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Mobilink Recruitment & Selection Project

Mobilink Recruitment & Selection Project

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Published by: Zubair Naeem Paracha on Jun 20, 2012
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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

About the Company
Mobilink, a subsidiary of the Orascom Telecom Holding, is Pakistan’s leading cellular and Blackberry service provider. With more than 31.6 million subscribers, Mobilink maintains market leadership through cutting-edge, integrated technology, the strongest brands and the largest portfolio of value added services in the industry, a broadband carrier division providing next generation internet technology as well as the country’s largest voice and data network with over 8,000 cell sites. Housing Pakistan’s largest distribution and contact centre networks and an unparalleled 6,500 kilometers fiber optic backbone, Mobilink has already invested over US $3.3 billion in the country to date and provides uninterrupted countrywide connectivity, unmatched customer services and international roaming in over 140 countries. The company is also the official cellular partner of the Pakistan Cricket Board. As a responsible corporate citizen, Mobilink also offers a range of socially inclusive products and services dedicated to enhance access to information. Through Mobilink Foundation, the company supports education, health and environmental initiatives and promotes sustainable business practices. Mobilink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to businessmen to corporate and multinationals. To achieve this objective, we offer both postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to our customers. Compared to our competitors, both the postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) brands are the largest brands of their kind in the Pakistan cellular industry. In addition to providing advanced voice communication services that makes the lives of millions that much easy, we also offer a host of value-added-services to our prized customers. At the same time, Mobilink places high importance to its coverage, which is why we cover you in 10,000+ cities and towns


Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

nationwide as well as over 140 countries on international roaming service. In other words, we speak your language, everywhere.


Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Vision Statement
To be the leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering innovative Communication solutions for our Customers while exceeding Shareholder value & Employee Expectations.


Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Total Customer Satisfaction Customers are at the heart of our success. They have placed their trust and confidence in us. In return, we strive to anticipate their needs and deliver service, quality and value beyond their expectations. Business Excellence We strive for excellence in all that we do. We aspire to the highest standards and raise the bar for ourselves everyday. This commitment to delivering world-class quality translates into unmatched service and value for our customers and all stakeholders. Trust & Integrity At Mobilink, we take pride in practicing the highest ethical standards in an open and honest environment, and by honoring our commitments. We take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone fairly, and with trust and respect. Respect for People Our relationships drive our business. We respect and esteem our employees and all stakeholders. We believe in teamwork, empowerment and honor. Corporate Social Responsibility As the market leader, we recognize and fulfill our responsibility towards our country and the environment we operate in. We contribute to worthy causes and are dedicated to the development and progress of the society. 4|Page

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems


President and CEO Rashid Khan

Chief Strategy Officer Tariq Rashid

Vice President Sales & Distribution Bilal Munir Sheikh

Vice President Customer Care Irfan Akram

Vice President Corporate Affairs Agha Qasim

Chief Technical Officer Ramy Reyad Kamel


Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Vice President Marketing Jahanzeb Taj

Chief Information Officer Irfan Farooq

Head of Human Resources & Administration Sadia Ahmad

Chief Financial Officer Andis Locmelis

Head of Business Analysis and Planning Farid Ahmed


Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Career Choices at Mobilink
There are various career choices for you at Mobilink. The perfect synergy of each of our divisions fuels our success and fosters commitment and dedication. To find out where you fit best, take a look at the overview of our key business functions.

Mobilink Divisional Functions
The organization is divided into divisions, which are further divided into departments and sub departments. The divisions, their sub-functions and their roles in the organization are mentioned below: Technical Installs, maintains and operates the GSM Cellular Network. It is also involved in planning and rolling out network expansion as per business targets while working closely with other departments, especially commercial and IT, to launch new services and cities. It is the second largest division in the organization.

         

Engineering Access Network (EAN) Operations Access Network (OAN) Operations Core Network (OCN) Engineering Core Network (ECN) Production and Deployment Fiber Optics Operations Technical Budget PMO and Operations Technical Special Projects Network Operations Center Technical Logistics 7|Page

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Quality of Service

Marketing Anticipates, and satisfies the customers communication needs. This includes consumer behavior research and translating this research into services and pricing plans. The Marketing team helps identify new business opportunities and develops plans to exploit these profitably. It also designs and implements brand strategies and communication plans.

    

Marketing Strategy & Pricing Brand Management Public Relations Value Added Services, LDI and International Roaming Post Paid Solutions

Sales & Distribution Employs direct and indirect channels to augment sales. They are also responsible for extending post sales support to ensure customer convenience.

   

Indirect Sales Enterprise Solutions Distribution Sales Operations

Customer Care Provides services to customers pre and post purchase to ensure that customer expectations are exceeded. It is the largest division in the company. 8|Page

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems
     

Customer Operations Support Centers Contact Centers Quality Assurance, Standardization and Training Business Planning and Customer Retention Credit & Collection

Finance Prepares and monitors financial plans and budgets. Arranges timely funding to meet business requirements and for maintaining accounting records. Sourcing and qualification of items and vendors and handling custom clearance of imported goods also falls into the responsibility areas of this division. Reviews risk management procedures and compliance with existing policies and procedures. Focuses on the strategic objective of coordinating, streamlining and institutionalizing the planning, sourcing, warehousing and distribution of SIMs and Scratch Cards, manages operations and procurement and contracts.

