, working with local French Christians, and other more experienced French missionaries. Perhaps each couple or individual or team might spend 13 weeks in one place. Some may be able to spend an entire summer or 6 months or more helping with personal outreach and encouraging local isolated Christian brothers and sisters in France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland, the Antilles, Asia-Pacific or French Africa. If you think you might be interested and want to help bring more souls into the Kingdom of God in places where no church of Christ exists, please contact us today! Bren and Cheryl made a trip to Quebec City & Baie St. Paul Quebec in early August. Bren preached at the Ste. Foy Church of Christ (that Jerrel Rowden helped to start, near Quebec City, where the Percells worked for 4 years). We also took a campaign team from Laurel and the DC area to continue outreach in Colmar, France.
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Community Emergency Outreach, conducted a free JOB SEARCH STRATEGY Seminar, and a Singing Outreach to the community. Next we will be providing practical training for everyone on how to naturally share their faith, and a spiritual leader development process which will help to keep us focused on the MISSION. Bren is working with the Laurel elders & deacons and Mike Ray (Pulpit Minister) to involve every member of the Laurel, MD church in Gods Awesome Mission! So far, we have launched 24 Outreach Teams and sixArea Outreach Bible Studies! Working together with all our members, we have begun briefings and training for a new Homeless Outreach, an expanded Food Pantry Outreach, Community Emergency Outreach, conducted a free JOB SEARCH STRATEGY Seminar, and a Singing Outreach to the community. Next, we will be providing practical training for everyone on how to naturally share their faith, and a spiritual leader development process which will help to keep us focused on the MISSION. In December, Bren will begin a quarter-long class on BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS which will strengthen and inform all of our outward efforts and our effectiveness

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French Church Directory and New Publications

Barry Baggott
contemplating some kind of missionary have been published over the years or humanitarian involvement. by FRENCH WORLD OUTREACH, The directory includes entries for Barry Baggott and Frederic Feruzi try to 641 local congregations located in 35 provide newer items on a regular basis, countries. That number is up from 546 especially when those items deal with churches four years ago and includes subjects that have not been sufficiently 14 congregations worshipping in French or Creole here in the United addressed in previous publications. States. You might be interested to know In the past few months, Barry has that the number of churches in French translated a tract called We Were Africa has climbed to 365, up from 258 Catholics, written by a Filipino brothin 2006 and just 20 in 1985. er named Eusebio Lacuata. Bobby The current di-rectory contains not Dockery of Fayetteville, Arkansas only postal and email addresses when printed about 30,000 copies of the tract avail-able, the name of at least one leader in most congregations, location of meeting places and times of services, but also 450 phone numbers, in spite of the fact that many congregations are in villages that are miles from any cell phone reception. That number is pretty astounding when you consider that when Rachel and I moved Frederick Feruzi packing literature. to Africa, there were no cell phones, we had to wait 7 months and shipped it to the addresses provided to get a landline, and the phonebook for to him. Barry has also written two an entire African country was usually more issues of his periodical, Chemin no thicker than that of an American de Write, one of them on the Jehovah town of about 25,000 people. Witnesss doctrine of the 144,000, and the other one on the subject of Note: Recipients of the directory Faith and Reason. He also wrote a want to honor Barry for the tremendous 24-page booklet on Science and the amount of work and research he has Bible, which is now available. Barry done to put together this very important is printing now the coming issue of tool. It will serve a great purpose in Chemin de Write with an article on the French missions. subject of Christmas (Noel).

Barry Baggott with French literature.

After months of corresponding with church leaders in numerous countries and then compiling the information they provided, I have nally completed the rst major update in four years of our directory of French-speaking Churches of Christ around the world. This tool is an important aid to us in our efforts to provide Christian literature to the French-speaking brotherhood. I also share copies with those who are heavily involved in teaching Bible correspondence course students and who sometimes need to put their students in contact with the nearest congregations. It is helpful for preaching schools like the one we started in Cote dIvoire, because it contains the information they need to communicate with congregations throughout French Africa that might want to send brethren for training. It is also a big help as various ones here in the States call me, needing to know how to contact the church in countries where they plan to travel or where they are

New Publications

In addition to keeping a supply of all the books, correspondence courses, periodicals, booklets and tracts that

For more information and an electronic copy of the directory, contact me at: World Outreach French:


Global Harvest

Faith to Go through Open Doors

Alex Del Zotto
One of the most difficult things for a missionary to deal with is loneliness. Though I dont consider myself to be a missionary I have been blessed to have various experiences that are very much like a missionarys. I remember when I first arrived in the United States. Language was one of my biggest problems that I couldnt master. I went a whole month without saying a word because I didnt know where to start. I felt really alone. I had some plans that I made while I was still back in my home, Argentina, but it was really like I was living in a state of unconsciousness. What I do remember is the reason why I had made the trip to the United States. I had told my wife, God opened a door and I have to go through it. I was completely sure that Gods hand had done everything necessary so that I could make the trip. At that time my faith was a lot smaller than even a mustard seed. I really didnt know anything about God except that He existed and a few other things I had learned when I had gone to the Catholic Church. However, this tiny bit of faith has brought me a sea of blessings in my own life and the life of my family. Now, 12 years later, I am being heard on a radio program in Conscripto Bernardi, a small Argentine town of about a thousand residents. The radio station actually reaches about 25,000 people. It has been almost three years since I began preaching the Gospel and just like that day that I made a decision to travel to the United States, I know that God has opened this door for me and I need to walk through it. We, my family and I, are preparing to travel back to Argentina within this next year, to make a swing through several states preaching the Gospel. Many people there are like I was 12 years ago, who have faith but have no one to teach them. As Paul wrote in Romans 10:14, How are men to call upon him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without a preacher? (RSV) I am really in debt to God because He has given me more than I could ever imagine. Before we were converted and became Christians, we saw everything all out of focus, from the goals we had for our lives to the reason why we were here. Everything was uncertain. But today I can only say as Paul did in Philippians 1:21-22, For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. If it is to be life in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell (RSV). My name is Alex Del Zotto. I am 45 years old, married for 22 years, and originally from Argentina. We live in Belmont, Mississippi and work in the congregation of Liberty Church of Christ for Spanish outreach. For more information, call 662-650-0055. My email is DESCUBRIENDOAJESUS@GMAIL.COM. You can also find the ministry on Facebook DESCUBRIENDOAJESUS and listen to the radio programs. If you want to be part of this effort, call us or send your support to Liberty church of Christ, 689 highway 25, Dennis MS, 38838.

COLMAR CAMPAIGN TEAM from Laurel, Geneva, and Strasbourg churches Continued from page 38

The Geneva and Strasbourg churches met us and did a citywide distribution of invitations to study the Bible by Internet or by correspondence. Within just a few days, we got 17 contacts total (some from the distribution, some from personal outreach in the area)! This is OUTSTANDING for France! Bren preached at the Strasbourg church as Swiss, American, French, and Belgian Christians worshipped together in this place! Daniel and Tammy Frerot and their wonderful girls (and Tammys mom) are doing an excellent work there! Frederic Bahloul (Sunset/SIBI graduate from France) is now helping Daniel with preaching and outreach efforts! Also serving faithfully there is our good friend, Christophe Muller. Frederic is in need of monthly support. If you can help him, please email me as soon as possible! Another development since we were there: the church is also getting a more centrally located, larger meeting place. This is a great blessing! You can help Daniel and Tammy by supplying donations towards chairs and tables, and they still need about $280/mo. more to cover the additional expense. Please consider sharing personally in this wonderful work! For more information, email Daniel at! Please pray for all these contacts, Christopher Cascales and family (now in Pau), and the Strasbourg and Geneva churches!
Bren White: The Church of Christ of Laurel, 7111 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707; Website:; Email:

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Next Level for WBS-WEI Partnership

World Bible School and World English Institute have common roots and purposes. They already enjoy a fine spirit of partnership, which now moves to the next level. After years of preparatory talks, WEI President Dick Ady and WBS President John Reese signed an agreement, September 2011, to share source code for closer convergence of their Internet efforts. These and other aspects of cooperation are important as WBS looks ahead to developing English as an attraction for recruiting many more students in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and beyond. WEIs Internet leaders, Bob and Jan Towell, have developed excellent tools with the technical expertise of their grandson Jonathan Towell. With WEIs full approval, WBS now supports Jonathan fully to continue WBS and WEI development, with strong emphasis on efficiency, costeffectiveness, and user-friendliness. The results of the new agreement have powerful implications for world evangelisms future. In the meantime, WBS and WEI continue to share a number of the same teachers and targets, as exemplified by one of their most prolific Internet teachers, K. Haddad. Please read her report for perspectives on present effectiveness and future potential.

From Mohammed to Christ

K. Haddad
Thousands of Muslims have been taught by World Bible School and World English Institute. WBS reaches those specifically interested in the Bible. WEI reaches others whose primary interest is learning English but who are willing to read the Bible in the process. Here are examples of three Muslims (names altered) from different countries in the Middle East. FARUKH was given his first Bible. He and another Muslim friend dared to read it. It spoke so much of love. Such a contrast to Islam. He explains, Allah is a god with orders to oppress or kill, a god who asks people to send their sons out to blow themselves up and kill innocent people for his pleasure. Farukhs Biblereading was reported to the Muslim government. His friend was killed, and they are still looking for Farukh to kill him, too. One day while surfing the Internet for a Bible course, Farukh ran across WBS. He enrolled and consumed the lessons hungrily. Six months later, he was immersed for the forgiveness of his sins. He has a wife and two children. OMAR is a professor. Violence between Jews and Arabs frustrated him. He decided against Islam and Judaism, and chose to investigate Christianity. Upon surfing the Internet, he found WBS and enrolled. He asked about Mary (Muslims believe that, since Catholics call Mary the mother of God, the Trinity is God, Jesus, and Mary). He asked about Jesus death and resurrection (Muslims believe Allah made Judas look like Jesus and it was Judas who was crucified, for Allah would not let his prophet Jesus suffer). Then he asked about the church. Finally, Omar decided to be baptized. He taught his wife and she believed also. He wrote his teacher, Let me do these things secretly, otherwise I will be ruined or jailed at least. A few days later he wrote, I will do the baptism in a hotel within three days. I arranged this very secretly. And so, fearful of being discovered, Omar and his wife were baptized. Since then, the government confiscated his computer. But, praise God, they apparently did not see his communications with WBS. Still, he must be careful. He and his wife have four children. FAISAL just wanted to learn English better. Surfing the Internet, he found World English Institute which teaches English using the Bible as a textbook. His job includes providing relief to families whose breadwinner has been killed. He enrolled and became fascinated with a God of love. When he read in Isaiah of the eternal Prince of Peace, he grew curious. He realized that what he was beginning to agree with was dangerous. People in his country have been beaten, imprisoned, and executed just for giving someone a Bible. He taught his wife, and they were both baptized secretly in their bathtub.
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Katy, Texas Partners with WEI

Justin Speer
On October 8th and 9th, the church in Katy, Texas took advantage of the local Rice Festival to offer free English classes to Spanish-speaking people who attended the festivities next door. A booth was set up at the festival to introduce the church to the community. Foot traffic through the church parking lot was channeled through a tent where Gospel songs were sung. A petting zoo, puppet show, and games for children were scattered in and around the tent. Free water was provided for everyone. The tent also contained advertisements of WEI and other services offered by the Katy church. The first WEI student to sign up was Gladys Mejia, a member of the Katy congregation. She, in turn, proactively hunted down people who wanted to learn English. When the Rice Festival ended, fifteen individuals had signed up for the WEI classes. That number soon grew to thirty-five. other parts of the world. Many of these individuals are desperate to learn English. This presents opportunity for evangelism and local outreach using the WEI curriculum. The materials that WEI provides are fantastic. They make the job of teaching easy. The best part is the relationships youll forge with individuals with whom you would never have spoken or interacted. Weve yet to experience one student dropping out. This is a powerful tool that is bringing souls to Christ while also providing an essential skill-set to individuals hoping for a better life for their families. We have families attending worship services and Bible class that likely never would have stepped foot on church grounds were it not for WEI. Slowly, but surely, this evangelism tool is becoming ingrained into the DNA of the church.
Richard Ady:

Off to a Good Start

The response to the WEI program from the community and the church has been nothing short of amazing. We are fast-tracking this program . . . to hold WEI sessions during regularly scheduled classes on Wednesday night at 7:00 P.M. and afterwards at 8:00 P.M. We encourage students to bring their families to classes while they [the parents] learn English. As many as 25 individuals from the [Katy] congregation will help teach these students. This will enrich both teacher and student who otherwise would not have had the opportunities they now have through WEI. This success will not be bottled up for long. I am sure that in the fullness of time, many will come to see how valuable WEI is to the world (local and abroad). The material Our growing and enthusiastic class. is perfect for our situation. Read Glover Shipps account The results are literally overwhelming. of the rst decade of work We are already forced to turn away by the team that was called potential students who are hungry to learn. Brazil Nuts. Entertaining, We need all hands on deck. Opportunity is enlightening... knocking, and it isnt doing so softly. Hardback, $8.00
Order from: World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192

From Mohammed to Christ

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A Message to Churches Everywhere

With the dawning of a new year, we want to spread the message of a powerful local evangelism opportunity through WEI. There are a large and growing number of immigrants from Mexico and

He wants to teach others about Christ, but does not know how without risking his family. Now he discreetly posts signs Learn English Free: WEI. Thus, WEI can do the teaching for him. In the past two months he has received two threatening phone calls. He and is wife have four children. Please pray for them.
World Bible School, 16110 Anderson Mill Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613 USA; 512-345-8190; 800-311-2006 Mail: P.O. Box 2169 Cedar Park, TX, 78630; Website: email:

Global Harvest


Baptisms in Montecarlo, Peru

Helmut Garcia

This last month we have had a VBS with a Samson Old Testaments lesson with help of sister Laura (my mom) who spent time with us over a month along with brother Juan Garcia who came down from Russellville, AL, to help us out with local church work here at Montecarlo congregation. The local young people went on a winter Bible Camp, with a total attendance of about 60. Eleven of them were from Montecarlo and the good news as a result of it all was that a young man named Cristian Otero, 19-years-old, was added into the body of Christ. After it was over, two weeks ago at a Saturday afterrnoon after having a Youth Class at the congregation, four more people obeyed the Lord. They are: Erick Chinchay, Alisson and Angelica Pinchi, Juanita Jurez. Five, in total, have been added into Lords church here at Montecarlo, just in the past few weeks! We really need your prayers for these new souls and also about this fine Lords work that we are doing down here. These last weeks also we had a visit with brother Joe Ruiz and his wife from West President congregation in Greenwood, MS. We did a Gospel meeting with two sister congregations, Stone Bridge and Las Brisas. There was an attendance about 50 people in two nights of this gathering. We also visited Christians who have forsaken the church assembly, to encourage them, and on every first Sunday of the month we have a special lunch time for all the church members and get together more closer. We are having home Bible studies with non-Christian families, and this past month we celebrated the thirteenth church anniversary being held at the meetinghouse in Montecarlo, with two speakers: brother Carlos Perez from Stone Bridge and Pablo Valderrama from Las Brisas congregations. Please pray for us all here as the seed is being spread out as we reap the harvest for the glory of God.
Helmut Garcia:

Biblical Institute of Central America

George W. Hall
A new year for BICA started in January (different weeks for different schools). The total number of students is: Guatemala 44: Honduras 27; and Nicaragua 23 = 94 in all. I taught the first week in Guatemala. Richard Kirkland observed our methods. The next week Richard and I traveled to Honduras where I introduced him to the staff and students. Brother Kirkland taught the evangelistic material for the first week of school. Let us go back to report more on Guatemala. Our director, Roberto Alvarez, is leading the effort to start a new church called Downtown Church of Christ. Their first meeting in January resulted in having 52 in attendance. Their goal is to have 200 in one year. BICA will help. BICA classes began on January 9th, leaving only two weekends to work with the area churches. We are happy to report: 39 baptisms, 28 restorations, 38 disciples (in training to teach the lost), and 376 contacts. All of this is to the glory of our Holy God! We are working on a new way to help our students as they graduate and begin their self-supporting work. The funding of the occupational work runs $700-$1500. This grubstake gives them a good start by providing the tools of their trade or beginning supplies for their livelihood. Our initial plans involve posting a picture of the soon-to-graduate student and his family. Background information will be shared, along with the vision for self-support and the vision for the spiritual work. Later, contact information will be provided to contact him or her. People like hands-on projects that bring great results. Individuals or small groups may adopt a graduate, then follow the progress. We need someone to donate themselves to handle this part of our website. All will be blessed.
George W. Hall: Call me at 281-252-4444.


