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Time Management

Time Management

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Published by: coolczone on Jun 20, 2012
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Keep a tablet or small
notepad at hand for record-
ing decisions and information
passed during telephone con-
versations. Write neatly and
clearly, but brevity is also
important. Then file it with
the project paperwork.


file or a record of each project or task you are working on. Just
complete your phone call, and write down on a piece of paper,
perhaps just a memo pad, what was decided and what infor-
mation was exchanged. Handwritten is fine.

Then just file it. It will be there when others in the call have
forgotten or remember the conversation differently. When they
do, you’ll have your written record of what actually occurred.
You’ll save time and save trouble later.

Frank is a fairly typical office manager. He supervises about
10 people and really knows his job. But he likes to send memos!
Lots and lots of memos. In fact, Frank will send a memo to a
single person that is only two sentences long!

I once asked Frank why he did that. He said that he thought
it was more appropriate and formal and that it was the right
way a manager should communicate with people. I suggested
that he might be more effective if he had more personal con-
versations. I also suggested that it took him twice as much time
to write memos to his employees as it did to just tell them

I can’t tell you how many times having a brief memo to
myself about what happened during a telephone conversation
has “saved my bacon” and saved me lots of time and trouble.
It will save you the same.




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