      

Corporate accounting Finance Logistics Treasury Business Support & Revenue assurance Planning, budgeting and reporting Procurement and contracts Internal Audit


Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Information Technology Enables secure and efficient information sharing to meet the business needs. It facilitates conversion, storage, protection, processing, transmission and retrieval of information to and from various channels.

      

Planning, Implementation and Technologies Management IT Strategy, Innovation and Service Management Business Intelligence and Billing Enterprise System Integration & Support IT Governance & Information Security IT Operations Technology Solution Planning

Human Resources and Administration The human resources function at Mobilink comprises four main areas. The staffing and compensation function is responsible for meeting the company's recruitment requirements along with developing, implementing and maintaining companywide compensation and incentive plans. The function is also the custodian of the HR Employer Brand. Organizational Development is primarily responsible for initiatives tied to employee development and organizational capability enhancement. HR Operations looks after employee services and employee relations. It also maintains and updates employee records. The employee excellence function aims to enhance HR performance through value creating activities focusing on wellness and diversity management initiatives. Overseeing nationwide facilities management, the Administration department ensures that employees are provided with a comfortable working environment that is conducive to high performance. Security department Aims to meet the security needs of the entire organization by covering people, property and

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

assets nationwide.


  

Staffing and Compensation Organizational Development HR Operations


      

Office Maintenance, Travel & Accommodation arrangements Stationery requirements Courier, Janitorial services Vehicle maintenance, Build outs Event management Cafeteria arrangements PMO

Corporate Affairs Corporate Affairs constitutes Legal affairs, Government relations and Interconnect. Legal affairs provide legal and corporate support and advice at all levels to ensure effective decision making and strategizing. The department also engages in policy-making, overseeing contracts and transactions, ensuring compliance with applicable rules, regulations and laws. Regulatory matters and assistance and support to the holding company and subsidiaries also falls within Legal Affairs purview. The Government Relations department liaises with Government authorities and the Pakistan Telecommunication

11 | P a g e

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Authority on regulatory aspects like government rules, policies and SOPs. It interacts with other telecom operators and cellular mobile operators on matters of common interest, and also plays an advisory role for all Mobilink departments in guiding them through procedures involving government agencies. Interconnect department makes arrangements for providing connectivity between Mobilink and other operators in coordination with engineering and billing departments.

  

Government Relations Inter Connect Legal Affairs

Office of Strategy Management (OSM) Formulates business strategy and works with other divisions for alignment and implementation. The department also identifies and recommends new business opportunities for revenue generation and strengthening strategic advantage

   

Business Intelligence Program Management Special Projects Security

Mobilink Infinity (Broadband Business Unit) Mobilink, the pioneer of GSM Technology in Pakistan, brings Internet access combined with telephony services that are exponentially better than the average dial-up. It's Next Generation Broadband technology breaking the norms by allowing easy and affordable access to get connected where conventional telephone networks fail; always-on connectivity to the Internet while simultaneously using

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

the phone; and high-quality Technical and Customer Services that deliver upon expectations. It is your seamless connection to everything and everyone. Business Analysis & Planning This division is responsible for company-wide business parameters and their implications on the business and company plans.

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Facts about Mobilink’s Human Resource
   Mobilink currently employs about five thousand direct employees. 25% of these employees are women. Most preferred Telecom Company in 2008 (by Pakistan Society of Human Resource Management)    Only sixteen promotions in 2010. About 500 promotions in 2011. Employees in Engineering/IT divisions get more salary raises than the employees in other divisions of the company.

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Job Analysis
Mobilink does not do job analysis of jobs there from scratch; rather they make changes in the job descriptions and specifications as per the latest trends in the market and requirements of that particular job.

Job Description – HR Business Partner

Industry: Telecommunication/ISP Category: Human Resource Total Position: 1 Job Type: Full Time/Permanent Department: Human Resource Management Job Location: Lahore Gender: Doesn't Matter Minimum Education: Masters Degree Title: Hold a Masters degree preferably in Human resource/Management Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Minimum Experience: 4 Years(Have at least 4-6 years of relevant work experience) Apply By: Jun 7, 2012 Posted On: May 31, 2012 The ideal candidate should

  

Hold a Masters degree preferably in Human resource/Management Have at least 4-6 years of relevant work experience Additional Human resource management certifications would be an added advantage

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Job Description

         

Analyze employment-related data and develop reports for management Conduct exit interviews and ensure smooth execution of the settlement process Handle employee grievances effectively Ensure that reference checks of new hires are conducted in-time and any anomalies are addressed in a timely manner Confer with management to develop or implement personnel policies and procedures in line with the business needs Develop and implement recruiting strategies and orientation sessions to meet current or anticipated staffing needs while keeping a check on quality and timelines. Advise line management on policies and procedures and provide effective solutions to cater to business requirements Manage reward and recognition processes and tools and ensure utilization for effective results. Provide end-to-end HR services to business and continuously improve business processes for providing on the spot resolution to all queries. Conduct employee engagement exercises and manage internal events