Global Harvest

The Word of the Lord to the City of Valcea, Romaina

Harvey Starling
Who can really measure the results of preaching the Gospel of Christ? It must be known only by the eternal God because He alone knows the hearts and minds of all men. Nevertheless, we are not in doubt as to what God has told us to do in spreading the good news of Jesus. Romanian and U.S. brethren worked together to cover the city of Valcea, about 140,000 souls, in a special effort November 6-13, 2011. Many thousands of brochures and invitations were distributed for the campaign. I preached four nights in the Civic Center Auditorium. The attendance was about 100 each night, with nearly 100 different visitors during the week. Daryl Newton and Robbie Holt, along with nine Romanian Christians, worked each day to personally contact the visitors and teach specific one-toone Bible studies. Over 200 Bibles were given to those visiting and for their families. The church meets in a nice rented room in the Civic Center each Sunday, with an attendance the past year of about 18 to 20 present. The Sunday after the campaign, there were 31 present, including 10 visitors from the city. Every Valcea Christian worked diligently to prepare for the week and also during the week. They are excited and thankful for the U.S. brethren who came to help and for the funds given for the campaign. Of the near 100 visitors, it seems there may be 20 to 30 people very interested in continuing the study of the Gospel and becoming Christians. Romania, as is most of Europe, is a difficult field for the growth of the kingdom. Through the years since the revolution in 1989, a good number of U.S. families have come to Romania to serve full time in the Gospel. Today, as far as Romanian brethren know, there are 18 congregations in the entire nation. Some of the 18 are very small, with attendance two to ten on the Lords Day. The largest church is Bucharest. There are seven active congregations in Dolj, Arges, and Valcea Districts that often work together in special studies and evangelistic activities. Four have been baptized in the past month in the seven churches and, as of this date, 25 souls were added to the Lords church in 2011 in the seven congregations. Follow-up will continue in Valcea by Romanian brethren. Specific requests were made to U.S. churches and individuals to help financially in upcoming campaigns. We are deeply appreciative! WORK PLANNED FOR June-December, 2012 IN ROMANIA: DOLJ, ARGES AND VALCEA SCHEDULES June Ion Fratostiteanu, a very capable Romanian Gospel evangelist will preach a series of Bible sermons in an open air meeting in Valea Stanciului in June. David Gibson plans to work 12 days in Dolj, Arges, and Valcea. July U.S. teachers are scheduled to teach summer Bible classes for children July 5-16, 2012. The plan is to have 16 U.S. teachers, 16 translators and 10 Romanian helpers. Attendance should be about 300 children, plus adult morning classes at each congregation. HMS will recruit U.S. teachers and direct this work. August Bible Camp is scheduled for August, but no specific date is set at this time. Iulia Vasile edits a newsletter for all seven churches each Sunday. It provides worship schedules, sick, requests for prayer, a special article each week by Marc Curfman and much more. September Pitesti Bible Training School August 26-September 9. Some 40 students are scheduled to attend this two-week Bible Training School. Glendale and Wetumpka will provide funds. Instructors are Ion Fratostiteanu, Marc Curfman, and Joel Inman. October All-Romanian Bible Conference for all 19 congregations in the nation. Pitesti will host this workshop October 18-20. The Bucharest church has conducted this event for 20 years. Oct 10-22 David Gibson Oct 3-30 HMS Oct 17-29 Marc Curfman November November 1-12. U.S. Bible Teaching Team. Emergency medical and food needs arise often. The local churches provide some of these needs but our help is urgent on various occasions. December Romanian preachers will do all the preaching in December. We were not able to provide the 50 food bags through the mayors office, in December, 2011 for the first time in 12 years. No funds were available, but we hope to resume this projectin 2012. The local churches provide funds as they are able for upkeep of their meeting places, repair, and maintenance. However, in the past year or two, U.S. brethren replaced all the 70-year-old original windows and doors in the Pitesti building, which we did not replace when we remodeled the building 11 years ago. Many other needs are pressing and will be done as Romanian and U.S. funds are available.
Harvey M. Starling:

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Lyon, France
Charles O. White
Corinthians: Malheur a moi si je nevangalise! (Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel! 1 Corinthians 9:16; RSV). We will be considering different ways to spread the Word. So, we are looking forward to a great weekend with other workers at St. Albain, a chateau about an hour from Lyon. Our elder selection process is up and running again. This month we held a meeting of all the men to discuss how to approach different doctrinal questions that will come up when people with certain types of baggage come into the assembly. It will be important that the elders all be on the same page in these situations. We have a young American with us this school year. She is teaching English in a couple of Lyon schools. For the moment she is just getting into the job with its ups and downs, but shes up to the task. Her name is Kayla. This month, we had a short visit from Emma McCready, formerly Emma Carter, a young lady whom we met in the 90s when she came to Lyon as a nanny. Emma came really to visit one of the couples she worked for that year, because the husband is deathly ill. It wasnt easy for her to arrange that time off, as she now is married with two children and has a full-time job, but her heart brought her back to encourage these people, and we think she is to be commended for that. We used to have a singing group that met three times a month and sang for different occasions: weddings, retirement, community programs, encouragement in hospitals, etc. Different schedules and absences had prevented us from being able to do a presentable job for the last two or three years, so the meetings have been reduced to once per month. In the new arrangement, the first 45 minutes, during which we learn a new song from our songbook, are open to any member of the congregation; the second 45 minutes are for those who wish to learn more difficult, choral-type music. We still hope to be able to begin again visiting retirement communities and other places where we can share the Gospel in song. Perhaps you have been hearing about the European summit to bail out Greece and save the Euro. It is quite a complicated scenario, and Im thinking that most Europeans dont get all the ramifications (I certainly dont), but Im also wondering how much coverage all of that got over your way. It really was quite a serious situation, and much of the European economic stability was threatened. But with some hard work from the French and German leaders, and with a financial contribution from China, things seems to have calmed down. It is possible, though, that some countries having gone to the Euro may have to back out and take up their own currency again, at least for a time. Some French folks would like to do that right now.
Charles White:

Charles and Pam White

My first subject is a very personal one. It concerns the recent passing of my uncle Earl in Ohio. The French use the saying, my American uncle when they are referring to someone who is rich. My American uncle was not rich; he was a man of modest means, having worked as a highway patrolman and undercover police officer in his state. But then, oh yes, Earl was a very rich man. He was rich with faith, wisdom, love, generosity, good humor, kindness, compassion. He served well in the highest office available to a man upon the earth, that of elder in the Lords church. He was loved for his open, easily touchable heart. Im glad to know that, today, he is with so many other dear ones who wait for the rest of us, in the bosom of Christ. And we are praying for Delores, his faithful wife. We invited Brady Smith from Lausanne, Switzerland for a weekend of teaching on the resurrection. He did a Saturday afternoon seminar, then taught the adult class and preached on Sunday. Brady challenged our thinking in several areas and gave us an opportunity to look at the resurrection with renewed hope and expectation. Each year we have what is now called the French-speaking Workers Retreat. (Retraite des Travailleurs Francophones). Another assembly was supposed to be preparing the program, but when they defaulted, the work was passed on to Lyon, as we were next in line. Two other men and myself got right on it and developed a program based on Pauls exclamation to the

Charles White writes on two subjects:

Upright, Traits of the Righteous Heart ...

Lessons for serious Christians $8.00 The Missionary Myth... An important study for those planning to send or go. $8.00
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Syktyvkar Bible School

Larry Little
baptisms after the honeymoon years. Some believe that mission funds are more wisely spent in fields where many baptisms are being reported. For whatever reasons, however, many missionaries left before the job was completed, just when the spiritual battle was beginning in earnest. From its beginning in 94, the Syktyvkar Bible School has never left the spiritual battlefield of Russia. It is still there, engaged in the battle. Rather than establishing beachheads for the Gospel, however, ours is the slow and tedious trench work of grounding and training the converts that is required to ultimately win the war. Still, some may feel that support of the Syktyvkar Bible School is not a wise use of mission funds because we are not regularly reporting large numbers of baptisms from the work. Are we then justified in operating and seeking continued support of the Syktyvkar Bible School? Yes, because we are committed to insuring that the second part of the great commission is carried out in Russia. Our work is building upon and complementing evangelistic efforts. Our work is focused upon grounding young and weak Christians in the Word of God and training evangelists and future elders in the church. Having begun in such a grand manner, we simply cannot now lose the spiritual battle for Russia due to failure to complete the second part of the Great Commission. In a day when there are fewer missionaries and less funds for the Lords work in Russia, the Gospel still must be preached, and there is still grounding and training to be done. Syktyvkar Bible School is committed long-term to seeing that it gets done. We are still training evangelists in Syktyvkar, and we are now taking Bible instruction and training to where the Christians are via our Distance Learning Program. While we rejoice to have seven full-time students in Syktyvkar, we also rejoice to have 29 students in Distance Learning, with many more anticipated to be added later this year! With Distance Learning, we go directly into the homes of Christians throughout Russia in need of being grounded in the Word and trained for spiritual leadership. This is finishing the job; this is completing the Great Commission; this is wise use of mission funds, and this is why we need and seek your continued support. Together, we trust the Lord will bless our efforts to fulfill His work in Russia and revive His church there to His glory.
LARRY & KAY LITTLE, 23110 AL HWY 24, MOULTON, AL 35650, (C) 256 460 7068,

When we think of the Great Commission and mission work, some of us probably think immediately of preaching the gospel and baptizing penitent believers into Christ. Indeed, it is that but much more. In Matthews account, the Lords commission extends beyond baptism to include, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. The commission is not fully carried out once one is baptized. Just as teaching is required prior to baptism, so teaching is also required after baptism. Only then can it be properly said that the Great Commission has been completed. Without realizing it, however, this second part of the Commission can be left incomplete in mission efforts. Twenty years after the great campaigns of the 90s resulted in hundreds of baptisms and multitudes of churches being planted in Russia, the church is presently in decline. Syktyvkars elders observed this firsthand from extensive travels among Russias congregations. While some of the cause is due to Christians failure to grow, mature, and assume responsibilities as they should, they attributed some of the cause to premature withdrawal of missionaries before grounding was completed. During the first decade after the fall of Communism in Russia, beachheads were secured for the Gospel and many missionaries made long-term commitments because the work of grounding requires adequate time. Throughout the second decade, however, missionaries began leaving and were not replaced. For some, leaving was beyond their control, the Russian government and other factors being to blame. More tragic, however, is the loss of support that caused others to leave. Why would some churches stop supporting the Russian work? At least part of the reason seems to be in proportion to waning numbers of

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Report from Christian Todego

Ed Jones
Today I am filled with love and thanksgiving as I gather with my family for a meal and fellowship. Actually there is an overflow as I think about our partnership with the Christians in French West Africa, as we March for the Master in that region. Your dedicated support to Bible Training Center and its mission to train preachers, and their steadfast efforts to teach the Gospel is gathering fruit for the Master. How blessed we are! The following is a report from one of the preachers, Christian TODEGO: It is a big pleasure for me to present to you the report on the evolution of our work which we undertake in Tchaada and in Avrankou and the other areas. The teaching effort at the Bible school in Tchaada is producing some encouraging results. It is more precisely about three new assemblies which being baptized. Not long after this I baptized an old lady. One started in Avrankou and two other villages: week later I was called back to baptize three other persons. A NEW CHURCH AT AVRANKOU DANGBODJI They began worshiping in spirit and truth that same Everything began with the baptism of our student day. The last time I worshipped with them, we were in total Dansou Paulin. He began spreading the truth of which he is fifteen, among whom ten were adults and five were children. persuaded to his former fellow believers. This has resulted Meetings are held in Oliviers home. in the conversion of others by brother Gilbert. Thinking that they cannot light a lamp to put it under Gilbert, who preaches in Tchaada, had been obliged the bushel, they resolved that it is necessary to construct a to ask them all (more than a dozen people, with all their place of worship and to leave the private home. A place of children) to come there to worship, a distance of 10 miles, worship, even in precarious materials, with a sign of the since we did not have a church in Avrankou. I, myself, on Church of Christ, will have advantage to make her known every Sunday evening and every Monday evening from 5.00 by the population and at once to make it approachable to all. to 7.00 pm, go to the village to study the Bible with two They borrowed 50,000 Fr Cfa from a micro finance group different groups. The first group meets at our brother Dansou in the village to buy a packet of roofing sheets. They are to Paulins house, and the second group meets in the home of reimburse at the rate of 6,000Fr a month for twelve months. one of our students who is called Donatien Houngbm. They are going to make the sixth payment next month. Their Donatien is a handicapped person and still lives with his contribution every Sunday is almost insignificant. When I parents. In spite of his disability, he succeeds in gathering worshipped with them, we collected 2,000 fr Cfa and I gave people in his home. He was baptized in 2011. 1,000 fr. Olivier has to supplement from his pocket to be THE NEW CHURCH AT AVRANKOU AHOVO able to acquire the 6,000 fr cfa for the repayment of the debt. One of our students, those that They already have some wood on the we had begun teaching Avrankou, had land which they will cut and use for resigned from his denominational church the construction. What they lack is (Evangelical Mission of the Anointing) an additional packet of roofing sheets where he was the preacher. Upon his and bamboo sheets for the walls to be resignation, he undertook to establish bought. They have a carpenter among a church correspondent to the New them, and he will do the job. Therefore, Testament. One day, he asked me to come all they need is 60,000 fr Cfa to finish and baptize him and his wife. His name is the work. OLIVIER KOUDEKOUTO Olivier took these pictures to show to Brother Olivier and his wife Ed Jones: F.A.C.E. P.O. Box 454 Benother members of his former church about after their baptism. ton, KY 42025.


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Boot Camp for Soldiers of the Cross

Al Horne
We receive our war veterans back from the combat zone with jubilation. We have a deep appreciation for men who are willing to lay down their lives to push back the frontiers of tyranny. They bring freedom to the world and security for us. In the church, we should also recognize the role of the missionaries, who are Soldiers of the Cross. Mission fields are not safe places. Jesus told us not to fear those who can kill the body, but who cant destroy the soul in hell. Fear of injury or death on the part of an ambassador of Christ will impede the growth of the Kingdom. We have to get beyond that. Southern Africa Bible College is a boot camp for recruits in the army of God. Situated on the east of Johannesburg, and close to O.R. Tambo International Airport, is the campus of SABC. The primary purpose of the College is training people for service in the church of our Lord. Obviously, its chief reason for existing is to train local preachers to take the life-saving Gospel to their own people (2 Timothy 2:2). Too long have our people gone to the USA for this type of training, often without making a permanent return to the land of their nativity. This brain-drain has contributed to our churches in the field remaining infantile. Life is tough in the field. Often it is fraught with dangers. Life in America is relatively safe, so the flow is outward from the foreign fields that are white unto the harvest to the haven of safety, America. In 1965, the late Eldred Echols and I decided that we needed to have a training school that would provide quality spiritual education, second to none in the world. We sought talented, dedicated, and industrious students who would be willing to pay the price to get the job done. This meant that we would subject them to boot camp training. Three years of Biblical Greek and Hebrew, along with a semester of Aramaic, would be a requirement. Every verse in the Bible would be studied, and a survey of church history would be featured. Apart from studies in Denominational Doctrines, we would study public speaking and pastoral counseling. No stone would be left unturned in preparing the student for the combat zone that Satan would afflict upon them. This program was not for sissies, but for people who could study independently without the standard crutches that we often rely on. Instead of simply regurgitating what is in a Bible Commentary, they could research on a level deeper than that. They would be prepared to meet and defeat the errors that are foisted on the
Al and Donna Horne

world in the guise of truth. You see, the salvation of the world is dependent on truth (John 8:32, 17:17), not on the doctrines of men (Matthew 15:8,9).

