Triallylamine CAS 102-70-5

Molecular Formula: C9H15N Molecular Weight: 137.22 CAS Registry Number: 102-70-5 EINECS: 203-048-2 Melting point: -70 degree Boiling point: 150 degree Water solubility: 250 g PE 100 mL Safety Data Transport Information: UN 2610 Product Code: LYFM-203 CAS NO.: 102-70-5 Molecular formula: C9H15N Application: Triallylamine is mainly applied in organic synthesis and resin modifier, also can be used in the crosslinking of high absorbent and the intermediates of ion exchange resin. According to some reports, it can be used in producing polyester activator and the evocating agent of butadiene polymerization.

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