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Yr12 Summer Term Teaching Plan 2012

Yr12 Summer Term Teaching Plan 2012

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Published by Julie Thrasher
Outline of activities for Summer Term 2012
AS to A2 media studies A level Music Video
Outline of activities for Summer Term 2012
AS to A2 media studies A level Music Video

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Published by: Julie Thrasher on Jun 20, 2012
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Year 12  13 Summer Term Teaching Plan 2012 Date JMT 18/6 12A/12E 1. Reflecting on good practice for MV 2.

Publicity and Promotion 3. Continue reflection, including on own production work

SP 12A 1. Looking at successful music videos and analysing key features – intro activity 2. Looking at past coursework – what works? Identifying success criteria (12E Publicity activity)

STUDENTS TO DO: a. Set up Lip Sync activity – film by 29th b. Edit by 6th July c. Set up your new blog – give link to miss d. Blog your reflections on past cwk, success criteria for a good student MV 25/6 How to film for Music Video: Modelling good Production techniques

Students researching favourite MV Preparing Presentations on MV


STUDENTS TO DO: a. Film Lip Sync by 29th – end of this week b. Edit by 6th July – end of next week c. Preparing your presentation d. Blog reflection/action plan on using good techniques Editing  Learning Techniques for Presenting work FCE and Music Video Working on new editing techniques and new software STUDENTS TO DO: a. Finish Lip Sync by 6th – end of this week b. Blog your lip sync and learning reflections c. Give your presentation d. Work your way through the new techniques for editing work Blogs and Research for A2 Continuing work on new techniques Websites- Wix & iWeb and ancillary task introduction Artwork - Photoshop
Futures Planning Day



Futures Planning Day

STUDENTS TO DO: a. Complete new techniques and ancillary task work – end of this week b. Check all your work is blogged (you will get an additional list) c. Ensure you know what you have to ‘do’ over the summer 16/7 Limited lessons: Limited lessons: 12A  None 12A  M p4, Tu p1 12E  M p1 12E  W p3? WORK TO You will be given a FULL list of all tasks. BE DONE This will be issued on paper and on the blog: http://yr13musicvideo.blogspot.co.uk Your new yr13 blog must be linked to the group blog before the end of term We want you to enjoy your summer term and the work on music video. Learn from last year’s mistakes and don’t get behind – if you keep up it’s less stressful, you will do better and you should hopefully enjoy the course 


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