Morning Lectures during a SABC Lectureship

Today, from this relatively insignificant college, heralds of truth have gone out to the world. Not all remained true to their calling, but many have made a difference in numerous places. Graduates report results of conversions that leave us ecstatic. Six hundred or more have gone forth, and over twenty different countries have benefited from their proclamation of the Truth. The Soldiers of the Cross have pushed back the frontiers of spiritual ignorance, poverty and hunger. Beachheads have been set up, the soldiers have conquered in the name of Christ, the Church Militant is at work. Please remember those in the spiritual combat zone. They are soldiers too. They need your prayers, your support, and your partnership. They cant do it alone. An army is not one man, but many, committed to the same cause, no matter what the cost. Please stand with us!
By Al. J. Horne, president, Southern Africa Bible College, Benoni, South Africa; Email:

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Count It All Joy...

Ruth Orr
Count it all joy, my brother, when you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance (James 1:2,3 ). This became our theme verse on our recent trip to Ghana, W. Africa and then into Nigeria. While in Ghana, there was so much noise outside my and Teresa Grounds room that we could not sleep at night. Our complaining to the motel manager brought no relief, so we asked our men to talk with them and see if the loud music and noise could be toned down, but that still did not help. Then Simon, one of our young men, during our devotional periods at night, delivered a lesson from this Scripture; Count it all joy. Every night from then on as the singing, shouting and all-night noises went on, Teresa and I would start laughing and just say, Count it all joy, and we would pray, soon fall asleep, knowing Simon was right when he gave that lesson, and we knew why he gave it. Many trends in our culture may not set well with us as Christians. We are vulnerable to any number of painful, unchangable things, occurences, and disasters. We should be thinking about our faith and what will enable us to endure, no matter what happens. But during those long hours of sleepless nights, we found little joy until we were reminded by Simon just why we were there, and of the joy we should have in the Word of God and teaching others. There had been much unrest, protests of gas increase, killings, and airports closed for weeks all over Nigeria before we left America. Even though our tickets were to take us to Nigeria and then back home, we had little hope of going, but two days before we were to leave, the airports opened and things calmed down almost overnight. We decided to go on and trust God that things would be peaceful, and that we could do the work meant for us to do there. The following three weeks were the calmest we had ever seen on any trip to Nigeria that is, until the day before we were to leave for home. At 7 A.M. we began hearing horrible winds and buildings collapsing around us. People began screaming, Ice is falling from the sky! They had never seen what we call a tornado and, for sure, they had never seen what we call hail. As Ron Pottberg and I commented on the hail falling and even their bringing it inside the building, they seemed horrified that we called it hail. We had been studying for days with students about their souls and Heaven and Hell, and it seemed to scare them that we were calling this unusual ice hell. Maybe they thought we were saying that the end of the world was happening, but it was certain that the tornadic winds and hail were something they had never seen before, so we started calling it ice also. When the storm was finally over, we realized that many had lost all their belongings, and even the small places they lived in were gone, and many street businesses were also destroyed.

But we seem to forget that God does some of His best work in man when things are broken and all seems lost. The New Testament tells of a time when Christians were persecuted for their commitment to their faith. Those people remained steadfast, even though they were scattered. The adversity caused their faith to thrive. This is what we saw demonstrated in Lagos as Isaac Onyebuchi, our follow-up man and his family, lost their house and all their belongings. After getting his family to safety, he never once thought about anything but the students he was bringing to us to be taught. We had been teaching a large group of Muslims, and that day 7 more were coming to learn about Christianity. Others wanted to come but the roads were blocked with debri from the storm. At the end of the day, all those we taught were baptized for the remission of their sins, which brought a total of 45 Muslims now Christians from our two weeks of teaching. It was at that time that it finally dawned on Isaac that he and his family had no place to lay their heads that night. Everything was gone, but it was his faith that enabled him to endure, and to say, I count it all joy when I face trials of this kind because it tests my faith, and that develops
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A Tornado in Nigeria
Ron Pottberg
For those of you who are not aware, the World Bible School office in Lagos was destroyed on Monday, February 13th by hurricane-type winds called a microburst. The roof of the entire building was blown away and, with the rains that fell, everything in the office was literally destroyed. Our own brother Godwin was at the office when this occurred at about 7:00 A.M., and he escaped with little damage to himself, but it shook him up. He took pictures of the damage, and I have included these for you to see that the office is a loss. We will have to rebuild as soon as possible in order to get back up and running. In the meantime, Godwin and our team are working from his small apartment and will keep things moving. The good news is that we know of only two people who lost their lives across the city of Lagos, but with 25 million people, that is not bad when you consider the damage that was done. About 30 feet from where Ruth (Orr) and I were staying, the wind ripped for damages. There is nothing we off three roofs. The church building can do about it but rebuild or move to and preachers house, from which we some other location which would cost watched the carnage, had little damage, many thousands more. We need about but it could have been much worse. $1000 to get the construction started, Isaac Onyebuchi, who works with and there will probably be some other Ruth, lost his house and everything in. expenses later, such as inner ceiling, The other good news is that on the tile for the floor, and other necessities. previous Friday we had decided to go I will keep you all posted as Godwin ahead and process the WBS mail, so moves forward with this. everything was already sorted, packed, PS: Our WBS office was upstairs at and with me at Lawanson, and not in the far right. Between the roof coming the WBS office. So we lost no lessons off and the rains soaking everything or mail, but everything else in the office else, the contents are a loss, but it can including all of Godwins books, be rebuilt fairly cheaply. library, and resources was lost. Ron Pottberg works with World Bible School The landlord will not rebuild for follow-up. Phone: 512-635-8519. us, so with 14 months left on our rent, we have no choice but to rework our Count It All Joy... portion of the building and get back to business as usual. This is the way it is done in Africa, as they have no Continued from page 49 insurance, and the courts would take perseverance. We hope he can instill years if you wanted to sue someone that same great faith in all of those to whom he teaches Gods Word. It was hard to leave the next day because the WBS office and everything in it had been destroyed. Isaac had lost everything of an earthly nature, even his good Bible, and others had lost loved ones, plus their earthly belongings. It will take a long time to bring lives back to normal. They have no government help, Red Cross, or any agencies to help during times like this, as we in America have. They must depend on each other and God for support and encouragement. With such passages as Romans 8:18, Romans 8:28, 1 Corinthians 10:13 and Philippians 4:6 written in our hearts, we too may be strengthened to Count it all joy when we face trials of many kinds.
Ruth Orr can be reached at 913-359-7181.

Damage done to the building in Lagos, Nigeria, which houses World Bible School efforts.

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Broadcasting to approximately half of the world population of Seven Billion Souls

In Search Of Truth Radio Program

James Jones Areas of involvement:

Ken Hargesheimer Workshops in organic, no-till, permanentbed gardening, mini-farming, mini-livestock farming, using bucket drip irrigation, in English & Espaol
Workshops: USA - TX, MS, FL, CA, AR, NM, WA, Mxico, Rep. Dominicana, Cote dIvoire, Nigeria, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Hait, England, Nicaragua, India, Uzbekistan, South Africa Two projects have proven that farmers who were taught new farming techniques using DVDs made greater application on their farms than those who were taught by lectures.

Obonga Orphan Home Christian Learning Centers WBS Centers Mt. Sinai Bible Camp/Christian Academy World Wide Live Internet Preacher Training School

World Mission Radio

The Lord has truly blessed our efforts since we began World Mission Radio just over a year ago. Many doors of opportunities continue to be opened, and for that we are truly grateful. We wish to thank each of you who are partnering with us through your prayers and financial support. No doubt, untold thousands will stand in judgment as saved persons because you cared and because we shared the Gospel with them.

DVDs for Evangelizing and Benevolence

A CD holds 650 MB. The Bible is 1.4 MB. Therefore, a CD holds 464 copies of the Bible. A DVD holds 3,000 copies of the Bible. A dual layer DVD holds 6,000 copies of the Bibles. Imagine what would happen if every congregation and Christian school in the bush of Africa, the jungles of Latin America and the mountains of Asia had a used computer and DVD library. The Internet is not necessary and is too expensive for billions of people. People can study for hours on a computer using DVDs with little or no cost. HHTwebsite copier [free] can be used to download websites into a computer from the internet. Use CDburner XP [free] to burn to a DVD. Bible studies in many languages are available. Thousands of DVDs are available on hundreds of subjects and many are free. Christian schools can use them. Brethren can get training in secular fields to increase their income and their giving to the Lord. I have farming DVDs. Christian hospitals can use them for training of personnel and the public. Whatever a person wants to learn is available on a DVD. Two billion cannot read [400 M in India. 2 M in the USA] but they can be educated using video/audio DVDs. All computers operate internally on 12v. Those without electricity use a computer, internally altered, to operate directly from a 12v battery with a solar charger [email for instructions]. A pedal/powered generator can be used. This opens up a whole new way to teach. Use 12v lighting at night. School in a Suitcase: has over 1000 video Bible schools in 20 languages around the world. A person with a computer [12 v.] and a DVD library can travel from place to place, on a schedule, to teach and train people. This is a very simple, inexpensive, effective way to educate children, youth, and adults Use a bicycle or a bicycle with a trailer for transportation.
Ken Hargesheimer,

Exciting News!
There have been over three hundred conversions in the last six months, reported by brethren working with us. Some of our brethren in one location in Kenya had been studying with a denominational church, and after some time and effort on their part, forty-three were baptized, and others are waiting for the proper time and for additional teaching. Barbara and I plan to visit this new congregation soon after reaching Kenya.

I Was Hungry and You Fed Me

Reports continue to come in from those who were assisted during the severe drought in Kenya and other places in Africa. Lines were long because so many were without food for days. Brother Stephen Rukwaro is shown handing out food and also having a Bible class with those who were assisted, most of whom were members of the church. May the God of all grace continue His rich blessings upon each of you as you strive to serve Him daily, is our prayer.
P.O. Box 952 Franklin, TN 37065 Ph. (615) 525-3204; Email:


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The Malawi Project

Richard Stephens
follow up story. Part of the content for the story was filmed in Malawi. See the story on the Web. It appeared on the NBC Nightly News on December 21. ( news/2011/12/20/9584376-littledresses-bring-hope-and-friendship-tomalawi?chromedomain=usnews). Mozambique Spitting cobras have been found all around her property. One can certainly conclude they are there, either outside or inside. A little shudder creeps up my spine. And to think, I have not even mentioned the spiders and other creatures that could be lurking overhead, just waiting for nightfall to open the door to their onslaught on the unfortunate who unsuspectingly move around below them. The Malawi Project Inc is a group of people who believe success will come to Africa when aid is carried out in programs of shared responsibility, when common trust is maintained, and when Africans take the lead in deciding their future. The Malawi Project is committed to helping Malawi develop self-reliance, and sel- determination, and to avoid, at all cost, bringing into being a dependency that stops selfgrowth.

Visiting a Village Hut

We made a tour of the home of a Malawi widow, living in a typical village hut. She is caring for 10 or 12 grandchildren who have lost their parents to HIV/Aids. She has no job, and her grandchildren can only find short-term jobs to help supplement their livelihood. We stop on the stoop and quickly realize anyone over 5 10 will have to bend down to enter the house. Upon entering, we are immersed in a semidarkened room. There are no lights on the walls, no lamps on the well; there is no table on which to place a lamp. But, none of those matter since there is no electricity to the house, and there would be no way for her to pay for it anyway. There is no way to heat this room when the nights get down to 40 to 45 degrees during the cold months. It also means we have to get used to the lack of light before we proceed further into the four rooms in the house. Looking up at the open ceiling, I wonder how many critters are living there. Mosquitoes are hovering overhead and one would wonder how many of them are able to deliver a life-threatening dose of malaria. Too, I cant see them, but I wonder what kind of snakes may be making this womans home their hiding place? Mamba snakes and

Room Is Nearly Bare

As our eyes adjust to the lack of light, we are surprised to see bare, unpainted walls, and a complete lack of furniture. Just inside the door, and nearest us as we enter are what looks like two bamboo mats, which are probably the beds for 6 or 8 of the children. Near the far end of one of the mats is a single pair of tennis shoes, probably one of the gifts we have given this family, because the children have sought and gained work from us since our arrival in the country. Beyond the mats, a single bicycle seems to struggle to keep its balance by leaning against the back wall. A blue and a white bag hangs on a peg above the bicycle and six or eight other pieces of old clothes, alog with a single blanket.

Warm and Fuzzy Story

Its almost like a fairy tale story. Pretty little girls. Brand new dresses. Women all over America who care, and work to bring hope to girls who never have a new dress, and never, never have anyone who brings them a present from America. After meetings, early in 2011, near Detroit with the founder of Little Dresses for Africa, Scott Gordon and Dick Stephens carried 75 of the dresses to Malawi for little girls. The dresses

were actually made from pillow cases. NBC Nightly News carried a story about Little Dresses early in 2011, and on December 20th the Nightly Network News (NBC) reported a

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The Heart of Zimbabwe

Loy Mitchell
Every scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be equipped, completely fiunished for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16,17). Jesus said you err not knowing the Scriptures (Matthew 22:29). Jesus opened the Scriptures to the two men (Luke 24:32). These things happened to Jesus that the Scriptures might be fulfilled (John 19:36). The people of Berea examined the Scriptures daily (Acts 17:11). We have hope through the patience and encouragement of the Scriptures (Romans 15:4). Jesus died, was buried, and rose again according to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:3,4). have them ready for us as we visit churches, day-by-day. I ask you to think just what a difference it would make in your life if there were no Bible in your home. If you can help in this effort, please send checks to: West Dyersburg Church of Christ, P. O. Box 1230, Dyersburg, TN 38025.


68 baptisms from January to December 2011. 2,140 baptisms since 2002. 4 congregations planted in 2011. 37 congregations planted since 2002. 116 WBS students enrolled since January 2011. 14,114 WBS students taught the Bible since 2002. 35 students completed their studies since January 2011. 34 preaching and teaching trips outside Bulawayo since the beginning of the year. 2 marriage enrichment seminars conducted since the beginning of the year. 890 youths attended the Youth Lectureship at Nhowe Mission in 2011. most places. Pray that good rains may fall through March so people will have food to eat. Pray that the government will rule for the good of the people. Only 10% of the people have employment. Pray that the lost will hear the Scriptures and submit to Christ by believing, repenting, and being baptized. Pray for the spiritual maturing of the saints and churches.

It breaks my heart to see poor people in Africa without Bibles. One can visit congregation after congregation and see only a handful of people who have their own copy of Gods Word. We are making a big effort to get more Bibles into their hands. English is the official language of Zimbabwe, and young people prefer the Scriptures in English, so each week we are mailing copies to the churches for distribution among the members. Chishona is the mother tongue of 80% of the Zimbabweans. We want to buy 400 Shona Bibles for distribution to the older people when we are in Zimbabwe this summer. Last year the cost was $20 each. Thus, we hope to raise $8,000 and have brother C. Mugweni buy the Shona Bibles and


We have assisted five preachers with funds to help them become selfsupporting. We pray this will expand so more, like Paul, can become tentmaking preachers. Three more preachers have lost their USA support. If you can help in this work, let us know.