Essential Skills

     

Should be able to analyze and think strategically Should have strong communication and interpersonal skills Should have sound coaching and counseling skills Should be able to plan and organize tasks effectively Should have strong decision making and problem solving skills Should be proficient in operating MS Office Suite

Attracting the Talent
Mobilink has been relying heavily on online job sites to attract the candidates for the vacancies at the company. The details of which sources Mobilink uses for recruitment and how does it use them are as follow: Online Recruitment (Rozee.PK) The largest and most reliable source of Mobilink for attracting a pool of candidates for current openings at the company is online job sites. In online job sites, Mobilink is solely depending on Rozee.PK by having

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

a partnership with them. Rozee.PK has helped Mobilink create a job portal at http://jobs.mobilinkgsm.com where anyone can register and apply for the current openings at the company. The portal is completely powered by Rozee.PK. There are 42 job openings on that portal as of June 5, 2012. Newspapers Mobilink rarely posts a job opening in Newspaper (2-3 times a year usually) and when it does, it is posted in Dawn, the leading English News Daily of Pakistan. Head Hunters Mobilink also uses different head hunters for the top-level positions at the company. Different employment agencies are currently working with Mobilink help the attract the best talent for managerial and director level posts at the company. Internal Hiring Mobilink’s current employees could also be recommended by their Managers or they could apply themselves for the job openings at the company but they also have to go through the same procedure to get hired for that particular job. Referral System Current employees of Mobilink could refer someone for a job opening at the company and if that person gets hired by the company, the Mobilink employee who referred him/her would get an incentive.

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

   At Mobilink, the HR department receives about 300 CVs on average for each job. They take about 2-3 seconds to scan through CVs and shortlist them in the first screening. In second screening of the CVs, they look for keywords associated with that particular job and finally shortlist the CVs that have those keywords.  Mostly, around 30 to 35 (out of 300) CVs are shortlisted.

Cost of Hiring
The cost of hiring at Mobilink is mostly calculated by the HR department but is not shared with the Line Managers.

Recruitment Time Frame
The recruitment process usually at Mobilink takes about twenty days. The breakdown of events during it is as follow:   Three Days to finalize the Job Description and Specifications. The job is then posted on Rozee.PK and it stays there for seven days to allow candidates to apply for it during that time span.      Two days for short listing of the CVs. One day for line-managers to recommend candidates of their choice. Two days for the pre-employment test. One day again for the line managers to discuss the results of pre-employment test with HR. Two days for interviews 18 | P a g e

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems 

Three to four days for final selection with the mutual understanding of HR and line.

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Pre-Interview Test
   Mobilink takes an hour long pre-interview test after the CVs are shortlisted. The candidates whose CVs are shortlisted are asked to appear at Mobilink’s office for this test. Human Resource staff at Mobilink invigilates the Test to make sure that candidates do not cheat.      The test runs on a customized software on computers at Mobilink office. It has IQ based and technical questions (regarding that particular job). Minimum score to pass this test is 45%. On average, about 33% of the candidates who give this test pass it. The score is not shared with the candidates and they’re only told whether they’ve passed the test or not.  The candidates who pass the test are asked to come for interview.

 Four interviews are taken by the particular division that is going to hire the employee known as line interviews. o o o All of these interviews are technical. On average, each of them last for about thirty minutes. All these interviews are one-to-one interviews.

20 | P a g e

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems


Line selects three best candidates and sends them to HR department for one final interview.

The fifth and final interview is taken by Human Resource department at Mobilink. o o o Only behavioral questions are asked in this interview. It lasts for about twenty minutes. HR department follows a set-procedure for this interview to make sure that the candidate takes back a good image of the company even if he does not do well at the interview. o The HR interview is structured most of the times but could end up differently as per situation.

Final selection is done by the mutual understanding of both HR and line.

Top-tier Universities
 Mobilink does not really prefer one university over the other and looks for the most suitable candidate for the job.  However their marketing department is dominated by the LUMS graduates.

Probation Period
   The probation period at Mobilink varies from three to six months. The employee remains under observation during that time. Gratuity fund and most of the other perquisites are not a part of compensation during probation period at Mobilink.

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Salary Negotiations
Asking candidates about their salary expectations is a part of interview by HR department. The candidates are also given an idea about what the company could pay them.

Questions asked by the Candidates
    Salary Grade Appraisals Career Path

Evaluation of Candidates
The interviewers do have an evaluation sheet for evaluating the candidates during an interview but most of them prefer taking notes about the candidates.

Internships at Mobilink
    Regularly offers internships during summer. Students first have to appear for the IQ test for internship. Those who pass the task are then interviewed. Then one best candidate is selected for internship at the company.

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Career Path – Managerial

Manager 2 Manager 1 Specialist 2 Specialist 1 Associate 2 Associate 1

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Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

Employee Testimonials

24 | P a g e

Mobilink Pakistan – Recruitment & Selection Systems

http://www.mobilinkgsm.com http://jobs.mobilinkgsm.com http://rozee.pk

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