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Approved environmental profile

Inventory data for: Production of 1 tonne Kiln Dried Timber - 400 kg/m3

Quality of Data

Start Date Jan-96

End Date Dec-96
Source of Data UK produced timber + Transport for Imported timber
Geography UK
Representativeness Current Practice in the UK
LCA Methodology Jan-00
Allocation 100% to Product according to value
Date of Data Entry Apr-99
Boundary Cradle to Factory Gate
Comments 77% of Softwood Lumber used in the UK is imported.
Data on Imports and Transport distances supplied by
Timber Trades Federation


Materials Input
UK Homegrown Softwood 4 tonnes
Water Use
Water from Water Company 0.29 m3
Water from Surface Water 0 m3
Water from Ground Water 0 m3
Energy Use
Primary Energy 5000 MJ

Product 1000 kg
Emissions to Air
CO2 -1000000 grams
SO2 860 grams
CO 660 grams
Methane 410 grams
NMVOCs 340 grams
Particulates 130 grams
N2O 25 grams
Hydrocarbons 23 grams
Ammonia 2.3 grams
Fluorides 0.03 grams
Phosphorus 0.014 grams
PAH 0.013 grams
Hydrogen sulphide 0.0082 grams
Lead 0.0022 grams
Cadmium 0.000054 grams
Dioxin 0.00000000068 grams

Emissions to Surface Water

Water discharged to Surface 0 m3
Phosphate 60000 mg
Organo-Cl 440 mg
Suspended solids 130 mg
COD 93 mg
Nitrates, as nitrogen 59 mg
Chromium 40 mg
Nickel 13 mg
Zinc 8.3 mg
Nitrogen 8.1 mg
Cyanides 1.1 mg
Fluorine 0.23 mg
Ammonia 0.11 mg
Chlorides 0.092 mg
Hydrocarbons 0.087 mg
BOD 0.022 mg

Emissions to Sewer
Water discharged to Sewer 0 m3
Biocide 0.00055 mg

Emissions to Land
Emissions to Landfill
Wood 11 kg
General Waste 2.8 kg
Slag 0.25 kg

Other Emissions (incineration etc)

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