We are sad to report that the wife of one preacher accused her husband of molesting their own daughter. The preacher was jailed and a trial was held. No evidence was found that the accusation was true. The preacher has been freed, but the wife has left him. Pray she might repent of her lies and return to her husband. The rains have been spotty in

We are happy to report the following baptisms. Mukandwa, 5; Dangamvura, 1; Shamva, 2; Gweru, 2; Dzvirasekwa, 3; WBS, 2; Damba, 4; Sakubva, 19; Dombotombo, 2. Matiza, 6; Hlabiso, 1; Murombedzi, 4; Triangle, 1; Banket, 1; Fern Valley, 2; Budirriro, 4.TOTAL REPORTED 59!
Loy Mitchell:; PHONE 731-287-8823


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Sakubva Church of Christ

Campion T. Mugweni
I am greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ who died for our sins and who is soon to come. I also take this time to wish that your life will be full of blessings from God. We are geared to do the work of preaching and training the members to be evangelistically-minded so that many can be brought to Jesus for their salvation. I was looking at our last years records and discovered that 98 were baptized at Sakubva and 26 World Bible School students were baptized, as well as 11 prisoners. We are rejoicing that it was a productive year for the harvest in the vineyard of God. We are praying that this year the Lord will continue to bless our ministries. What is important is not only the number of baptisms but teaching them after baptism (Matthew 28:20). Looking back to the beginning of the year, we greeted 2012 by gathering at the church building where we had songs of praising God and delivering of sermons in turns. It was a good time of fellowshipping together. The deacons counted 289 who came for this occasion. On the 1st January, brother Mwaika was very happy because he was the first speaker of the year. He had spoken in our Midyear service which was attended by 167 people. On the 8th January I spoke at the Sunday service, on the subject of Christian growth. We had good attendance because of visitors in our city who were with their families. We report two baptisms and many responses for prayers from the church. baptized. Our class for new converts is growing in number. We are giving some lessons to do at home as well. On the 28th we had a three-hour WBS seminar at Dangamvura, seven kilometers from Sakubva, We hired three mini-buses to carry students from Sakubva Church of Christ and from the college. The seminar was attended by 155 people. Sakubva had the most participants 100 who were brought by mini-buses. We have our annual God .Bless Africa World Bible School seminar in June. Midweek and cell group services were conducted. In these services, men of the church who are attending the Tuesday training class preach in turns. This month I preached twice in the cell groups and one time in our midweek services. Our lowest attendance was 307 and the highest was 503, when we had our united fellowship worship service with some members from the other sister congregations. Nine people were baptized. Thereafter, I visited the sick in their homes and those in the hospitals. At the General Hospital I met a sick brother who was a backslider. He confessed his sins and promised to be faithful.


The following are my active prospects; Mrs. Kanotunga, Mr. and Mrs. Chitaka, Simbi and his wife, Mr. Mawara, and John Runda. I go to their homes and study with them personally. We also grade lessons for the WBS, which is another ministry that is opening doors for evangelism in schools, homes, prisons, and hospitals. On the 15th of January we had 398 for worship. Brother Danmore Mvumi preached and four people were

We will be having our Manicaland Gospel meeting and the International Gospel Meeting lectureship in Venda, workshops at Sakubva for men and for the preachers respectively, and a Gospel meeting in the Sharara area. We ask you to pray for our work. Pray also for the training of drip irrigation that is going on in different centres in Zimbabwe. Brother Goodyear will be here to help and encourage the participants.
Campion Mugweni. email: ctmugwen@ Sakubva Church of Christ, Zimbabwe, Africa.

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A Whirlwind Mission Trip!

Brent Smith
It was a whirlwind mission trip! Howell Ferguson asked me to go to Chimala, Tanzania and teach two short courses in the Chimala Bible Institute located on the Chimala Mission. I left Trenton, Tennessee on Wednesday night, February 23, 2011, after Bible class and arrived on the mission late Saturday afternoon, February 26. The round-trip travel time was about 80 hours, 40 on a plane, 26 in a car and 14 waiting in airports. That doesnt include overnight waits to catch planes in various places. The first short course I taught was The Gospel of John. It was a challenge to teach this great book of the Bible in just 30 hours. The week went by quickly, and the students did an excellent job taking notes, studying, and testing. They all made As in the class! Most were young men in their twenties but one student from Malawi was in his late thirties and had a wife and four children he was missing back home. He wouldnt see them for a couple of more months. I was heart-sick for my wife and four children but would see them again in just a few weeks. Christian Evidences was the course of studies for the second week. This class was taught to second-year students, and they, too, studied hard and made excellent grades. Many of these young men and women know several languages; one student knew ten, and all of them took the course in English without a translator. The beauty of the program is seen in that we spend our time teaching them, and then they go out on the weekends and preach all over the country in established churches and continue to establish new churches in new locations. Weekends provided opportunities to go and preach in various village churches. At one particular church, very few children came. A plea was made for the church to reach out to the children and bring them, even if their parents were not Christians. I told the story about the two city boys visiting their grandmother in the country and struggling to bring a momma cow and her new calf into the barn. They pushed and pulled to no avail. A country boy sitting on the fence laughed at their expense and they threatened to beat him up if he couldnt get the cow into the barn. So the country boy jumped off the fence, walked right past the momma cow and picked up her calf. He carried the calf into the barn and the momma cow followed him. The whole church laughed at the story. They were then encouraged to bring the children from the village to hear Gods Word, hoping that the parents would follow. The next week all the children from the village came to Bible study! Africa is not a place for wimps. The first morning in chapel we prayed for a student whose brother was just killed by a snake called the Black Mamba. One teacher and worker on the mission, a native of Chimala, lost his young daughter to Malaria just a few months earlier. It is commonplace to see men harnessed to trailers, pulling heavy loads for long distances. The women farm, walk to the market, and cook over an open fire. Chimala, Tanzania is a tough place for tough people! The actual mission at Chimala is an amazing place, providing many opportunities to win souls for Christ, to influence the nation of Tanzania for good, and to glorify God. Adventurous and sacrificing missionaries, decades ago, carved this mission out of the African bush, and they have made it a beautiful place. The mission consists of some 500 acres and sits at the foot of the David Livingstone Mountains. There is one main entrance, and the entire mission is guarded 24 hours a day. A hospital overseen by the Lords church serves the sick for long distances in any direction. Primary schools teach some 500 students, who learn about Jesus. Parents in Chimala actually pay for their children to come to the school. To hear so many children sing hymns is a wonderful experience! There are many houses, with electricity and indoor plumbing and full kitchens and bathrooms, waiting for missionaries to come and work. Before leaving, I was able to buy a pig from an instructor and student named Ezekiel, along with vegetables and sodas, and a feast was prepared for all of the students and instructors. The total cost was less than 100 U.S. dollars. We ate together, sang praises together in three different languages by the fire, and had a wonderful time of fellowship. It was difficult to leave. Africa gets in your blood. I cant wait to go back!
Brent Smith works with the Lords church in Trenton, TN. His email address is brent smith:


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From the Presidents Desk

It has been a year since I was given the honor of directing the work of African Christian Schools. What a tremendous blessing, to stand on the shoulders of giants of faith who planted and watered before me! Their work and memory lives in the thousands of men serving all across the continent of Africa. This has been a year of vision, renewal, and growth for ACSF. We have expanded our work in Namibia, added a new program in Northern Ghana, and started vocational training for our preachers at Nigerian Christian Bible College. In the coming weeks and months we will add internet access on both of our Nigerian campuses, and both of our schools will begin programs that incorporate more support from the local churches and communities. We believe that stewardship of the Lords provisions is a sacred honor. For this reason, African Christian Schools is working diligently to provide programs to help our preachers become self-supporting, to provide revenue programs that support our colleges from within the countries they serve, and to invest in programs and technology that reduce our overhead and increase our ability to train and prepare men to preach. The continent of Africa is becoming a very dangerous place to preach the Gospel. The advance of Islam, political unrest, and tribal conflicts put many of our preachers in harms way on a daily basis still they serve with courage and honor. Many of the new programs

and objectives at ACSF are designed to insure the good work of training church leaders continues for years to come. Providing vocational training to our core curriculum will provide graduates a means of becoming self-supporting in the communities where they live and work. Your support, prayers and letters of encouragement have meant the world to me this past year. Please continue to pray that God blesses the work of the kingdom as we strive to teach precious souls the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let the little children come ...

The AIDs virus continues to have a devastating effect on the mortality rates in Africa. Few things are more tragic than to see an innocent child suffering

from the ravages of this terrible disease. Gods people have always had a soft place in their heart for the widows and orphans of this world. We are reminded by what James tells us, Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world (James 1:27). We now see this teaching being practiced on the campus of Tsumeb Bible College and Nigerian Christian Bible College. In both locations, our preachers not only see a practical application of Christian benevolence, but they are actively involved in working with the children. Through these actions, our students gain practical experience in pure and undefiled religion. How blessed we are that our campuses can serve those in the greatest need and at the same time teach real-life ministry to our students. This year, we purchased 13 new mattresses for the children at Tsumeb, but there is also a need to upgrade the kitchen appliances and to complete the addition of the National Electric Service on the campus of NCBC. Your continued help is what makes these projects possible. We would ask that you join us in the struggle to spread Christianity and to defeat the powers of Islam. Trent H. Wheeler, President, African Christian Schools.

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Drought, Death, and Rescue for Samolians

David Marube
Kakuma Refugee Camp serves refugees who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries due to war or persecution. It was established in 1992 to serve Sudanese refugees, and has since expanded to serve refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Uganda, and Rwanda. We started the journey with my family waving goodbye, and we enjoyed traveling on a road that passes through beautiful mountains with green vegetation. At times we found fog that prevented us from seeing the road clearly. Then we came to a very bad road that made us (and other vehicles) get stuck. As we tried to come out of the mud, our car burst a hose pipe and developed some mechanical problems, prompting us to arrange for a canter to pull it to a nearest shopping center. Determined to continue with the journey, I called for a taxi from Lodwa (some 6 hours driving distance) to come to our rescue. Oh, besides the obvious road hazards, there is insecurity in the area too! In fact, we were advised to hire a Kenya Police Reservist officer for the trip. There is danger from wild animals along the way, and also from marauders who would steal the food we were taking to the refugees. The security officer will go with us to all the places where we will be doing relief. Pray for our safety. I believe God will not leave us to get hurt while helping feed His people. Because of the dangers in the area where we had the break-down, we had to stay close to our security officer as we waited for the other taxi. Well, it got to a point I had to hold the machine gun too! If you think I am holding a toy then you are greatly mistaken! The taxi finally came, and we proceeded with the journey to arrive in Lodwa. Life in the semi-arid desert environment is rather challenging. The area has always been full of problems: dust storms, high temperatures, poisonous spiders, snakes, and scorpions, outbreaks of malaria, cholera, and other hardships. Due to their legal situation and local environmental conditions, refugees are largely unable to support themselves with income-generating activities. The semi-arid climate is illsuited to agriculture, while restrictions on employment deter refugee jobseeking. Those who work with NGOs receive a small incentive payment for their work, but incentive staff represent only a fraction of the refugee population. The lack of health and education opportunities are hard to imagine, even to us who live in other parts of Kenya. One spot of beauty in the area is the women who weave beautiful baskets from a palm-type plant. This is one thing the women can do to try and earn a few shillings. Unfortunately, there is very little market for the baskets in such a remote area. The only spot to sell them is in the town of Lodwar and that can be 10 to 85 kilometers away for many people, and not many buyers drive through there anyway. Many women will start a walk into town in the dark hours of the night only to be cut off by someone who offers to buy their basket for nearly nothing. That person ends up taking it into town to sell it for more, and the artist is left with almost nothing for hours of work.
Goodbye, Daddy! Be safe!

Drought in Turkana and Malnourished Children

You read about them in newspapers
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Churches in French Africa

Doyle Kee
A year ago, Doyle Kee made a third trip to Bujumbura, Burundi. He, along with Brady Smith from Lausanne and Angel Panzano from Geneva, flew from Switzerland to conduct seminars and counsel leaders of a developing restoration movement in the Tanganyika Lake region. There are two churches in Uvira, DRC, which is about two hours from Bujumbura, Burundi. Four others have started to the south in the area of Fizi. There are four or five churches in the region of Goma. These are areas where there is much rebel activity and where many atrocities have been committed, even on Christian women. From the beginning of this restoration movement, no foreign money has been used for salaries or buildings. Barry Baggott and Doyle Kee send French printed materials to help with the teaching. This is in additon to a rapidly growing number of French WBS students in both Burundi and the eastern DRC region from Goma to Fizi. World Radio supports three broadcasts out of Bujumbura. These are in French, Kirundi, and Swahili. Other projects have developed in the Central French African countries such as a Bible school in Kinshasa, DRC, a large building complex in Kigali, Rwanda, and evangelism among Congolese refugees along the southern DRC/Tanzania border. The development in Burundi and the eastern Congo region, however, is unique because as we know no money from outside the country is fueling the growth except through Bible correspondence courses and printed materials in French and some in English.
Doyle Kee, Geneva, Switzerland:

In January 2011, over 120 people gathered in Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to acknowledge what God is doing to increase His Kingdom on the eastern frontier with Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. Through French World Bible School activity and follow-up serminars, there has been significant growth of the church in this central part of Africa. Barry Baggott and Doyle Kee have made trips to Burundi and Rwanda with other brothers from Geneva to follow up on Bible correspondence course students.

The Malawi Project . . .

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Where Is all the Stuff?

Moving our gaze to the right and the center of the room, three shelves comes into view. Several small cans and bottles seem to litter the shelves, and two pairs of shoes are hanging somehow from them. To the right are four plastic bags. These apparently contain more of the personal possessions of the ten to twelve family members who use this as a living room, dining room, and bedroom. In the corner stands another single bamboo mat used for sitting and sleeping. This is apparently the other bed, and if we are correct, this means about four to six of the family members must sleep on this single mat. It is enlightening just to view this single room. So much can be seen about Malawi, and the suffering of her people, in just this one room. As we step into the next room, it is evident it does not have much more than the last one. Near the outside door are two old wooden platforms lying on something near the door. Elias raises them up and smiles as we all look down on a

couple of buckets of water. This will serve as their drinking water, bathing water, and water used for cooking. Someone has walked far, to a distant well or to the river, in order to get this water and none of it will be wasted. No one would ever think about throwing the remaining part of it out. Do we in America know how to appreciate our blessings?
Dick and Suzi Stephens:

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East London, South Africa

Chris du Preez
We are so blessed and are excited to serve God and the church. Since our last report much has happened and we would like to share some of these wonderful things with you. Life on the roads in South Africa is becoming more and more unsafe. According to statistics, the most dangerous highway in South Africa is the one between East London and Kokstad. More than 1500 people lost their lives on South African roads during December and January. So please keep on praying for the safety for the workers in this part of the world. The Eastern Cape Province, where we live, is the poorest in the country and is also one of the worst governed provinces in South Africa. All we can do is to pray for those in power, and share the Gospel with whom we can. and the pipeline would not be there for another four years. Water is being carted in by trucks at this stage. So, we are back to the drawing board, hoping to find something more suitable and much closer to town, or in town itself. The issue of land allocation and redistribution is a very sensitive one in South Africa at this time. The ANC government is in the process of reallocating land from white farmers to black farmers. Farm murders and attacks are on the rise. Since the beginning of January, six farmers were murdered. Since 1994 when the ANC were voted into government, more than 3000 white farmers have been murdered in over 10,000 attacks on their farms. There have been 40 farm attacks in the last three months.


At the end of December, we hooked our camper and headed towards Port Elizabeth (PE), where I was one of the speakers at the end of the year Gospel Workshop. We set up camp at a place called Addo, near the Addo Elephant National Park. There we met up with Gills brother from PE who was also camping there for a day. The following day we met up with Gills parents and her older brother who was visiting from New Zealand. It was great for us and the children to spend time with the family. Off course ,we took some trips through the Addo National Park and saw some amazing animals again, including jackals, hyenas, and lions. Other than the normal humdrum of life, fixing things that break (such as computers, stoves, fridges, washing machine, and dishwasher), raising children and keeping house, we are still keeping on keeping on. Crime in this country is escalating, and the politicians are getting more and more corrupt.


During the days of 28-30 December, we traveled to Port Elizabeth for the workshop. The fellowship with the brethren from all over South Africa was incredibly uplifting. The theme of the workshop was Lifting Up Christ. The lectures were of a very high quality and very encouraging. At the end of the workshop it was suggested that the next one be hosted in East London. During January and early February we met with most of the area churches to discuss the feasability of such a workshop in the area. The date has been set for 2730 December 2012.


At the beginning of November ,brother Bill Eliott from Sunset International Bible Institute spent a week with us teaching the book of Galatians. We ended the year with five full-time students, and they finished the final exams in December.
Chris duPreez:


For now we have had to put the plans for this project on hold, due to disputes concerning tribal lands. Besides those issues, there is no water available on the land,


Global Harvest

Open Air Preaching at Auchi Polytechnic Campus

Sylvester Imogoh
We had a great opportunity to teach and preach the saving message of Christ in the campus of the Federal Polytechnic Auchi in Etsako West county, Edo State, Africa. Auchi is the headquarter of Etsako West county and is located along the Okene-Benin Express road. As a Federal Polytechnic, the school runs both regular and part time programs. And from both sections, there is an average of 30,000 to 35,000 students at a given time in the campus community. That is a large community to reach with the Gospel! There are two congregations in Auchi town, and a third congregation on the campus. This one is made up predominantly of young people who are students, plus a few who are staff and relatives of staff. The preacher of the campus congregation, brother Ayo Mark Dada, is a lecturer in the school and a native of Ososo village here in our county. Preaching the Gospel in Etsako area as a whole, and in Auchi community in particular, has presented a number of challenges. The religion of Islam dominates in that environment, and Catholicism dominates among those who profess faith in Christ. Between these two religious groups, it is difficult to say precisely which is harder to reach with the Gospel. The campus community has its pressures on morality and right living. There is high incidence of cultism, violence, and immorality on Nigerian campuses. I have a good impression of the preacher and the campus congregation for their faith, zeal, and stand for the truth in such circumstances. The congregation is growing and active. It participates in evangelism and our monthly leadership seminars, and has embarked on a building project that is near roof work stage. Brethren have done these openair evangelism programs for several years. This year, the two topics were Religious Authority and Worship. I spoke the first day, and brother Onuora Osita spoke the last day. Osita is a young and dynamic preacher from the Okoh congregation in Warri-Delta State The preaching takes place in the pavilion a place prepared for such public talks, located between the hostel buildings. The loud speakers were spread around, taking the messages far. The church had invited brethren from other congregations, so as the speaker was going on with his message, the brethren spread themselves around, armed with tracts and WBS sheets. They went everywhere, sharing tracts and signing people on, and directing attention to where the church meets on the campus. I brought almost all the tracts we used in this program, and I can say that we distributed not less than 5,000 on those two days. We did not have any one who was immediately ready to obey Christ in water baptism, but the preacher assured me that they have had several converts from previous efforts like this. There were some good questions, and some already asked directions to the church meeting place. For each day, I went with a bus load of brethren from our county. Diesel [fuel for the van] is so expensive right now. There cannot be space to contain the reports of work we do through this mission outreach. Sometimes i send my follow-up reports and other efforts through email. Some of my WBS correspondents do not have emails, so I send them reports through the mail. We have started a round of quiz competitions among the WBS students in the schools. We have already conducted quizzes in four places. For each school, we need to give out at least 20 Bibles as awards for the participants. We also sign up many more students for the courses during the competitions. We need more Bibles! Key To The Kingdom Broadcasts I take the calls and respond to requests from the KTTK TV and Inspirational Broadcasts. These broadcasts are made and supported by the church in Clovis, NM. I have sent out free Bible courses to 16 new correspondents, while continuing to have a growing list from previous broadcasts and their referrals. I also have several requests for Bibles from the correspondents from this KTTK program.
Sylvester A Imogoh:

A Commentary on Hebrews J.C. and Betty Choate

Verse-by-verse study of the book, with emphasis on the role of Christ in our salvation. Questions follow each chapter, making it ideal for adult Bible studies. $5.00, plus shipping. Call 662-283-1192

World Bible School

The World Bible School continues to be a thriving ministry for evangelism.

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Drought, Death, and Rescue for Samolians

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and view them on TV. I was with them when I distributed food to 300+ children at Makwamekwi Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp. I was hosted in the IDPs Manyata Hall where I was given

opportunity to address them, as their chair person interpreted my message in their native language. I told them about the love of God that caused Him to give His only son to die on the cross so we can be saved. I told them there are Christians who also loved them enough that they decided to give so their children can get food, most of whom are not only hungry but also sick. Lodwa is dry, hot and dusty! I found it very sacrificial to be here, but it helped to experience what others are experiencing. Then I could know there are things in life I take for granted. In a second trip to help the refugees, I came to Turkana (a 2-day journey) to feed the hungry children in that settlement of the Kakuma Refugee Camp, in Internally Displaced Persons camps, in the poor rural villages, and in Lodwar District Hospital. Some BIG hearted brothers and sisters in America donated money for the food. Christians in my home congregation (Nyamue) also gave the little they could afford. Turkana is one of the harshest places of habitation on earth. Residents there lack water, pasture and other natural resources. These scarcities restrict the Turkanas ability to grow their livestock herds and to engage in nonlivestock activities such as agriculture. Infrastructure in Turkana is minimal. There is one paved road in the entire vast area. Healthcare is poor: an estimated 50% of the population suffers from water-borne diseases related to a lack of clean water. Education is limited, giving way to the necessities of existence, such as tending to livestock, walking for miles each day in search of water and fuel. Only 15% of females are literate. Nutrition is terrible, with acute child malnourishment rates as high as 35% and chronic malnourishment prevalent. Child mortality until age five is one in three.

Tragically, these are refugees. This harsh and hostile area of Kenya was their place of escape from worse threats. Under what kind of challenges do you live? Be thankful...
David Marube:


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Developments in Pakistan
Asghar Ali
of Christ and the signs of the end of the world. We explained to him that these chapters were about the signs before the destruction of the temple. We asked him, According to what would the world be judged? He said, according to the faiths they follow, as he was taught in the college at Sahiwal. He referred to Romans 2:11,12. We explained that the whole world would be judged by Christ and referred him to Acts 17:30, 2 Corinthians 5:10, and John 5:27, 28. At the close of our meeting, we invited him to come to our place for Bible study, for which he promised that he would let us know by a phone call. On the 23rd of November Eric and his wife came to our place in our absence. The same day in the evening I rang him up and told him that he should have given me a call before coming to avoid inconvenience and disappointment. Finally, the Bible study was started with Eric and his wife on the 27th of November. Our second study was on the 2nd of December. Since that day we have been regularly studying together every week for one hour, except for three Fridays because of bad weather. Four copies of the Basic Bible Course books were mailed to Shahid in Hyderabad. This course, in English, was compiled by our late brother, Ira.Y. Rice, Jr. I translated all these twentyseven lessons into Urdu, our national language, and got them printed in book form. These materials are being used in our country to teach others the basic truths of the Bible. Obed Arthur is one of our best preachers. He is our first son-in-law, basically a banker. He knows the needs of the congregation and addresses those needs. All the church members like him very much. He would, in my judgment, prove a better preacher than me. He receives no monetary help from us. PLAN TO START CORRESPONDENCE BIBLE COURSES: We offer four correspondence couses, two in English and two in Urdu. Through these lessons, we are mailing out Bible-centered literature to a lot of people, and in this way we are able to reach out to those we cannot otherwise reach. Please pray for this effort. BLESSED WITH 12TH GRAND CHILD: On the 14th of December, our youngest daughter was blessed with a daughter, and that made us the grandparents the 12th time. On the same day, Jennifer, wife of Shahid our preacher in Hyderabad, Pakistan was blessed with a daughter. Please pray for both of these mothers and their daughters. $28,000 is still needed for the church building: Through our September/October, 2011 newsletter we appealed to all of you to help us buy a piece of land for the building, but so far we have not heard from any of you. We are mailing our newsletter to more than 50 churches and individuals. If every one contributes $560, we can have $28,000 very easily, and I believe you can spare that much. Please mail your contributions to our elders. WE OURSELVES ARE WILLING TO CONTRIBUTE $2000 FROM OUR MEAGER LOCAL CONTRIBUTIONS. BRETHREN, LET US PUT FORTH OUR COMBINED EFFORTS TO REACH THIS GOAL, IN A LAND WHERE CHRISTIANITY IS NOW PERSECUTED.
Asghar Ali:

OUR CHURCH ATTENDANCE: Our Church attendance these two months stayed 35-40, and a couple of Sundays it shot up to 45-50. OUR BIBLE STUDIES WITH ERIC IMTIAZ: In our Sept/Oct 2011 report, we made this statement: At times we pitied them and wanted to help them, but had we helped them, we would have been fellowshipping those who were violating the will of Christ, though we are not against teaching those in error as would be clear from our next newsletter. On the 9th of November, both of us along with our daughter Dilnawaz, visited with Eric and his wife at their place and spent 4 hours with them and had lunch with them. About the close of our stay, two ladies and a man came for Eric to pray for them. They had a bottle full of water. Eric wanted me to pray for them but I declined. Eric prayed for them, also prayed for the water to be anointed. When they left, Eric followed them and received some money for offering prayer for them. We studied with him Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 briefly. He had the same idea about these three chapters as most of the denominationals have, that they are about the signs of the second coming

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NIBC Graduation
Earnest Gill
I always appreciate the sacrifices that fellow Christians have made from the beginning of this ministry in Northern India. One brother rightly said that though it may be the beginning, it is great. It boosts the morale of the brethren, and the coming generations will see its fruit. Please be assured that we forget not to give thanks to our God for the great love and sacrifice made for His cause. This lectureship is a part of our training and helping to grow each other, sharing our experiences and encouraging one another this way. Keeping in mind that the preachers wives should also take benefit from this lectureship, as a preacher is crippled without her help, sister Ruth Peyton took the ladies class. Sister Benu assisted her in telling her experience with the truth and the joy of sharing it.

North India Preachers Lectureship

Including brethren Russell G. Bell, Topeka, KS, Bobby Peyton, TN, his wife, sister Ruth Ann, Jerry Bates, Winona, MS, and Dennis Holst, Marysville, KS, there were around 70 people from different states who witnessed the presence of representatives of the congregations of the Lords church in Northern India. All the American brothers spoke in the program. The theme for this years lectureship was the first epistle of John. Six speakers were asked from India: Earnest Gill (Chandigarh), Francis David (New Delhi), Rajendra Chhappani (Maharashtra), Sharnappa (Maharashtra), Peter Singh (Chhattisgarh) and Vinay David (New Delhi). Brother Sharnappa could not attend, due to the ill health of his wife. In his place, brother Dennis spoke.

NIBC Graduates 2012

The more joyous and fruitful part of the lectureship is the graduation Ceremony of the North India Bible College. It gives us tremendous satisfaction that we have been able to train these people for two long years, but at the same time it saddens us when we see the challenges they face in the field. On Friday evening, the 18th day of 2012, we graduated five people from different states. Brothers Kirtan and Rinku Chhatria are from the notorious state of Orissa, one of the states that has banned conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. To convert someone into Christ can bring a sentence in jail for three months and a monetary fine, if not worse. The Lord has been so kind that these young brothers accepted Christ and decided to serve him. Though after going back home they have to face new challenges to defend their faith, yet they are so determined that they have told me that they have prepared their parents to obey the Truth. They ask our prayers and encouragement because they may be boycotted by their society, as we think that they will be pressurized to leave the faith. They may have many kinds of troubles, but they have shown while living here that they will not stop preaching and teaching. Almost the same is the story of brothers Naresh and Baidyanath. They wish to spread the light they have learned here in their hometown in Bihar, another frontier state. All of these brothers have a strong faith, and I trust that our prayers for them will be answered, and that our labour gives fruit when we hear the good reports from these dedicated brothers. Mahananda is another outgoing graduate from NIBC, from Maharashtra state. She loves the Lord and has recommended two new girl students from Maharashtra for the next batch. At the same time, we are also preparing ourselves for incoming students. The next session begins the first week of March. Some people have shown interest but will be able to join only after their exams are over in March. Thank you for your prayers and support and we always lift you in our prayers to the throne of grace.

NIPL delegates of 2012

People of adjoining states, viz., Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, and West Bengal were also in our prayers so that they may also join with us in the work in these mission fields.

Earnest Gill:


Global Harvest

Between India and Sri Lanka

Asveeradam Darla
We send you our Christian love and respects in the name of our wonderful Master Jesus, the Son of God. I had the privilege to meet brother Choate when I was a student in Madras School of Preaching in the 1970s. I have come out of a Hindu family after all the generations of my forefathers only served the idols in ignorance of the knowledge of the true God and His Son. My forefathers were priests in a Hindu Temple. My father was the first man to get some education in an area of 25 villages. He was given opportunity to work as a school teacher in our community. As he was working, he learned about Christ and His Gospel from a Lutheran man from the States. That missonary highly influenced my father, and later he decided to study more about the Bible and Christianity. As a result, he became a Lutheran and was sent to receive some Bible training from Lutheran missionaries. He slowly began testifying of Christs divinity, convincing his people that there is only one God, whose name is Jehovah and that there are no other gods. He preached stories about Jesus and His death on the cross, trying to convince people that they should leave the idols and come to the true God who is their Creator. He converted several men and women in an area of 25 villages, and in about 20 years he established Lutheran Churches in several places. By the time I was born, my father was well established as a busy preacher in the Lutheran mission. When I was 17 years old, I happened to visit a Bible class taught by a missionary of the church of Christ from Albany, Georgia. He was teaching about the plan of salvation, and I noticed he was arguing from Mark 16:16 saying that both belief and baptism are essential for a man to be saved. That teaching made me to think and doubt about my salvation, because I was baptized early in my third month. Immediately, I went to ask my father about my salvation, showing him Mark 16:16. He could not help me and asked me to wait until the missionary came to our place. At that time, our missionary lived in Madras, 120 miles away. Since I could not wait until his coming, I went to Madras and met him, presenting my problem. He said, You are saved. Dont worry. He tried to convince me in so many ways but could not explain Mark 16:16. As I was insisting, finally he got angry at me and threw me out of the house. That was when I doubted for the first time in my life that my religion was biblical. To find true answers for my salvation and for my future life as Christian, I went to several great religious leaders of that day, but no one could help me. I thought if I got proper biblical answers for the truth of my salvation, then I will work to help all the members of all the families in all the churches my father started to come to know the Truth. So, my discovery and hunger for the Truth started from that day onward. I believe that was the time the Lord had caught me to dedicate my life to His Gospel and to His glory. As I was struggling for the Truth, I learned about the school of preaching in Madras, started by the Sunset Church of Christ with their teachers of Sunset School of Preaching, Lubbock, Texas. I was given admission in that School, I became a Christian, and the Lord helped me to understand those teachers like brothers Ed Wharton, Dayton Kessee, Richard Rogers, Bill Hatcher and others. In my four years of training from 1969-1973, I got all hundreds in memory work, in every assignment and in every exam we were given. It was a wonderful opportunity for a poor man like me to have such a great privilege to study at the feet of that high-level men of God and teachers of the Bible. I graduated in 1973 and was offered a job to teach in the school, but I was in a hurry to meet my people. First, I decided to work with my own family and then to reach others. Here also, my Lord helped me to save my father and mother. I baptized them after teaching the true Gospel and the true church. Next, I baptized my brother and several others from my relatives. I began working with the Lutheran Churches in our area. I was able to convert several members. In fact, the Lutheran missionaries came with special programs to keep their members in their churches. In 1974, elders came to Madras from Kilburn Avenue Church of Christ of Rockford, Illinois. They offered me and
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Asveeradam Darla (center) praying with a group after a baptism.

Global Harvest


Don Iverson
But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorr9wful: for he had great possessions (Matthew 19:22). In the preceding verse, Jesus had given a rich young man the option of having his treasures in heaven rather than on earth. The story shows the folly in earthly possessions on which we often focus, and contrasts spiritual, eternal wealth. The account is so applicable in this time of I Phones, I Touches, I Pads and other material objects on which we place so much value. God has provided us with two beautiful campuses in Tamil Nadu, for orphaned children in South India. The children rejoice when, once per week, they are allowed to watch a movie on the television. Food is still a highlight and smiles grace their little faces when they find out they are having their favorite Indian food for dinner. On very rare occasions they are treated to chocolate cake. Recently, as Cathy and I asked about their favorite ice cream flavor, they did not even know what to call the treat they had tasted only a few times in their lives. Some smiled and said they like white ice cream, others preferred brown. They have no toys other than a few balls and cricket bats, yet the campus is filled with laughter. They love playtime and the little games they invent. Only one child, because he is mentally challenged, has a mattress. They sleep on bare concrete floors. Younger children have a cubby-hole, a private spot in which they can keep all of their possessions, most of which would fit into a shoe box. Older boys hang their garments on a row of nails driven into the concrete wall. One-hundred-thirty children awake to morning devotionals. A second devotional is held for the full assembly just prior to departing for school. At that time, they quote their assigned daily memory verse. An hour-long Bible class is taught every evening, just before the scheduled 8 P.M. dinner time. Finally, as they settle into their cottages for the night, one-by-one you hear the last spiritual song and prayer before they close their eyes in sleep. Our children have become a standard among Tamil brethren who sometimes compare spiritual depth of other church members by saying, This person has biblical knowledge like the children at DAI. No gadgets? No electronic games? No designer dolls with designer clothes? They must be miserable, someone might say. No! To the contrary, these abandoned, parentless little guys are some of the happiest children in the world. Though they memorize Luke 12:15, they dont comprehend as well as Westerners the impact felt as we live in opulence, while observing the way they actually live the verse, ... Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a mans life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
Don Iverson:

World Video Bible School

presents a full-length, faith-based movie,

Follow the intriguing story that teaches a beautiful lesson of love and compassion, resulting in the old-fashioned but surprising ending of happy ever after. Copies can be ordered from; Phone: 512-398-5211


Global Harvest

Between India and Sri Lanka . . .

Continued from page 64

several other graduates from Madras School of Preaching financial support and we began working in major cities of our State of Andhra Pradesh. I worked with those brethren until 1985 when I decided to depend on local Christians for my needs, so I requested the elders to discontinue my support. They did not want me to go without their aid, but I had made up my mind to live with less money from the local church rather than with big money from a foreign source because I strongly believed that when a church is developed, the preacher who is helping that congregation with spiritual food has no right to live on another churchs support. I dedicated my life to teach one by one and helped several men get trained to work in their native villages since 1985. I think I had helped more than 400 preachers and congregations before I was given an opportunity to work with World Radio in 2001. The radio work attracted several thousands of listeners, and I have received about 17,500 responses and several more thousands of repeated responses so far. I am struggling with follow-up work because of the heavy number of responses every month. In 2005, World Radio gave me an opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka and start a radio program and evangelism there. Brother Reggie invited me to work with his congregation to help to build up the local church and reach other places in the city of Colombo through that work. Brother Harold and Sister Lilani were also impressed much and encouraged me greatly to work with them in Sri Lanka. As I was building my relationship with them and with the church in Colombo, suddenly brother Reggie passed away, leaving so many problems to the church and to the family,

unsettled. In spite of the war situation in that country, the Lord helped me to travel every month and spend about a week with brother Harold and the congregation, teaching and encouraging in building up the work which brother Choate started in that country. With the radio and personal teachings, brother Harold and I are working together and have converted a good number of souls. As you know, all these years the people suffered with much bloodshed under the emergency situation. Only last month, the Sri Lankan government lifted the country emergency after 30 years of time. I am grateful the Lord has heard the cries of the people of Sri Lanka where they suffered enmity and hatred, resulting in much bloodshed. There was no preaching of the Gospel outside of the Colombo City, the capital during the last 30 years. Last month, I could not go to Sri Lanka, but our work is progressing among many people as brother Thomas and sister Lilani are regularly taking part in different Bible studies. Brother Nimal, brother Kalum, and brother Nihal are supporting and attending studies also. Many brothers and sisters in the Colombo church and

the Vinnapur church are continuously seeking new contacts for Bible study. We also receive a good number of new responses from our radio programs in Sri Lanka. We are trying our best to bring unity among other congregations in Colombo and to educate the youth with more knowledge of the faith. Last month, the Lord helped me to continue teaching different classes in Andhra Pradesh, India where I am building a group of workers for the follow-up work of the good number of responses I have from the radio programs. Every month, I teach preachers training classes in different cities and now we have 140 young

students, mostly graduates and post graduates. For the next two years, we will work with these people to build their faith and train them to preach and teach in their native place and congregations. These places are Nellore, Sri Kalahasti, Vissanna Peta, Nagarjuna Sagar, Yanam, and Vizianagaram. I teach three days in a month regularly in all these places, plus I work in Sri Lanka for 4/5 days every month. We really need your prayers.

A worship service in Colombo.

Aseervadam Darla: aseedarla_

Global Harvest


Continuing Work in South India

S. Rajanayagam
While brother Jerry Bates was with us, we expected about 20 to attend a planned seminar, but 30 men came from various parts of Tamilnadu. Brother Jerry taught First Peter, an indepth study that everyone enjoyed very much. The ones who took part expressed their willingness to have such seminars in the future also. We distributed Bibles to all and some extra to some of the preachers. We have had our 14th Annual Lecturehip in Kangayam, sponsored and paid for by this congregation. It was a good meeting, atended by about 400 from different parts of Tamilnadu and neighbouring State Pondy. People were even sitting in the aisle of the church building, as it was fully packed. Ten brothers spoke on different topics, and everyone did his job well. The gathering represented more than 40 congregations, along with our TV viewers and magazine readers. The theme for the lectureship was Run in such a way that you may obtain it (1 Corinthians 9:24 ). The rest of the work with our team preachers is going well, except with one brother. This young preacher, aged 34, had a massive cardiac arrest a couple of weeks back, and we had to do angioplasty within several days to save his life. This situation took many of my days, and also this involved about $ 3,500, in total. Now, he is discharged and taking rest in Kangayam, waiting for his medical review. Please pray for this poor brother. Jerry helped to print four tracts, and now we are in the work of sending them to different churches and individuals. We thank God for this tool. Above all, we had two baptisms, an old man and a young lady obeyed the Gospel. In addition, four of our TV contacts from Trichy and one magazine reader from Udumalpet, who was a Muslim named Kaja Mohideen, requested yesterday for further study of Gods Word. We had a special meeting last evening, teaching about Christ, salvation, and the church. They stayed overnight here in Kangayam and had another session this morning before the worship service. Benny and one other brother assisted in this work. Then, finally, two of the TV contacts, husband and wife, and the Muslim man obeyed the Gospel. The couple asked me to visit as early as possible, to hold a meeting in their area to preach the Gospel. The Muslim man has no family, and he is interested in teaching the Truth to other Muslims. We want to use him by visiting his place. We need your special prayers for this.
S. Rajanayagam:


Global Harvest

Cyclone in Puducherry, India

Philemon and Kingsly Rajah
Greetings and love from brothers Philemon and Kingsly. Thank you for your love towards the cyclone affected church members. On the 18th and 19th we were in Puducherry, sharing the help you gave for them and also the help from the churches in Madurai. Brother Philemon, Antony, and I went there. Antony and I went by government bus from Madurai, and brother Philemon came from Chennai after TV recording. Brother Philemon represented the help from World Evangelism, Antony from Othakadai congregartions and myself from the Arasaradi congregation in Madurai. One of the preachers of the affected congregation and one of the church members received us, and they gave us breakfast. Then we went to the church building which was the worst affected, and on our request the church members along with the preacher gathered there. It was a tatched roof shed which can accomodate some 120 members, and now the full shed has to be replaced. We gave them a portion of the money from World Evangelism, and they were so happy and thanked you all. The photo is attached as Tiruveni Nagar Church of Christ. They are waiting for the tatching to come from another city, as it is a shortage now. Then we went to a preachers house of another congregation which is also having a large membership of nearly 100. All of them are coolis, masons, stone breakers, etc. Some 21 families lost their homes in full or in part. From inside that preachers house, we were able to see all the daylight (sun) since it was also a tatched roof shed. His name is Anantharaj, and we gave him Rs. 10,000 to replace the roof. His house has three compartments, all of them seperated by tatched roof only and every compartment is of the size, 6 x 8 feet, and small. He was very happy to receive this unexpected help from World Evangelism and thanked us. Apart from these places, we shared the rest of the money with 20 families of the affected church members and they all were happy. Though that is not all the money they need for repairing the houses, they were happy for the help. During this time of giving them money, Antony and I taught them from the book of brother Ady, Evidence That the Bible Is Trustworthy, and they enjoyed the lessons. The affected preacher said they were such good lessons, and he will continue to teach the remainder of the book. Afterward, Antony and I came back to Madurai by government bus, travelling some nine hours, and brother Philemon went back to Chennai to continue the TV recording.
Philemonrajah: philemonrajahpc@ya-

New Delhi, India

Sunny David
As you can see from the photographs, the construction of the meeting place for the church in New Delhi has begun. The court cases brought by Hindus who did not want a church building in their area has been settled, and the construction is underway. It is hoped, the Lord willing, that some time in 2012 we will be able to use the new hall for worship. In the last three months, two books have been printed: Jesus Christ the Eternal Sacrifice by Betty Choate has been translated into the Hindi language and was printed for circulation. The Church of the Bible by J.C. Choate was reprinted.

We continue with local evangelism, the printing of the Hindi/English monthly magazines, The Bible Teacher, and supplying DVDs on request.
Sunny David:

Global Harvest


India Harvest
Ricky Gootam
I want to tell you about a workshop we have here in Kakinada. About 150 preachers from different congregations attend every month. I get to teach on various topics. I have been doing a survey on the books of the Old Testament and their historical background. Brother Prasad from the Khamman congregation has been doing a series on how Solomons Temple looked. All the preachers liked the Powerpoint presentation showing how the temple was constructed and the many different materials that were used (1 King 5, 6 and 7 chapters). We gave a few cycles to the preachers. I call them Gospel Chariots. The cost is $80 per cycle. They are very helpful to local preachers in our country. Two men who Some got married, and a few are working in different villages and cities.

Leper Colony at Pedda Puram

Thirty families live in the Leper Colony in Peddapuram. They cant go anywhere to work. They are cured but still dont have fingers, toes, ears, or noses. People are afraid of them, so they dont give them jobs, and that is why they live out of towns. This colony has 60 members. Each and every one is a member of Lords church. They beg for food at the temples or places of worship or anywhere there are people. If they dont get money for that day, they dont eat. They have children, and they send their children to other places as they think they might get leprosy if they stay with them. I was thinking what all they could do to make them selfsufficient, but I couldnt figure out anything. It would cost $47 to feed them one meal for all those 60 people. No one gives them money. I asked my congregation this month if we could supply 100 Kgs of rice per month. All our congregation was excited to send one rice bag every month. We hope we can continue. This will at least provide a few meals for them. We did four Medical and eye camps in different villages. We had a great turn out in all those places. We gave glasses and did operations on the ones who had problems. All these medical camps are sponsored by local churches and our church in Kakinada, India. We had seven baptisms because of these medical camps, and a lot started to come to worship.
Ricky Gootam:

received cycles are Raju and Ranga Rao. They have been preachers for many years. Brother Ranga Rao works in a place called Gollavallie. Brother Raju is from the Tuni area. Both have congregations averaging 60 members and they have been faithful for more then 20 years. We have our regular Gospel meetings in various villages all over the state. Congregations invite my father and me to speak at their meetings. We got to open two new church buildings in one of the Island villages called Lanka. They dont have roads to those places, as it is an island, so we had to go by boat. In the last four weeks, we had eight baptisms in various villages. This month one of our tutors/teachers for our childrens home, Mr. Srinu, was baptized. I have been studying with him for the past year. He is a great blessing to our work in Kakinada. We have about 80 kids in our childrens home. Some of our older boys have gone out into the real world.


Global Harvest

Purpose and Vision

David Nance FTI: Fleming Tarpidu Institute (Boys Campus) DVM: Devuni Varamu Mission (Girls Campus)
Childrens Homes of Purpose and Vision: Construction Nearing Completion! The work that you support and pray for is making progress! As of this writing, Michael Hughes is in India, pressing the work of F.T.I. and D.V.M. Michael has been in India for a couple of weeks and is reporting that we have made amazing progress on the construction of the D.V.M. (Gift of God) girls campus in Tallapudi! The first cottage where our girls will be given a home is at the 95% complete stage. A few more details need to be taken care of. A bore hole for water has been drilled on site. This will furnish all the water needs for all of the cabins we are able to build (by Gods grace and with your generous help). Michael is also in the process of selecting the staff for the new D.V.M. campus. As you might imagine, this process is very important to the success of this ministry. This selection process takes quite a lot of time, since the background of each person must be thoroughly looked into. Michael also needs to evaluate, as much as possible, how well any person will be able to work with the other staff people. Of course, all of our staff are Christians, with Christian families. They are also, as the Bible says, not novices. Only a strong commitment to diligence will bring this ministry to its full potential. Every member of F.T.I. and D.V.M. is absolutely committed and diligent! And, of course, Michael is in the process of locating the girls who will be brought into D.V.M. this spring. There is so much in the way of details in making this ministry happen. We thank you for your dedication to Christ and this work. Your prayers and contributions are changing lives, now, in the future, and forever! Please continue to pray for us! Please continue to support us! Please continue to talk about this mission to good brothers and sisters that you know! We cannot tell you how important it is that brothers and sisters like you help us bring in more supporters. And, of course, as our ministry grows, so does the need for more financial support to sustain these children! The special Purpose and Vision of this mission is not only to rear children to be Christians, but to empower them as member-leaders who will one day empower their churches to be fully autonomous and self-supporting! That is why evangelism continues to be a major focus of the Purpose and Vision work, and specifically to do that work with the children of F.T.I. and D.V.M. througout the time that the Lord has given them into our care! And, He has given them into your care, which you have graciously accepted through your prayers and support. As we move forward, we want to pray for you as John prayed for Gaius: Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers (3 John 2).
iServeHim - Dave Nance & Jeff Phillips:

David Nance, Michael, and the orphan boys, in front of a Hindu god.

Global Harvest



Philip Biak Lian
What a great joy it is for me to have this opportunity to greet you and wish you the best in this new year (calendar). I hope and pray that everyone is fine and has made strong resolutions for the coming months. Without exception, we all experienced some good things and bad things in 2011, but we have entered into another year that offers hope and expectation of better things. I do not pray for a problem-free life, which does not exist in this world, but I pray for the strength to keep on living as long as the Lord allows and striving for Him, until we go to the way which has no return. I do not like all the things that happened to me and I do not feel satisfied when I look back 2011 but, at the same time, I realize how good is our God and what great things He has done through you and me, His servants. I would like to mention some of my involvements in the past year. On January 4, 2011, our independence day, one sister, Saung Saung, was baptized into Christ for her independence from the slavery of sin. I was able to witness and helped in her baptism. It was a good beginning of the year. On January 22, some brethren from Pasir Panjang Church of Christ in Singapore, led by elder Simon Goh and deacon Paul, conducted VBS for the children and had Bible study for the adults for one day at our school campus, Hmaw Bi, Yangon. As far as my knowledge is concerned, that was the first time to have VBS at our place, and I am persuaded that it would be helpful for the church if we can continue. Six trips were made to Laputta, the Delta area, to preach the Gospel to the lost and to encourage the new brethren to grow in the faith. All of them were Buddhist, traditionally, and they are not accustomed to worship every week. Learning the new way is difficult for them, but not impossible. I believe they will grow, as we all are. On March 6 to 13, we had a seminar with the Laputta group, led by brother Bill McDonough in Yangon, renting Catholic Quarter. There were about forty students, and seven persons obeyed the Gospel of Christ. We sat at the feet of brothers Bob Buchannan and Ken Wilkey, who are working in the Philippines. From March 21 to April 22, we had our first school session in theyear, which is a part of brother Wayne Barrier's ministry, under the oversight of the Double Springs church in Alabama, USA. We always have two classes, one for the advanced students, led by visiting teachers, and one for the new students, led by the local teachers. Eight persons obeyed the Gospel of Christ during the school session, and one person received a certificate of completion for the regular class. In order for a person to receive this certificate, he/she must attend continually four sessions at our school and complete all the books of the Bible and related subjects. From April 26 to May 1, 2011, we had Youth and Children Camp at Kaley, upper Myanmar, with about 130 people. This was our first time to have such activities, and we learn as we work. It was fun and uplifting for the churches around Kaley to get together in such activities. It was a great joy because on the last night, at the last hour, six persons accepted the invitation and were baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins. One surprising thing happened to me in June, 2011. Brother Bill invited me to visit Nias, Indonesia where I saw the great work of brother Dennis Cady. There are many things that we can adapt into our country if we have the resources, and mostly I am being encouraged by the faith and the work of brothers in other countries. Another opportunity that I had in 2011 was attending the fiftieth Asian Mission Forum in Chiangmai, Thailand from July 30 to August 3, by the courtesy of some brethren from the Pasir Panjang church in Singapore. It was wonderful to see how the churches work individually and collectively. I felt a little strange as I was new to such activities but greater joy I got from meeting some familiar people from different countries, and mostly I enjoyed the lessons that were taught by experienced brothers. That helped me look at things in a greater perspective. I pray that I can participate many more times in the future. From July 7 to 11, 2011, I traveled with brothers Daniel Hamm and Jeff to Pyay and had Bible studies there. They taught some great lessons, and one person accepted the Gospel call and was baptized into Christ. I believe that the brethren were encouraged by this effort. We hope and pray that this good work will continue. From September 4-11, 2011, we had another seminar with Laputta group, at the Blind School, Yangon, under brother Bill's leadership. Brothers Russel Bell and John ONeal, missionaries in India, taught the subjects of How to Build Self-supporting Churches and other topics. Two persons obeyed the Gospel of Christ through that effort. From October 21 to November 22, our second school session was held and two persons responded to the Gospel call. Two others received their complete certificate of Advanced class, and one person received her complete certificate of Regular class. Praise be to God for His great might and wonderful works that He has done through His people who allowed themselves to be used by Him. I witnessed twenty-seven baptisms in the year 2011. I pray for the steadfastness and growth of these new Christians. I personally express my deep gratitude to those who have been the hands of God in meeting my needs.
Philip Van Biak Lian:


Global Harvest

Update on Viet Nam

Jeremy Barrier
Imagine for just a moment that one were contemplating the construction of a new home on a piece of property. In order to do this, there are many different aspects that need to be considered. First, a plan needs to be formulated. Once a plan has been developed, then one would need various materials, resources, supplies, and skilled labor to carry out the plan. Such is the case in Vietnam. For all practical purposes, if one looks at the church of Christ through the lens of the construction metaphor, the church in Vietnam has part of a foundation, and little else. I am aware of half a dozen various efforts that are being made to help the church in Vietnam to grow, and I pray that all of them will be successful. For instance, I am aware of medical campaigns from Cambodia that are being considered; a mission team moving to Hanoi; various projects in Ho Chi Minh City; and other efforts targeting more rural areas. For my part, I am reporting on some of the things I know about and some of the efforts by the Christians in that country. For the most part, my knowledge of the church in Christ in Vietnam has been of the Christians in the southern part of the country. I, along with Barry Smith (from Madison, AL) was able to visit several churches in and around Ho Chi Minh city. While we were there, we were excited to witness Naveen Daniel, a young Indian Christian living and working in Hanoi, lead a young lady to Christ. This constitutes the establishment of the church in Hanoi as these two young souls will be Necessary for long hours of Bible study in Vietable to worship together. nam (Hot Green tea, sugar, glasses, and a Bible). In addition to these new efforts in the north, we (Barry and I) were able to offer the last portion of the Spring session of leadership/ Christian training classes to the members gathered there in Ho Chi Minh City. Classes spanned throughout March and April with teaching being offered by Seigfried and Patti Bill, Les Bernard, Jun Arcilla, Barry Smith, and myself. Tentative plans were made for further training Students in a leadership training program. programs, along with a minor printing Vietnamese translations of medical campaign. Attempts will several books and correspondence continue to be made courses that can be used for evangelism to invite members of follow-up and mass evangelism. Last, the church from all but not least, we are continuing to over the country. One move forward to a time in the near exciting feature of the future when we will begin to broadcast work is the combined the Gospel by radio into Vietnam. efforts of Singaporean, Concrete plans are being made to Filipino, and American advance all of these efforts, however Christians who are all I will leave out the details in order to working in unison to remain discrete. If anyone desires to help strengthen the gather more information, please email church in this country. me and let me know. Plans are also being made to begin Jeremy Barrier: Part of the group studying the Bible.

Global Harvest


News from around I ndo n e s i a

Colin McKee
Colin and Ellen McKee

also teaches with Daniel through video conferencing. It is also my privilege to teach these students in classes and seminars when we are in Indonesia.

Darmawangsa Congregation This church, located in the humongous capitol city of Indonesia has recently been able to buy two apartments in a brand new complex. These apartments are being combined to make a multipurpose facility that will include a large room for worship and smaller rooms for other activities to serve the church and community. Having a permanent facility owned by the church which meets in the heart of the capital city of the fourth largest nation in the world with the worlds largest Muslim population is an exciting development for the churches of Christ in Indonesia. This congregation has been meeting in a facility which they were able to rent for only a couple of hours each Lords Day. We feel this will mean so much to the growth and outreach of the church there.


Selayang I Congregation Brother Tuloasa Ndruru, the minister for the Selayang I (formerly called Suka Baru) congregation in Medan reports 14 baptisms in recent months and a number of Bible studies. The attendance at the church there has increased by 20+ since they have moved into their new building. The members there are very excited to finally have a place to worship which is owned by the church.
Colin McKee:

Baptism in Bekasi.

Baptism in Medan.

Brother Daniel Setiabudi reports several baptisms in Bekasi since our last Global Harvest report. He continues a weekly, live radio program each Sunday night. This program has a wide listening audience throughout the JABODETABEK area of Java and generates hundreds of Indonesian language World Bible School students and many students who study the Bible with Daniel using the World English Institute lessons. Steve Cate

Apartment complex where Darmawangsa congregation has purchased two apartments.

Bible retreat in North Sumatra.

Darmawangsa congregation

Bible training class in Nias.


Global Harvest

Earthquake Damage in the Philippines

Luis Cusi
What have we done for the earthquake victims? We had to move fast with the conditions in the earthquake stricken areas fragile and precarious. We sent funds on day one to help brethren who were injured by the earthquake, together with funds to buy food and water for our brethren. There is a large population of Christians in the affected areas, and many responsible brethren in the area who can be trusted with funds. The mayor of Tayasan town is a brother in Christ Wayne Sameon, younger brother of Dodoy. I also sent out an appeal to help rebuild the church buildings that were totally damaged by the earthquake. A water system has been set up from funds collected by Salvador Cariaga. News in media of the earthquake in Negros and the plight of the people in Negros has been downplayed, with very minimal coverage. Our people are disaster-weary (especially from the Philippines). We are among the 10 most disaster hit countries in the world, and we cannot handle this all by ourselves. The churches that were damaged are pretty much well identified. What I know are the ones in Ayongon, Balaskog, Matauta, Tayasan, Jimalalud, plus I heard there are a couple more in the mountains. We were with a young man Rizal (whose niece was killed in the quake) a couple of days, and I have asked him to go around to identify houses in Jimalalud that were damaged either partially or totally. He is doing a good job, and I told him that this information would be helpful for others who will be interested in rebuilding houses. Our primary concern now is helping rebuild the houses of brethren and, once done, help rebuild the chapels. For now, we are also making a survey of damaged houses in Tayasan, and once we get the information on the extent of damage and number of brethren who need help, we will apportion the funds that have been entrusted to us. We also did two sessions of psycho-social debriefing with children yesterday and today. First we had 50 children aged 4-16, and today we had 173 students aged 5-13. We had a blast and were blessed doing this, and the kids had a lot of fun. We also helped install a water purifying station in Guihulngan and Matauta (Tayasan) with the group from Salvador Cariaga. We hope to continue this as we go along and as doors are opened. In all these things, our agenda is to encourage and strengthen the brethren, and to lead those who are not yet in the family to new life in Christ.

Photographs of two of the twenty damaged church buildings; teaching victims of the earthquake.

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Global Harvest


Earthquake Damage in the Philippines

Continued from page 74 Yes, we have been quite busy since January. I am amazed how God is directing us; last November I thought that 2012 would be a quiet year for us and had set my mind on preparing for a Stateside visit in May and our annual MARCH mission in June. But it has been busy, busy since January 1. As the earth shakes and groans, doors are being opened for us to minister to a hurting, suffering and bewildered people. I often wonder what lesson we should learn. Why is it that we work hardest when there is tragedy? Or why do people give when there is tragedy, but do not help when we say we would like to do some evangelism? Regardless of the answer, I welcome the opportunity that disasters give us to share the love of Jesus at this very difficult time. In Mindanao, where thousands of families are still homeless and waiting to be relocated after floods washed out riverside communities and killed thousands, so far there have been 34 baptisms. Today, another four souls have decided to follow Jesus, making it 38 and counting. God is leading us to men and women of peace as the number of the saved continues to rise. From the funds given for this work, we are distributing food packs, hot food, and medicines to the flood survivors, and as we have done this ,we have been able to develop friendships and trust. We praise God that He is guiding and leading us to all these good people whose hearts have been softened and waiting for the message to be preached to them. Please pray for the Day Care Center we are setting up at one of the relocation sites. MARCH for Christ is one of the few organizations that has been accepted by the Jesuit-run Xavier University in the Ecoville relocation site. The village council is meeting this afternoon to deliberate on our offer to provide teachers and materials for the center. In addition to the day care center, they are studying our offer to install Bio-filters from Shepherds Hill for the supply of potable water. About 560 families will be housed in this relocation site. In Negros, I am waiting for the survey that our brethren are conducting to identify all brethren whose houses have been damaged, classifying them as either partially, badly, or totally. We will allocate funds that have been entrusted to MARCH for the rebuilding of houses accordingly. Several church buildings have also been damaged. When we visit Negros again, we will talk with church leaders about repairing/rebuilding these buildings and using the church grounds as relief and counseling centers. Let us keep these efforts in our prayers. We have noticed and seen for ourselves how open the people are to the Gospel. There have also been some key people converted, who are leading others to study Gods Word with us. And the word is we need more preachers!!!!
Luis Chito Cusi:

Booksthe Bookstore at: You Need!!! Check
Jesus Christ the Eternal Sacrice: A 13-week study, designed for teen-agers, showing the depth of Gods love for us, in the great sacrice of Christ. $8.00 Jesus Christ the Eternal Sacrice: The 13-week adult study of the same theme, awakening students to the magnitude of Gods love for His children. $6.00 The Life of a Missionary: Study Pauls life as a missionary from a new perspective, learning how the church today can emulate his divinely inspired methods. $6.00 The Last Groan of a Dying Church An extremely helpful study of involvement for congregations that are losing numbers and facing closing the doors. $6.00

The Secret to Waking Up the Pew Potatoes: A second type of study for those who are looking for remedies to turn things around for dying congregations. $6.00

Order from:

World Evangelism Publications P.O. Box 72 Winona, MS 38967 662-283-1192


Global Harvest

The Missing Link in the Philippines

Prissy Sellers
This years mission trip began as Matthew and I arrived in Manila the first week in January. The rest of the team was to arrive later in the month, but Matthew and I needed to begin working on the Missing Link Kits, so we arrived earlier to do that. In order to pinch every penny we can, we do all of the work for the kits ourselves. That means, we make all the copies, assemble the workbooks, bind all of the booklets, purchase the teaching supplies, the uniforms, cabinets, tables, chairs, TVs, DVD players, Bible curriculum, academic curriculum workbooks, prepare the Friendship Evangelism workbooks, design the banners, etc. So we have stacks of materials everywhere while assembling these kits for congregations. the Manila, Cebu, and Davao areas this coming school year.

Childrens Tutorial Teachers

We have been blessed with incredible teachers for the newly developed Childrens Tutorials. Each congregation supplies their own teachers and helpers. We have several retired teachers, preachers wives, and a retired school principal who are now actively involved in the teaching programs. One tutorial is handled by 3 widowed senior citizens. Another is staffed with young men from the nearby preachers training school. Not only are the teachers involved in the program, but the preachers are always on hand to help with Bible studies with the parents, and others in the congregation gather around just to give a helping hand. Indeed, the churches have come alive with this program. There seems to be something for everyone to do. Jonathan is a local preacher who works with two congregations. He and his wife handle the tutorial at one of the congregations in the morning for two hours, then ride an hour on their motorcycle to the second tutorial and teach two hours in the afternoon, then ride back home. Now that is dedication!!!

Sorting stacks of materials.

This year we arrived in the Philippines with donated funds for three kits to be installed in local Filipino congregations. However, because we cut every corner possible and worked with each congregation to see what they could do to help with their own kit, we were able to install 11 kits to be used by 11 congregations when their school year begins. Adding the Tutorials that are already in session this year, there will be a total of 20 Childrens Tutorials being taught by teachers from 20 local congregations in

Teaching, Teaching, and more Teaching..

Of course, our primary purpose for doing missions is to teach. We offer our services to congregations while we are in their area. This trip we had scheduled a week long Womens Enrichment Seminar, a Marriage Seminar, a seminar dealing with nurturing children, several chapels for the tutorials, etc. We are involved in many one-on-one personal Bible studies, some of which are with the

parents and relatives of the tutorial children. When the parents register their children, they agree to avail themselves of Bible study and to attend at least two of the four worship services per month. When we teach the parents, we tell them that we offer their children an education of excellence. We impress upon them that academic education is only part of that; the other part is spiritual education. We praise God for those who have already been added to Gods Kingdom through their obedience to His Word. Some of our work is done in the very poor areas. This year we participated in two feeding programs. Over 700 children were fed. We were all touched by the look of satisfaction on their faces as they ate their bowls of porridge. As you would guess, the Philippine economic situation is not good at all, so, it is a positive thing when we can help out with a medical mission. The patients treated are all from the area around the church building, so the Christians have opportunity to interact with them. Livelihood programs are always encouraged to help the local citizens provide for their own. In one of the areas where we have a tutorial, one of the workers has begun a mushroom business. WOW! I was so impressed! Mushrooms are ready for harvest in just 25 days and can produce anywhere from 3-10 months, with very little overhead! This brother has employed several of the parents of the tutorial children. Two of the mothers were baptized while we were there visiting. Here Christianity is put into action in a real way. Thank you, Lord for mushrooms!!
Prissy Sellers:

Global Harvest


Boxes of Books from World Evangelism to the Philippines

Salvador Cariaga
A few months ago, Dr. Al Mikell of Oklahoma Christian University came to the Philippines to assemble and teach the locals how to make inexpensive, but effective bio-filters. He stayed in a native hut while doing his work. He conducted Bible studies and preached when asked, which was almost every day. His trip there blessed many lives and provided clean drinking water for a village.

Attached are pictures of local preachers receiving materials from World Evangelism. I have given them to churches in the disaster areas. While giving away food and water, we are

Salvador Cariaga distributing books and magazines to Philippine preachers.

also giving them religious materials. Most have lost everything, including Bibles and religious books. Your materials could be their first book to start all over with. Thank you for your ministry. I pray that many souls will be saved and churches will be started through this.

When the disaster in Southern Philippines struck last month, water became a major need. Tens of thousands were left with out water, much less, clean drinking water. Little did Dr. Mikell realize that the people he taught in Cebu would be coming to Cagayan de Oro City and helping the disaster victims with the knowledge that he taught. Dodong Cabarles is now assembling bio-filters and teaching others how to do the same. Soon, we hope hundreds of these affordable natural filtration systems will be duplicated all over the country. They will not only save lives, but save money as well. People, especially the poor, do not have money to buy expensive drinking water, not at ten cents a gallon.
Salvador Cariga:


Global Harvest

Recovery from Earthquake in Japan

Dwight Albright
The Lords church responded generously to the needs in Japan after the earthquake and resulting tsunami. 2011 proved to be a year of disasters, in Japan, in Haiti, in the U.S., in the Philippines, and many other places. Thus far in 2012, the pattern continues. The only bright spot about such tragedy is that a growing realization of the need for God often develops, and hearts are opened by the outpouring of the love and compassion of other humans, and especially of fellow-Christians. The Park Avenue Church of Christ of Memphis, Tennessee has served as the bridge between American Christians who wanted to help with the emergency and the victims of the disaster. As a former missionary to Japan, I have worked to coordinate efforts with Christians in that country. We continue to get some funds for the recovery effort, though it is much decreased from at first. There is still quite a bit of need in the area.

Jonathan Straker and his family have moved into the Ishinomaki area. They will be there for two years, supported by Healing Hands International. We hope to visit with them later this year when we make our annual trip to Japan. Here is a newspaper article showing the improvement after eleven months of clean-up ( news/article-2099811/Eleven-months-tsunami-earthquakeravaged-Japan-new-pictures-incredible-progress-multibillion-pound-clear-up.html#ixzz1obDU4NiZ). These pictures illustrate how, in some cases, homes had to be pulled down as part of the rebuild, while in other areas piles of cars, rubbish, and even planes and boats needed to be hauled away. Further south, the tsunami also touched off a nuclear crisis when it slammed into the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, forcing about 100,000 people to leave their homes. Disposing of all the debris an estimated 23 million tons was a huge headache but authorities have been working tirelessly to clean up the mess left by the chaos.
Dwight A. Albright:

Global Harvest


Update on Pacic Broadcast

Randy and Sharon English
In this special update, we are focusing on how God has greatly blessed the progress of His work in the Pacific Islands, through looking to His Word, continuing in His work. There is perhaps no greater example of this than the growth experienced this past year for Pacific Broadcast in reaching the lost with the Gospel. God has blessed us to work together with many wonderful Christians in completing several ongoing projects, each of which plays an important part in our overall mission of reaching remote homes with the Gospel. During this time weve had diligent volunteers to come and give of their time to help with this work. Just recently, Norman Holiday (Killen church of Christ) spent a few weeks working with us. We were able to get much accomplished. Norman came prepared to work, which was evident by the fact that he brought many of the tools we would need for the daily tasks. We started early and worked until late in the evenings. Buzz Toland and Joe Edwards (Bellefonte church of Christ) also came, volunteering their time to help. These faithful Christian laborers, and others too, are working hard to insure the Gospel message goes out to many. Theyve helped to bring us closer to the completion of Phase 1 of the project, in which weve already reached our goal of regularly delivering Bible content for daily radio broadcasts. As we think of those who faithfully serve the Lord and have helped PBN over the past year to reach remote homes with the Gospel, we certainly are thankful for our co-workers, Rocco and Debbie Pierce and their son Robert. The Pierce family made their first visit to PBNs Gaither Mountain facility just a few weeks ago. Rocco got to see first hand some of the things that we had only been able to discuss in the past during planning. Debbie and Sharon got caught up on many things pertaining to the Lords work in American Samoa. Our sons and Robert had a great time together and enjoyed staying up late each night, taking advantage of every minute spent together. Rocco, Debbie, Sharon, and I did the same, too! It was a wonderful time of visiting and planning for the Lords work in the Pacific and preparing for a fantastic 2012! The Banks family also came to the PBN Gaither Mountain facility recently. David preaches at the Rena Road church of Christ in Van Buren, AR and has worked with us on mission trips to the Pacific Islands. David also regularly records Bible programming for PBN (Bible Time), which he also did while at the facility. Cassie and Noah enjoyed a great time with the Banks girls, and of course we adults cherished every moment of our visit. Were thankful for the soul winning spirit of the Banks and Pierce families. Whether Christians are laboring to build PBNs Gaither Mountain project site, or teaching souls face to face in the Pacific Islands, or sending others to build or teach, were thankful for the growth in 2011 and looking to His Word, continuing in His work in 2012! It is important that we keep working to spread the Gospel, for truly the Gospel is for all! We are full of joy to have seen the beginning of the church of Christ at Malaita Island in 2011. This is something that we have labored toward for several years and for which we give God all the glory. Many may not realize that long before the first person was baptized at Malaita, people from there had been baptized into Christ at Guadalcanal. Festus Anohere was among the first few, with whom I studied while he worked as a preacher for a large denominational group in the Solomons. It has been precisely Gods Word that has directed our planning, our steps, and our hopes, and without waiver it will be the same in 2012. While Satan has tried to hinder and hurt the work, God has prospered and progressed it! Our hearts have been comforted, and our faith in Him has increased as weve witnessed the working of good over evil, truth over error. God in His mercy has also provided a mighty army of faithful Christians with whom we are blessed to work. Theyre sending, supporting, and going...and together were looking to His Word, progressing in His work! HE HAS MADE EVERYTHING APPROPRIATE IN ITS TIME. HE HAS ALSO SET ETERNITY IN THEIR HEART, YET SO THAT MAN WILL NOT FIND OUT THE WORK WHICH GOD HAS DONE FROM THE BEGINNING EVEN TO THE END (Ecclesiastes 3:11). FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, DECLARES THE LORD, PLANS TO PROSPER YOU AND NOT TO HARM YOU, PLANS TO GIVE YOU HOPE AND A FUTURE (Jeremiah 29:11).
Randy English, P.O. Box 1268, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799; Email:; Telephone: 1-684-699-2940 (Am. Samoa), or 1-479-935-9692 (U.S. Vonage line); Fax: 1-684-699-7211


Global Harvest

Word from the Pacific Islands

It always brings great joy to see brethren growing spiritually as we work with them. One of these men is brother Tabera Tenieu. He has a heart to work for the Lord. He has been conducting home Robert Martin preaching, with Tabera Tenieu translating. Bible studies with others on the atoll of Betio in South We believed thirty-eight years ago, and we have seen through the years, Tarawa, Kiribati. He also translates how the Gospel we carried to a country for me at the Eita congregation when spread to other parts of that country and I teach the Bible college courses there. has spread throughout the Pacific Islands. Tabera has grown into a very humble, We have seen the Word spread to 19 loving, and caring Christian. Through countries and the Lords church planted his efforts, there is now a congregation in 18 of those countries. We give Him all meeting in his home in Betio, with the honor and glory for the power of the about ten Christians and others in attendance. Gospel and for many co-workers.

Tabera recently wrote to me in an email....... Mauri (Hello) Robert. I ask your


We have been making plans for 2012 and they include working in the following Pacific Islands, including eight countries, during the year: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands; Moen, Chuuk Islands; Majuro, Marshall Islands; Easter Island; Apia, Western Samoa; Suva, Fiji Islands; Funafuti, Tuvalu; and Ambae, Vanuatu. Our work will include evangelism, edification, and equipping. Co-workers will be joining us in these places. One of our major efforts will be teaching Pacific Islands Bible College courses in all of these countries, except Easter Island. Our primary work there will be evangelism, because that church is young yet.

view if I can help people it Kiribati to translate the tracts you sent over, entitled The Church That Jesus Built, Jesus the Son Of God, What Must I Do to Be Saved?, and Should We Use Musical Instruments in Worship? I can type, print, and submit to the local newspaper every Friday. The Newspaper will charge $50.00 half page and we will meet the cost from the church collection. We can run the half page until each lesson is completed. If the owner of the newspaper allows it, it will be very great for the people of Kiribati. I think the Lord will be happy and will bless our efforts for Him in spreading the Gospel. We live to serve Christ.

We work continually so that brethren have the same mind set that Tabera has, from the time the church is planted in a place. It is always a joy to see brethren and congregations grow in maturity so that they take on responsibilities themselves. Pray daily for our family as we serve the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the Pacific Islands. Pray for our health as well for as our beloved brethren in that part of the world. May the grace and peace of our lord Jesus Christ be with you is our daily prayer.
Robert and Mary Martin have worked in the Pacic Islands many years, reaching for the goal of bringing the Gospel to every island in the area. Email:

Global Harvest


The Kent ODonnells in New Zealand

Kent ODonnell
in the States. We met with some large congregations, but the singing of the Palmy crew is not one whit behind them in quality or volume. More news that is exciting is that Jared and Rachel Kyle have decided to live in PN when they return to NZ. Jared will work with a local dental practice and assist the congregation as he is able. I am sure this couple will be an asset to the church here or anywhere else they go. I was invited to do a sermon for the Wellington congregation. Kevin Moore, who works with the newly planted church in Porirua, asked if I would also speak during their worship later that afternoon. We stayed with Tim and Natalie Robinson during the weekend.


While time and space did not allow me to include everyone we got together with during our U.S. travels, one family I should have included was the Costellos, members of the Grundy St. congregation in Tullahoma, TN. We invaded the home of Brad and Amanda and their three kids for about a week, and anyone who can host our family of six for that long deserves a mention. Thanks, guys. A second thank you goes out to the Willow Avenue Church of Christ in Cookeville, TN that has graciously taken on a portion of our monthly support. We appreciate it greatly, as we do all of the other congregations that assist us this way. While in the States, we made a brief stop at Altamont, TN, and I had the privilege of meeting Joe Gray. He led a group over to NZ in the early 70s for a door-knocking campaign in the city of Wellington. During the outreach, my grandparents were contacted and they subsequently obeyed the Gospel. This is how true Christianity was introduced into my family. It was a special moment to shake his hand and say, Thank you. I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now (Philippians.1:3-5 NASB).

Chloe: Mummy, why does everyone say that you are coolest mother in the world? Because its true. Yeah, I guess Im lucky I chose you from the catalogue. Ethan had to have surgery on his throat to remove a lump. It went well and his recovery was great. We know a lot of you were praying about it, and we thank you. While the anaesthetist was explaining the process, he said that the smell of the gas he used to put him to sleep might seem a bit strange. Ethan responded, Thats okay, Im used to strange smells in my house. Mike: Sire, Sire, call me Sire! Rach: There will be no siring around here until you are 35 and we pick a fantastic bride for you. Mike: Im choosing my own wife and shes gonna be u-u-u-ugly! [Those words are going to haunt him in the future..] Mummy, can you butter my bread? No, you are seven years old, you should be doing it yourself. Pleeeaasse!!! Look, do you want me to be still buttering your bread when you are 30? No, I just want you to butter my bread when Im seven. Phoebe: The kids had been put in bed and Rachael had given them hugs and kisses. Phoebe starts crying for mummy to come back. She returns and Phoebe says, I forgot what your huggle felt like, Mummy.
Sponsored by Central Church of Christ., 200, 25th St. N.W., Cleveland TN, 37311. Ph. 423-476-8941; Contact: Scott Medlin,

Elisha Payne was baptized into Christ in the wee hours of Sunday morning, in the Whanganui River. It was extra special for us as his family is very dear to ours, and he was the ring-bearer in our wedding. We have watched this young man grow up over the years, and we are very proud of his decision to be committed to Christ. Names of others studying are Tyler, Michelle, and Shaun. Please pray for these. Rachael and I really missed worshipping with our Palmerston North church family during the months we were


Global Harvest

The Forgotten Tool We must keep in our hearts Gods warnings and His promises:
To His People Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge ... Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children (Hosea 4:6). For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). To a Nation Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the LORD your God, to observe carefully all His commandments ... that the LORD your God will set you high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the LORD your God ... But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey the voice of the LORD your God, to observe carefully all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you ... The LORD will send on you cursing, confusion, and rebuke in all that you set your hand to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly, because of the wickedness of your doings in which you have forsaken Me (Deuteronomy 28). To His Individual Children And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work (2 Corinthians 9:8). Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world without end. Amen (Ephesians 3:20, 21).
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To have experienced time absolutely alone with God, praying, singing, reading and studying His Word, while totally ignoring the physical body, is a spiritual high that creates a craving for more such special times. In no other setting is there such single-minded focus on God. You say, But we can have the same experience without having to fast. I think not, because part of the experience is the length of time without being interrupted to deal with all the day-today needs of the body. Have you noticed how much food governs the days schedule? And as a corporate body, we do enjoy those frequent occasions of fellowship meals together! They are good for us, and I would not discourage the practice. But I would like to suggest that we try having a day of getting together for singing, reading/studying Gods word, and fasting and prayer. Or we might have an all-night occasion, filled with such spiritual focus. Have you noticed that in our times of fellowship meals, almost without exception the conversation covers politics, the weather, family, sports events, and other such topics? But if we had an all-day or all-night praying and fasting session, such as has been described, I would think that the sole topic would be God and our love for Him. Wouldnt such occasions for the church be powerful tools for deepening the spirituality of each one participating, and wouldnt the Family closeness be strengthened through a day or a night spent in worship together without a single moment devoted to food (or to a discussion of sports)?

Global Harvest


The Forgotten Tool

Betty Burton Choate
by command (... not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:25), we are bound to this practice. To deliberately fail to assemble with the saints is described as a wilful sin in verse 26. God, in His great wisdom, has divided our lives, not into ages or years or even months, but into seven-day weeks. Can you imagine how difficult it would be if life simply stretched out in front of us, with no systematic breaks? The short cycle of days is a tremendous blessing, with the first day being set aside as a time for devotion and worship. Though our worship is directed to God, we are the real beneficiaries, because it should be a sobering time of self-examination. ... you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant ... (Hebrews 12:22-24) After the examination, as we come into Gods awesome presence, the very exercise of singing praises to Him lifts our spirits. (Have you noticed that almost every living thing sings?) Singing is one of the earthly activities that will also be a part of our existence in that new world, and Zephaniah 3:17 says that even God sings! Singing, therefore, would seem to be embedded in our very nature, and is a vital part of the communion of our spirit with His. Obviously, prayer is another avenue of communion. We are allowed to pour out our hearts to our Father, to thank Him for all that He does, and to ask for those things that we need. We are privileged to follow His thoughts as we study His Word, and to be guided by His wisdom. We have the opportunity to give to Him, as He challenged in Malachi 3:10: ... prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. How blessed we are, that among the billions in the world, we know that Jesus died for the sins of mankind, and we have the promise that as we walk every day in His light, His blood continually cleanses us from our personal sins (1 John 1:7). In order to keep both the sacrifice and the cleansing ever-present in our minds, God has given us the weekly memorial of His Sons death the focal point of our corporate worship. So, why is fasting not included in worship? Why is there no Scripture that says we have sinned if we fail to fast? Is fasting a part of the Old Testament law, abolished at the cross? Is fasting so associated with the hypocrisy of the Jews in Jesus day that it has fallen into disfavor? Perhaps so, but if so, the loss is ours. While it is true that fasting is not commanded, it does seem to be assumed, from Jesus statement that began When you fast.... But why should Christians fast? What is the benefit? Those who have had the privilege of totally withdrawing for a day, or for several days, from the demands of the world and of the physical body know the answer to those questions.
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Christians worship. We sing privately and in the public assembly. We pray, we study Gods Word, we commune in the Supper, we give. We visit and encourage one another. We have fellowship meals. . . Some among us have learned the blessing of using another tool in our spiritual life. Jesus words to the disciples, ... when you fast... (Matthew 6:16-18) resonate through the centuries. He said when, not if. The very wording is an assumption of fact: His followers would fast, so He told them how to behave and how to present themselves to the onlooking world in those times of fasting. They were not to put on an outward show of piety and of great spirituality; instead, their fasting was to be a very personal thing of personal spiritual benefit. The church as a body, and each of us as individuals, are to gather each first day of the week to worship. By example (... on the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread... Acts 20:7) and

What Do We Propose?
Component Parts
Classbooks perfect-bound, full-color books for the child to keep in his permanent library. Teachers manual and visuals for the room, with training DVDs (buy only once). LifeSpan weekly paper for take-home. Book of Bible Knowledge compilation of visuals for each lesson of each quarter, bound into book form, for the childs permanent library, for continual review throughout childhood. Flash cards for memory work picturized for younger children; photos from the lesson with verse on back for older children. Memory verses set to music, with accompanying CDs. Time Lines (4 levels, for Wednesday evening studies) showing biblical events, corre-sponding secular events in that time in the world; secular events with providential overruling, changing the course of history. Parenting class materials for Sunday classes and for family devotionals. Daily Devotional material drills/review materials. Song books and CDs Adult, teen, juvenile. VBS guides, lessons, and pattern books, with DVDs for instructions. Bible Times Rooms with instructions for the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. Mission Learning Centers with instructions for making the rooms; lesson books, DVDs. DVDs of special adult class materials. DVDs of Holy Land experiences. Powerpoints of classes. DVDs of classes, taught by experienced teachers and made available for small churches, lacking teachers. Materials for small-group meetings, dealing especially with evangelism and other lessons in outreach and teaching.. Bible Character action figures and sets for 3-D lessons. Hands-on objects for cradle roll classes. DVDs to teach cradle roll teachers. Video games for: Memorization of verses Learning Bible facts Pauls journeys Bible timeline Into Gods World Internet website for publishing the materials (printed and DVDs), worldwide. Development of materials for churches overseas.